Palm Beach Watercolor Society Announces Call for Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRIC) Art Show And Monthly Virtual Meeting With Marla Morrison From Winsor Newton

Palm Beach Watercolor Society (PBWS) announces a major coup as it shares a Call for  “A Show Of Many Colors” to be exhibited at the Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRIC). The public is invited to the exhibit which opens on April 22nd and runs through October 31, 2022. The Gala Reception takes place on Tuesday, April 26, 2022. If you are not yet a member of PBWS, this is the time to join!  The PBWS monthly virtual meeting will feature guest speaker from Winsor Newton, Marla Morrison on Thursday, April 14.  The Rickie Report shares all of these details and includes information about membership, so new members can apply to the BRIC exhibit! Deadline to apply is April 15, 2022.






MONTHLY  MEETING:   Thursday, April 14


Virtual Attendance 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm


 Featuring: Marla Morrison

Marla Morrison


Meetings  Are  Open  To  Non-Members  

for a $5.   donation


For details please email:


Marla Morrison is a mixed media artist residing in Texas. For her, exploration of the myriad of art materials and techniques is a major source of inspiration. In her work, she seeks to show beauty through the colors, design, and behaviors of the materials. Marla is a teaching artist for The Fine Art Collective and has been for 20 plus years. Through this opportunity she’s learned scads about art materials and loves sharing that information with others. Her work is in collections throughout the US and in Canada.

The demo will cover some pigment history, color mixing, brush tips and techniques, and watercolor paper. See more of her work via Instagram @marlamorrisonart or her website




Public Reception at BRIC

Tuesday, April 26

5:30   to   7:30 PM

4950 Communications Ave.   Boca Raton, FL  33431




Adrienne Walker, PBWS President shares her excitement with The Rickie Report, “The public is invited to see the show which opens Tuesday, April 22nd and runs through October 31, 2022.  The BRIC is joining with us to have a fabulous reception with a cash bar on Thursday, April 26.  They saw the slide shows that PBWS has been exhibiting from the last two years of doing everything virtually and the rest is history!”


Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRIC) is home to the birthplace of the first personal computer and was where a young Bill Gates secured a licensing deal with IBM for Microsoft’s operating system, “Project Chess”. Today, BRIC is a 1.7 million square foot office park with amenities such as cafes, event space, STEM lab, and a wellness center.


It is also the home of some of our PBWS members’ studios! In an ongoing effort to merge technology, innovation and the arts, BRIC has allocated permanent exhibit space to PBWS in one of their many buildings. Our exhibits will hang for a period of 6 months. Therefore, we will have 2 exhibits there per year.






Take-in: Friday, April 22, 2022   9:30-11:00
Pick-Up: Monday, October 31, 2022   9:30-10:30

Reception at BRIC on Tuesday, Apr. 26 from 5:30 to 7:30 at 4950 Communications Ave.

Eligibility: Artists may enter up to 3 pieces of art. Minimum size 16 x 20, maximum size 48 x 60. Entry Fee: $35 plus 5% administrative fee for Cloud Folios.

Entry Rules: We will be using Cloud Folios to collect the artist information and payment, and to publicize the show. If you have not already done so, you must create a free Cloud Folios account on Upload your images as a jpeg to the exhibition “A Show of Many Colors” (see instructions below).

Do not show any frame or mat in the image and ensure the image is correctly oriented, either horizontally or vertically. You may ONLY enter this show thru Cloud Folios (Instructions below).

Entries will be accepted on Cloud Folios from March 21 thru April 15.

NOTE: Paintings that have not been submitted on Cloud Folios will NOT be accepted at take-in.

Eligible Artwork: Watercolors, Acrylics, Inks or Collage made by an artist!s own artwork will be accepted. No oils, pastels, charcoal, drawings, photography, prints or giclees. Images should be of your original art only, and not created under instruction or copied from another artist!s work. Only your own, original photographs may be used for reference. Paintings that have been exhibited in prior PBWS shows are not eligible. No nudes please. Artwork can be greater than 3 years old!

Framing Requirements: Paintings on paper must be glazed with plexiglass or varnished. Glass will not be accepted. Works on other surfaces, if not framed, must have wrapped edges, with no staples showing. All work must be wired firmly, taped and ready to hang. All entries must remain hanging for the duration of the show.

Please include the following information on the back of your painting: Artist Name, Address, Phone, Email, Title of Painting, Media, Size and Price.

Juror: We are pleased to announce that Grace Gdaniec will be the juror. Besides being an established artist, Grace is currently the Arts Warehouse Manager. In that role, she curates exhibits, develops art programs and plans exhibits among her many roles.

