Ted Matz Offers A Series Of Virtual And In-Person Classes For All Levels Of Experience. Individual Mentoring Also Available

Accomplished fine artist/teacher, Ted Matz is offering a series of virtual and in-person classes, where artists of all levels of experience and all mediums explore different aspects of painting and creativity in the company of other artists.  Classes begin next week. Ted also offers individual mentoring! The Rickie Report shares the details of Ted’s classes, with some sneak peeks of his artistry.  REGISTER NOW! Stay tuned for Plein Air starting in November!





“Everybody has the ability to create art – it’s just finding the courage to try.”  Ted Matz









































What Ted’s students have told The Rickie Report:

“I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the people I am thankful for. You are a very patient, perspicacious and encouraging teacher and a critic and you have really changed painting for me in the last few months.  Not only have I reached the point where I can be more satisfied with my results, but the whole process has become more enjoyable for me.  Thank you for being such a generous teacher!”   JB

“Ted has taught me invaluable life lessons painting together. His supportive approach and teaching style allows me to learn completely as my authentic self. He provides safety in vulnerability and constructive feedback to hone my skills. Ted has supported me to live and flourish in my art, leading to my acceptance into the art program of my choice.  Learning with Ted has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and our time together goes well beyond our lessons. He’s taught me to believe in myself and to never give up – to love how I feel when I create art and to live up to what make me, me.”  BB



I have studied Watercolor Painting with Ted several ways –  in a plein air class in Maine , and both online and in person elsewhere. He is a wonderful, thorough, comprehensive teacher, who has taken me to new levels of understanding in color theory, reflection, depth and shadows, paint handling/technique. In addition, he is generous with his vast knowledge, extremely patient and supportive of his student, and has an awesome sense of humor that puts one at ease”. BMO


Ted calls Lake Worth, Florida, his home. He teaches workshops and online classes in watercolor, oil and acrylic, abstract, and plein air painting.  Ted was the co-founder and past President of The New School of the Visual Arts in Jupiter, Florida, and was formerly the Chair of Painting and Drawing at the Lighthouse Art Center Museum and School of Art in Tequesta, Florida.

Ted has taught at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, and the Boca Museum School of Art in Boca Raton, Florida. He has conducted classes and workshops in Michigan and Vermont, and currently does domestic and international workshops in Massachusetts, Maine, Italy, France and, recently, in Cuba. Ted majored in watercolor at Eastern Michigan University, studied at Kendall College of Art and Design, and held design-related positions with Jacobson’s Store, Inc, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Lord & Taylor.

Ted founded and chaired the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Annual Lighthouse Art Center’s Plein Air Festival in 2014-2016 in Tequesta/Jupiter Florida and served as a consultant to the 2017 Festival. The event drew 50 nationally and internationally recognized plein air artists who competed for over $10,000 in awards.



For more information visit

Ted Matz Fine Art 

  Website:  Ted Matz

  Email:  tedmatzfineart@gmail.com





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Caryl Pomales Offers Specially Priced 3 Day Painting Encounter October 5-7 Including Video And Zoom. Don’t Miss Her Free Cool Palette Guide Chart & Video

Caryl Pomales presents a 3 day Painting EncounterColorful Autumn Abstracts” which will transform your artistry on October 5-7, 2021! It includes video and live demonstrations for just $37.00! Whether you have been an acrylic painter for a few years or are easing into acrylic painting, this is an opportunity not to be missed! Separately, Caryl  is offering a FREE Color Palette Chart and video guide to help artists like you improve their ability to nail the perfect autumn landscape painting. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks of Caryl’s latest paintings.

Caryl Pomales 

3 day Painting Encounter

Colorful Autumn Abstracts

October 5-7




“Botswana in Autumn”  Travel Series by Caryl Pomales



~  Online  3  Day  Painting  Encounter  




~  Includes  Video  and  Live  Demonstrations  plus  Feedback  




~  Just   $37.00  






“Sky” Atmospheric Series” by Caryl Pomales



• Those willing to experience a creative journey of visual art


• Those who want to learn acrylic abstract painting techniques


• Creatives who want to explore what it means to create freely and to gain a better understanding of the elements that make for a more dynamic painting


• Artists with basic experience will find this a perfect place to transform their abstract painting practice, while more experienced artists will expand their skills.








