ENDANGERED Art4Apes Fine Art & Photography Contest 2023 Calls For Young Artists To Enter At No Charge. Important Update On Adult Contest. All Entries Are Due October 1, 2023

Endangered Art4Apes Fine Art & Photography Contest is a global, juried, on-line contest that focuses on the artists’ interpretation of what “endangered” means. Cash prizes total over $6,500 and includes an Adult Category and Young Artist Category.  The deadline to enter is Sunday, October 1, 2023. Young Artists ENTER FREE thanks to the generosity of Shechter & Associates. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks of Young Artists entries past and present. Sales from this contest benefits the Center for Great Apes.






The ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest 2023

Has two entry categories:


Adults and Young Artists.

This month we focus on the YOUNG ARTISTS CONTEST 2023 which is now OPEN!




Calling Young Artists!

(plus an update on the Adult contest)



If you know a young artist, please tell them about the contest, we would love to see their artwork.  All entries are FREE thanks to our generous sponsor,  Shechter & Associates, Certified Public Accountants 



Details about the Young Artist Contest:



We  invite  Young  Artists  to  consider:



What does ENDANGERED mean to you? 

Answer through your Art/Photography and help rescue orangutans and chimpanzees.



Open to Young Artists with Birthdays on or after October 1, 2004

Submit a photo of your work through our online form to enter the contest. 



Closing date for submissions: October 1st, 2023.


Contest Benefits:









Young Artists aged 11-18 years (on October 1, 2023)


First Prize $250, Second Prize $150, Third Prize $100


Young Artists aged under 11 years (on October 1, 2023)


First Prize $125, Second Prize $75,Third Prize $50


Other Awards:


People’s Choice Award $100



Enter now and get your friends and family to vote for your artwork!



Top 15-25% entries featured in ENDANGERED Online! Exhibition.

Entries are published on our website & social media in order of submission.

Every participant receives a certificate!





 We accept individual or class/group entries. 

We can also help with making the entries. 

Great way to interest students in issues related to wildlife and the environment. 

It has proven to be a great vacation art project. 

Students are encouraged to do their own research and to use their imaginations to communicate what they find meaningful through art/photography. 

Students have great fun encouraging family and friends to vote for their artwork and they all appreciate the personal certificates we send them.  



Go to our blog to see images entered by Young Artists in 2022.  



Questions?  Contact Lindsey@Art4Apes.com for assistance.  



Here’s our first Young Artist entry for 2023!



“The Cape Parrot”  Photograph by Young Artist Rayyaan Alarakhia.  ©2023 All Rights Reserved 





Art4Apes Judge of the ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Young Artist Contest 2023



Rickie    Leiter

Artist, Philanthropist, and Mentor

Founder & Publisher of The Rickie Report



It is a particular pleasure to announce that Rickie will judge the Young Artist Contest.  Rickie, a visual artist herself, is the founder, editor and publisher of The Rickie Report, Florida’s leading visual arts resource experiencing over 1.5 million views in the USA and internationally.  She has 40+ years of experience in reviewing, judging and advising on all mediums of the visual arts creations. She is a valued mentor to artists and gallery owners and has consulted with art patrons, art associations, art show producers, and museums.  She is committed to encouraging young artists to develop their work and communicate their thoughts through art.

Art4Apes is featured regularly in The Rickie Report, we encourage you to sign up (www.therickiereport.com) and keep up with developments in the Florida visual arts scene.  The Rickie Report is free to read.



The Young Artist contest attracts about 250 entries per year, all of them heartfelt and carefully executed.  It is no easy task to choose between them.  We would like to thank Rickie for taking on this challenging responsibility.






Update on ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest 2023  Adult Contest 




The Contest is now Open.  Enter Now!

Closing date is October 1, 2023.



This global, juried, online art contest focuses attention on the plight of endangered/threatened species/habitats. 

The challenge is to interpret or reflect ENDANGERED through either:


  • Celebration of the beauty of endangered or threatened species/habitats.


  • Illustration of the threats facing endangered species/habitats




Categories for Entry:



  • Fine Art (including sculpture, jewelry and wearable art) 

  • Fine Art Photography (digital manipulation accepted)

We offer a total of $6500 in cash prizes.




We  promote your work on our website and social media (with appropriate copyright statements).  


So early entries are seen faster!



An expert panel of  judges will review the work and the top scoring 15-25% will be featured in our ENDANGERED Online! exhibition opening 20th November for one month.




For more information and to view the full Terms and Conditions  visit:  Art4Apes.com.  




Questions? Lindsey@Art4Apes.com



Here  is  our  first  entry!




“Panthera Tigris”  Pencil and oil on linen.  Brian Hall ©2023 © All Rights Reserved 


This amazing piece is part of a series of five 50″x72″ paintings  portraying the five big cats—the lion, tiger, jaguar, leopard and snow leopard—and the ecosystem that is unique to their habitat. Up to twenty-six animals or twenty-three species can be spotted in one painting. 




Virtual Artists in Residence for April



Art4Apes wants to encourage those artists and photographers who are committed to and focused on using their talent to support wildlife and the environment. This program is designed to showcase their work and support their communication with audiences who appreciate their message.  This is done through additional promotion through our website, social media and The Rickie Report.  Plus we offer a one month online exhibition featuring up to 9 pieces of work.   



The Virtual Artist in Residence Program is awarded monthly to the artist and photographer who have submitted 4 or more entries to the ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest and have been selected by the Curatorial Committee as best interpreting the aims of the Contest.

We are proud to introduce you to the work of two amazing artists featured in our VAiR Online Gallery 



Virtual Artist in Residence Fine Art:



Florida-based Jody paints what makes her happy and this shows in the final results.  Jody thinks this is an important message:  Paint what makes you happy!  





“Chimp”  Oil on canvas.  Jolaine Goldman ©2023 All Rights Reserved







Virtual Artist in Residence Fine Art Photography:





Nature photography became a passion for Florida-based pharmacist Steve,  and concomitant with that passion came respect and conservation for wildlife.






“Who’s there? Grand Tetons Wyoming”   Photograph by Steve Pressman © 2023 All Rights Reserved 







See more wonderful work by Jody and Steve,  Visit : VAiR Online Exhibition 






Sue Buck Ape Portrait

Online exhibition extended!





The Sue Buck Online Gallery is being extended by popular demand until the end of April.  Don’t miss this amazing one-woman exhibition of portraits of some of the Center for Great Apes fascinating residents.   





“Cahaya”  Charcoal and pastel by Sue Buck © 2023 All Rights Reserved 





Do Good and Look Good!




Don’t miss out on this special T-shirt featuring baby Sue Buck’s portraits of Cahaya and her orangutan family: Sunshine, Archie and Keagan.  Proceeds go to the Center for Great Apes.

Wishing you all a wonderful April (with some spring sunshine.  May it inspire you!   I can’t wait see your work in the contest and thank you all for helping the wonderful primates at the Center for Great Apes.

Best wishes 


Questions?  Lindsey@Art4Apes.com





Center for Great Apes







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