Waiver of Liability: By submitting artwork into the exhibit, you agree to abide by all rules and regulations in this prospectus of the Palm Beach Watermedia Society. PBWS reserves the right to use artwork for publicity and promotion. PBWS is entitled to a 10% donation on the sale of any artwork during the exhibition.








 Before you begin, please make sure that your paintings are cropped so that the image does not include any matting or frame and that the image is not sideways or upside down. 

Log into and sign in or create a free account.

On the “My Cloud Folios” page

  • Hit “Create New Folio”

  • Name your folio

    • Enter a description or artist statement if you like (not necessary)

    • In “Style of Folio” enter “gallery”

    • In “Folio Privacy” hit “Make this folio public”

    • Hit “Save the Folio”

To enter an Exhibition:

  • Click on “Exhibitions” on the menu bar on the left

  • Find the exhibition you want to enter

  • Hit “Submit Your Work” on the bottom of the screen

  • Click on “Begin Submitting Artwork”

  • Find your photo on your pc or tablet and click on it to “choose” it

  • Click on Upload Artwork” or “Select Exiting Artwork”

  • Your work should now appear in your new Folio

    • Enter the title of your artwork

    • Enter the medium (ex. Watercolor)

    • Enter “Edition Size” which is 1

    • Enter Price (no dollar signs. Ex. 400.00)

    • Confirm that all of your information is correct

  • Enter your credit card details under “Submission Fee Payment”

    • (Note that a 5% processing fee is automatically added to the entry fee)


  • You will get a message that your work has been ”submitted”

Sign out of CloudFolios by choosing the logout button in the tool box in right hand corner.










For more information about PBWS:


Visit Our Art Gallery Here



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MartinArts Foundation Seeks Nominations Of Adult Artists And Graduating High School Seniors For MartinArts Awards. Deadline Is April 15, 2022. Meet Neil Capozzi, One Of 2021 Awardees

MartinArts Foundation invites you to nominate ADULT ARTISTS or STUDENT ARTISTS in the visual, performing, or literary arts for a MartinArts Award! Since 2003, the MartinArts Awards, have been the premier celebration of the arts on the Treasure Coast, recognizing performance, visual and literary artistic excellence and those who help the arts flourish in our community.  Each year artists, philanthropists, volunteers, and leaders in the arts are honored with a MartinArts Award.  Deadline for nominations is April 15, 2022. The Rickie Report shares the details, some sneak peeks from last year and an interview with Neil Capozzi, one of the MartinArts Award recipients of 2021.














It takes a mix of artists, philanthropists, volunteers, and leaders weaving together to give the community a more vibrant, rich, and colorful texture. Over 170 award recipients have been honored since 2003!



Nominating is easy and only requires contact information and a 150-word paragraph about your nominee!





“In 2021, the Arts Leadership Award was given to Neil Capozzi for demonstrating a consistent driving force in keeping the arts alive in Martin County, both as the owner of Stuart Art Supply (and formerly Jay-Mar) and as a volunteer for decades, with many arts sector nonprofits and initiatives. He’s supported artists and has given his time, talent, and treasure in advocacy of a vibrant arts community. We were pleased to recognize Neil at the MartinArts Awards in 2021 for his outstanding leadership and service to our community.” –  Nancy K. Turrell, CEO, MartinArts Foundation.















TRR:  What were your artistic influences growing up?


I grew up in Waterbury CT, in a family of 5 children. I am the only artistic child except for a younger brother who is an interior designer. I have an undergraduate degree in biology and plant science with a minor in economics. I completed a graduate degree in business in 1992.  I was introduced to arts and crafts by attending summer art programs at our local museum. My parents noticed how much I enjoyed these Saturday mornings. When the program ended my parents found a local artist, Mrs. Benson who offered private lessons in her home. This instructor introduced me to watercolor and gave me my first plein air experience. After my time with Mrs. Benson, I moved on to Mrs. Hurley who offered classes in her basement on Friday nights. The class included other young people who learned about painting and drawing and some art history. I loved working in oil paint and pastel painting. I also took art classes in high school. Unfortunately, I had an art instructor in high school that dampened my artistic side that lasted for 25 years. After I took a workshop with some local artists in Stuart that awakened my dormant passion for painting. While I was in high school and college I worked in a retail shop Jay-Mar that I joined as a manager and later a partner that eventually expanded in arts and crafts. My art background worked well in our business of Arts & Crafts. The rest as we say is history.




TRR:  Do you have any favorite artists outside of Martin County?

NC:  I prefer impressionist masterworks. I enjoy collecting and supporting local artists. As a retailer of art materials, artists are always interested in bartering art for supplies.



TRR: What brought you to Martin County?


