Lianna Slater Unveils New Jewelry Wearable Artworks In Time For Gift Giving And Offers Free Shipping

Lianna Slater literally grew up surrounded by jewelry, in Rhode Island, the Costume Jewelry Capital of the world.  Her instinct for design and innate curiosity drives her to create one-of-a-kind wearable art accessories that are affordable and covetable.  “Be YOU! Stand out!” is her motto.  The Rickie Report shares Lianna’s stories and some sneak peeks of her newest jewelry pieces.  Lianna is offering free shipping for holiday gift giving (which includes gifting yourself)!







TRR:  How did growing up near Providence, RI influence your life?  


LMS: I had the pleasure of growing up in the 1980’s in Warwick RI, near Providence, RI. At the time it was known as “The Costume Jewelry Capital of the World”. Providence aptly earned its reputation, having produced 80% of costume – fashion jewelry made in America at the time. My passion for jewelry began in my childhood. My supportive mother, brought me to a costume jewelry event every holiday season. We’d rummage through colorful costume jewelry, buckets of rhinestone earrings and pave encrusted brooches. Once home, she and Id critiqued which items looked best with our wardrobes!

In a way, Rhode Island’s diverse art and culture industries, influenced me to pursue my career in the arts.





TRR:  This sounds like a joyous adventure!  What did you do with your “finds”?


In the beginning, I’d basically dismantle all my finds and essentially reinvent the components to match my outfits. During the 1980’s, iconic musical artist, Madonna, hit the music scene. Her offbeat, non-conformist, fun style influenced me then and these qualities still inspire my jewelry today!






TRR: How did this influence your career path?



I knew at a young age that I wanted to pursue a career in the fine arts. I attended the Rhode Island School of Design, a four-year art college in Connecticut and studied art abroad in Florence, Italy. I became obsessed with museums, churches, historic ruins and fascinated with ancient old techniques in jewelry. Everywhere I went, I sketched.

My introduction to the jewelry industry began working for a major costume jewelry manufacturer in Providence,

Rhode Island. Excited to be exposed to casting, electroplating, stone setting and enameling techniques and soaking in every aspect of the trade. My prototypes were reproduced and sold to commercial national brand market accounts, such as; Wet Seal, Target, Charlotte Russe and many more.




TRR: After you left the mass market culture, what did you do?



I began developing my artistry and techniques at my studio and selling at consignment shops and juried fine art fairs and markets. Simultaneously, I began teaching full- time to adults with developmental disabilities. These amazing folks had a tremendous desire to learn everything about jewelry and the business. Together we realized their dream and opened a shop located in downtown Newport, Rhode Island. It’s called Downtown Designs.




TRR:  How has living in FL changed your career course?


My small business continues to evolve and my intensity, passion and enthusiasm is still ever present! My goal this year is to continue to grow my online business. I hope people think of the small businesses when they need a unique and meaningful gift for a family member or friend. I safely welcome appointments and my customers satisfaction is very important to me. I love bringing inspirations to life!


My personal inspirations reflect nature, culture, art and fashion.





TRR:   As a consummate believer in authentic individuality, Lianna is driven by her philosophy that jewelry should never be an overstatement but rather an exquisite expression that radiates the unique light that shines from within each and every one of us.




Lianna collecting inspirations~



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