Caren Hackman Takes Us On A Behind-The-Scenes Tour With Norton Museum Docent Jo-Anne Weingarden

The Rickie Report takes you behind the scenes into the life of a museum docent with Jo-Anne Weingarden.  We thank Caren Hackman for interviewing Jo-Anne and taking some photos at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, FL.  While her path was not straightforward, we wend our way into a deeper understanding of what it means to lead a group into the vast collection of art and special exhibits.  Enjoy this interview and some peeks.





“What started as a journey to learn more about art for her personal purchase became a passion that has never waned”.





Jo-Anne Weingarden at Olafur Eliasson’s Cosmic Gaze at the Norton Museum of Art



Jo-Anne Weingarden and her husband wanted to buy some artwork for their home, but they wanted to know exactly what they were buying; not just pieces that might match their sofa. To help with this purchase, the couple decided to take classes to learn more about art.  And so began a life’s journey that led Jo-Anne to a 40-year career as a docent, first at the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA), and now for the Norton Museum of Art. What started as a journey to learn more about art for her personal purchase became a passion that has never waned.




Jo-Anne Weingarden with Constantin Brancusi’s Mademoiselle Pogany at the Norton Museum




While taking classes, Jo-Anne was also facing being an empty-nester; as her youngest child headed off to college. That was when someone suggested she investigate becoming a docent. She ended up applying to the DIA, one of the largest art museums in the United States. Taking this chance led to 25 years of a wonderful and interesting volunteer experience. “The museum has an encyclopedic collection and when you walk past all the art history and textbooks, the walls became alive,” she said.



Becoming a docent isn’t a simple journey – it was two years of intensive study at the DIA. In addition, being a docent obviously required public speaking skills, of which Jo-Anne had a life-long fear. She was so shy that while working as a substitute teacher in previous years, “I would eat in my classroom rather than with the other teachers.”  But, in her evolution from mother and substitute teacher to docent, Jo-Anne conquered her shyness and has become a proficient speaker to art enthusiasts of all ages, from children through adults, to art newbies, to connoisseurs.




Jo-Anne Weingarden with Yinka Shonibare  “Le Meduse” at The Norton Museum




While JoAnn and her husband, Jerry, visited major international art galleries in earlier years, it was during her studies that she gained a true appreciation. “Our first trip to Italy was in 1969. We had been to the Prado and the Uffizi museums, but it’s one thing to walk through and only have your basic knowledge to relate to; it’s another to have a rich educational background when seeing the actual art again. Art is a product of the times and can be appreciated at all levels. It’s sort of like going to Disney World. There are so many levels to experience and enjoy”. 



“Learning is continuous for docents, especially when the museum hosts special exhibits or assimilates new work into the permanent collection”.



When the Weingardens moved to Palm Beach County from Detroit, a friend suggested Jo-Anne volunteer as a docent at the Norton Museum of Art. At the Norton, due to her past education and experience from the DIA, Jo-Anne was given permission to skip over some of the basics of art history and begin her new docent education of the Norton collections. Learning is continuous for docents, especially when the museum hosts special exhibits or assimilates new work into the permanent collection. However, even as a new docent, Jo-Anne feels that while the learning is very time consuming, “It is always extremely rewarding. You continue to learn as you attend classes with and guide a new group of docents through the process.” 




Jo-Anne Weingarden with Nosadella “Madonna and Child in Glory” at Norton Museum



JoAnn explained that the Norton’s docent training is ever-evolving and that Glenn Tomlinson, the curator of education, is a strong proponent of the inquiry method, which is based on a program developed by Philip Yenawine, creator of “Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS),” method of arts education.”  “When I started at the DIA, I was trained in the inquiry method, which was not really well-known at the time in the museum world. The inquiry method requires the docent to engage the group, not to lecture to them. You interact on all levels. Jo-Anne has mentored future docents with some of these same methods and techniques that she was previously taught.




“The inquiry method requires the docent to engage the group, not to lecture to them. You interact on all levels. Visiting a museum involves more of a conversation between visitor and artwork”.




