Tom Rubin Kicks Off “Third Thursday” Meet The Artist At Modern Edge Frameworks In Port St Lucie On Thursday, June 20, 2024. Free Demo And Free Parking

Modern Edge Frameworks kicks off its “Third Thursday” Meet The Artist event on Thursday, June 20, 2024 at the Tradition location in Port St. Lucie featuring Tom Rubin, a prolific painter and photographer.  Stop by to see Tom in “art action” and hear his story of becoming a creative at age six!  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  Many thanks to Duncan and Pam Hurd offering this opportunity to local artists.


Tradition Village Center

10370 SW Village Center Drive    Port St. Lucie, FL 34987




Hours:  Monday – Saturday   10am – 5pm



Tom Rubin started painting and drawing at the age of 6.  His father showed him a picture in a magazine, gave Tom a set of oil paints, and there was no turning back!  We can see in the image below that he already had a sense of perspective, shading, and blending colors!  







Tom’s 7th grade teacher inspired him to focus on impressionistic art, which he has continued throughout his life. Over the years, Tom’s style has evolved to more abstract paintings with an impressionistic flair.




Original painting by Tom Rubin




Tom tells The Rickie Report, ” I never stopped painting while I worked in the picture framing industry. Now, that I am retired, I have more time to devote to my art…and more time allows more creativity. When I’m painting, I enjoy a sense of freedom to let the paint take me wherever the creative juices are flowing.”




“Flowers in a Garden” by Tom Rubin




He goes on to say, ” My paintings reflect me and what I am feeling at the time.”  Tom works with acrylic paint, showcasing mainly abstracts and impressionism. His paintings often start with a vision and it may take a day or weeks for the vision to be clear enough to put on canvas.  Sometimes, they stay as the original thoughts, but more often, they take many turns and changes as the painting evolves.




Original Painting by Tom Rubin




Tom can be sleeping and start moving his hands as if he had a brush in them. At any time of night, he may get up and begin creating the piece feeling a need to put it on canvas before if disappears.  Believing that one style is too limiting, Tom is eager to try new techniques and mediums, which are evident in his collection.  Tom is also very open to creating commission pieces.




“Ribbon” by Tom Rubin



Tom’s wife, Helene, is his muse and he adds a touch of yellow to every artwork to signify their bond. Tom was born in Gloversville, NY and raised in the Bronx.  He attended the High School of Music and Art in Manhattan and achieved a Batchelor of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute Collage of Art, with a minor in Photography.  He worked towards his Master degree in history at Johns Hopkins University.


“Space” by Tom Rubin


To see more of Tom’s artistry:




Call:  954. 732.5456




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Oxbow Eco-Center Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of Earth Day With Special Call To Artists For Sustainable Art

The Oxbow Eco-Center in Port St. Lucie has opened a CALL FOR ECO ART for their upcoming 20th Anniversary Celebration of Earth Day.  This call is OPEN TO EVERYONE – regardless of your location AT NO CHARGE!  There are four divisions artists can enter as individuals or collaborative groups, the newest is the Eco Wearable Art category.  Deadline for general artwork is April 6, 2024.  Wearable Art must be delivered the day of the event, Saturday, April 20, 2024.  The Rickie Report shares the details and encourages all of you to enter!

5400 NE St. James Drive    Port St. Lucie, FL 34983

(772)  785-5833      Email:


Hours:   Tuesday – Saturday    12 pm – 4 pm

The Oxbow Preserve trails are open sunrise to sunset daily.

All St. Lucie County Preserves and trails are open to the public.





**Please note – artworks do not have to be in Dr. Seuss style.




The Oxbow Eco-Center cultivates knowledge, nurtures a sense of wonder and inspires stewardship for the natural world through education, artistic expression, collaboration, volunteerism & celebration.




Artwork submissions for Earth Day 2023














For more details about the Oxbow Eco-Center:

Phone: (772)  785-5833





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Treasure Coast Pottery In Port St. Lucie Offers Day & Evening Classes, Try It Experiences, Pottery Parties, And More. Check Out The Boutique To Purchase One-Of-A-Kind Handmade Treasures.