“Golden Bluff” Travel Series by Caryl Pomales

Perhaps you have photo images that you’re dying to translate into an abstract piece of art or maybe you are inspired by other works of art that you admire, and want to create your own unique piece of art within your own voice—but you’re not sure how.  I love to travel, and I find that painting abstract landscapes is the perfect way to forge a deeper connection with places that I love. Let me teach you how to do it!





“Storm” Atmospheric Series by Caryl Pomales




Here’s how it works:

• Each morning, you’ll receive a short pre-recorded video with a lesson and demonstration.


• Then, each day, I’ll go live in a Zoom session at 12:00 p.m. EST for an hour.


○ During this time, I’ll paint and teach you about how to create a striking and bold abstract landscape using a harmonious color scheme, large shapes, and the power of your mind and your paintbrush to create an abstract landscape painting you’ll be proud of.


• If you are unable to attend the live session or would like a second look at the session, the replay will be available later that evening.


I’d love for you to join the live sessions so I can demonstrate for you personally and address any of your specific questions.

By the end of the three-day encounter, you will “fall” in love with what you have created and you’ll have a piece of art you’ll be proud to call your own!




Supply list:


  • Color scheme tips

  • Tips on creating an eye-appealing horizon line and focal point

  • Instruction on making preliminary studies on paper before painting on canvas

  • Daily positive affirmation

  • Daily live sessions via Zoom with easy-to-follow guidance and the ability to ask questions

  • A private Facebook group where you’ll share your questions/comments as well as your artwork and find fellowship with other artistsJoin me for this powerful learning experience!



I’m currently offering this workshop at an amazing price:  Just $37









“Transition” Atmospheric Series by Caryl Pomales



G E T         Y O U R         F R E E  

     C O O L          P A L E T T E          G U I D E

Sign up Here:  Free Cool Palette Guide



I know that creating colors is a struggle for you sometimes. Believe me, I’ve struggled with it myself in the past! But once I gained the right understanding of how to go about it, it became so much easier and my painting became more effective.


I’ve created this FREE color palette chart and video guide to help artists like you improve their ability to nail the perfect autumn landscape painting. Why? Because sharing is caring, and I’m all about nurturing artists!


This color palette chart and video guide can be yours for FREE and with no obligation. Simply click here to let me know you’d like it, and it’ll be delivered to your email.


Don’t waste time struggling with creating warm and cool colors and saturated color schemes any longer. Grab your free color palette chart and video guide and get painting!

If you want to create a color palette to improve your ability to nail the perfect autumn landscape painting—or any artwork, for that matter, then this is the logical next step.

Remember, not only will it get you set up to create a warm and cool color palette, but it will also give you the momentum you need to get moving and transform your artistry!







For more information about the 3 Day workshops, Free Color Palette Guide, Other Classes or Paintings:


Instagram: www.instagram.com/carylfineart

Facebook: www.facebook.com/carylfineart





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Wellington Art Society Presents First Exhibitions Of The Season Tuesday September 28. Enjoy Two Exhibits With One Great Reception!

The Wellington Art Society celebrates the Opening Art Exhibitions of the season on Tuesday, September 28 at the Wellington Community Center. The public is invited to this FREE event with 2 ART SHOWS and 1 Reception. The Rickie Report shares these details and some sneak peeks from the two art shows~  If you are not a member of this vibrant arts group, this is the perfect time to join!






