Gilt Complex And Crescent® Collaborate In Call For “Tiny Art Challenge 2020” To Benefit The Creek District Of Arts & Entertainment in Stuart, FL

The Gilt Complex and Crescent® are collaborating in the “Tiny Art Challenge 2020” which is open to artists residing in Martin County, St. Lucie County, Indian River County, Okeechobee County, and Palm Beach County.  Artists of any skill level, ages 16 years and older are welcome to enter at NO FEE.  Pick up your FREE MATERIALS and create a piece of artwork on Crescent® Mixed Media Board 2.5″ x 3.5 “. All art will be sold at a Silent Auction (date to be announced) to benefit The Creek District Of Arts & Entertainment in Stuart, FL.  Jurors from Crescent® choose the winner, who receives a $250 Gift Certificate to The Gilt Complex and bragging rights!  The Rickie Report shares this call and is excited to see what you create!  This Contest is open NOW through August 15, 2020.









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Martin Artisans Guild Announces “Summer Salon” At The Palm Room. Opening Reception Is Wednesday, July 1

The Martin Artisans Guild announces the “Summer Salon” in the Palm Room. The public is welcome to the Opening Reception on Wednesday, July 1. Over 20 member artists will display their art, sculpture, glass, and ceramics, as well as wearable art.  The Rickie Report shares the details, some sneak peeks, and an introduction to some of the artists. Masks will be available and Phase 2 distancing guidelines will be followed. This exhibit will be up through August 29, 2020.  All artwork is for sale.













Jane Lawton Baldridge, ASMA

Jane studied art at High School for Performing and Visual Arts (Houston, TX), California Institute of Art (Valencia, CA) and the Alfred G. Glassell Museum School (Houston, TX). “Being a creative requires being somewhat fearless. Unafraid to make something new and so different no one understands what it is.” Jane was taught by John Mandel and influenced by Douglas Huebler and John Baldessari, to never repeat what has been done – to do new art. Arthur Turner taught her to try multiple mediums, to keep the creative ideas flowing. Her artwork has been exhibited in Solo and juried shows including Times Square, The Musée du Louvre, Lincoln Center, Museum of Computer Art, Mint Museum, Cameron Museum of Art, Fayetteville Museum of Art, World Festival of Art on Paper (Slovenia) and her 911 tribute, “We the People,” in the Library of Congress. She has won competitions at both local and international levels.



“I Can’t Stop The Rain” by Jane Lawton Baldridge


Jane’s new work is represented in the Reflection, Erosion and Alchemy series. Although she has painted moving water for decades using various media, her current paintings are the closest she has come to eliciting the paint to tell her story. Jane uses a mixture of pencil, charcoal, acrylics, latex, glazes, inks, watercolor and digital.  She now combines all of that experience into rich visual stories. 


“I’m passionate about the planet, especially the ocean, rivers, and bays. I have a profound respect for the power of water and wind.  Watching my childhood sand castles fall to the continued impertinent rolling in of waves and tide captivated me. It was but a miniature version of what happens all around the globe.  I grew up in a small Texas fishing village that was underwater at the hint of a tropical storm, from there I moved to a North Carolina coastal fishing village that went under water with the lunar cycles. Now, much of the coastal areas of the planet have reason to watch their own erosion, subsidence and the rising tides reshape their world. Jane is a licensed boat captain and lived on a boat with her husband and their dog. They have settled in Stuart where she now has a beautiful studio. She has an obsession for water and watches how it moves and how it sculpts shorelines.



Mallo might have taken the long road to living her dream, but once she sets her mind on something, there’s nothing stopping her.   As a little girl living on the Åland Islands in the Finnish archipelago, she wasn’t too fond of school, and told everyone “I am going to be an artist when I grow up”.   Life got in the way for a while, but after years of hard work and building a successful business, in, 2007 with encouragement from her husband and daughter, that Mallo finally took the time to do what she had always dreamed of doing.   It started with a weekly drawing class at the local Adult Education program.    After just two semesters her teacher, Helen Terry, told her she could make money drawing pet portraits.   Mallo’s earliest work combined her love of animals with her love for the arts.   Having tried drawing, pastels, and watercolors, it was time for oils !  She signed up for classes at a studio located across the street from her own business, so she could be close to work, yet make it easy to get to class every week. This is where her love affair with oils and the palette knife began.   Under the tutelage of Georgia Abood at Alizarin Crimson, she has been working on her craft and has made remarkable progress in such a short time.  Having grown up on an island, and living in Florida for 30 years, with a second home in the Bahamas, it’s not a surprise that Mallo Bisset’s work often features the water and always celebrates the beauty of nature.    As it turns out, that little girl in  Finland  really did grow up to be an artist!  




“Social Distancing” by Mallo Bisset


“My artwork celebrates the things that make me happy.  While my subject matter does vary,  I am greatly influenced by my love of color, animals, and nature.  Having always lived close to the sea, water and the color blue seem to be a part of me and often make it onto my canvas.  When I get an idea for a painting and I can’t stop thinking about it, I know it’s time to get to work.  Often it’s these obsessive moments that lead to the best work.    Having tried many techniques, I now paint exclusively using oils and the palette knife.   I love the texture created with the knife.  My method is quick and definitive.  Once I commit to a painting there is not a lot of second-guessing.  I know a piece is done when the canvas is full of color.    The most rewarding feeling is seeing a smile on the face of someone viewing my work and nothing compares to the satisfaction of having someone bring home a piece of my work. Hopefully my artwork makes others happy too.  The studio tour is my FAVORITE event of the year!”  Mallo Bisset  resides in Palm City, Florida



Wire wrapped Circle Pendant by Laura Kay Darvil


James Joseph DeMartis

James Joseph DeMartis (1926 – 1996) was an American painter of the post-World War II generation who explored a wide variety of styles and media; but he is best known for his abstract expressionist works.  He was born in Corona, Queens, New York, to working-class Italian immigrants. He received the Purple Heart in World War II for injuries incurred in Belgium leading up to the Battle of the Bulge. During his rehabilitation he began taking art classes. After being discharged, he attended the War Veteran Art Center at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City from 1946-47 and took classes at the Art Students League of New York. After traveling across the US, DeMartis trained for two years at the California School of Fine Arts in Santa Monica, California. A stint in Pacific in the Merchant Marines came next then, DeMartis devoted himself full-time to painting. With funding from the G.I. Bill he left for Europe in 1950, traveling to France and settling in Florence, Italy. He studied painting and art restoration at L’Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze from 1950-54. He participated in several group shows and one-man shows in Italy and Switzerland. 



Untitled by James J. DeMartis


Mr. DeMartis returned to New York in 1956, at the height of the Abstract Expressionist art movement that had New York City as its center. He first settled with his new family in Corona and then moved to Brooklyn, New York. He had a steady stream of grass-roots storefront galleries opened with fellow artists, before opening the Armory Gallery and studio in Manhattan where he worked and exhibited his paintings. He also exhibited in other lower Manhattan galleries and at the National Arts Club. In 1962, he was awarded the prestigious Emily Lowe Award for Painting. Following that with shows at the Ward Egglestone Gallery, ROKO Gallery, Pierantonio Gallery, Artemis East Gallery and Hicks Street Gallery from 1962-68.  He opened the Brownstone Gallery in Brooklyn, exhibiting his and others’ works, while doing framing and restoration until 1988.  Following several one-man shows in Tokyo, DeMartis sold the Brownstone Gallery. He is now represented by his children. 