Visiting a museum involves more of a conversation between visitor and artwork. Using the VTS method, docents engage visitors. The docent introduction should be brief, then offer a relatable “hook” to help the visitor become more involved in the exhibit. “It’s our job to have the ideas and a list of possible questions to help visitors form their own responses, to interact and make each experience their own.”  Docents ask leading questions to spearhead into another question, such as, “What do you notice? What makes you say that? Who else thinks they see the same thing?”  Followed by, “What does that mean?”, or “Where did that person come from?”, or “Where do you think you could find that information?”  Optimally a docent would like each visitor to have at least three take-away concepts about a work of art.




Jo-Anne Weingarden with Jose Bedia’s “If Only I Could” At the Norton Museum




When a new exhibit is scheduled to be installed at the Norton Museum of Art, docents are offered an “avalanche” of material. They begin preparing for the new exhibit a week to several weeks before it even opens to the public. There’s no examination to pass, however preparation is intense, involving slide shows, written texts, discussions, walk-throughs with the show’s curator, the designer, or someone who is closely involved in the exhibition and knows it well. After reviewing all the documents and materials for the new exhibit, each docent personally creates a tour that maximizes his/her own talents but is not scripted. 




When Jo-Anne begins a tour, she assesses her group. Sometimes she is faced with blank disinterested looks but has always come up with an interesting starter or that “hook”. For example, when kicking off a DIA tour with a group of disinterested teens (arms crossed on their chests), JoAnn would ask, “How many of you have been to an auto show?” Most of the students would raise their hands. The question made them uncross their arms.” Then she would ask, “Did you like going to the auto show? If you do, why?” That would get students talking about the design of the cars, the paint colors, and which cars were more powerful. 





Jo-Anne Weingarden with Nick Cave’s “Sound Suit” at the Norton Museum



One very important thing Jo-Anne learned about working with students older than age 11 is to not single out any one student as a “teacher’s pet” after they give a correct answer. “I pose open-ended questions. I will repeat the answer as a confirmation that this person gave the answer, but I may not even look at them. Beyond fifth grade, students don’t want to be teacher’s pets”.



When JoAnn works in the portrait section of the museum, she asks visitors to imagine that each portrait is a person they are meeting for the very first time. The portrait subject cannot speak directly to the museum visitor, so the visitor must use their power of observation to connect and learn about the picture. JoAnn asks about attributes such as hair, stature, clothing, fit and style and accessories, as well as the individual’s expression and surroundings. All these clues will give information about the portrait sitter.



Some of the highlights of Jo-Anne’s docent career occurred when she was least expecting them.

The following stand out in her memory: 


  • “I was on my way to do a tour that I really didn’t want to do. All the way driving there I thought, why am I doing this? They were preschoolers, and I thought this is not what I really had in mind when I became a docent. When I got to the museum, the teacher asked me if I had ever worked with “special children” before.



To me all children are special. I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant, just that the group would be a little smaller and the teacher instructed me to talk to them a little bit differently.”  As Jo-Anne began the tour, the group of preschoolers, teachers, students, and aids all held hands. Jo-Anne held the hand of a little boy who seemed to be shaking. As the group discussed pieces of artwork, the little boy continued to hold her hand. He remained silent, as the other children became engaged.



Jo-Anne Weingarden with Joan Miro’s “Woman Bird and Star” at the Norton Museum


In highlighting a particular Matisse artwork, Jo-Anne asked the same group to take out magic invisible scissors and see if they could cut out the shapes from the paintings. Her young companion holding her hand just looked and half smiled. When she took the group into the German expressionist gallery, she requested the group “…become that sculpture. See if you can pose just like that.” It was then that the little boy let go of her hand, walked over with the other children, and got into a semi-pose. He smiled, then came back to hold her hand. When the tour was over, the little boy’s teacher told Jo-Anne that the boy had never responded to any command or any direction in the entire time that he had been with the school. That was the first time they saw him actively participate. 