This is why we call this “Florida’s Treasure Coast” – Cathleen Sullivan of Treasure Coast Pottery in Port St. Lucie offers Classes and Workshops (day and evening), Open Studio Time, Homeschool classroom, Kids Classes, (Boy Scouts and other groups), Make-it Parties, and a Boutique where you can purchase one-of-a-kind decorative or functional pieces!  For those of you who are not sure, sign up for a “Try It Class“.  In addition, Cathleen invites you to join her at the next International Ceramics Arts Network in Bali!  The Rickie Report shares these details and some sneak peeks.






6911 Heritage Drive, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952





A  P  R  I  L      F  O  C  U  S:


Meet Cathleen Sullivan  and Rob Buller



Wheel Throwing Evening Classes



Hand Building Evening Classes



Home School Opportunities


Travel to Bali With 

International Ceramics Arts Network







Meet   Cathleen   Sullivan




Hand made Vase by Cathleen Sullivan 



Cathleen tells The Rickie Report, “I’ve been engaged in art my entire life, but it wasn’t until 2003 that pottery found me. Clay satisfied my need to build sculptural forms and experiment with glaze chemistry. With my children in school, I could be found at every open studio, later constructing my home studio and teaching. After an art immersion trip to Italy with the International Ceramics Arts Network, I realized I needed to learn the history and language of art.  As I studied art history, new mediums, my creative process expanded and catapulted my art into new directions.  In 2020 our family relocated to PSL, Florida, and I was stunned to learn there were no local art studios in PSL!” 





Cathleen Sullivan (Far left) with Two Students




A self-starter, it gave her the impetus to create Treasure Coast Pottery because she wanted art to be accessible to every resident who lives in PSL.  “I own, teach and manage the studio. I am a member of the St. Lucie Cultural Alliance, member of the St. Lucie Chamber of Commerce and on the PSL Public Art Advisory Board”. To see more of her artwork that encompasses many forms and mediums, please visit her personal website:



Meet  Rob   Buller




Tea Pot, Plates, Cups and Saucers created by Rob Buller




Rob Buller is a semi-retired art teacher who recently relocated to PSL from North Carolina.  He began taking pottery classes at Broward Community College and considers himself lucky that his first pottery teacher, Joe Molinaro, inspired him to pursue ceramics as a career and lifestyle.  Rob went on to complete his degrees at BCC (AA ’86), Florida Atlantic University (BFA ’88), and Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (MFA ’92).  





Wheel Class with  Rob Buller (middle, seated)


Rob served as an apprentice for a master potter in Japan, made his living throwing pots on production lines for pottery manufacturers, and co-operated a small wholesale pottery business that serviced over 200 retail accounts in 26 states and Canada.  Rob has been exhibiting his art vases locally and nationally over the past fifteen years, and he is a member of Treasure Coast Pottery. 





What’s  the  difference  between

Wheel  Throwing  and  Hand-Building?




Wheel Throwing Evening Classes:



~ TCP  offers  Wheel  “Try It”  classes  and  6-week  classes ~



Pottery Wheel classes are for ages 13 plus and students create ware on a pottery wheel, a piece of equipment.






  • 6-Week Wheel Classes meet once a week for 3 hours of instruction and a 3-hour open studio so students may take full advantage of the studio to hone skills learned during instruction for a total of 36 hours of time at the studio!

  • “Try It” classes meet for a 1 ½ hours of fun instruction to get a feel for working on the potter’s wheel!


  • Students come away with two pieces that they created and we take up to 8 students (privates and parties also available!)





Hand Building Evening Classes:




~  TCP  offers  one-time  classes  as  well  as  6-week  classes ~




  • Hand-building classes are for ages 7 and up, with good success rate. Students learn how to use a slab roller, coil clay, weave with clay, extrude with clay…the list goes on! Possibilities are endless from sculpture, functional, whimsy & decorative. 