Ed Douglas

“I am an eighth generation Floridian. The Florida of my youth was much different than today. Being raised in relative poverty, I was drawn to the outdoors for entertainment. In my free time, I explored the woods, lakes, streams and beaches of Florida. As a young man, I spent countless days and nights fishing the Florida Keys by boat and shore.  Thirty years of corporate life was spent as an executive in insurance claims management. Work took me all around the country and to some parts of Canada but it was really vacation travel that planted the seeds of art appreciation. Visiting the Canadian Maritimes, for example, exposed me to marine settings that were very different from those of Florida. My wife and I were fortunate enough to also travel throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.  While England, Scotland and Ireland were initially on my radar for golf excursions, they also gave me exposure to the unique and moody landscapes of that part of the world. In France I visited the Louvre, Versailles, Monet’s country home in Giverny and many of the museums and cathedrals of Paris. It was my travels through Italy that gave me a chance to study the works of the great masters that are abundantly displayed in the churches, cathedrals and public spaces. All of these experiences helped to shape my perspective as human being and, eventually, as an artist.


“Blue Herons” by Ed Douglas




After retirement, I quickly became burned out on 3-4 weekly golf games and was drawn back to my love and appreciation of art. I spent a few years of formal study and work with some highly experienced local artists and teachers. My travels also continued to be my teacher. I spent six months traveling the central coast of California studying the sunsets, seascapes and quaint villages of that part of the country, but now as a fully committed artist. I gradually began to develop my own style. I have found that my creative expression is very much informed by the natural environment of my youth and by my travels later in life.  My work, consequently, tends toward maritime settings and rustic landscapes. My goal is to produce art that is easy to look at, captures the imagination and draws your eyes back time after time. 




“Red Murrini” by Dot Galfond




Torenzo Ganaway

Artist’s Statement :

I am compelled.   I am driven.    I must create!     I see art everywhere. On sidewalks, reflections in storefront windows, shadow designs falling on the ground or embracing the side of a building. I see clouds as moving sculptures.

I produce thousands of photographs. Some, to use as a reference for a painting… others because they tell a story or ask a question and invite me to create a painting.

As an artist, I believe I have a responsibility to also create works of art that bring attention to important societal issues such as chemicals as food additives, toxic chemicals used in the industrialized production of crops, and genetic engineering. I’m also concerned about the current trend in America to whitewash our history in order to oblige the politically correct community.

I feel a deep responsibility and calling to create works of art that reveal and contemplate the beauty in the everyday objects we all find around us in this amazing universe created by God.

Art is everywhere! If you look for it, you’ll see it!

I believe God has created an amazing universe! As God is the original Creator, He created EVERYONE with the ability to create…everyone! If you’re one of the millions of people who believe they cannot create or are not creative, I challenge your belief and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and CREATE something. I believe you can do it! We all start at the beginning. Let the fun begin! Soon…you’ll be seeing art everywhere.




“Summer Breeze” by Torenzo Ganaway



Torenzo is an internationally known, award winning fine-artist, photographer, and commercial art film producer. A native of Michigan, he majored in illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design. He pursued his own studies in the areas of painting, photography, and filmmaking.After 20 years of creating art, Torenzo abandoned it to confront a personal crisis caused by his alcoholism. As a result of his experience receiving treatment and getting sober, he chose to become a certified counselor so that he could help others who struggle with alcoholism and other drug addictions. When he was able to help a patient achieve a major breakthrough, it was an exhilarating moment! He recalls “nothing I’ve ever created has given me such satisfaction and joy!” It would be another twenty years before he returned to the world of physically creating art.Torenzo has exhibited in national and international shows. In January of 2019, he was selected for the prestigious ArtSynergy/ArtPalmBeach International Art Fair, by Eric Weiss, Curator of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain.In September 2019, two recent works, “Wall Switch, St. Petersburg” and “Obelisk, Bonaire” selected by Jack Rasmussen, Director of the Katzen Gallery, American University (Washington, D.C.) for the Will’s Creek Exhibition of Fine Art.In November 2019, Torenzo was one of 54 artists selected from over 500 entrants to be juried into the prestigious All Florida Art Show by the Martin County Cultural Arts Council. Juror, Ehern Gerhard, Arts Exhibitions Director for the Centers for the Arts in Bonita Springs, FL commented on Torenzo’s piece, “The Last Roundup”, as a work that brings awareness and attention to the toxic chemicals used and found in America’s agriculture, and awarded it Honorable Mention. Torenzo’s ceaseless quest for seeing and creating art is his unconstrained passion. He eagerly awaits to see what the universe offers.



Eduardo Gomez Rojas

“The human figure in all its aspects and conditions is my main source of inspiration. In it, I see the incredible beauty and perfection of creation as well as the raw reflection of our human condition.  Individual uniqueness inspires me. Life affects all humans in a singular way. Our bodies are a journal of our life and an X-Ray of our soul. I find a raw beauty in this uniqueness and my work attempts to chronicle my own personal perception of this uniqueness. The result can be beautiful but can also be intense and even disturbing. Our individual bodies carry the imprints of our lives and our souls. For me form is a vehicle for expressing individual character rather than idealized perfection. Human relationships also inspire me. For this reason, I like making sculptures with multiple figures. I also find inspiration in physical movement. Its grace and its plasticity; even what it may say about our brokenness. That is why I like sculpting dancers and other athletes”.  


My work always starts in clay because it allows me to quickly develop an idea into a visual concept. I then may finish the work in clay or evolve to casting the work in bronze or other media. This may take months or even years. I work on many projects at once because they are at different stages of development. I like making portraits, full figure sculptures and reliefs. I don’t follow any particular formula and I don’t sculpt for a particular audience. I do try to be honest and express my true feelings. I leave the psychoanalysis to the psychiatrists. I accept private and public commissions, small to monumental.


“Sitting Nude” by Eduardo Gomez Rojas


Eduardo Gomez Rojas was born in Colombia and moved to the USA as a young man. Eduardo graduated with a BA, in Economics, and an MSW from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where he started sculpting. Later, he completed his art major in sculpture at the University of Arkansas Little Rock and received a post-baccalaureate degree in sculpture.  Eduardo also studied independently under various nationally recognized sculptors.  In 2009 a book was published about his work titled “Eduardo Gomez : Silent Messages”.  This book includes an introduction and artist interview by Art Historian Laura M. Amrhein, Ph.D. This work is available in in e-book format at Eduardo has exhibited in various Museums and international juried art shows and his work is collected internationally. Eduardo has been a sculpture instructor at the Lighthouse Art Center in Tequesta, Florida for the last 9 years. His sculpture studio is located in Jensen Beach, Florida where he also teaches privately. Eduardo has completed multiple private and Public Commissions. Two of his public commissions can be appreciated locally at the Distinguished Service Memorial Park in Stuart, FL. 



Carol Kepp

“Many years ago, I was given a choice, “Music or Art”, and I chose Art!  More than 30 years later, I am still painting. I work in oils with brush and sometimes palette knife to create seascapes, landscapes and florals. My passion is to paint the blues and greens of the sea and I love the peace it gives me. Monet is my inspiration”.




“Seascape” by Carol Kepp



Carol studied art at the Cleveland Institute Of Art and Cleveland Ad School.  She returned to fine art and is teaching art classes and workshops at the Hobe Sound Fine Arts League Gallery and The Artist Nook in Stuart. “Working with adults that have a desire to find their hidden talent has brought me much joy”.  She studied with Ted Goerschner, a professional artist and teacher, who  influenced her to paint in the impressionist style. The colors of the ocean inspired her to paint seascapes. 

Carol worked on “The Holy Trinity” painted in oil on canvas from 2006 to 2008 for St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church, Jensen Beach, FL. The painting is 30’ by 9.5’ and was installed above the altar. Five more paintings were done of Saints and the Holy Family completed by 2013. Each of these five paintings were 10ft x 9.5 ft. “This was a project of love for my church”.   Helping People Succeed chose several pieces of her art work for their Florida calendars.   She sells her artworks to collectors in Canada, Italy and the US.  Carol has exhibited in the Abbot Tract Artist Gallery (St. Augustine, FL), Backus Gallery ( Ft. Pierce, FL), The Elliot Art Museum ( Stuart, FL), and the Florida State Capitol Gallery (Tallahassee, FL).  Her work can be seen at Hobe Sound Fine Art League Gallery, and Rare Earth Gallery in Stuart, FL.