Public Is Invited To




Opening    Receptions:  

Tuesday,  September  28,  2021

 5  –  7  pm



All events open to members and non-members



“Rekindle” Show at the Wellington Community Center


“Resurgence” Show at the Wellington City Hall



100+   original   works   of   art   by   26   artists

Meet   the   Artists

Artist   demos  – door   prizes   –   refreshments




The Wellington Art Society is thrilled to announce their first in-person art exhibitions since the COVID-19 Pandemic began: “Resurgence” and “Rekindle”. The public is invited to the opening reception and sale for both exhibitions on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, from 5:00-7:00 pm. “Resurgence” will be at Wellington City Hall and “Rekindle” will be the Wellington Community Center. Two venues – one great night! Meet the artists and see a live demo. There will be door prizes and refreshments to enjoy. 


The Wellington Art Society is featuring 26 artists with over 100 original works of art in these two venues which are conveniently located in buildings adjoined by a walkway. All artwork is for sale and a portion of the proceeds goes toward WAS Scholarship and Outreach Programs.



MEET        THE       ARTISTS:


Barbara Bailey

Brigitte Balbinot

Gail Birs

Betty Brodie

David Ciofalo

Lynn Doyal

Audrey Freedman

Carol India

Laura Jaffe

Liza Karsai

Erica Kyle

Lou Ann LaBohn

Lupe Lawrence

Janina Leigue

Susan Mosely

Charles Moses

Susan Oakes

Jan Riggio

Lois Spatz

Raymonde Talleyrand

Cindi Taylor

Elaine Weber

Jean Williard

Tamar Wolfson

Betty Jane Zedonek




The Wellington Art Society is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization in its 40th year. It is open to artists of all mediums and patrons of the arts, allowing both local and regional artists to display their artwork in local galleries, interact with other artists and serve the community though their art.


For further information please visit wellingtonartsociety.org

Or please contact: Laura Jaffe  presidentofwas@gmail.com




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Kianga Jianki’s Visual Storytelling Brings Fabric Art To Life. Meet This Vibrant Artist At The Broward Quilt Expo October 23- 24

Kianga Jinaki is a visual storyteller. Her multi-dimensional work reflects her life and African cultural traditions learned through travel and personal study. She creates her own textiles using African cloth by painting, stamping, dying, or sun printing. Over 50% of her work is done by hand.  Kianga will be a vendor at the upcoming Broward Quilt Expo Marketplace on October  23 – 24.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks of Kianga’s creations! Kianga also offers classes and workshops in the area.







601 City Center Way   Pembroke Pines, FL 33025













Kianga Jinaki’s multi-dimensional fabric art reflects her life and African cultural traditions she learned through travel and personal study. She tells The Rickie Report, “Textiles come with their own stories. I am adding my own voice. I speak with cloth”.






Kianga shares, “I enjoy creating my own textiles by painting, stamping, dying or sun printing fabric. More than 50% of  the sewing, embellishing, and appliqué seen in my work is done by hand”.





“Because so much of my process is self-taught my work has a ‘folk art’ feel to it. I love adding texture and embellishments to create more dimension. Writing prayers and affirmations on cloth or paper, then binding them with thread or wire to a piece adds an element of spirit. My work draws on the folklore, music, poetry, history, spirituality and essence of African people”.





“A Moment in Jazz” by Kianga Jinaki




“Born and raised in Baltimore, MD,  I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s immersed in the cultural and civil rights movement of the time. My  years of  reading the works of Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, and other cultural icons, gave me an appreciation for my culture and desire to express it through my art”.




Mini Textile portrait by Kianga Jinaki



“Quilting is a medium with which I continue to grow and explore as I incorporate new methods of storytelling techniques.  I create art quilts, dolls, and mixed media works that tell the story of my heritage as an African-American. My work includes historic and cultural traditions from both America and Africa. Traditional and contemporary African textiles are used in my work. I see my work as contemporary folk art.




Kianga offers a wide variety of quilts, wearable art, and embellishments



My quilts can address many issues, from violence against Black people in this country, to reminiscing about the 70’s, or represent  Mami Wata an African Goddess, that appears in Dogon cosmology as the mother of creation”.