  • 6-Week Hand-Building Classes meet once a week for 3 hours of instruction and 3-hours of open studio so students may take full advantage of the studio to hone skills learned during instruction for a total of 36 hours of time at the studio! This class is project oriented. Students create for the first 5 weeks with intermittent glazing as work moves through the kiln with the last week students concentrating on glazing their work.



  • One-Time clay building classes meet for 2-3 hours depending on the build. Staff glazes pieces and students choose the color glaze.



Home School Opportunities



Homeschooler classes meet for 3 straight weeks and build 3 projects, then they take a week off to allow work to thoroughly dry and get bisque fired, and return the 5th week to glaze and paint their work.






Travel to Bali With 

International Ceramics Arts Network:




For more information about this Bali Workshop:

Call Holly Goring  (M – F 9am – 4 pm EST)    614.895.4213

or Email:




For more details about what Treasure Coast Pottery Offers:








Monday – Thursday           Noon – 4  pm *

*Unless an evening class is scheduled


Friday – Saturday by appointment       

Closed Sunday                            

***TCP is open evening hours in conjunction with evening classes and members who are working after hours.  Please call the studio if you would like to visit after hours so we can accommodate you.




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11676 SW River Crossing Place, Port St. Lucie, FL 34987

Celebrating The Art Of Debra Terrio With Her First SOLO Exhibit Is Inspiring To All Of Us Who Wonder ‘What Will I Do With My Life After …?’ Stop By Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3 To Salute The Joy Of Creating Art

At the age of 72, most people would be planning a birthday party for themselves, but Debra Terrio has a bigger celebration in mind which serves to inspire all of us who have wondered “what will I do with my life after…?”  Her Open House on Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3, 2024 kick off her very first SOLO Exhibit!  Staged in The Terrio Group offices located in Port St. Lucie, this Open House will give you a flavor of who Debra is and why she continues to be so excited by life!  You will be awed by her expansive themes and styles.  Debra also offers classes. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.










(952) 261-9209








The Terrio Group   Suite #101

   542 NW University Avenue   Port St.  Lucie, FL 34986










Many people celebrate their birthday by throwing a party.  At age 72,  Debra Terrio decided to have a different kind of celebration this year to celebrate her art!  Planning an exhibit like this takes time and forethought, so she began in the fall of 2023.  At that time, her son, Mike Terrio of The Terrio Group, offered his office space for the Open House.  Moving forward, Debra is excited to share her versatile art works on  Saturday and Sunday, March 2-3 at The Terrio Group office, 542 NW University Avenue, Suite 101, Port St. Lucie, from 10AM-4PM.






“Bird and Floral” by Debra Terrio



Debra was a nurse practitioner, but her creative spirit drew her to attend art school in 1995.  As a child she loved to draw on the blackboard, which was mounted on the kitchen wall after its life in the country schoolhouse.  Her older sister, Annette, encouraged her to draw, so she began drawing fanciful women in ballroom gowns.  Creating dragon sculptures in the snow drifts on the farm of her childhood was also a favorite.






“Ocean Wave” by Debra Terrio






She tells The Rickie Report, “After moving to Florida 10 years ago, my art has taken on new energy and dimension. The people, and the rich environment, including the scenery while I hike and kayak help to inspire me to fashion works of art.” She chuckles as she describes her home as an art studio with a bed and a kitchen.  Debra teaches art as well.  In the past, she has taught at Indian River State College Fielden Institute, St. Andrew Episcopal High School, St. Lucie Cultural Alliance, Riverland Center for the Arts, and Boys and Girls Club.  At present she instructs group and private lessons.  “I keep the classes small because I prefer to provide individual attention.






“Floral” by Debra Terrio





Her artwork has been displayed in numerous venues including the Elliot Museum in Stuart, the St. Lucie County Administration Building, Parkland Library, the Boca Raton Innovation Center, Artist’s Eye Gallery in Lake Worth, Vero Beach Art Museum and Bridge Road Fine Arts in Hobe Sound.  Giving back to the community is important to Debra.  She has donated artwork to such organizations as Boys and Girls Club, Learn to Read of St. Lucie County, Animal Humane Society, Save the Chimps, Inner Truth Project, RUFS Foundation, Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens, Heathcote Botanical Gardens, and Fort Pierce Jazz and Blues Society.