Sue Klahne 

Sue is an ocean inspired artist who currently enjoys exploring the many techniques associated with fluid art. Acrylic and resin are her primary mediums used to create aerial views of the ocean.  Much of her work is abstract in nature; however, the ocean, the ebb and flow of tides, wave formation and the many shades of blue associated with the sea can be seen throughout Sue’s body of work.  “I love all things blue and find my inspiration in nature and travel, whether it be to the cold waters of Alaska or the warm waters of the Caribbean. It is my desire that the viewer of my work, experience the calm and serenity that the creative process affords me”.



“Waves of Hope” by Sue Klahne


Raised in Connecticut and relocated to Florida with her family in her early twenties, she is a retired graphic designer, who, prior to raising two children, worked as an Art Director at a local advertising agency. Sue holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a major in Graphic Design. Although trained in a variety of mediums, she loves the chemistry involved in working with acrylic and silicone, which along with paint density and manipulation create interesting abstract pieces.  Working with tinted epoxy resin and a torch, she creates beautiful aerial views of the ocean which rival that of Mother Nature. In addition to fine art, Sue’s creations can be found on her “functional art” which range from ocean inspired furniture to charcuterie boards. Her paintings are largely inspired by the beautiful blue hues of the ocean which appeal to her senses and influence her creativity. Sue finds inspiration in nature and traveling, whether to the Blue Ridge Mountains, the turquoise icebergs of Alaska or cruising the Caribbean.



Sue has sold her work internationally, in addition to exhibiting locally in festivals, museums, businesses, pop-up shows and gallery settings as well as opening her home studio for the Martin County Open Studio Tour. She is an active member in several local art organizations, including the Martin Artisan’s Guild, Soul Arts Society, and Arts Council of Martin County. Sue is an advocate for Mental Health and Addiction Awareness and aims to break the stigma associated with both. She uses art to maintain personal wellness and often donates percentages of her sales to non-profits such as American Federation for Suicide Prevention or NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness). Sue believes God has called her to use the talent He has given her to help encourage and inspire others and give back to organizations which she is so passionate about.  She creates unique pieces of fine art as well as commission work. 

(772) 485-5957  Visit her website:  Email:



Chris Kling 


“Being an artist is not just my career.  It is an integral part of who I am and is something that I am compelled to do reflecting my interest in boats, water, nature, and the human figure.  I work in oil primarily in a traditional manner but with a contemporary flair through color, composition, value, and application of paint. Color sings to me and I try to use its harmony to connect to others.  I love to paint plein air (on location) landscapes which helps my studio work retain an authenticity that only comes from observation from life.  In my portraiture work, I strive to show not only their appearance but also a part of their personality and when I do this I know it is a successful painting that a family can cherish for years to come. Painting, to me, is reaching out to find the common emotional connection between all of us and life around us”.



“Boy Voyager” by Chris Kling


Chris has received numerous awards from shows for her landscapes and portraiture throughout the U.S. and with the Portrait Society of America. She has received hundreds of commissions for oil portraits and landscapes and her work is in numerous private and corporate collections in the U.S. as well as in international collections. She served as one of the “Florida’s Finest Ambassadors” for the Forgotten Coast en Plein Air (2018), and was an Invited Artist in the New Smyrna Paint Out (2018), Delray Plein Fun Fest (2019), and won Best Seascape in the Lighthouse Plein Air Festival (2019). Chris was juried into the AIS 20th Annual National Exhibition 2019 at the Salmagundi Club in NYC , the NOAPS Small Works National Exhibition, OPA Eastern Regional 2019, and the OPA National Exhibition 2020.  She currently teaches Plein Air and Oil Portraiture workshops at The Artist’s Nook in Stuart,FL. 


Chris is a member of the Portrait Society of America, American Impressionist Society, Oil Painters of America, and Plein Air Palm Beach. Chris has work in several galleries in Florida and you may see her work on Facebook, at Chris Kling Studio and at her website. Locally she is represented by Palm City Art and Frame and is owner of Kling Gallery, Wine & Decor of Stuart, FL. .Email:, or call 772-678-6949 (gallery), or 772-285-7826 (cell).


Sophie Ledemé

Sophie is a French artist born in Martinique, raised in France, and lives in Stuart, FL.Her traditional visual arts training includes several art studios as well as extensive studies at the School of the Museum of the Louvre in Paris, France. These studies profoundly enriched Sophie’s artistic and cultural knowledge and encouraged her travel from prehistoric times to modern times all over the world discovering a vast array of fascinating artistic, cultural, historical, and religious movements.  She owned a professional photography studio focusing primarily on outdoor candid portraits where light and movement played an essential role. Today, Sophie is back to painting with an abstract expressionist bent, bringing a vision of the world that is very colorful, vibrant, animated, sensual, complex and simple at the same time. Her creativity is expressed through the power of instinctive imagination guided by a spiritual connection.




“Ocean Life Happiness” by Sophie Ledemé



“In the process, I have discovered the pleasure of energies flowing freely.My paintings represent these vibrations of energies, emotions, and the connectedness with all that surrounds us. Colors flow evoking a dance connecting all elements of nature through their vibrations. Even though my art is mostly abstract, it easily brings to mind specific images of underwater scenes, plants and flowers, and the spiritual realm where all things physical originate. The flow of colors and their shapes speak to the soul and takes us to another dimension”.


I know a painting is finished when it brings me serenity, harmony and joy because then I am connected to the universe with all its energetic, complex, and sensual glory. Sophie uses mostly fluid media like inks to convey the dance of colors, elements, and feelings that are in perpetual movement. She includes metallics (mostly gold) to highlight the flickering of energies and she uses acrylics and textures for the dimension they add. Matisse and Kandinsky are two of her favorite painters for their colors, shapes, movement, and the overall energy that is so powerful in their work.  Sophie is exhibiting her work in France and in Florida and has sold paintings internationally.  E-mail : Tel : 772.263.0230   Instagram : @sophieledeme     Website :



Sheryl Levine 


Sheryl Levine works as a Mixed Media Artist. Her works are of the Landscape, Narratives and Intuitive Art. She is  the owner/designer of Orchid Art & Jewelry Design.  “My artwork is a fusion of traditional media, experimental mixed media, digital images and photography, which has all become a narrative of my life’s journey expressed through my art making. I intentionally allow the viewer to see my creative process. My finished paintings and 3D  works have evidence of layers of transformation with exposed underpainting, drawing and collage. I use mostly earthy hues, and those of nature, with contrast created by the juxtaposition of texture and media. My art is both abstract and representational. The two styles have supported each other like a dance where each takes a turn to lead”.



“Santa Fe” by Sheryl Levine



Sheryl most recently participated in the Martin County Open Studio Tour at the Palm Room in January, 2020. She has actively exhibited her work in New York City: American Artists Professional League and Salmagundi Club, Westchester and Putnam County, New York: Paramount Center for the Arts, Gallerie JJENTH, Garrison Art Center, Putnam Arts Council, Brush, Chisel & Lens and Hudson Valley Art Association’s 64th and 65th Annual Exhibitions. In Florida, Sheryl exhibited at the Kennedy Gallery in Key West, Masterpiece Gallery in Boca Raton, Women in the Visual Arts, Artists Showplace Cooperative Inc. and the Lake Worth Art League, Lake Worth. Sheryl also exhibited her work in a two-person show at the Sullivan County Museum in Hurleyville, NY.