In 1991 my business partner felt that we needed to expand our Connecticut chain of Arts & Crafts supply stores to Florida. Our 1st store opened in Stuart Centre in 1991 and Palm Beach Gardens in 1992. Over time as the economy changed so did Jay Mar. I closed Jay Mar in Stuart in 2012. There is one store remaining in Waterbury, CT. When I closed Jay Mar in 2012 the artist community of professionals, teachers and students asked me not to give-up. If I made it work, they would support me. I in turn I felt that I need to support them back. I found this current location at 43 SE Kindred Street and opened Stuart Art Supply and Studio in November 2012. Since there isn’t an art center or an art school in our market, I created one. I offer the studio with reasonable rates so the teachers can offer classes at reasonable cost to the students. As for an art supply shop I worked with my vendors to be able to offer prices to compete with the online businesses. I hope I can say that I give great customer service, offer competitive prices, and give back to the community in service and financially. (I met a former manager of Jerry’s Artarama in WPB and he told me that they gave up marketing in the Martin-St. Lucie market due to the customer loyalty I built.)


TRR:  Tell us more about your involvement in the cultural community.



In 2013, I was asked to fill a vacancy on the Arts Council Board and I enjoyed being part of the organization and help it move forward. I primarily focus on MartinArts because it offers the best opportunity to the community. In the early days of Jay Mar and Stuart Art Supply I supported the local art leagues in Martin/St. Lucie, as some of the needed guidance in financial and technical support. Eventually, the Martin Artisans Guild (MAG) formed under the leadership of Suzanne Connors. I jumped in with all the support I could offer. The MAG Open Studio Tour offers artists in our community to reach collectors and buyers. MAG experienced some rough times ( I was devastated when the organization almost collapsed), encouraging them to not give up.  My advocacy as a member of the board of MartinArts helped guide them to the needed support. In 2022 MAG became a financial and volunteer supporter of ArtsFest.  After several years of receiving support from Women Supporting the Arts, they and their membership are active members of MartinArts.  For a short period, I was on the Board of the Palm Beach Gay Men’s Chorus as treasurer.  I put their financial affairs in order. During my tenure I told them to give up, as they were in a hole financially. Wow, that kick-started their financial recovery, and they are still performing today, 12 years later!  I am the recent part-Chair of the MartinArts Foundation and past chair of the ArtsFest Committee. I’m a member of the committee that is advancing the efforts to refurbish the 1923 Stuart High School as an Arts Center in Stuart.  My husband, Ken Capozzi and I will continue to offer our home for our semiannual “Dining Under The Oaks” fundraiser.



TRR:  How has the cultural scene changed and how can businesses benefit from partnering with the arts?



Since my arrival in Martin County , this was a sleepy community, not even the bedroom community to Palm Beach County as it is today. Our season community was/is primarily snowbirds but has grown to a more non-seasonal community. I often speak with people who come to visit or live here because of the thriving arts community. I firmly believe in the adage “The arts are good for business” – there is broad reach in the arts. Patrons and creators of art don’t wear uniforms like sports, but people notice art on the walls and listen to great music. Clients attend concerts and performances. Having your business associated with the cultural pillar of the community boosts morale and offers a reach to a wider audience.


TRR: What does The MartinArts Award mean?



Being recognized for sharing a passion for the arts, having received this award helps me to encourage others to strive for an increased awareness of the arts.  Anyone can nominate someone for a MartinArts Award. Student artists need to attend one of the Martin County schools, public and private. Adult artists need to be a resident of or an active participant of their craft in Martin County. There are many categories. If you know of someone, I urge you to nominate them! The Arts Leadership is one of several awards selected by the MartinArts Board of Directors and not based on nominations from the community. Other awards include: Excellence in Arts Education, Philanthropy and Lifetime Achievement.






Interested in being a part of the celebration?

Help us celebrate the MartinArts Awards as a sponsor or volunteer.





Sponsorship opportunities, program ads, and steering committee positions are available–contact us at 772-287-6676 (x2) or today to get in on the fun and be recognized as a supporter of the arts!







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Artsy Shark Opens World Wide Call To Visual Artists Of All Media. Deadline To Apply Is March 17, 2022 Network With Carolyn Edlund And Increase Your Reach To New Clients

Since 2010, Carolyn Edlund has featured more than 1,900 artists from all over the world on Artsy Shark through individual articles that present their portfolios and share their stories with the world.  Artsy Shark is seeking 48 artists in all mediums to feature and promote in the coming months. Deadline is March 17, 2022.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.







Carolyn Edlund tells The Rickie Report, “Artist features are promoted to our large social following (80,000+) and email list of more than 22,000 subscribers. Additionally, after the article is published on our site, the artist receives a PDF of their feature in “magazine-style” format to use as marketing collateral”.