“Landscape with Deer” by Debra Terrio




“So now it’s time to celebrate!  I hope to see many people of this great community at my open house.  There will be at least 60 works of art, some small and some large for them to view.  If people happen to fall in love with a particular piece, of course I’ll sell it to them.  I’m really looking forward to meeting many people from this great community of ours.”





For more information about this exhibit or classes:

Debra Terrio

Terrio Art Design

Port St. Lucie, Florida




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Kianga Jinaki and Barbara Cheives Are Featured At “Quilting In Paradise” Vendor Boutique February 2 And 3rd At MidFlorida Credit Union Event Center Port St Lucie FL

The Port St. Lucie Crazy Quilters’ “Quilting in Paradise” will feature vendors, workshops, networking with other fabric lovers, judged quilts, a silent auction, and a quilt appraiser!  Two days of fabric fun on Friday, February 2 through Saturday, February 3, 2024 take place at the MidFlorida Credit Union Event Center in Port St. Lucie, FL.  This biennial show features two fabric artists, Kianga Jinaki and Barbara Cheives, who will WOW YOU with their creations and a vast variety of fabrics, embellishments, and kits to purchase.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks!




Friday, February 2, 2024

Saturday, February 3,2024

HOURS    BOTH DAYS:  9 AM   –   4 PM  



Admission is $10 a day  or $15 for both days 

For more information:

Or email


Mid-Florida Credit Union Event Center

9221 SE Event Center Place     Port St. Lucie, FL 34952









Two   Big   Days   of   Fabric   Fun!

Booths  6  and  7

Stop  by  and  see  us!




Kianga Jinaki is a fiber artist who creates quilts, dolls and mixed-media works that honor Black life and culture. Her works have been been exhibited both nationally and internationally since 1991. Ms Jinaki is a 2022 recipient of the Artist Innovation Fellowship presented by the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County Florida. A teaching artist, Kianga has worked with The Norton Museum, Spady  museum, the African American Resource Library & Cultural Center, and  the Palm Beach & Broward County Library Systems providing artistic/cultural programs for the communities they serve. 




Close-Up of Quilt by Kianga Jinaki






Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Kianga holds a B. S. Degree in Community Mental Health from Morgan State University. A licensed massage therapist for 22 years and a yoga teacher for 11 years. She is the mother of 4 adult children, and has  been a resident of  South Florida for more than 30 years. One of her greatest joys as an artist is working with community members to tap into their own creative rhythm. 







Kianga Jinaki Offers a Wide Array of Merchandise





Kianga Jinaki is a visual storyteller. Her multi-dimensional work reflects her life and African cultural traditions learned through travel and personal study. She creates her own textiles using African cloth by painting, stamping, dying, or sun printing. Over 50% of her work is done by hand.  







Quilt created by Kianga Jinaki



Kianga Jinaki’s multi-dimensional fabric art reflects her life and African cultural traditions she learned through travel and personal study. She tells The Rickie Report, “Textiles come with their own stories. I am adding my own voice. I speak with cloth”.





Quilting Cruise to Hawaii led by Kianga Jinaki






For more information about Kianga’s  fabric creations, classes, or workshops:


(561) 503-9504

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pm      Saturday: 10 am – 3 pm     Sunday: Closed






Pillow and Scarf by Barbara Cheives




Barbara Cheives is the President and CEO of Converge & Associates Consulting.  Converge specializes in diversity, equity and inclusion consulting, employee relations, community engagement and cultural competency training.  Barbara’s consulting expertise includes government entities; law enforcement and public safety; not for profit organizations; media; education; and corporations.




Crane Wall Hanging by Barbara Cheives



Barbara served as the first Executive Director of Toward A More Perfect Union in Palm Beach County, Florida – a non-profit initiative addressing the critical impact of race and ethnicity in a diverse community. She has planned and executed county wide community engagement and community dialogue projects with difficult to reach communities for the YWCA, Children’s Home Society and Community Partners of South Florida and statewide for the Florida Network of Youth and Family Services and the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.