Her work is part of the permanent collection of the Fashion Institute of Technology and has won awards nationally. In addition to studying at numerous art schools in New York City and abroad, Sheryl graduated with honors from the Fashion Institute of Technology and Hunter College. She received her Master’s Degree in Art Education from Manhattanville College. Sheryl retired from teaching art in Brewster, NY and was named the NY State Art Teachers Association’s Region 7 Art Educator of the Year. She continued to teach children and adults at the Katonah Art Center (Goldens Bridge, NY) where she also acted as Gallery Director of the Anderson Chase Gallery from 2016-2017.


Lynn Morgan

“Before I begin a painting, I already have an idea in my head about the subject matter, which is often inspired by photos taken on one of my adventures”.  Lynn begins with a loose sketch using a dark hard pastel, blocks in dark and light shapes with hard pastels, and then washes  over the entire underpainting with denatured alcohol which creates the lovely drips, splashes and patterns that she incorporates into the finished painting. “When I think the painting is complete, I leave it on the easel until the next day, when I will undoubtedly see adjustments that need to be made.  I ask myself a series of questions about design and composition.  Does the work convey the emotion I felt when I saw the scene in person?  Does it convey the emotion I felt when I imagined the idea?  Depending upon my response to these questions, I will then make further adjustments or declare it complete and sign it”.


For Lynn, creating art is an integral part of her philosophy of being consciously aware of the world around her.  Lynn has been creating art all of her life.  Until her retirement from the corporate world, art was one of her hobbies. By attending classes and workshops, she learned techniques that have evolved from realistic renderings to a much more abstract style.  Lynn loves to travel the world and is considered quite the adventurer by her friends.  Her works are inspired by the sights and sounds of her travels to various parts of the world.



“Palm Pods” by Lynn Morgan



Lynn has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management.  She tried flying a plane, playing guitar and piano, playing golf, SCUBA diving and sailing, but she always came back to painting. Lynn took classes with Garri Katz, Barbara Nechis, and Robbie Laird.  An instructor at Palm Beach State College introduced her to pastels.  She was hooked on the look of the pastel sticks, the feel of the medium in her hand with no brush as a go-between, and the brilliant color that clings to the tooth of the paper. In her studies with Margaret Dyer, her style evolved into a looser, more abstract one.  As her travels increased, Lynn began painting landscapes.  She has studied with Miroslav Antic, Terri Ford, Casey Klahn, Aline Ordman, Jen Evenhus and Tony Allain.  Her style continues to move toward more abstraction in both landscape and figurative works. 


Lynn is a full-time artist and a signature member of the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA), the Artists Guild of the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Florida Artists Group (FLAG), Women in the Visual Arts (WITVA), Martin Artisans Guild, and is a juried member of the Pastel Society of America.  She exhibits both locally and nationally and has won awards at several exhibits.  Lynn is currently represented by GalleryVibe in Naples, FL, and she teaches pastel classes and workshops at the Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta, FL. 



Sally Browning Pearson  

“When I saw my first watercolor Painting I was hooked.  Several years of watercolor painting and acceptance in juried shows, brought success and confidence. People then ask me to teach, which terrified me, but the terror soon disappeared and I discovered my second love. Satisfaction and reward come from watching my students “get it” while composing and painting.  Those small “Oh…I see” moments are wonderful.Art is the love of my life.  Watercolor painting is how I express myself.   It is a demanding medium, challenging me one moment and delighting me the next. I love it. Sally has been teaching adults from her home studios, art leagues and condo complexes since 1995.  She has taught workshops at the J.C. Cambbell Folk School (NC), Pocohauntaus Art League (WV) and Greenbrier Artists League (WV).



“Frangi Pangi” by Sally Browning Pearson



Sally’s most influential teacher was Eloise Gardner Giles, Dunellen, Florida.  Eloise was taught by Edgar Whitney, (one of the greatest watercolor teachers of our time).  She took lessons from her for two years before she went out on her own to sell her artwork.  Sally’s artwork has been in many galleries in FL and you can only find her on line.  Sally teaches the principals and elements of design as well as the techniques of painting with watercolor.  Sally is a great teacher because she loves what she does and nothing pleases her more that to see you succeed with watercolor!


Currently she spends most of her time teaching, but you can make an appointment to buy any of her art work by calling her.  Sally resides in Port St. Lucie, FL.  Email her at sallybpearson@gmail.com772-340-3728  or information about Sally can be found on Facebook, Instagram or on her Blog: On the blog you will find many photos of her studios and her students working and many of her demos.  Call or email for an appointment or for her teaching schedule.


Chad Periman

Originally from Kansas City, MO, Chad has been practicing automotive repair and refinishing from the age of 15 and developed an appreciation of the beauty in things we think of as damaged or broken.  “My contemporary art includes recycled and repurposed sculpture, mixed media assemblage, and photography. The medium is the subject, which speaks as a visual meditation through a mantra of shapes and colors to convey its truth. Subjects are chosen or repurposed with a sense of movement and action, to heighten the awareness of the potential that exists in every object, just as in every person”.


“Themes of creation, destruction, loss and redemption resonate with the intimacies of the human existence to explore inspirations including the foundations of western thought, our world today, and visions of the near future. When we encounter the true wonders of nature, the beauty we behold transcends our intellects and reaches directly to our hearts. I desire a similar response from viewers of my work to provoke a re-examination of our relationship to the natural world”.




“Post in Blue” by Chad Periman



A professionally trained automotive collision repair and custom refinish technician with over 30 years’ experience, Chad attended Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute (AEI), 2016. His professional artistry has grown in scope as well as in garnering attention from around the U.S.  He is a member of  Martin County Artists Guild,  Martin County Arts Society, ArtServe (Ft Lauderdale, FL) and is a Founding Member of the Soul Arts Society, Stuart, FL.

Chad’s Solo, group and other juried exhibitions include prestigious venues around the U.S.: The Martin Artisans Guild Summer Salon, Elliot Museum (Stuart, FL), Zolla – Lieberman Gallery (Chicago, IL), University of Indiana (Richmond, IN), Palm Room (Stuart,FL), Continuum 2019 and 2020 (WPB, FL), All Florida Juried Arts Show (Stuart, FL), Blanco +1 at Arts Warehouse (Delray Beach, FL),  Summer Salon 2018 and 2019 (Stuart, FL), Chetola Lake Sculpture walk (NC), The Box Gallery (WPB, FL),  ArtSpace (Port St Lucie, FL), ArtLive 2018 and 2019 (Stuart, FL), Contemporary Visions of the Industrial, The Frank (Pembroke Pines, FL),  ArtFind! (Stuart, FL),  Art exhibition, (Lake Worth, FL),  Art of Association at Lighthouse Art Center (Tequesta, FL),  Avant Garde exhibition at ArtServe (Ft Lauderdale, FL), Reflect exhibition at Art Serve (Ft. Lauderdale,FL) Free On The Inside exhibition at Arts Warehouse (Delray Beach, FL), Notes Music Room – SOLO photography show (Stuart, FL), Evening on Antique Row (WPB, FL), Art Synergy’s  Solar Lawn Art Show (Delray Beach, FL),  Martin County Open Studio Tour (Stuart, FL), Red Eye Untamed Arts Festival, Ft. Lauderdale Art Bravo at Art Serve Gallery (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), Art Florida II: Abstractions at The Box Gallery, (WPB,FL), Oxbow Nature Center (Port St. Lucie, FL), and Nest Gen 2016 Bi-annual in Miami, FL.

Contact Chad at:    FB: chad Periman (arts) IG: chad_periman Phone/text 352-316-5551




Danuta Rothschild 

Danuta tells us, ” While I am creating my art, I step in a space that allows me to connect to the Universe; to tap into the unknown. My intention is that the viewer will not only see carefully chosen colors, images, shadow and light, but will step with me into the magic of the moment, that they will feel excitement of unplanned surprises that show up on the canvas. The excitement that fulfills me when I am creating”. 