Artist credit, clockwise from top left: Gerardo Lebarca, Hugh Walker, Chabane Djouder, Christianne Danna





Since 2010, more than 1,900 artists from all over the world have been featured on Artsy Shark through individual portfolio articles that present their portfolios and share their stories with the world. Artist features are permanent and always shareable; a prominent link in each feature invites the reader to visit the artist’s own website and follow them on social media. This gives each featured artist an opportunity to gain exposure, subscribers, followers and collectors.






Artist credit, clockwise from top left: Sandra LaForge, Katherine Klimitas, Heidi Zielinski, Kathy Dana




We are currently accepting submissions.



Deadline is March 17, 2022



Artist credit, clockwise from top left: Jose Cifuentes, Lesie Chandler, Ju Oshiro, Angela Verlaecht Clark





Featured artists are selected through a competitive juried process that happens only three times per year. We are currently accepting submissions through March 17 to feature in Spring and early Summer 2022. Application fee is $25. No other fees apply and Artsy Shark takes no commission whatsoever on any sales or contracts that result from artists being featured.





Visit our website to learn more about this opportunity and apply:




Artist credit, clockwise from top left: Gerardo Labarca, Hugh Walker, Laura McElfresh, Trish Mitchell, Beckie Kravetz, Christianne Danna, Rachel Tirosh, Eileen Terrell







Want to stay current on cutting edge business articles from Artsy Shark, plus artist features, and an invitation to the next Call for Artists? Subscribe to twice-monthly Updates, and get a free e-book on Where to Sell Art Online right now!

Carolyn Edlund:  410.977.2915




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Business For The Arts Of Broward (BFA) Announces Open Call To Artists For Art & Stroll Event On May 19. Deadline To Apply Is April 1, 2022. Also Open To Non Broward County Artists

Business for the Arts of Broward (BFA) is seeking entries from established and emerging artists for its 4th Annual ART + STROLL event. The event presented by BBX Capital takes place on Thursday, May 19, in downtown Fort Lauderdale in the lobbies of buildings 401, 301 and 201 E. Las Olas Blvd. Cash prizes totaling $5,000 will be awarded to artists. Art Patrons who participate include key business community members.  The call is also open to non-Broward County residents. Deadline to apply: Friday, April 1, 2022.  The Rickie Report shares the details here.







Business   for   the   Arts   of   Broward









Open Call to Artists




4th   Annual   Art   +   Stroll   Event

Thursday, May 19, 2022



5:30   to   7:30   pm







Downtown Fort Lauderdale


In the lobbies of buildings 401, 301 and 201 E. Las Olas Blvd.




BFA will accept 2D work, no larger than 60” wide by 60” high, and 3D art such as sculpture, ceramics, fashion or any other free-standing artwork. Accepted artists will be responsible for providing pedestal(s) to display their work and will have to deliver and set up the art themselves.



The theme and medium are open, including but not limited to photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, paper art, fiber art, wood, clay, metal, glass, sculpture, fashion, mixed media and NFTs. Works should not exceed 30 lbs.



The fee to enter is $30 and artists will be allowed to submit up to two entries that they have personally created. Works selected are based on originality, creativity, craftsmanship and artistic distinction.




All work(s) must be submitted as a 300 dpi jpeg(s) via online submission at Each digital jpeg file of the submitted work must be included in the ART + STROLL artist’s online entry form with artist’s name and title. 




The deadline to submit is Friday, April 1 by midnight.



Accepted artists will be notified by April 15 and receive one complimentary VIP ticket to the event gaining access to the food and beverage areas in each lobby.


Accepted works may be used for marketing purposes, and the artists will have the opportunity to showcase and sell their work to attendees from the business community and key sponsors. Cash prizes totaling $5,000 will be awarded to artists as follows: 1st place $3,500, 2nd place $1,000 and people’s choice $500. Artists will also be responsible for the delivery of their work to the buyer(s), if sold, and BFA keeps 25% commission on any sold artwork.



For additional information, visit or and click on “call to artists.”




All artists must fill in the entry form to be considered.




About Business for the Arts of Broward:

Business for the Arts of Broward is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) engaging businesses and business leaders to advocate and educate about the importance of the County’s art and cultural community as well as to recognize the connection between cultural vitality, creative success, and economic development. To learn more visit or




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St. Lucie Cultural Alliance Opens Call: Public Art Images For Public Transportation Vehicles And Transit Facilities

The St. Lucie Cultural Alliance announces a Call To Artists for images to be displayed on public buses, in public transit facilities, and in shelters.  The application deadline is Saturday, March 12, 2022. Whether the piece is a sculpture, mosaic, painting, or still photography, the motivation is to display images of the original works, not the actual ones. The Rickie Report shares the details.  Chosen submissions will receive a $500. stipend and the honor of being part of Art in Public Places!