Pillows by Barbara Cheives



She serves on the board of The Lord’s Place (Palm Beach County’s premier agency serving the homeless) St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach; Sustainable Connexions in the United States and Ghana; and the Task Force for Police Accountability for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. She is Past President of National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. West Palm Beach Chapter, and an alumna of Leadership Palm Beach County, from the Class of 2002.





Handmade Notecards by Barbara Cheives

Barbara tells The Rickie Report, “Afrasia is a unique marriage of cultures preserving vintage Japanese Kimono and Obi blended with modern African fabric, trims, beads, and “found” items. Over the years I’ve developed an appreciation for the garments, art and culture of Japan.  I also have a natural affinity for the African culture. By day, as a consultant I work to bridge the gap between cultures.  I continue that work through my art.  As a Fiber Artist, my one of a kind wearable and decorative art represents a harmonious blend of cultures and “Multi-Cultural Recycling.”





For more information about Barbara’s consulting, workshops, and art:



Barbara I. Cheives

Converge & Associates Consulting

1709 Florida Avenue #201    West Palm Beach, FL  33401

Office – 561.689.2428      Cell – 561-351-6864



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Buy A 2024 Calendar And Support Helping People Succeed’s Mission To Transform Lives By Realizing Potential, Creating Hope, And Building Futures Through Education, Counseling, Training, And Employment

It’s that time of year when Helping People Succeed distributes its popular 2024 Art for Living Calendar. Reflecting the beauty of Florida’s Treasure Coast, each month is represented by a talented local artist whose artwork can also be seen online. Sales of the calendar and artworks benefit the mission of this worthy not-for-profit organization.   The Rickie Report shares the details and a sneak peek.













F E A T U R E D       A R T I S T S   :


Kirsty Smith Innis

Marian Vitale

Charlie White

Susan Clifford

Stacy Weller Ranieri

Pat Hoshino

Dan Mackin

Patrice Scott

Don MacIntosh

Sharon Ferina

Pamela Patterson

Sue Ann Mosley-Saleeby

Holly Cannon

Laura DeBerard


For more information:  

Glenna Parris  772.320.0778   or


2024  calendars  are  $25.00 



Helping People Succeed is  thankful for underwriters Leonardo and Company, Hoskins Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd, EW Consultants, Sandhill Cove Retirement Living, Aycock Funeral Home, NisAir Conditioning & Heating, Water Pointe Realty, Oral-Facial Surgical Associates, Ross Mixing, Mary Kay Buckridge, Dale Forbes, All Creatures Animal Hospital and Stuart Business Systems.



Serving our community for over 59 years, Helping People Succeed helps develop healthy families in Martin, St. Lucie, Okeechobee and Indian River counties by providing numerous parenting, mental health and behavioral support programs. Helping People Succeed also provides support services designed to enable adults with special needs to fully participate in volunteer and employment roles in our community.

For more information, visit our website at or contact Glenna Parris at 772.320.0778.




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11676 SW River Crossing Place   Port St. Lucie, FL 34987




Modern Edge Frameworks Grand Opening In Tradition Village Center On Saturday, December 9th Special Discount On Framing Orders, Free Art Raffle, Refreshments And An Array Of Frames That Will Boggle Your Imagination

Modern Edge Frameworks has recently opened in Tradition Village Center, next to Publix and everyone is invited to the Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, December 9, 2023!   With a 23 year history of custom framing for residential and commercial clientele in Stuart, FL, a second location is now open in Port St. Lucie. Stop by for refreshments, a 10% discount on your next framing project and free raffle drawings. You’ll be enchanted by the options that await you! Duncan Hurd and his staff dispel the notion that choosing frames is too difficult because they make it fun!  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks and the back-story.





Tradition Village Center

10370 SW Village Center Drive    Port St. Lucie, FL 34987


Hours:  Monday – Saturday   10am – 5pm









Join us during this special day of celebration.


Discover framing as it should be. 