“Connection” by Danuta Rothschild



Billie-Jo Thomson


Billie is an award winning artist who was born and educated in Canada. Billie earned a diploma in fine arts at Central Technical College in Toronto majoring in 3-D. She studied at Emily Carr University in Vancouver. While raising a family, Billie continued to paint and participated in many solo and group shows and garnered a number of awards. Billie, an accomplished mural artist, also completed a number of commissions for both corporate and private clients.


In 2010 Billie became a paint coordinator in the film industry, creating the wonderful scenic worlds of notable films including “The Magicians”, “Big Eyes”, “Continuum”, “The Confirmation” and many others. Billie also painted commissioned pieces featured in two Tim Burton films, “Big Eyes” and “Miss Peregrines Home for peculiar Children”.  Billie currently splits her time between Vancouver Canada and Jensen Beach, FL. Billie’s current inspiration is the spirit of the ocean, the skies and the natural beauty of the tropics.


“Palm” by Billie-Jo Thompson




Billie shares, ” My life journey has always been about making art. From bronze sculptures and ceramic work to mural painting and visual commissions in the film industry, I have filled my life with art. This process has validated itself for me by earning a number of awards and commissions throughout my career. I am a classically trained visual artist, having completed numerous courses in various institutions in the 1980’s. I now immerse myself in the medium of oil painting as a way to express my vision in a variety of subject matter. My life search has left me in a place where painting elevates my spirit daily and I am able to translate my life experiences onto the canvas in new and uplifting ways”.


 Carolyn Walsh

Ceramic artist Carolyn Walsh was born and raised in Miami, Florida.  At a young age,  she was inspired by her Aunt Jean, a ceramic sculptor.  Even though her life took another direction, she always longed to be a working artist.  She became a Pediatric Physical Therapist and a devoted mother of three.  In 2003, she was able to pursue her dream, after all her children went off to college.  She began working and learning at the Pottery of Carlee Weston and Friends, honing her craft for the last 17 years. 


“Faces” by Carolyn Walsh



As a studio trained artist, she taught hand building and began to show her work.  She showed her work at Molly’s House winning a 3rd place ribbon in mixed media and at the Lighthouse Arts Center juried show where she won a 2nd place ribbon in ceramics.  She has also shown her work at the Beanie Backus Gallery Best of the Best Show, Spring Pop Up Show with the Martin Artisan Guild, Summer Salon at the Martin Arts Council,  the Fall Pop Up Show  and most recently the December Art Exhibit at the Palm Room with the Martin Artisan Guild. Carolyn has recently opened her own ceramic studio, My Little Pottery, in Palm City Farms. 




“The Gold Coast” by Curt Whitcar


For more information about this exhibit, other events, or membership:

The Martin Artisans Guild


The Martin Artisans Guild was created to nurture the production of Fine Art and Craft, increase awareness of local art, facilitate development and networking among Working Artists and create marketing venues for our members.·        

  • To promote Martin County, Florida as a center of art.
  • To provide opportunity for artists to exhibit original work to the public.
  • To develop a sense of shared community and support among artists.
  • To foster the concept that success for one artist benefits all artists.
  • To present Artists’ Open Studios as a venue for purchasing art.


For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher   561-537-0291

17019 SW Sapri Way   Port St. Lucie, FL 34986



Arts Council Of Martin County Calls For Visual Art Entries For Annual “Members Showcase”. Deadline Is June 12, 2020

The Annual “Members Showcase” of the Arts Council of Martin County is open for entries of 2D and 3D works of art.  Eligible artists are current, renewing, and new Member artists. While an in-person gallery experience isn’t possible due to Covid19 regulations, this exhibit will be present via an on-line gallery, in fact opening it to more art patrons than ever before. The deadline to apply is June 12.  The Rickie Report shares the details.  The exhibition is available June 19 – July 31, 2020.








Important dates

  • Exhibit dates: June 19 – July 31, 2020
  • Submission deadline: June 12, 2020 
  • Virtual gallery link and promotional flyer will be sent on or before June 19th to all participating artists and shared on all media channels.


Want to exhibit your work? Here’s how!



  • Artist must be a Current, Renewing, or New member of the Arts Council of Martin County.
  • One (1) artwork per Member Artist
  • 2D and 3D original work in all media completed in the last 36 months and not previously exhibited at the Court House Cultural Center or any other local art exhibit within 50 miles (i.e. The Elliott Museum, Lighthouse Art Center, Backus Museum, etc.).
  • Member artists may choose to use artwork included on their current listing on our Member Artist page or submit a new image for exhibit.
  • Photos of Artwork must be taken in good lighting, cropped to image only, clear and in focus, and minimum 72dpi resolution.


Entry Form:



  • Artists are encouraged to price their work for sale.  Commission is 25% to the Arts Council and 75% to the artist. Artist can choose to donate all proceeds to the Arts Council’s programs.
  • Sales price does not include shipping or delivery.  This will be handled separately between the artist and buyer.
  • The Arts Council reserves the right to refuse an artwork if the work is improperly framed, wired, misrepresented by the submitted digital image, and/or any other reason.
  • The Arts Council reserves the right to use any accepted image for promotional purposes.

Questions Contact Jennifer at 772.287.6676 ext 2 or


About The Arts Council of Martin County:

A private, non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status, The Arts Council of Martin County is supported in part by the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council on Arts & Culture, the City of Stuart, Martin County Board of County Commissioners and private contributions. Its activities include:

  •   Cultural assessment and planning services to arts and cultural organizations, individual artists, and the communities the local arts agency represents;

  •   Promotion of arts and cultural events or opportunities;

  •   Collaborations that benefit the community at large and provide greater quality and access to arts and cultural programs and opportunities;

  •   Programs, projects, or initiatives such as arts in education, lifelong learning, art in public places, marketing and community outreach.


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Call For Artwork: Helping People Succeed’s Annual “Art For Living” 2021 Calendar Opens Call To Martin, Indian River, St. Lucie, And Okeechobee Counties

Helping People Succeed shares a Call to Artists for the 2021 Art For Living Calendar. HPS helps improve the community’s viability and diversity through programs that assist children to become ready for school, and adults to find and maintain employment.  The Call is open to artists in Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, and Okeechobee Counties and 13 artworks will be chosen. You will have opportunities to sell your original artwork and meet art patrons. Subject matter should be tropical and/or local scenery (Examples: fish, birds, trees, beaches). Local scenes may include Indian River Lagoon, St. Lucie or Loxahatchee Rivers, covered bridge roads, the Savannas and views of nature or historical sites. The Rickie Report shares the details and urges artists to apply!   Deadline is June 13th.  




Helping People Succeed

1601 NE Braille Place    Jensen Beach, FL 34957  772.320.0778








HPS Director, Glenna Parris tells The Rickie Report, “We are excited to see the applications, review the artwork and coordinate the 2021 calendar project with the 13 artists who will be selected by our judges! Artists from Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, and Okeechobee Counties are eligible.  The artists will have opportunities to sell their original artwork and meet art patrons. Subject matter should be tropical and/or local scenery (Examples: fish, birds, trees, beaches). Local scenes may include Indian River Lagoon, St. Lucie or Loxahatchee Rivers, covered bridge roads, the Savannas and views of nature or historical sites”.



Judging of submissions will be in two phases – digital jpeg submissions for the first round and actual paintings, unframed, for the second round.

Your own digital photo in high resolution may be submitted in a jpeg format, or you may have your submission scanned at Southeastern Printing. (Artists are responsible for scanning fees.)

If emailing your submission, please include the completed artist application (below). The application fee ($25) may be mailed to our office:

Helping People Succeed
1601 NE Braille Place, Jensen Beach, FL 34957


Specs for e-mail submissions:

• 300 dpi image, 10” wide horizontal, RGB color & jpeg format.

No frame or glass should be included.

• Include title, size of original (X” wide by X” high), medium and retail price of the submission.