Project Name:

Area Regional Transit –

ART  Images  for  Fixed  Route  Buses  Introduction:




In cooperation with St Lucie Cultural Alliance, the St Lucie County Transit Division requests qualifications from artists or artist teams to submit artwork images to be displayed as images on public buses, in public transit facilities, and in shelters. The selected artists will provide transit riders and community members with visual and educational images to create a unique way of increasing art awareness. Displays of public art are intended to generate interest in appealing to diverse audiences.




Project location:

This call to artists aims to have public artistic images submitted then be transferred onto Fixed Route Buses.



Submission Deadline Date:

Saturday, March 12, 2022



Total Project Budget:

$500 for chosen submissions to be determined by the PTAC





This opportunity is open to all artist or artist teams. We are mainly looking for local artists to showcase on the public transit buses and facilities. All artworks will be juried by Public Transit Arts Committee (PTAC)

To offer this opportunity to as many artists as possible to display their work, please note that if  your artwork was awarded a stipend in the previous Tier 1 phase, you are not eligible to submit for Tier 2 phase.






How to Apply:



Submit the following materials by  Saturday, March 12, 2022, 11:30 p.m. (EST)

  • Three (3) images of completed work and details

  • CV/Resume – this must include your legal name and mailing address, a reliable phone number, and email address

  • Please provide the name of the images and a brief description – no more than 200 words


Submit to :



This Call to Artists is intended to engage new or established artists. The County is open to a wide range of proposals. Generally, potential opportunities and considerations associated with the project may include:

  • Art that fosters a sense of place has a multi-layered meaning or other compelling

  • attributes;

  • Art that complements enhances the streetscape within the community and natural environment;

  • Appropriate for public space; and reflect family-friendly images.Possible Opportunities for Public ArtSuch as but not limited to:


 *   Public Transit Vehicles and Facilities:
*   Whether the piece is a sculpture, mosaic, painting, or still photography, the motivation is to display images of the original works, not the actual ones.
 *   Other areas of the site are deemed suitable for public transit art.

Artists may propose artwork for one of the targeted areas or present a cohesive proposal throughout the bus system. The minimum amount of time the image will be displayed can range from three months to three years. The longevity will depend on where the images are displayed, wear and tear on a bus, in a facility, or bus shelter.





Eligible artists are invited to submit qualifications through an Open Call to Artists. The Public Transit Art Committee (PTAC) assembly will determine the artwork image for display. The five (5) member PTAC are comprised of professionals in the fields of fine arts, art education, construction management, or public transit. The PTAC will review all artists’ qualifications responding to this request and create a shortlist of artists for consideration.

The shortlist will be selected through a lottery-style process. Upon presentation of artists’ proposals, the PTAC may choose one or more artists to commission the artwork(s). The winning artists will receive Five hundred dollars ($500) to use their image. To offer this opportunity to as many artists as possible to display their work, please note that if your artwork was awarded a stipend in the previous Tier 1 phase, you are not eligible to submit for the Tier 2 phase.



How to apply:



Artists or representatives should visit the St Lucie Cultural Alliance website at and submit the following materials by the deadline to

Criteria for submitting images must meet or exceed these parameters:


A complete submission must include all the information and materials described below:

– Images must be high-resolution format only (JPG, PSD, PSB, TIFF)

– All artworks must be made available for professional photography on March 17 from 10 AM – 2 PM at St Lucie Cultural Alliance Gallery located at 111 Orange Avenue, 3rd Floor, Fort Pierce, FL 34950.

– Image titles must include Legal First and Last Name as well as the image name; an example would be: Catherine Petagno – Spring Flowers

– If the criteria above are not met by the submitting artist or artist team, their submission will not be considered.


CV/Resume(s): If submitted as a team, please identify the team leader, and include resumes for each team member, with each resume no longer than two pages. If applicable, the resume (s) should include past public art commissions, design team experience, exhibitions, awards, grants, and education.

The CV must have the submitters:

§ Legal first and last name

§ Mailing address

§ Phone number

§ Email address


A brief statement:

The name of your artwork and how you feel your image will enhance the ridership experience for members of our community.

The proposal must be submitted via the online website, including all attachments that shall not be larger than 10 MB in size.

Application packages must be received by Saturday, March 12, 2022, before 11:30 p.m. EST.

All winning entries will be contacted by March 24, 2022.