10% Off your next frame project to every visitor


Artwork Raffle (free) 


Light refreshments



For over 23 years, Modern Edge Frameworks has been providing custom picture framing for both residential and commercial clientele in Stuart, and we’re thrilled to have opened a second location in Port St. Lucie. We are known for our friendly service and quality craftsmanship. We love framing and it shows!






With literally thousands of options to choose from, custom framing can be hard. At Modern Edge Frameworks we make it easy … and fun!







Whether it’s your first time framing or you’re an old hand, we’ll help you find something that meets your budget and that you can’t wait to put on your wall.
















We also offer a selection of art-inspired gifts, as well as provide delivery and installation service.







The Back-Story


In 2000, Ronnie and Barbara Hedgepeth opened a small frame shop in Jensen Beach, Florida.  Childhood sweethearts, Ronnie had been the southeast regional manager of the frame business at Ben Franklin stores for many years. They named their store Friendly Framers. Ronnie and Barbara welcomed one and all with their southern charm and folksy ways, making friends of each of their customers.

As the years passed the business grew and moved into a much larger space in the Cedar Pointe Plaza on Ocean Boulevard in Stuart, where they flourished. Upon Ronnie’s death in 2019, Barbara vowed to keep the family business going. Three years later, when she called us, owners of The Gilt Complex in downtown Stuart, and asked if we would take over the business. She announced she was retiring to live with her son in the mountains of North Carolina.

For us, it was an easy decision to make. When we purchased The Gilt Complex, a custom framing and art restoration business, one of the first things we did was to stop by and introduce ourselves to Ronnie and Barbara. They couldn’t have been nicer. Instead of thinking of us as competitors, they welcomed us as colleagues – another friend. Over the years we worked together. They would refer projects to us and we to them – whenever one of us felt the other was better equipped to handle a particular situation. So, of course, when Barbara asked, we leapt at the opportunity..

That was in the summer of 2022. We remodeled the showroom, which even Barbara would tell you needed a refresh. We gave it a more modern look, with white walls, gray floors, and black display cases. We even added a computerized sales system. In a very short time our business has grown, to the point we are now adding a second showroom in Tradition. We still believe in the things Ronnie and Barbara believed in – a wide selection of high-quality frames and framing accessories, a strong devotion to the craft of framing, and an unwavering dedication to service with a smile.

With the remodeling of the showroom and a new store in Tradition, we decided that a complete rebranding was in order. Thus, Modern Edge Frameworks was born. We work closely with The Gilt Complex, who provides all our delivery and installation services. And we continue to build upon Ronnie and Barbara’s legacy, making friends with everyone who enters our showroom.  

~Duncan Hurd




Tradition Village Center
10370 SW Village Center Drive    Port St. Lucie, FL 34987


Hours:  Monday – Saturday   10am – 5pm

Call Duncan Hurd at 772-486-4880  or  Email:




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Call To Artists For 2024 Storefront Art Showcase At Gilt Complex In Stuart Is Open To Martin And Surrounding Counties. Deadline To Submit Is Sunday, December, 10, 2023.

The Gilt Complex in Stuart, FL  opens its annual Call to Artists for 2D works of art to be enlarged, digitally framed, and displayed on their storefront windows throughout 2024. This call is open to artists in Martin County, St. Lucie County, Palm Beach County, Okeechobee County and Indian River County. The Deadline is Sunday, December 10th and four winners will be announced on Friday, December 15th.  All artists are encouraged to apply, whether professional, emerging or hobbyist. A total of four winners will be selected in any of the following categories: Figure, Wildlife, Botanical, Still-Life, Landscape and Abstract.  Previous winners have received commissions and additional sales of their artwork.  The Rickie Report shares the details and peek at previous images.



608 Colorado Avenue    Stuart, FL  34994






Call    to    Artists!



2024   Storefront   Art   Showcase








Each year, The Gilt Complex invites local artists from Martin and the surrounding counties to enter for the chance to have their art digitally framed and showcased on the showroom windows throughout the next year. This has become a highly anticipated event and all artists are encouraged to apply, whether professional, emerging or hobbyist. A total of four winners will be selected in any of the following categories: Figure, Wildlife, Botanical, Still-Life, Landscape and Abstract.