Final judging will be from original artwork. Slides, photos, or other reproductions will not be considered in the second review. Artists will be notified by e-mail if their artwork is selected for the final phase of judging. Original artwork then can be delivered to the Helping People Succeed’s office.


Submission Guidelines:

• Open to artists in Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee counties.

• Only the artist who created the original work may apply.

• Horizontal artwork format only. Calendar measures 15.5” w by 12.5” h (Paintings at 16” x 12”, 24” x 18”, etc.)
• Framed artwork no larger than 48” wide.
• Final selections are based on quality, format, suitability for reproduction and subject matter.

• Subject matter should be tropical and/or local scenery (Examples: fish, birds, trees, beaches). Local scenes may include Indian River Lagoon, St. Lucie or Loxahatchee Rivers, covered bridge roads, the Savannas and views of nature or historical sites.
• Applicants to submit a 300-word biography by e-mail with the jpeg artwork.

• Original artwork to be available for sale by Helping People Succeed from the time of acceptance through December 31, 2020.
• Artwork may be submitted framed or unframed. Artists will be responsible for delivering unframed artwork to be scanned, picking up when notified, reframing, and delivering to Helping People Succeed.
• Artists not chosen for the 2021 Calendar will be notified to pick up their artwork at Helping People Succeed’s office.
• Special consideration may be made if artwork delivery schedules conflict. Helping People Succeed reserves the right to make decisions for special consideration.
• E-mailed submissions will be considered once the application and fee have been received.




Artists are required to participate in the following event:

• Our Pinot & Picasso event will be held on November 21 at the Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club in Palm City. This will be a formal reception and dinner and the calendar artists will be available that evening to autograph calendars and are invited to display a limited number of art pieces for sale.

• There may be additional event activity that will require the 2021 Art for Living Calendar Artists to be present. Notice will be given once those activities are known and/or established.

PLEASE NOTE: Artists must be more than 18 years old to submit an entry for the 2021 Art for Living Calendar.




• Insure all artwork while in its possession.
• Retain 35% commission of retail price for the sale of the selected calendar artwork as well as for any artwork sold at the Pinot & Picasso event in November 2020.
• Handle all sales and cover all costs of sales, including credit card fees, etc.




_____Completed application

_____Check for $25 made payable to Helping People Succeed Foundation

_____Original artwork jpeg for first review by judges

_____300 word bio in the body of the e-mail or attached as a Word document





• Artwork e-mailed and materials must be received by 5:00 pm, Monday, July 13, 2020.

• Selection Committee will review the first-phase selections of the artwork during the following week, with notification to artists of accepted originals by phone or email. Original paintings (unframed) will be delivered to the Helping People Succeed office during the next week. (Please label your work with all of your contact information & artwork information on the back of your original.)

• Selection Committee will decide on the final art pieces for the 2021 Art for Living Calendar from the original paintings, including identifying placement and acceptance within the calendar.

• Artists of paintings not accepted for the calendar will be notified by email or phone for pickup.

• Artists will be notified when scanning and color-correction are completed.




DEADLINE:   Monday, July 13, 2020


Name ________________________________________________________________


Address _________________________________City___________ ZIP ____________


Phone ___________________ E-mail _______________________________________


Title of Artwork _________________________________________________________


Medium _________________________ Retail Price ___________________________


Size of Image ______w X ______h Size of Frame ______w X _____h



I have read, understand, and agree with all of the rules for consideration for the 2021 Art for Living Calendar. Please accept my application for consideration and my non-refundable Entry Fee of $25 (per entry). The payment may be provided by check, credit card or online at I am also including a bio and digital art file as per the guidelines provided.

Signature of artist: _______________________________________________________

Print your name: ________________________________________________________


Check #__________________

Credit Card Info (VISA / MasterCard / American Express): #________________________________ Expiration


Security Number (3 numbers) on the back of the card ________________________________


Signature: _____________________________________________________________


Mail to:

Helping People Succeed
Art for Living Calendar
1601 NE Braille Place, Jensen Beach, FL 34957

Submit calendar entries to Glenna Parris

Questions? Contact Glenna at 772.320.0778


Our Mission: Helping People Succeed transforms lives by realizing potential, creating hope and building futures through education, counseling, training and employment.



Helping People Succeed

1601 NE Braille Place    Jensen Beach, FL 34957

Contact Glenna at 772.320.0778





For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher   561-537-0291

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Call For Artists Who Are Veterans Living In Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, Brevard, Seminole, And Volusia Counties

The Rickie Report shares a Call To Artists who are veterans living in Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, Brevard, Seminole, and Volusia Counties in Florida.  This call is open to 2D and 3D artists. A print media reporter contacted The Rickie Report and is looking to publish photos and a cover story about a selection of artists who meet the above criteria. If you are reading this and know someone who meets the criteria, please share this with them!  Deadline:  April 15, 2020!



Email the following to:

1 jpeg with your full name and title of the artwork

branch of military and dates of service 


phone number




For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher   561-537-0291

17019 SW Sapri Way   Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

Hobe Sound Fine Arts League Invites Public To Advancement Of Arts Fundraiser Benefiting 5 Local Schools

The Hobe Sound Fine Arts League will hold its annual Advancement For The Arts Fundraiser on Saturday, March 21, 2020 at Lost Lake Country Club.  All proceeds will go directly to the Art Departments of five local schools: Hobe Sound Elementary, Sea Wind Elementary, Warfield Elementary, Murray Middle School, and South Fork High School. The public is encouraged to attend and support this effort!  The Rickie Report shares the details to purchase luncheon tickets and raffle tickets.
























11 AM – 2 PM

Lost Lake Country Club

Luncheon:   $35. 

Raffle:  $5.



For tickets to luncheon and/or raffle:


Contact Ed Douglas at






About The Hobe Sound Fine Arts League:

Our Studio & Gallery:

The Market Place Square

8879 SE Bridge Road      Hobe Sound, FL 33455

We are located between Winn-Dixie & Scooter’s Restaurant

Gallery Hours:

Monday – Saturday 10 AM – 2 PM (October-April)

The Hobe Sound Fine Arts League, previously known as The Art League of Hobe Sound, was formed on January 23, 1984 with the following members: Dolores Alchermes Zapatelli, Rosalie Becht, Charlotte Denniston, Evelyn Gaio, Margaret Matlock, and Jean Seewald. The League held their meetings in the St. Christopher’s Parish hall.

The decision to incorporate was made in November 1985. From the beginning, a professional artist gave the League members a monthly demonstration in the artist specialty.

The original Gallery space was obtained in April of 1987, and opened publicly the following September. This provided the members with a place to exhibit there art. At the same, time, the art instruction program was instituted and classes in various art media were opened to members as well as the general public. Our new Gallery space was obtained in 1996.



Membership, Gallery, offering Classes & Workshops:

Centralized Center for the Arts in Southern Martin County, Florida


Mission Statement:

  • To enhance the knowledge, creativity, and skills of local artists through classes, workshops, and demonstrations.

  • To promote art through monthly Artist of the Month shows, outdoor art fairs, exhibits in community locales, and participation in community events.

  • To support young artists through special funding/scholarships and youth programs..

The membership is made up of amateur and professional artists as well as those who appreciate art and support the League’s endeavors.

The Hobe Sound Fine Arts League is registered as a non-profit organization 501 (C-3).




Drop in our gallery to say hello, inquire about classes, or buy some of our beautiful paintings on sale by the artists.



For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher   561-537-0291

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Palm Room In Harbour Bay Plaza Invites Public To New Art Exhibit Thursday, March 5 Featuring Professional Artists Of Martin Artisan Guild

The Palm Room in Harbour Bay Plaza at Sewall’s Point, Stuart announces a new fine art exhibition on Thursday, March 5.  The Martin Artisans Guild will showcase seven artists: MJ Dowling, Cristina del la Vega, Zaneta and Dan Defelici, Jim and Tess Dirks, and Mark Stall. All professional artists with a long list of accomplishments, this promises to be a dramatic show of varied mediums!  The free exhibit is open to the public at the Palm Room from Wednesdays through Saturdays, with afternoon and evening hours. The Rickie Report shares the details and highlights each of the artists.  Artists will be offering free demos during this time.








