Dmitri Ivnitski Brings Science And Art Together In Daring New Artworks At Hallandale Cultural Community Center

Dmitri Ivnitski‘s daring new works of art will be exhibited at the Hallandale Cultural Community Center from September 1 through October 29, 2021.  Moving away from traditional realism and  using oils, Dmitri explores a melding of abstract art and realism through acrylic pour with a twist!  The public is invited to a Reception on Tuesday, September 7.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks. Mark your calendars and don’t miss this fascinating exhibit!








410 SE 3rd Street    Hallandale Beach, FL  33009





Meet     The     Artist     Reception:



Tuesday,   September   7



5:30   –   7:30 pm




“Humankind” by Dmitri Ivnitski



Dmitri Ivnitski is an artist and scientist living in Florida.  His paintings have characteristically included realistic, impressionistic, and contemporary styles. However, over the last few years, his style has changed dramatically!  He tells The Rickie Report, ” For many years I used oil on canvas.  I was interested to use acrylic pouring technique (APT) for my artworks. APP is a technique used to create paintings with natural flowing patterns. I experimented with the pouring of acrylic paints onto canvas and manipulating it with a variety of mediums and methods”.





“Goldfish” by Dmitri Ivnitski





He tells us, “I found that acrylics can be combined with all sorts of painting mediums to give them properties similar to oils and watercolors. This process is fully intuitive, unique and never the same twice!  Sometimes I almost immediately see something unusual and interesting in the color, line and texture; sometimes I watch the image on the canvas for days. Finally, I was able to understand what the canvas is showing me and I highlight what appears by adding realistic “subject”. It allows me to create beautiful abstracts that are truly unique. The visual experience of mixture both warm and cold colors together look similar to playing musical notes in cords and rhythms.






“Windy Day” by Dmitri Ivnitski



And now, the acrylic pouring painting has become an addiction for me – once I start, I just can’t stop… Benefits of this technique are great flexibility, thin transparent washes like watercolors and thick impasto swathes creating texture and movement”.  As a result, for the first time  Dmitri will present 25 abstracts based on APT in this exhibit at the Hallandale Cultural Community Center.   What I love most is observing how people react to my art. 



“Past Memory” by Dmitri Ivnitski 



“Science and painting have always been a central part of my identity as a human being. My passion for painting had started many years ago. However, through the years, life happened, and art sat on the side. My long-term career was devoted to the science. I worked as a professor in a variety of academic institutions. I am the author of 110 scientific articles, 5 chapters in books and several patents. I came back to painting ten years ago after retiring from my professional career. I am inspired by Picasso, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse and many other great artists. Colors play a major role in my life. The subject matter is nature, whether it is a traditional landscape, people, a bird, or a flower. In my paintings I have used different styles (realistic, impressionistic, and contemporary). My traditional materials have been oil and acrylic on canvas. I try to paint with a level of instinct, rather than only making calculated decisions”. 






“Explosion of a Star” by Dmitri Ivnitski




“The style of my work has been changed over the years. It has become less realistic and I draw more abstracts. Last couple years I was inspired by acrylic pouring paintings (accidental painting). What I love about acrylic pouring are the surprises that pop-up when the paintings are ready, animals, people, aliens, ocean, flame I have seen; so many beautiful things in my paintings come forward. Currently acrylic pouring painting has become an addiction for me – once I start, I just can’t stop…”






“Wonderland” by Dmitri Ivnitski



Dmitri’s award winning art has been seen at March, 2017 1st Place in Art Competition, sponsored by Hallandale Cultural Community Center; May 2017 SOLO Exhibition, sponsored by Hallandale Cultural Community Center, Hallandale Beach, FL; November 2017 1st Place and prize in Art competition, Sunny Isles BCH, FL. April 29th 2018 Annual Russian Festival at Heritage Park City Sunny Isles BCH, FL. July 2018 – Certificate of achievement from Light Space Time Art Gallery; Finalist Certificate from CFA Artist of 2018 Year Award. January 2019 Sixth Annual CONTINUUM WPB Arts exhibition, West Palm Beach, FL. and September 2021 SOLO Art Show, sponsored by Hallandale Cultural Community Center, Hallandale Beach, FL.



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