“Adowa Returns” by Kianga Jinaki



“As a child I created collages and my greatest influence was Romare Bearden. When I began to create dolls in the early 90’s I saw them as another form of collage/assemblage. A few years after I began to create dolls I was exposed to the work of quilter Faith Ringgold.  It was her work that enabled me to see quilting as a viable medium to tell the stories of my heart”. 



Cowry Shells for embellishment 



“I chose this medium because of my love for African textiles. Years prior to my art career I made my own clothing using Africa textiles. I love the versatility of these textiles, most of them made from cotton, which is easily manipulated, dyed, embellished, sewn, and painted upon. I’m very comfortable telling my stories through cloth”.




Recently, Kianga received The Curators Award for my work in the Exhibition Contemporary Fiber of Florida 2019 at FloridaCraft Art Gallery; Honorable Mention for her art quilt category Juried exhibition at the Broward Quilt Expo 2019 in Ft Lauderdale; An six month exhibition of her work in “Soul Utterings: Creative Works by Kianga Jinaki and John Mascoll”, at Hannibal Square Heritage Center in Winter Park.




Wearable art by Kianga



For more information about Kianga’s  fabric creations, classes, or workshops:






Email:  Info@kiangaart.com

(561) 503-9504

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pm      Saturday: 10 am – 3 pm

Sunday: Closed





For more information: 

Broward Quilt Expo

9421 Belaire Drive     Miramar, FL  33025

(954) 435-9729


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ENDANGERED Art4Apes Contest Announces Deadline Extension To Thursday, September 30, 2021. World Wide Call For Fine Art, Photography, Wearable Art. Youth Entries Are Free

The Rickie Report shares 2 Special Announcements about “ENDANGERED Art4Apes Fine Art & Photography Contest 2021!  The deadline has been extended to Thursday, September 30. Thanks to the generous sponsorship by Watkins PR, the Young Artists (Birthdays on or after October 1st, 2002) enter FREE! The Rickie Report shares sneak peeks of some new entries and all of the details. Educators – class submissions are welcome





D e a d l i n e     E x t e n s i o n!


Thursday, September 30, 2021

(midnight Pacific Time)





Questions? Lindsey@Art4Apes.com




Fine Art & Photography Contest 2021



This global, juried, online art contest focuses attention on the plight of endangered/threatened species/habitats. The challenge is to interpret or reflect ENDANGERED through either:

  • Celebration of the beauty of endangered or threatened species/habitats


  • Illustration of the threats facing endangered species/habitats


Categories for Entry: Fine Art and Fine Art Photography




“In it Together” Oil painting by Gisela Pferdekamper ©2021 All Rights Reserved.



Each entry of a single image must be accompanied by a donation of $25 USD that goes directly to the Center for Great Apes



“Giraffe Family” Photograph © 2021 H. Allen Benowitz. All Rights Reserved


Cash prizes totaling $3,250 will be awarded in both Fine Art and Fine Art Photography categories.



Contest rules can be downloaded here.


~  Young    Artists   Contest ~



Young Artists (Birthdays on or after October 1, 2002) enter FREE thanks to generous sponsorship by Watkins PR.



Cash prizes totaling $500 USD will be awarded in the Young Artists Contest




People’s Choice Award $100

Best work featuring an ape or monkey $50 Best work featuring a big cat $50

Rising Star Awards for the best artists submitting 3 or more pieces of work: 4 additional social media posts, special certificate of merit, dedicated web page, and a feature in our monthly newsletter.

Every participant receives a certificate!


All entries will be shown on the Art4Apes website, social media, and will feature in our Online Exhibition from November to December 2021.



Contest rules can be downloaded here.




“African Elephant Rhapsody” © 2021 Petra Demas age 11 years. All Rights Reserved.


Online Exhibition:

November 1st – December 31st


We have developed an exciting virtual exhibition to run from November 1 to December 31, 2021. Prizewinners and Jury scores (and fit with the theme) will get the best positions for the full duration of the show. We will be able to feature EVERY entry as we will reserve an additional 25 places for a “rolling exhibition” so every piece will be featured for at least 5-7 days.