The  Palm  Room in  Harbour Bay  Plaza

3778 SE Ocean Boulevard   Stuart, Florida



Gallery Hours:

Wednesdays – Saturdays:

Noon to 7 pm through the month of March



Opening Reception:

Thursday, March 5

5:30 – 8 pm



Complimentary Refreshments by Josephines

 Cash Bar



3778 SE Ocean Boulevard   Stuart, Florida (Across from Josephines)



MEET      THE       ARTISTS:




Cristina de la Vega


Cristina de la Vega tells The Rickie Report, “I always knew I was going to be a painter, enjoying oil as well as charcoal mediums. I love exploring wild places – uninhabited landscapes with no imprint of civilization.”  She received her BFA in Fine Arts and continued her studies with renown American landscape artist, Neil Welliver.  “My sense of space comes from actually being in the environment, which better informs me as an artist. It is one of the reasons I appreciate plein air painting”.





“Thunderstorm Coming” by Cristina de la Vega



Cristina’s award winning paintings can be found at the Geoffrey Smith Gallery in Stuart, FL and she teaches classes at the Artist Nook adjacent to Stuart Art Supply.  Available for commissions, she  is inspired to preserve the wilderness of our waterways and forests.  She works from small sketches, photographs, and memory.




MJ Downing

MJ Dowling merges architecture and art.  Having been instilled with a great love and wonder for the outdoors from an early age, she was inspired by her mother’s love for painting and her father’s passion for construction.  She pursued a Bachelor’s of Architecture degree at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, PA. While at CMU, MJ also Minored in Art and took numerous classes in Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture. Upon graduating in 1987, she was commissioned as an Officer in the US Air Force and began a twenty-year journey serving her country as a Registered Architect.  During this time, MJ both lived in and visited numerous countries around the world and developed a passion for both environmental and urban design.  Following her military service, MJ worked as an Architect in private practice for seven years before moving to Florida in 2015.





“Palm Beach” by MJ Dowling




MJ’s abstract aerial paintings explore the relationship between the built and natural environments, focusing on patterns, colors, and shapes.  Her paintings often contrast the structure of the built environment with the fluidity of the natural landscape while capturing the essence of a place through the use of color, geometry, and motion. Merging her technical skills and unique interpretation of physical environments, her paintings bring a bold new approach to capturing the “spirit” of a place in contemporary artwork.  MJ’s three decades of experience as an Architect, and passion for environmental and urban design, are clearly evident in her coastal abstract paintings.   MJ met her husband Patrick while they were both serving in the US Air Force and today “Pat” runs BluH2O Art so MJ can focus on painting.





Mark Stall

Mark Stall tells The Rickie Report, “My fine art photography career got serious in 2002 using high-end digital cameras, video cameras, and my iPhone which is always close by. I love the freedom digital offers. I use the computer and apps to enrich my images and give them new identities. My distinctive work has won many top awards at leading juried contests in Wisconsin, including The Hidden River Art Festival Eddy Award (2012), several Cedarburg Art Museum (2014, 2015, 2016) Ozaukee Annual Juried Exhibition (2016) and The Milwaukee Intercontinental Hotel (2016)”.  



“Fog on McKinley Marina” by Mark Stall


Mark first picked up a camera at age 11 in 1968, using traditional photographic film and darkroom processes. His passion for photography was ignited! ” My passion is composition in architecture, everything nautical and in nature. Every day I capture images and experiment with post-processing to create vibrant and compelling statements about the world around me. With the computer, I give a single photograph many lives, shifting focus, changing colors and making it tell a completely new story”.  He has owned and operated Pro Studio Supply for photographers since 1988 and continue my fine art career in Martin County.  



Zaneta and Danny Defelici – 3-D Potter



Danny Defelici is an artist, inventor, robotic engineer, and an R&D specialist.  Born in Texas, he grew up in colorful Miami. He became interested in art in his early years and received training in metal sculpting, ceramics, and glass forming in Coconut Grove.Through inspiration and self-teaching he became the primary contributor to the design and development of the new industry of 3D ceramic printing.He spends most of his time running his 3D Potter company that produces 3D ceramic printers. Creating new ceramic pieces is his form of relaxation.He lives in Palm City with his wife and a teenage son.

3D pottery by Zaneta and Dan Defelici



Danny Defelici tells The Rickie Report, ” I create my objects with a blend of digital art techniques, robotics, and clay. The objects are first created within a CAD (computer-aided design) software. The same creative process happens here as if you were manipulating the pieces manually. In reality, I actually have more freedom and potential utilizing the CAD software program”.  He explains, “After the pieces are created, they are interpreted into a computer language the 3D ceramic printer can understand. When the objects are 3D printed, the manual manipulation and hand glazing come next.  I feel the need for creating. Besides 3D printed objects, I also invented the 3D ceramic printer I use together with several other models. I enjoy the pure freedom in digital space to create the objects the way I see them in my mind”. 



Jim and Tess Dirks – Stuart Stained Glass




Tess and Jim Dirks of Stuart Stained Glass Inc. have been creating beautiful Art Glass at their studio on West Ocean  Stuart since 1982 for the Treasure Coast and beyond. Their depictions of Tropical,Fish, Flora, and Fauna as well as their signature “Art Dirko” contemporary stained leaded, carved and etched glass designs grace hundreds of homes, businesses, restaurants and churches throughout Florida as well as many other states and countries. They work hand in hand to create their unique styles and designs. If you have an idea, together they will bring it to life.



“Orchids” by Tess and Jim Dirks



Custom Designs are their specialties. Jim was born in Washington state, moved to Maryland at 10 years old and came to Florida on a three week vacation in 1977. Tess hails from the Philippines originally  and spent time in Hawaii, San Diego and later arrived in Florida where Jim and Tess met. They started dating and while visiting the shop one day she  said “That looks like fun”. Now for over thirty years they have combined their talents to create some of South Florida’s most beautiful Art Glass. 



For more information about this exhibit, other events, or membership:

The Martin Artisans Guild


The Martin Artisans Guild was created to nurture the production of Fine Art and Craft, increase awareness of local art, facilitate development and networking among Working Artists and create marketing venues for our members.·        

  • To promote Martin County, Florida as a center of art.
  • To provide opportunity for artists to exhibit original work to the public.
  • To develop a sense of shared community and support among artists.
  • To foster the concept that success for one artist benefits all artists.
  • To present Artists’ Open Studios as a venue for purchasing art.

The group accepts membership of individuals without discrimination.Yearly Dues:

  • $35/year for Professional Members
  • $30/ year for Emerging members
  • $20/year for Student Members
  • $35/year for Supporting Members

ALL Guild members are required to serve on at least one volunteer committee.ALL NEW Guild members are required to be JURIED into the Guild; You will be accepted as either a Professional Level Artist member or an Emerging Level Artist member.

  • Professional Level Members will not be required to jury into future Guild Exhibits, Events or Martin County Open Studio Tour. Professional Level Members MUST be a member of the Arts Council of Martin County. Membership information can be found here:
  • Emerging Level Artists are artists who are aspiring to become Juried Professional members. Emerging members will need to be juried before each event/exhibit, and will be eligible to reapply as a Professional Level Member after 1 year.
  • Student Members MUST be students with a school ID Card or a student of a MCOST Teaching Artist.
  • Supporting Members are Supporters of the Arts in the Community.

MAG Membership Year runs 3/1- end of February yearly to coordinate with the MCOST schedule.