Additional information:



The Public Transit system of St. Lucie County officially became Area Regional Transit ART on July 27, 2021. We are changing the look of the entire system following a tiered process. The Logo, as seen below, reflects the three (3) types of transit service supplied by the system. The green dab of paint on the pallet represents the fixed-route buses and amenities. The marigold dab of color represents the paratransit (door-to-door service) buses. The red dab of paint represents the microtransit service.

To learn more about the public transit system, please go to:

SLC ART | St. Lucie County, FL (


About St. Lucie Cultural Alliance:

St. Lucie Cultural Alliance (Cultural Alliance) is a professional organization representing the arts and cultural sector in St. Lucie County and a Designated Local Arts Agency. Its mission is to better position the arts and cultural division as a significant contributor to the vibrancy and educational and economic wellbeing of St. Lucie County. Cultural Alliance is a proud partner of St. Lucie County, The City of Port St. Lucie, the St. Lucie County Tourism Division, and the Economic Development Council of St. Lucie County.

This exhibition is sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, and the National Endowment for the Arts.


For more information about anything mentioned in this article, new initiatives you would like to propose, or to make a comment:

St. Lucie Cultural Alliance 

2300 Virginia Avenue, Fort Pierce, FL 34982

 (772) 462-2783







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Palm Beach Watercolor Society Announces March 10 Virtual Meeting Featuring Karen Knutson, Two More Workshops, A New Call For “Paint Me A Picture” And More Classes

The Palm Beach Watercolor Society announces an Artist Call for “Paint Me A Picture”, to be exhibited on-line. Applications are open NOW through March 5, 2021. Upcoming Watermedia Workshops:  Jane McIntyre on February 16 “Balancing Act: Focusing on Drawing to Color Tones, Darks and Lights” (ONLY a FEW openings), and Karen Knutson on March 9- 10 “Figurative Painting with Wire Drawing”.  All workshops are virtual and non-members are welcome! “Paint Me A Picture is open to members only….isn’t it time to join… Karen Knutson will be giving a demo at the Thursday, March 10 meetingThe Rickie Report shares the details of each workshop and a sneak peek. Plus: Check out the regularly scheduled art classes and a membership discount at Art and Frame Gallery in Boca Raton, FL!




MONTHLY  MEETING:   Thursday, March 10


Virtual Attendance 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm



 Featuring Karen Knutson



Meetings  Are  Open  To  Non-Members  

for a $5.   donation


For details please email:











 “Balancing Act: Focusing on Drawing to Color Tones, Darks and Lights”

Jane McIntyre

 February 16





 “Figurative Painting with Wire Drawing”

Karen Knutson

March 9- 10










To register, or for more info, please call Adrienne Walker at 516-885-4199

To register with Venmo use adrienne-walker-32
PayPal use
Zelle use

Credit Card call Adrienne 516-885-4199

Please put your information as follows when you register Name of Workshop

Your Name:__________________________

Phone # ____________________________



For more information call Susan Pecker (561) 445-3440 or Paula Epstein (561) 455-6049

$100 deposit to register per workshop ~

CREDIT CARD PAYMENT ~ call Susan Pecker (561) 445-3440

MAIL CHECK PAYABLE to PBWS and mail with application to: Jimmy Walker

6442 Emerald Breeze Way  Boynton Beach, Florida 33437

Name _____________________________________

Address ___________________________________________

City _____________________ State ___________ Zip Code __________

Phone ____________________

Cell _____________________

Email _________________________






NOW     Thru     MARCH 5, 2022





For more information about PBWS:


Visit Our Art Gallery Here



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Call For ZAM (Zen, Arts & Music) On April 23rd – 24th And ArtZen On March 19th Is Now Open To All Media Of Art, Mindfulness Products, Clothing, Authors, Speciality Items, And More

The St. Lucie Cultural Alliance and the City of Port St. Lucie announce ZAM (Zen, Arts & Music) Fest to be held at the MIDFLORIDA Event Center on Saturday, April 23 and Sunday, April 24, 2022. This will be Open to the Public and offer family friendly activities for children as well as bands in the evening. A one-day event, ArtZen, will take place at Valencia Cay at Riverland, a private community with 3,000 affluent residents in Tradition on Saturday, March 19, 2022.  ZAM and ArtZen have opened applications for vendors, 2D artists, 3D artists, mindfulness products, mindfulness practitioners, fashion designers, and authors.  There is a combined rate discount. The Rickie Report SHARES THIS CALL for both venues.  Last year’s event was heavily publicized with television, radio, print, and social media both  locally and regionally.  You WANT to BE PART of this event in 2022! 