Jo-Anne Weingarden with James Chapin’s “Ruby Green Singing” at The Norton Museum



  • Jo-Anne and her husband enjoy traveling throughout Italy and like to be educated as much as possible before their trips. In Detroit while taking an Italian class, a fellow student, a woman in her 80’s who knew Jo-Anne was a docent at the DIA, invited them to study with her. Eventually the woman mentioned her parents had been patrons of the museum and asked if JoAnn would give her and an out-of-town visitor a personal tour. Jo-Anne was prepared to show her many sections of the museum when the woman surprised Jo-Anne by asking to visit the DIA library. “The DIA library is a fabulous place with sculptural busts all along the aisles between the bookcases and large tables to sit down and study the books and sculptures. As we were walking, the older woman was caressing the sculptures, something not allowed in the museum. I saw the librarian and thought I should let the librarian tell her she can’t touch the sculptures. Imagine my surprise when she introduced me to the bust of her mother!”  


Jo-Anne continues to give tours at the Norton. She loves to be asked interesting questions and hear different perspectives about the museum’s art exhibits. 





For more information about this interview please contact:


Locally, Caren is well-known for her tireless dedication to numerous community projects, including founding the City of Palm Beach Gardens GardensArt program and illustrating the life of George Morikami for the Morikami Museum. Her task force and committee contributions, to name just a few, include the Norton Museum of Art, ArtServe, Armory Art Center, Boys and Girls Club Gators Galore, SunFest, and Palm Beach Community College Campus Art Gallery and founding Artists of Palm Beach County.


For more information about Caren’s artwork:




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Street Art Revolution Brings Hip Hop Counter Culture To Norton Museum’s “Art After Dark” On July 6th

Street Art Revolution is a mural arts /public art collective initiative. The ‘revolution’ is to change the paradigm of what is considered art in this community. Beauty comes in many different forms and uses endless mediums. On Thursday, July 6th, Museum visitors can expect a panel discussion, an interactive mural workshop, spoken word poetry, rhythm and blues as well as participate in a guided tour of selected museum works.  Street Art Revolution has created several public art commissions in the City of West Palm Beach.  This collaboration with the Norton Museum is aided by The West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, Do you Basel?, and other local artists.  The Rickie Report shares the details of this free event.  Kudos to Caron Bowman, Curator for Street Art Revolution!











Thursday, July 6, 2017

5:00  – 9:00 pm

5:30 – 6:30 PM: Spotlight Talk

5:30 PM / Les Soeurs Chevalme’s In Dog We Trust, Arouna

5:45 PM / Erika Stone’s A Nap on a Paris Bench, France

6 PM / Sylvie Fleury’s Skin Crime 6

6:15 PM / Jose Bedia’s Si Se Pudiera (If Only I Could)

6:30 PM / Panel Discussion
Local arts organization Street Art Revolution discusses their previous and current public art projects as well as the impact of public art in the city of West Palm Beach.

6 – 8 PM / Do-It-Yourself
Collaborate in a mural project directed by the local artist and muralist known as Bulks.

7:30 PM / Music and Spoken Word
Calvin and Arsimmer Early from Spoken Word Exchange, a Miami-based creative writing project, perform spoken word poetry and R&B music.

Until 8:30 Happy Hour in the Central Courtyard

*Schedule subject to change.

Free Admission



  • Caron Bowman curator for Street Art Revolution said, “Street Art is becoming the face of public art in the City due to its raw energy and authenticity. The Norton is expanding and diversifying its reach by hosting this program”.  There are many elements to this “Art After Dark” for all ages and art interested to take part in.


  • Artist Panel Discussion will be moderated by Derin Young, Senior Producer at ‘Do you Basel?’. The panel includes Curator Caron Bowman, Co-Curator Dalhia Perryman, Collective Member and featured muralist Anthony Hernandez and Raphael Clemente, Executive Director of the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority.


  • The interactive mural workshop will be conducted by prolific muralist and Instructor Mark “Bulks” Rupprecht, known for his hyper-realistic larger than life, imaginative images.


  • Entertainment for the night will be provided by The Spoken Word Exchange featuring Calvin and Arsimmer Early. The spoken word poetry/rhythm and blues duo has performed and led workshops throughout the US, the UK, and the UAE.