For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher   561-537-0291

17019 SW Sapri Way   Port St. Lucie, FL 34986



Art Associates Of Martin County Invite Public To Annual 2020 Members Juried Exhibit. Meet The Artists At Opening Reception On February 28. Exhibit Is Available Through March 27

Art Associates of Martin County (AAMC) invite the public to the Opening Reception on Friday, February 28 to view the 2020 Annual Art Show Exhibition. Taking place at the Treasure Coast Unitarian Universalist Church in Stuart, FL, the event and exhibit are free to attend. Free parking is also available.  AAMC has been promoting excellence in the arts for over 50 years and is one of the largest associations in the area. Their monthly meetings offer an opportunity for artists to network, learn from each other, and see demonstrations by well known local artists.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.







Art Associates of Martin County (AAMC)





2020  Annual  Art Show



Opening Reception:

Friday, February 28

5:30 – 7:30 pm



Free event and parking.  Refreshments will be served



Exhibit is available through March 27, 2020


Gallery hours:  10 am to 3 pm Monday thru Friday


Treasure Coast Unitarian Universalist Congregation

21 SE Central Parkway      Stuart,FL 34994






AAMC’s mission is to encourage creativity in the arts for our members, local students and artists in our community by sharing and learning. AAMC has been promoting excellence in the arts for over 50 years and is one of the largest associations in the area.


The Art Associates of Martin County (AAMC) is a non-profit welcoming group of artists sharing a strong common interest in the arts. Each month (October thru April, with a luncheon in May) members are treated to exciting meetings with demonstrations by well known local artists, opportunities to bring in art surrounding a common theme, and good conversation.  AAMC meetings are held at St Mary’s in Stuart the 3rd Monday of October thru April from 1:00 to 3:00. Each meeting includes exciting, interactive demonstrations by very well known local artists. Members also bring in artwork with a common theme and vote on the Artist Of The Month! Each meeting always brings surprises.


A Plein Air group often takes to the field for great adventures in painting. The AAMC also provides scholarships and art supplies to local schools as we endeavor to participate in the vibrant Treasure Coast art community.  AAMC provides for an Annual Art Show open to all members, with many awards provided.







For more information about this event, monthly meetings, offering a demonstration, or becoming a member:




Or Call Dale Forbes: 978.872.7995







For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher   561-537-0291

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Tibetan Monks Visit Stuart Area February 17 – 23. Public Invited To Lectures, Children’s Activities, Mandala Rituals, And Cultural Dinner

The Martin Artisans Guild and the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Treasure Coast will co-host a group of Tibetan Monks at The Palm Room Gallery and at the Church. From February 17 – 23, several monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery in India will provide Cultural Pageants, lectures and children’s events, including  the creation and dissolution of a mandala.  The Rickie Report shares the details here.  Some events require advanced registration and have limited seating, so make your plans now!




Martin Artisans Guild


Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Treasure Coast










February 17 – 23






 Creation of the Sacred Mandala:  

Monday, February 17    11 am – 4 pm



Ongoing Creation of Mandala:


Tuesday, February 18                 10 am – 3pm

Wednesday February 19            10 am – 3 pm

Thursday , February 20             10 am – 5 pm

Friday, February 21                     10 am – 5 pm

Saturday February 22                 10 am – 5 pm






Sunday, February 23        1 pm



ALL Located at:   

The  Palm  Room in  Harbour Bay  Plaza

3778 SE Ocean Boulevard   Stuart, Florida





Monday, February 17:


Childrens’ Coloring Tibetan Designs   4 – 5 pm

Sacred Art Tour Fire Puja house blessing  7 – 8 pm

Tuesday, February 18:


Mani Stone Workshop    4 – 6 pm

Wednesday, February 19:


Tibetan Dinner and Cultural Pageant   7 –  9 pm


Saturday, February 22:  


World Peace Puja  1 – 3 pm



ALL Located at:

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Treasure Coast

21 SE Central Parkway    Stuart,FL 



~Registration for events is requested~


~Donations are appreciated~


Additional information and registration sites:

Or Call:  Suzanne Connors   336.693.4606

Event schedules available at the Palm Room or the Church locations



From February 17-23 several monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery in India will visit Martin County and bring their teachings of ancient ways and beliefs that create the possibility of global peace, nonviolent conflict resolution, compassion and wisdom. Highlighting their trip is the creation of a Sacred Sand Mandala in the Martin Artisans Guild Palm Room exhibition space. The monks will share Tibetan culture and traditions, as well as offer us universal lessons on compassion and impermanence.





The Sacred Art Tour supports the 2,000 monks in Mundgod, India, with funds for their education, healthcare and nutrition. Handcrafts by Tibetan artisans will be offered for sale. The Martian Artisans Guild is comprised of professional artists from the county who have banded together to promote the arts in Martin County. Their yearly activities include the Martin County Open Studio Tour which is held the third weekend of January, numerous exhibitions, artist seminars, a county gallery guide, and other art related opportunities for artists and the general public. Their goal is to make Martin County an arts destination.



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2nd Annual Teacher/Student Exhibit Highlights Paintings Of Sally Browning Pearson And Her Students. Free Exhibit At Treasure Coast Unitarian Congregation February 2 – 23. Opening Reception February 7 Is Free And Open To The Public

The 2nd Annual Student Teacher Show with Sally Browning Pearson and her students will be held at the Treasure Coast Unitarian Congregation in Stuart.  The Public is invited to this FREE exhibit which takes place February 2nd through February 23rd.  Everyone is invited to the Opening Reception on Friday, February 7.  The Rickie Report shares the details and a few sneak peeks.  This is the perfect time to purchase a piece of artwork for your home or someone else! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  We feature two of Sally’s students, Linda Schoppmeyer and Nancy Bacheller.





“Royal Casino” by Sally Browning Pearson



Sally Browning Pearson’s  2nd Annual Student Teacher Show


Opening Reception:


Friday, February  7

5:30  to  7:30 PM


Free and Open To The Public

Treasure Coast Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Stuart

21 SE Central Parkway     Stuart, FL

Exhibit runs Sunday, February 2 – Sunday, February 23, 2020













Nancy Bacheller began painting a few years ago after retiring from Chicago Public Schools where she worked as Counselor/Case Manager in a school for emotionally disturbed students. She splits her time between Port St Lucie and Bloomingdale, IL.  She tells The Rickie Report, “I paint for myself.  Painting calms me and grounds me. It’s therapeutic for me and brings me a sense of tranquility. In fact, I call my work ‘Serenity Watercolors’. I hope when others view my paintings they experience a sense of peace, or maybe nostalgia”.




“Watercolor Lilies” by Nancy Bacheller





Linda Schoppmeyer tells The Rickie Report, “I have always had a strong desire to create! Art has allowed me to explore that urge through jewelry making, photography, or oil and watercolor painting. Choosing a medium that best suits the subject is a wonderful part of my journey to create. Primarily an oil painter, I have delved into plein air painting and watercolor. Capturing an image of a pet in watercolor portraits gives me the most joy in expressing my art. Plein air allows me to be part of nature and participate first-hand in the Florida landscapes, as I attempt to paint images in front of me, as well as capture the atmosphere, which is forever changing.  My art is an evolution and a continuing process to expand all areas of expression.  I hope you establish an emotional connection with some of my creativity, while I share my art with you”.



Watercolor Painting by Linda Schoppmeyer






Sally Browning Pearson is a popular watermedia artist.  She teaches classes at:

The Artist Nook (next door to Stuart Art Supply) 43 Kindred Street Stuart, FL

Hidden Harbour Estates 4300 SE St. Lucie Blvd.  Port St. Lucie, FL

Her Home Studio:  597 SW Kaabe Ave.  Port St. Lucie, FL

Harbour Ridge, Palm City Residents Only

For more information:       772.340.3728

Facebook, Instagram, and at






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