At   MIDFLORIDA   Event   Center











ZAM  & ArtZen:





















For more information about anything mentioned in this article, new initiatives you would like to propose, or to make a comment:

St. Lucie Cultural Alliance 

2300 Virginia Avenue, Fort Pierce, FL 34982

 (772) 462-2783







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Ft. Lauderdale Branch Of Pen Women Open Call To Women Artists For All Media Juried Exhibit At Skolnick Community Center. Public Reception February 11 At Herb Skolnick Community Center In Pompano Beach

The Fort Lauderdale Branch of National League of American Pen Women shares a Call for Women Artists for a juried exhibition of all media. The Exhibit takes place at the Herb Skolnick Community Center in Pompano Beach, FL with an Awards Luncheon on Friday, February 11. The Rickie Report shares the details and invites women artists to apply! We urge art patrons to visit the exhibit, which runs February 3 through March 2, 2022.  Apply NOW until January 28!













Monetary Awards and Ribbons will be Awarded


Juror: Jill Brown, Executive Director,

Coral Springs Museum of Art






Public Is Invited To View The Exhibition:

February 3 through March 1, 2022





1st Place Winner 2021 “Contemplation” by Judy Nunno




Now through Friday, January 28

Cost: $25 Members/Patrons; $30 Non-Members

(2 pieces)





2 & 3 Dimensional Art/Photography/Sculpture: Upon entering this exhibit, you are certifying that this work is an original, not a copy of another artist’s work or a copy of any photograph not taken by you, this work has not been entered before in this annual show, this work was done by only one artist and completed within the last FOUR years.








2nd Place Winner 2021 “Blooming” by Fran Goodman


The sale of artwork is between the artist and the buyer ONLY.




Pen Women Members and Patrons. Women Non-Members and Patrons are invited to enter up to 2 pieces of art and are limited to participation in two of these Annual Juried Exhibits. This show is our way to introduce local women artists to the Fort Lauderdale Branch of the NLAPW.



Deadline for receiving the entry form in Prospectus and
entry fee check is Friday, January 28, 2022.

Mail to:

NLAPW, 651 Village Drive, #802, Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Questions: 954-980-3475:

No changes can be made after entry is received.

No refunds will be made.



Conditions and Liabilities: The submission of entries to this competition shall constitute an agreement on the part of the artist to the terms and conditions as set forth in this prospectus. Pen Women reserves the right to use photographs for publicity and promotion.




3rd Place Winner 2021 “Shimmering Feathers” by Donna Sallee





A major entry portion of the proceeds will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Honorable Mentions will receive ribbons. A minimum of 10 percent of profit will support the Pen Women Scholarship Fund.




AWARDS  Presentation  and  LUNCHEON:

Friday, February 11, 2022

11:30 am

 Herb Skolnick Community Center

800 SW 36th Ave.    Pompano Beach, FL 33069

Catered by Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza



Luncheon reservation checks, $30 each

Pay by Zelle, email: OR Send Check by Feb 8th to:

Tammy Seymour

629 Riviera Isle  Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301



About the National League of American Pen Women:


Since its founding in 1897 by Marian Longfellow O’Donoghue, Henry Longfellow’s niece, the League seeks to create progression and advancement in visual arts, literary work, and musical composition. As the oldest and largest women’s arts organization, members share their creativity in a number of ways, including workshops, exhibitions, discussion groups, performances, demonstrations and lectures, fostering networking and friendships among members, while maintaining a high, broad standard of work, effort and strength that comes from the union.

Many of our artists teach in the South Florida area; many are award-winning artists. All are passionate about encouraging talented young women to pursue their college arts education degrees and raise funds each year to award three $1,500 Achievement Awards to Broward College Women.




For additional information please call 954-288-7972




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Art Lovers Can Start 2022 Immersed In Art With The Delray Art League January 15 & 16. Save The Dates For Upcoming “Delray Tribeca Festival” March 19 & 20. DAL Is Always Looking For More Artists To Participate

The Delray Art League (DAL) includes all mediums of art. The third weekend of each month (January 15 & 16 this month),  The Big Apple Bazaar has morphed into one of the largest art venues around! Not a member?  You are invited to take part! Free admission, parking and NO TENT SET-UP for artists! Change of date for Delray TriBeca Festival celebrating Art, Music, Food & Shopping on Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20 . The Rickie Report shares the details. If you’re looking for an artist networking organization, check out Delray Art League!






“ARTSCAPE     IN      THE      CITY”










  • Clay ( ceramics)

  • Crafts (Handmade items, quilts, etc. as applied)

  • Drawing

  • Fashion ( original art on fabric, leather, etc.)