  • Derin Young is a Content Developer, Independent Producer and Performance Artist. She has worked as a producer and interviewer / reporter with Black Art In America™ (BAIA) and also is a Producer with Do You Basel ?™






StreetArtRevolutionGroup photo Unveiling  Letting Go”mural by Bulks and Mayling Pao


Moderator Biography

Derin Young

Content Developer, Independent Producer and Performance Artist

Derin Young is a Producer, songwriter, sound designer and vocalist. Derin’s dei 7 free range music project has featured guest musicians from Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean and the United States performing at numerous venues. As a principal producer for nonradioMusic (NRM), Derin continues to develop digital, exhibition, discussion and performance content for various institutions, projects and organizations. Derin has worked as a producer and interviewer / reporter with Black Art In America™ (BAIA) and also is a Producer with Do You Basel ?™. Derin is currently being featured as a member of Rodeo Caldonia High Fidelity Performance Theater in We Wanted A Revolution : Black Radical Women 1965 – 1985, currently on exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.


“The Jam” Mural by Bulks, Anthony Hernandez, EMO, PHD, and, Mayling Pao 


Artist Panel Biographies

Caron Bowman
Street Art Revolution Curator and Public Artist

Caron Bowman is a multi-disciplined artist and her work spans many techniques. Rapper Kendrick Lamar in association with Creative Allies showcased her artwork in NYC at the Galapagos Art Space. She emerged as a semi-finalist for the 2012 Beck’s Green Box augmented reality series – which featured the bestemerging artists around the globe. In addition to other honors, she has also been profiled by Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, The American Latino Museum, the 2015 and 2013 Los Angeles African American Heritage Guide, fashion photographer Nick Knight’s – SHOWstudio, and the Tom Joyner Foundation. Her interactive Neon Planes mural puzzle was featured in CODAWORX’s interactive art magazine.

Dalhia Perryman

Street Art Revolution Co-Curator , Visual Artist and Muralist,

Dalhia Perryman is an activist, an internationally shown and nationally sold multidisciplinary artist, grant winner, orator and intellectual. She holds memberships in American Mensa and the International High IQ Society and has shown work on the show CBS Sunday morning. She was published in the African American National Biography, the largest scholarly reference on blacks of the diaspora in the world and has contributed 5600 lifetime hours of community service including rebuilding homes in St Bernard Parrish, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. She most recently became a contender for a Guinness World Record with an international panel of artists for completing the largest street painting in the world.

Anthony Hernandez

Street Art Revolution, Visual Artist and Muralist

Anthony Hernandez was born in Havana Cuba. His love and passion for art influenced his life as a young child. Anthony was fascinated by works of artists from his birthplace including Amelia Pelaez, Mario Carreno and Rene Portocarreo. At the age of 12, he immigrated to Chicago and now resides in Palm Beach County, Florida. He works predominantly in the mediums of oil and acrylic to create paintings on canvas and murals.

Raphael Clemente, West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority

Raphael Clemente, Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority, has been contributing to the improvement and renewal of the Downtown District since 2006. A self-described “urbanist”, Mr. Clemente is a dedicated advocate for the community who works hand in hand with stakeholders to address wide ranging issues affecting the Downtown.  Mr. Clemente holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science and a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning, and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). Raphael has been a pioneer in using art and creative instigations as tools to improve and enhance the public realm. These projects and programs have resulted in positive outcomes for the community and improved perceptions of the city’s urban core.


Interactive Mural Workshop

Street Art Revolution Pool Artist and Muralist

I’ve been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. My mother owned an art gallery for 25 plus years. Growing up in that kind of environment, I was introduced to many different kinds of art. We moved to south Florida in 2000, where I began to pursue my passion for graffiti art at the age of 14 and I have not stopped since. I’m always looking for new ways to create and push my work to new levels.


Street Art Revolution’s  Art Palm Beach/ Art Synergy 2017  Installation



The Spoken Word Exchange is a grassroots, creative writing initiative, providing groups of artists and spectators from around the world the opportunity to experience and learn about each other’s culture through the art of poetry. The project is powered by a combination of international travel, performances and workshops and has been facilitated in the US, the UK, and the UAE.ce



About Street Art Revolution

Street Art Revolution is an artist collective consisting of Anthony Hernandez, Eduardo Mendieta, Dalhia Perryman and Caron Bowman. The collective invites and works with artists seasonally to create murals and art installations. Our ‘revolution’, is to change the paradigm of what is considered art in this community. Beauty comes in many different forms and uses endless mediums. Our groundbreaking take on blurring the lines between fine art and street art has led to much recognition. Our work has been profiled in The Huffington Post, WPTV News Channel 5, Channel 25, The Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach Beat, CBS 12, Music on Walls, Channel 18, the Palm Beach Shiny Sheet, Art District Magazine, Arthive Magazine and most recently our Northwood Village project “Kaleidoscope” was recognized by the Florida Association of Public Art Professionals.