All pieces may be offered for sale (or not depending on preference).
This will be a wonderful opportunity to showcase the work of all entrants to the ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest.


Questions? Lindsey@Art4Apes.com





Art4Apes wants to encourage those artists and photographers who are committed to and focused on using their talent to support wildlife and the environment. This program is designed to showcase their work and support their communication with audiences who appreciate their message.



The Virtual Artist in Residence Program is awarded monthly to the artist (or photographer) who has submitted 3 or more entries to the ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest 2021 and has been selected by the Curatorial Committee as best interpreting the aims of the Contest.


The successful Artist will be featured and promoted by Art4Apes for one month. Click for full details.



Help    the    Apes!




The ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest benefits CGA.

Entry fees go directly to CGA



Click to Enter Contest



Questions? Lindsey@Art4Apes.com




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Martin Artisans Guild’s Chances For Art: Tickets For Original Artworks, Art Workshops, Elliott Museum Membership, Wearable Art. Visit The Palm Room To See The Offerings. Available Now Through October 29.

Martin Artisans Guild is offering Chances for Art! Artists are donating original artworks to raise money for scholarships to cover the Open Studio Tour fees. Participants may acquire raffle tickets specific to the artworks they are interested in for $20 each. See the art at The Palm Room Art Gallery NOW through October 29.  The drawing takes place at 4:30 pm.  There are 45 artworks, including workshop vouchers and a membership to The Elliott Museum! The total value = $16,541.00. Values on items range from $70 to $950. Some of the award winning artists donating are nationally and internationally known.  The Rickie Report shares the details and photos of the Chances for Art!  







Palm     Room     Art     Gallery    &    Artisans    Boutique



Gallery Hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays from Noon to 6 pm



 3746 SE Ocean Blvd.  Stuart, FL

 Sewall’s Point in Harbour Bay Plaza (east end of the Plaza, near Stringers Tavern & Oyster Bar)




NOW  through  October  29, 2021  

DRAWING  takes  place  October 29, 2021  at  4:30 pm




Y O U        C O U L D






One   or   more



Of   these   ORIGINAL   works   of   art



For   as   little   as   $20!







All of these works can be seen in person at the Palm Room  




Or visit





ALL artwork is ready to hang.





For more information about the Open Studio Tour, events, or membership:

The Martin Artisans Guild


The Martin Artisans Guild was created to nurture the production of Fine Art and Craft, increase awareness of local art, facilitate development and networking among Working Artists and create marketing venues for our members.·        

  • To promote Martin County, Florida as a center of art.
  • To provide opportunity for artists to exhibit original work to the public.
  • To develop a sense of shared community and support among artists.
  • To foster the concept that success for one artist benefits all artists.
  • To present Artists’ Open Studios as a venue for purchasing art.


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Call For Entries To Florida State Fair Art Portfolio Contest For High School Seniors. Prizes Include Scholarship Awards. No Fee To Enter

The Florida State Fair announces its Art Portfolio Contest for High School Seniors.  This is an excellent opportunity for High School seniors to showcase their artwork, build their resume, and win some scholarship money!  Entries are due December 3, 2021.  There is No Entry Fee.  The Rickie Report shares the details.  We hope that readers will share this call with families and schools.








A  P  P L  Y           H E R E


For technical support, please email: support@jurying.net





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Indie Art Festival Brings New Vibe To Old School Square THE Arts Culture Center In Delray Beach On September 18 & 19. Free Admission

The Indie Art Festival 2021 takes place on Saturday, September 18 and Sunday, September 19. This Premiere Juried Outdoor Art Festival is on the historic grounds of the Cornell Art Museum at Old School Square.  The Cornell Art Museum is a vibrant, contemporary art museum housed in the former, quaint 1913 Delray Beach Elementary School building. The Festival offers an amazing end of summer celebration at THE Arts Culture Center in the heart of Downtown Delray Beach! Old School Square is a not for profit organization.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks!