The contest runs through Sunday, December 10th.

Winners will be announced on Friday, December 15th.



Submit one, two, or three entries, with an entry fee of $10 per submission.



**Please note that all entries must be high-res jpegs in a portrait orientation**



Portrait orientation is important!



Landscape or square art won’t fit properly in the windows.





Details can be found at the link below.




With between 80 and 100 entries, typically, every year the art submitted and the resulting windows are different, so there’s no clear advice that can be given about what type of art or look has the best chance of being selected. They balance the four selections against one another in terms of color, texture and subject. It all depends on what is submitted and, therefore, what they have to work with.  


Katie Gianni tells The Rickie Report, “Some years ten winners could easily be chosen, while other years they struggle to find that perfect fit. Therefore, their advice boils down to this: send the best representation of your art that will pop off the windows and into the hearts of passersby”.




This year, The Gilt Complex has moved the contest to an entirely digital format. Just click the link below to their website page explaining the rules and further details. At the bottom of that page is a link to the entry form. You upload your images into that form and pay the fee directly from the form.  The Gilt Complex encourages anyone with any interest in publicly showcasing their art in Stuart to enter.




Don’t hesitate to contact them directly if you have any questions about the contest. Call Katie Gianni at 772-463-0125 or email her at


Details can be found at the link below. 




For more information:

The Gilt Complex

608 Colorado Avenue    Stuart, FL 34994



Instagram:  @thegiltcomplex




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Rickie Leiter, Publisher   561-537-0291

11676 SW River Crossing Place, Port St. Lucie, FL 34987

2nd Annual “Gifts Of The HeART” Juried Art Show On Sunday, November 5th Benefits St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office And Temple Beth El Israel. Free Admission and Free Parking

Temple Beth El Israel in Port St. Lucie, FL. hosts a one-day juried art show on Sunday, November 5, 2023. “Gifts of the heART” will offer one-of-a kind artworks and hand made fine crafts for sale from 20+ artists. Partial proceeds will benefit local programs of the St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office. Art lovers can purchase directly from each artist, choose-your-prize art raffle, enjoy home baked goods, lunch, and buy Enjoyment Books.  Admission and Parking are Free.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  A Child’s Cry For Help and MartinArts will share their programs during the show.  






Temple Beth EL Israel

551 Bethany Dr.   Port St. Lucie, FL 34986




10 am – 4 pm

Free admission and Parking






Purchase   directly   from   the   artist!  






“Walk to Freedom” by Carol Schiff




Choose-your-own-art prize drawing!





Hand painted Kate Spade Bag by Caryl Pomales



This  is  the  perfect  time  to  start  shopping!  





Handmade gifts that become heirloom treasures by Bunny Hart!





Make  this  a  win-win-win:





Wearable Art and Home Decor made from Vintage Japanese kimonos by Barbara Cheives




Support your local community…

the artists…

and take home a special gift!





Mah Jong Mezuzah by Lori Charnow




Participating Artists:



  • Carolyn Austin (One of a kind glass plates, Judaica, serving ware) 

  • Kevin Baker ( Metal prints and Framed photos of birds in flight) 

  • Lynn Bell ( Hand built ceramics, vases, plates, sculptures) 

  • Lori Charnow ( hand painted glassware, Judaica)

  • The Clay Chicks ( Ceramic fountains, garden art, planters, sculpture, wall art)

  • Barbara Cheives ( Wearable & decorative art made from Vintage Japanese kimono fabrics, cards, African textiles)

  • Simon Cherkasski (Paintings, Hand made sculptures with Copper accents, Judaica)

  •  Diane Craver (Mixed media paintings, abstracts, whimsical, spiritual)

  • Alene Egol (Museum quality jewelry, semi-precious stones, Murano glass, necklaces, bracelets, earrings)

  •  Susan Estrella (mixed media art and jewelry)