About Norton Museum of Art

The Norton Museum of Art is an art museum located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Its collection includes over 7,000 works, with a concentration in European, American, and Chinese art as well as in contemporary art and photography. The Museum is internationally known for its distinguished permanent collection featuring American Art, Chinese Art, Contemporary Art, European Art and Photography. Its masterpieces of 19th century and 20th century painting and sculpture include works by Brancusi, Gauguin, Matisse, Miró, Monet, Picasso, Davis, Hassam, Hopper, Manship, O’Keeffe, Pollock and Sheeler. The Museum presents special exhibitions, lectures, tours and programs for adults and children throughout the year.

Street Art Revolution Sponsors:

About Subculture Group

Opened in 1987 Respectable Street 518 Clematis was the first location and the concept behind the Subculture Group. Built in an old Salvation Army building circa 1923 Respectable Street has hosted over 1000 live acts ranging from the first performing avant garde act Chris and Cosey to The Red Hot Chili Peppers and legends like the Damned, The Misfits. Indie newcomers Surfer Blood have honed their talents at Respectable Street and have gone on to National acclaim. Respectable Street has become an institution in South Florida and is considered one of the premier live music venues in the country.

About the Downtown Development Authority

The West Palm Beach DDA is an independent taxing district created in 1967 by a special convening of the Florida Legislature. Its mission is to promote and enhance a safe, vibrant Downtown for our residents, businesses and visitors through the strategic development of economic, social and cultural opportunities. For more information about the DDA or Downtown West Palm Beach, please visit or call the DDA at (561) 833-8873.




For more information contact: Caron Bowman

Venue Contact Information:





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Comprehensive Overview Of ArtPalmBeach, Art Synergy ARTWEEK 2017

The Rickie Report shares a comprehensive overview of the ArtPalmBeach Art Synergy ARTWEEK events.  Future articles will focus on individual venues.  There is a superabundance of art-related events in Palm Beach and Martin Counties featuring thousands of international, national and local acclaim.  Don’t miss the emerging artists!  Get your calendars ready for a whirlwind of ART !












A R T W E E K     2 0 1 7



The Art Synergy sponsored Art Palm Beach Week Events begin with the opening reception of The Art Synergy IV Exhibition at the Palm Beach County Convention Center during the gala reception and celebration of Art Palm Beach: First View and 20th Anniversary.


All events are produced in partnership between Art Synergy and our host Art Palm Beach and with the cooperation and support of the City of West Palm Beach, The DDA West Palm Beach,The City of Lake Worth, The City of Boynton Beach, The City of Delray Beach, and various other government and arts organizations of various cities in both Palm Beach and Martin Counties.



Palm Beach Art Week 2017 Guide online:
Other links are here: LIST OF EVENTS and SPONSORS


Art Palm Beach:

Art Synergy IV Exhibition:

Art Florida 2017:
The Box Gallery Blog:
The Box Gallery Website:



Art Palm Beach:

Art Synergy

Art Synergy Art Guide

The Box Gallery

UNLEASHED ( New Arts Venue )



Art Palm Beach
Art Synergy
The Box Gallery
UNLEASHED ( New Arts Venue )


Art Palm Beach
Art Synergy
The Box Gallery
UNLEASHED ( New Arts Venue )


Art Synergy is a 501 (c) 3, not for profit arts organization founded in 2013. The fruit of the labors of Rolando Chang Barrero, Craig McInnis and Freddy Hennevelt grew out of the original Think Tank,. It has flourished through grassroots efforts beginning with a partnership with Art Palm Beach.  Currently, Rolando Chang Barrero, President and Ilene Gruber Adams, Vice President are managing the organization along with the support of many artists and art lovers in the community. Volunteers and board members are always welcome.


