Brigitte Balbinot Presents Newest Artworks “Journey Through Medieval Italy” November 30 – December 30th, 2020

Brigitte Balbinot Art Studio presents “Journey Through Medieval Italy”, a 3D virtual gallery exhibition of new abstract landscape paintings from November 30 to December 30, 2020A VIP Reception will be held on Saturday, November 28. A Public Reception Opening will be held on Monday, November 30.The series of 10 paintings was inspired by the Northern Italian landscape and its medieval fortresses. Her art is inspired by the passage of time and is a reflection on life’s impermanence.  The on-line 3D viewing room allows visitors to virtually navigate the art and experience it as if they were walking through an art gallery. The Rickie Report shares some sneak peeks and all of the details.






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Saturday, November 28, 2020

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Exhibit Runs November 30 – December 30, 2020


Experience a 3D viewing room as if you are walking through an art gallery!





“Castello 1 2020” oil and cold wax on panel  




Brigitte Balbinot tells The Rickie Report, ” My latest body of work is inspired by the passage of time and is a reflection on life’s impermanence. I find weathered surfaces and the energy that they hold most intriguing. I am particularly influenced by the Northern Italian region, its landscape, culture and history. In this series I express my deep connection and fascination for its historical edifices and the many medieval castles I was fortunate enough to visit along the way”.



Balbinot relates, “While COVID-19 has made travel and in person gathering nearly impossible this year for many, we luckily can rely on the use of technology to remain connected. For me, creating these works has helped me stay united to my beloved Italy in spirit. There is no question that we are living some challenging and trying times, and because of this, we need more than ever, to find ways to remain positive and keep looking towards brighter horizons. Art can provide reprieve from a rather bleak present, allowing for a moment of  “rêverie” while giving us the promise of a better tomorrow”.





“If These Walls Could Talk” oil and cold wax on panel by Brigitte Balbinot



Balbinot’s process is extremely labor intensive and driven by the physicality of the materials. She typically works in series and will generally have many paintings going at once. She says, “Just as in life, art offers no shortcut and each piece goes through many transformative stages over the course of multiple months before it finally unfolds. Each one of my paintings is meant to carry its own history. I aim to create an object that represents the symbioses of old and new. By combining the modernism of abstracted forms and the traditionalism of carefully calibrated chosen colors and  frames on selected works, I allude to the passage of time while being in the present”.



Balbinot’s techniques such as using solvent reduction, incorporating organic materials, and aggregates like dry pigments or marble dust that are mixed directly to the paint allow her to create rich and vibrant patinas of both textures and colors. The crafting of these intricate  and complex surfaces emphasizes the physicality of the material.



Contemporary landscape artist Brigitte Balbinot grew up Switzerland. She is a full time practicing artist who now works and lives in South Florida. Having both a Swiss and Italian heritage, her solid footprint in the old continent can be observed in her work. While predominantly nature inspired, her paintings are driven by a sense of place while alluding to the nostalgia of time passed and life’s impermanence. Each year, the artist spends time in her native country of Switzerland as well as in a small medieval village situated in the northern part of Italy. 



“Winterfell 2020” oil and cold wax on panel by Brigitte Balbinot




Being immersed in the Italian culture and regional landscape has influenced her work over the years, and is particularly evident in her most recent body of work titled “Strutura”. These works not only reflect her passion for the Northern Italian landscape but also her love of ancient medieval villages and antique structures. In fact, Balbinot spends a great deal of her time researching and visiting ancient castles and old manors. Her work can be seen as a mixture of modernism and traditionalism, carrying a certain “European” flair and sophistication. With each painting, she aims at creating an object that is either tied to a place or to a memory. More recently, Balbinot has been introducing framing on some of her works, carefully choosing styles that reflect her thinking and reflection on the passage of time, thereby creating an orchestrated symbioses of old and new.



Balbinot is self taught. Over the years she has been perfecting her skills via numerous workshops, classes and mentorships which has resulted in an ongoing progression of her work. She has collaborated on residential and commercial commissions in Canada and in the United States and has collectors in both North America and Europe. Currently the artist shows her work in regional galleries and selected  curated exhibits. For the past few years, Balbinot has been dividing her time between her main studio in Florida and a second studio located in Montréal Québec, while also spending time in Europe yearly.




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