  • Marcia Greene (Stained glass sun catchers, panels, hangings)

  • Bunny Hart (Original fluid abstract designs on decorative and gift items)

  • Jillane Hevernon (Original oil paintings)  

  • Linda Higgins ( Colorful impressionist paintings, animals, decorative art)

  • Robin Marshall (Mixed media abstract, whimsical and surreal artworks)

  • Susan Oakes (Original watercolors and photography)

  • Caryl Pomales (Original fine art, One of a kind Hand painted Kate Spade bags)

  • Jerry Rogak (One of a kind pottery pieces)

  • Carol Schiff (Original oil paintings of still life, colorful scenery, nature)

  • Diane Stark-Kennedy (Stained glass panels, lamps, suncatchers, metal embossing)

  • Debra Terrio (Fine art painting in oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, mixed media)

  • Jeff Ursillo (Hand made greeting & note cards)





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Asia Westbrook’s Mosaics Heighten The Level Of This Art Form. Announcing The Opening Of Her Studio In Port St. Lucie And Working As City Of Stuart’s Sidewalk Mosaic Program Coordinator

Asia Westbrook takes mosaics up a notch, as she opens Fractured Brilliance Mosaics here on the Treasure Coast of FL.  Adding to her already long list of  private collectors and public art collections in North Carolina and Florida, Asia is eager to share her enthusiasm for this art form!  She teaches individuals, groups, offers in-studio classes and will travel to you as well! The Rickie Report shares some details, sneak peeks, and will update everyone as she takes over the reins of the Public Art Mosaic Program in Stuart, FL







Mosaic Artist Asia Westbrook




“Dragon Cup” 3D Mosaic by Asia Westbrook





Asia created her first mosaic in a studio art class in high school and was immediately hooked!  The project for the class involved cutting tile, but since it was hard to cut and there was a limited option of colors available Asia began to teach herself how to use stained glass. After her second glass mosaic, this art teacher gave Asia free rein to continue creating mosaics during class, and afterwards gave her the tools she would need to continue after the class ended. 





Ground Floor Farm Commission: Asia and her colleague Diane Concepcion standing in front of one of the mosaic panels they created for the Ground Floor Farm



It remained an enjoyable hobby for her until she met Mosaic Studio owner Diane Concepcion, who took her under her wing and allowed her to nurture her talent by not just creating art but teaching others as well. Asia found true passion in teaching how to create mosaics, because she believed it was a healthy outlet for everyday stress, and it was a new fun skill that could be learned with practice.





Asia with her first pet portrait of her own cat, Anna. This helped Asia get a lot of pet portrait commissions.





Asia worked with Diane in her studio for about five years, and then the two became business partners for about a year, during which time Asia found another use for her love of animals and began to create pet portrait mosaics. 





This is the first dog pet portrait that Asia created, depicting Lil Beans, the mascot of the Bunkhouse Coffee Bar in Downtown Jensen Beach.




Asia moved to North Carolina, where she taught mosaic classes and worked on commissions for about three years before moving back to South Florida.

Now she has a small studio in her home where she works with students who are interested in one-on-one classes and studio hours.





 This work in progress is of a video game character from The Legend of Zelda : Majora’s Mask. The mask itself is very intricate, which made it challenging and fun to work on.



Besides her home studio, she works on private commissions, travels to do classes in gated communities and other venues.



Pendant Finishing Demo: All of the students gathering around Asia to watch a demonstration on how to glaze a finished pendant.



Some of Asia’s Favorite Subjects:

Not a Transformer: Asia’s favorite type of art to create is video game art. This is a picture of Samus from the game series Metroid.
Smalti Peacock: This piece was made with a combination of Italian Smalti and stained glass. Smalti are glass blocks that provide a 3D effect to mosaic pieces.
Zelda Pendant: Asia likes to work with small pieces, and so creates a lot of pendants. This is Zelda, a character from the game series Legend of Zelda.





Watch for upcoming news about how to be part of  Stuart’s Sidewalk Mosaic Program!  

(Open to residents outside of Martin County)











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