51 N. Swinton Avenue    Delray Beach, FL 33444








Saturday, September 18, 2021  


  10 am to 5 pm 





Sunday, September 19, 2021  


     10 am to 4 pm





Original Wearable Art by Jean Jean Houndsome 





 Original Wearable Art Accessories by P Boekhout





Located on the historic grounds of the Cornell Art Museum at Old School Square on Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Delray Beach, Florida





Original art by V Davis





Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor painting,Graffiti/Spray paint,Chalk/Modern Lettering/Modern Calligraphy, Paper/Modern Stationery/Handmade Papers, Fashion/Fabrics/Leather, Clay, Digital, Fiber, Glass, Jewelry, Mixed media, Photography, Printmaking/Drawing, Sculpture – Metal, Stone, Bronze, Woodwork, Plants/Live wall displays






Original Wood work by Scott Smith








Old School Square continues to keep our employees and patrons safe. Please consider the following:


Booths will be set up for socially distance format.


Old School Square will continue to follow Palm Beach County rules and regulations and may apply private restrictions per the CDC and Palm Beach County recommendations and guidelines for patrons and vendors. 


Sanitiation stations will be available.








For more information:

Squares on the Square is a signature fundraising event for Old School Square Center for the Arts, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) registered non-profit cultural organization.





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Business For The Arts Of Broward (BFA) Announces Open Call To Artists For Art & Stroll Event Wednesday, November 17. Deadline To Apply Is Sept. 17. No Fee. Open To Artists Beyond Broward County

Business for the Arts of Broward (BFA) is seeking entries from established and emerging artists for its 3rd Annual ART + STROLL event. Presented by BBX Capital, the event takes place on Wednesday, November 17 in downtown Fort Lauderdale in the lobbies of buildings 401, 301 and 201 E. Las Olas Blvd. This Call includes a chance to have your artwork chosen for the event poster and a prize of $1,000.  Art Patrons who participate include key business community members.  The call is open to non-Broward County residents. Deadline to apply: Friday, September 17.  The Rickie Report shares the details here with sneak peeks from previous events.








Business   for   the   Arts   of   Broward









Open Call to Artists




 3rd   Annual   Art   +   Stroll   Event

Wednesday, November 17



5   to   8   pm







Downtown Fort Lauderdale


In the lobbies of buildings 401, 301 and 201 E. Las Olas Blvd.






“My Fair Lady” by Diane Lubinski





BFA will accept 2D work, no larger than 30” wide by 60” high, and 3D art such as sculpture, ceramics, fashion, or any other free-standing artwork. Accepted artists are responsible for providing pedestal to display and will have to set up/deliver their art themselves.



There is no fee to enter. Works selected are based on originality, creativity, craftsmanship and artistic distinction. All work(s) must be submitted as a 300 dpi jpeg(s) via online submission at bfabroward.org/programs/art-stroll/art-stroll-artist-entry-form.



“19003” by Christian Feneck




Artists may submit up to two different works for consideration that they have personally created. Each digital jpeg file of the submitted work must be included in the ART + STROLL artist’s online entry form. Artwork in jpeg format should be saved with the artist’s name and title. 



The deadline to submit is Friday, September 17 by midnight via online form submission. Accepted artists will be notified in early October and will receive two (2) complimentary tickets to the event.



Accepted works may be used for marketing purposes and one artwork will be chosen from the entries for the ART + STROLL poster to be sold at the event. The chosen artist will receive a $1,000 cash prize for the use of their artwork in the poster.






“Teatime” by Susan Hanssen

Artists will have the opportunity to showcase and sell their work to event attendees from the business community and several key sponsors. Artists will be responsible for delivery of work to buyer, if sold.



BFA will keep 25% commission of any sold artwork.