By March 2017, Art Synergy will have organized 6 juried exhibition that have provided Florida based artists to have their work seen, and collected by national and international collectors and art patrons. Also, Art Synergy assists nine Florida art districts organize, promote and market over 65 exhibitions in each year throughout the Palm Beach and Martin County durning Art Palm Beach week which was initiated January 2014.



The nine art districts are: Antique Row Art District,Boynton Beach Art District,Delray Art Art District,Lake ParkArt District,North Palm Beach Art District,Lake Worth Art District,Northwood Village Art District,West Palm Beach Art District,Palm Beach Art District.



In 2016 Art Synergy was classified as a 501 (c) 3 not for profit arts organization which will allow for contributions and donations to a fund currently being created to allow needy families join experiential cultural experiences. This was possible because of the generosity of David and Lee Ann Lester of Next Level Fairs who donate exhibition spaces (Booths) at 2 of the Next Level Fairs: Art Palm Beach and Art Boca Raton.



ART SYNERGY is a countywide movement to unify and promote the diverse culture of our vibrant arts community. ART SYNERGY’s future goals include events that will happen periodically throughout the year, the addition of more participating art districts, and initiatives that help unify the many diverse art entities, and talented artists that Palm Beach County has to offer. With the help of local CRAs, Public Arts Departments, the DDA in WPB and the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County (to name a few), ART SYNERGY has only one place to go… onward and upward.








Highlights include:









CONTINUUM: Opening: V.I.P. Black Tie & Sneakers Fundraiser



FRIDAY JAN.20.2017









Courtesy of New Arts Venue ( Installation: Salt Art by Giannina Coppiano Dwin )





SUNDAY JAN.22.2017













Art Synergy, Administrative  Office

811 Belvedere Road

West Palm Beach,Florida 33405





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A Day At The Norton Includes Special Exhibits, Docent-Led Tours And Lunch

The Mandel JCC welcomes everyone to meet at the Norton Museum in West Palm for a docent-led tour of the museum’s current exhibits which will include: “From Degas to Van Gogh”; “O’Keeffe, Stettheimer, Torr, Zorach: Women Modernists in New York”; and “Women Artists of the 20th and 21st Centuries”.  On Wednesday, March 23, the tour is followed by lunch at The Café in the Norton. After lunch you are welcome to spend more time enjoying the Norton’s treasures. To provide the optimum experience, participants will be split into small groups for the tour. The the number of people for this excursion is limited to  40, on a first come basis, first serve basis. Please RSVP! The Rickie Report shares the details and reminds you that this is open to members and non-members!




Mandel jcc logo


A Day at the Norton






Wednesday, March 23, 2016

10:30 AM 






$40/Member; $48/Guest


or Call  561-712-5232.









Norton Museum

1451 S. Olive Avenue    West Palm Beach, FL 33401





Norton Museum


On this cultural day trip, participants will have the opportunity to visit the renowned Norton Museum in West Palm Beach. The museum itself was founded in 1941, by Ralph Hubbard Norton and his wife Elizabeth. The couple had a taste for the fine arts and spent many years building a personal collection of paintings and sculptures. Splitting their time between Chicago and West Palm Beach, the couple decided to move to South Florida permanently and share their private collection with the public.






“The Poplars at Saint-Rémy” by Vincent Van Gogh




When Norton moved down here, he commissioned the distinguished firm of Wyeth & King to design the museum and the Art Deco/ Neo-Classic building opened their doors to the public on February 8, 1941. Today, their collection consists of more than 7,000+ works of art in the following areas: European, American, Chinese, Contemporary, and Photography.



“Portrait of Myself” Florine Stettheimer


During your docent led tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the museum’s current exhibits which include: “From Degas to Van Gogh”;” O’Keeffe, Stettheimer, Torr, Zorach: Women Modernists in New York”; and “Women Artists of the 20th and 21st Centuries”. The tour is followed by lunch at The Café in the Norton. After lunch you are welcome to spend more time enjoying the Norton’s treasures.

To provide all of our patrons with the optimum experience, we will be splitting the tour into small groups. Therefore, we will be limiting the number of people for this excursion to 40 people, on a first- come-first-serve basis!



To learn more about this museum visit go to or Contact us at 561-712-5232.

This event is being held at:

Norton Museum at 1451 S. Olive Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401.



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The Rickie Report

P.O.Box 33423

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