  • Glass

  • Jewelry

  • Mixed Media

  • Multi Media ( video, MPEG3, MPEG4)

  • Photography ( digital print, canvas)

  • Sculpture (stone, wood, metal, etc.)

  • 2 Dimensional Art (acrylic, oil, watercolor, collage)




Coming in March :

Food, Art, Music… fun!







The Big Apple Shopping Bazaar has a “Little Soho” Art Colony with a New York City flair!

Now renting beautifully designed 10 x 10 units for both studio and gallery retail space.












Delray Art League Meetups

Join our Free Meetup group at for more exciting events and meet fellow artists at any one of our events and Artist Coffee and Art Conversation meetups.


Meetup RSVP Artist Coffee and Art Conversation


The Delray Art League is a 501 (c)(3)  non-profit organization with over 50 years of community involvement in Palm Beach County. This year a new schedule of exciting art shows at the Big Apple will benefit and support our non-profit partners, Twin Palms for the Disabled, Palm Beach Habilitation Center and Fuller Center.







Spread the word! 

Come and enjoy the events and participate in the spirit of doing good in our community!


About Delray Art League:

The Delray Art League was established as a non-profit 501 3C in 1965.Over the past 12 years, the league has donated 10% of its profits — equaling over 150, 000 — to help fund art programs in Palm Beach County. These include organizations for children and adults with disabilities. This year, through the Lori Lee Doty Art Education Fund, the league will add art-related initiatives for survivors of breast cancer and their families.

General meetings are held on the second Monday of the month from October through April from 6:45 –  8:00 pm.  Please check for location .


For more information:

Ron Rizzi, President

Our Website:




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Creek District Opens Applications: “Creek District Sidewalk Mosaic Program” Work With Mosaic Masters Corina Pelloni And Diane Concepcion To Bring Your Design To A Sidewalk In Stuart, FL

The Creek District of Arts & Entertainment in Stuart, FL. announces a new Public Art venture: Creek District Sidewalk Mosaic Program bringing original mosaic designs to the local sidewalks in the area!  Corina Pelloni and Diane Concepcion will work with the winners at the MissingArt Studio in Stuart.  This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to learn mosaic techniques if you are a beginner, or hone your skills if you are a seasoned artist. Applicants can reside outside of Martin County.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks of the first two mosaics to be installed in 2022. Applications are open NOW!



The Creek District

This program, headed by Corina Pelloni with the expert council of mosaic artist Diane Concepcion for the Creek District of Arts and Entertainment, will be facilitated by the Creek District Board of Directors and the City of Stuart CRA. Women Supporting the Arts awarded the project funds for start-up expenses, and fundraising will support the ongoing efforts and the expansion of the program. Twenty mosaic locations are tentatively scheduled over the next four years. Each is a special opportunity for local creativity and engagement. The first two mosaics will be created by Diane and Corina to be installed in January and February.


Saturday, January 22, 2022


Diane Concepcion’s mosaic will be installed on Colorado Avenue, Stuart, FL. near the 555 Building. 



Mosaic Artist Diane Concepcion



Saturday, February 19, 2022

Corina Pelloni’s mosaic will be installed between ArtFarm and CoLab Farms at 100 SE MLK Blvd. Stuart, FL.



Mosaic Artist Corina Pelloni











Frequently Asked Questions:



  • I’ve never done a mosaic before. Can I apply with my design?

It’s okay if you’ve never done mosaic art before! All the mosaics will be created in a supportive workshop environment and all materials and tools are included in the workshop.


  • Where will I create the actual mosaic?

Winners should prepare to spend time in the MissingArt studio at 901hub located at 901 SE Johnson Avenue  Stuart, FL 34994 with Diane and Corina.


  • Who can apply?

The contest is open to anyone 18 and up who can commit to attending the workshops and translating their design into wonderful mosaic artwork.

You do NOT have to be a resident of Martin County, Fl.


  • When should I submit my design?


Right Now! The first contest is open, so submit your best design concept.


  • What is the Deadline for applications?


January 21st – Deadline for design submissions!


  • How do I apply?

The first step will be to submit a design for consideration! The very first contest just opened today! It only costs $25 to submit your design concept by January 21st.

  • When will the winner be announced?
  • How will designs be selected?



From the entries, three finalists will be selected, and the winning design will be chosen by public vote. Campaigning is allowed!



Friday, February 18, 2022 – Contest winner will be declared!


For more information and application:





Women  Supporting  The  Arts

Martin   Arts

The Creek District


City of Stuart






Pelican Central Mosaic Arts



Diane Concepcion

Website:    Pelican Central Mosaic Arts

Instagram:  @pelican_central_mosaics

Facebook:  @PelicanCentral



Missing Art Space

Corina Pelloni








For more information and application:





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