For additional information, visit bfabroward.org/programs/art-stroll/art-stroll-call-to-artists-2-2/ or bfabroward.org/programs/art-stroll and click on “call to artists.”

All artists must fill in the entry form to be considered.




About Business for the Arts of Broward:

Business for the Arts of Broward is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) engaging businesses and business leaders to advocate and educate about the importance of the County’s art and cultural community as well as to recognize the connection between cultural vitality, creative success, and economic development. To learn more visit www.Facebook.com/BFABroward or www.bfabroward.org.




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Annual South Florida Fair Art Village Opens Call For Artists. Juried Exhibit And Art Demonstrations Open To All Artists

The Annual South Florida Fair includes an Art Village, offering fine arts and crafts plus artist demonstrations to its visitors. The Fair is the main event on the Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, FL which occurs over a 17 day period. The Fair’s theme is Rocking Robots!  More than half a million visitors will attend from January 14 – 30, 2022. This is a great opportunity to get exposure and to sell your art to the many Fair visitors. Call includes all mediums and chalk drawing. The Deadline to apply is December 1, 2021






South Florida Fair
South Florida Fair Grounds

9067 Southern Blvd.     West Palm Beach, FL 33401






C A L L        F O R       A R T I S T S !




January 14  –  January 30,  2022








****   Call   For   All   Art   Mediums   ****  



 ****   Call   For   2D   Art   ****



****   Call   for   3D   art   ****



****   Call   for   Art   Demonstrations   (2D & 3D art)   ****



****   Call   for   Chalk   Drawers   ****





The South Florida Fair, Palm Beach County’s oldest and largest event, is open Monday-Thursday, 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.; Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Martin Luther King Day, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Artists’ works will be showcased in Building #2   “Artist Alley” on the Main Concourse.


The Vision:  The exhibition shares the Fair’s vision of cultural expansion, while showcasing artists’ talents.  Artists are invited to be on-site during the Fair at scheduled times to interact with Fair guests.



Exhibit area specifics: The interior wooden walls are eight feet high, providing a nice backdrop to showcase your framed art. The air-conditioned facility also features small windows near the ceiling; overhead and accent lighting is available.     



Timetable:  All artwork must be brought to the Fairgrounds between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday– Monday, January 3,4  and must remain on location until the Fair’s closing on January 30.  Artwork can be picked up between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday, January 31. 




  • Sales: Selling your Artwork is permissible at the end of the Fair.

  • Security: The Fair has 24-hour security with a designated guard assigned to this area during operational hours.  

  • Insurance: Please make sure your artwork is covered under your policy. 

  • Handling of the Art: Only the artist and staff hanging the Artwork may handle the Artwork.     



How to Submit a Proposal:  Please complete the attached form and return it to:

Lorie Stinson, CFE  Special Events Manager, South Florida Fair

P.O. Box 210367    West Palm Beach, FL 33421   

OR, email your submission form along with a photo of your Artwork to:     Lorie Stinson at: lorie@southfloridafair.com or   fax: 561-790-5246 


**ALL  ARTWORK  MUST  be labeled  identically  below  and  on  work  itself **

Entry 1: 


Contact information:



Date Executed:



Size:               Height:              Width:              Depth:  


Insurance Value: 

Estimated Fair Market Value: 

Installation Instructions/ Accessories Included: 


Credit (if work is not owned by the Artist): 

Entry 2: 


Contact Information: 

Phone: Email:


Date Executed:



Size:                  Height:                  Width:                Depth:

Insurance Value: 

Estimated Fair Market Value: 

Installation Instructions/ Accessories Included: 


Credit (if work is not owned by the Artist): 

Additional entries may be listed below or on a separate sheet of paper.






For more information please contact:

Lorie Stinson, CFE Exhibits & Special Events Manager

South Florida Fair & Palm Beach County Expositions, Inc.

9067  Southern Blvd.  West Palm Beach, FL 33411


561-790-5245 Office   561-790-5246 Fax







For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher

Rickie@therickiereport.com   561-537-0291

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