Fran Mann Goodman’s New Exhibit, “Wander And Wonder” Opens February 6 At The Delray Beach Library, Sharing Eye-Catching Colored Paintings And A Lesson In Pivoting When Life Throws A Curve Ball

Award winning abstract expressionist artist Fran Mann Goodman reveals not only her eye-catching colorful artistry, but a life lesson as she prepares for her upcoming exhibit,“Wander and Wonder”. The Exhibit will be an eclectic assortment of landscapes, florals and free flowing lines and shapes at the Delray Beach Library from February 6th through mid-March.  The public is welcome to a free Meet The Artist Reception on Wednesday, March 8. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks. 








100 West Atlantic Avenue    Delray Beach, FL 33444








“Fantasia” by Fran Mann Goodman









   6 – 8  PM



Library Hours:

Mon – Wed: 9AM – 8PM
Thu – Sat: 9AM – 5PM
Sun: 1PM – 5PM 



This exhibit runs February 6th through mid-March, 2023.





An award-winning abstract expressionist, Fran’s approach to the blank canvas is to fuse eye-catching color with pastes, gels, sands, paper towels, acrylic skins and other layering devices.  This adds dimension to the images, even the smallest ones. Giving little thought to their placement, she allows the application to evolve with each stroke. The effect creates a backdrop for stories and interpretations and a place for viewers to “wander and wonder”. 




Fran Mann Goodman



Although she was educated in fine art, Fran had never thought of herself as an abstract expressionist. She developed a successful career as an author, screenwriter and advocate for women’s beauty rights for which she drew the attention of the domestic and international media. She was featured in women’s magazines, on NPR and in The New York Times. 






“Beginning” by Fran Mann Goodman





In 2012, while working on a script for a second screenplay that had caught the attention of a Hollywood production company, she contracted Lyme disease. Severe pain in her fingers stopped her writing cold. She turned back to her art after realizing it was possible to hold a palette knife. That same year she studied under the legendary abstract expressionist Larry Poons at the Art Students League in New York while teaching abstract expressionism at the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey. When she moved to Boca Raton in 2016, she was warmly received by the Florida art community.  





“Pot of Gold” by Fran Mann Goodman


Fran tells The Rickie Report, “When I couldn’t write on the computer, not even manage the space bar, I became very frustrated and depressed. Then, when I reconnected with painting, lifting a palette knife for the first time since my days at art school, it was a godsend for me. I realized I was not going to let anything stop me. The most important thing to do was to do the things I wanted to do in my life. And I wanted to both paint and teach.”




Watch This Video 





“Stellar” by Fran Mann Goodman




Fran is the scholarship chair of the National Association of Women Artists, Florida branch and co-chair of the art program for the Boca Raton chapter of the National League of American Pen Women. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Manhattan, New Jersey, Toronto and Florida, and are in private collection in the US and Canada. Fran is a former instructor at Old School Square’a Creative Art School. She teaches an open level online class, blending art history with techniques in abstract expressionism. A keynote speaker and workshop leader, her collective projects have been featured in a variety of Florida media and on YouTube.  Fran is an alumnus of Chouinard Art Institute (Cal Arts). 





For more information about this exhibit or to see Fran’s artwork:


LT: @link/annmannart  






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Patricia Lappin’s Original Artwork Is Featured At Delray Beach Public Library Through December 14. Enjoy Free Artist Talk On November 1. See Her Full Array Of Artworks At Artists And Charities Hand In Hand At Palm Beach County Convention Center November 2-3.

The Delray Beach Public Library is featuring a selection of paintings, “Then and Now”, by artist Patricia Lappin, when she lived in Arkansas and then moved to Florida.  Patricia is a beloved teacher at the New Studio for Visual Arts in Jupiter.  Enjoy a free Artist Talk on Friday, November 1 and meet Patricia!  The exhibit is open now through December 14.  To see a full array of Patricia’s artworks, stop by the Palm Beach County Convention Center on November 2-3 at Artists & Charities Hand In Hand Show and Sale.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.






“THEN   AND   NOW”     




Delray Beach Public Library 

  100 W Atlantic Blvd.  Delray Beach FL  33444

MEET & GREET Reception:


Friday, November 1

 3 – 4:30 pm  

Artist’s talk at 3:30 with refreshments

Open to the public free of charge. 

Exhibit is available now through December 14, 2019




“Marsh Patterns” by Patricia Lappin




Saturday & Sunday, November 2 -3, 2019

11 am – 5 pm

Palm Beach Convention Center
650 Okeechobee Blvd   West Palm Beach, Florida





“Waterways Blue and Orange” by Patricia Lappin



To Patricia Lappin, every painting is an adventure!  When you visit the Delray Beach Library to see her exhibit, you will understand what she means. I look at her paintings and wonder where that path in the painting may take me next! She says, ” Since moving to Florida my color palette has become brighter and more vibrant. My subject is still the natural world expressed in both abstracts and more recognizable images.  However, I am taking more license with the colors and simplifying the shapes to imply and intuit instead of record an actual scene as I have been doing for the last 20 years”.


Patricia goes on to explain, “Before Florida I lived in Arkansas for 20 years, exploring the hills and waterways with Plein Air and studio work in oil. That is the THEN.  NOW I am sketching and taking photos at Green Cay and the Loxahatchee Nature Preserve to inspire the new acrylic paintings.  The contrast is very interesting when placed side by side.  Our life circumstances and a new environment have great influence on how we see the world around us”.




“Winter Trail” by Patricia Lappin





Patricia tells The Rickie Report, ” Enjoy the beauty around you.  My desire to create was very strong and drawing was my refuge, my sanctuary.  It was an inner compulsion to be separate from the world sometimes.  I was content to spent hours drawing leaves, branches and bugs. A school field trip to the St. Louis Art Museum opened my eyes – adults took painting and drawing seriously, what a revelation”!



From age 10 to 14, she studied painting on Saturday mornings with a high school art teacher.  After high school, she attended SMS in Springfield, Mo. for 4 semesters, taking every available art course, intro to design, color, etc., but Patricia only wanted to learn to paint like the paintings she had seen at the St. Louis Art Museum and that was not happening.  She met her husband, married and became a mother. 



“Winter Trail” by Patricia Lappin



Patricia continues, “I was still painting, but unsure of the new “adult artist” me.  We moved to Fairfield, CT. near NYC.  Caesar Cirigliano became my teacher and mentor for 5 years.  Working with only black, white, yellow ocher and burnt sienna for the first 3 years, he taught me portrait, landscape and still life painting.  We spent many hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC studying the masters. Working with Ceasar was the greatest education I could have.  From 1970 to 1975 he led me from an insecure young adult struggling to believe in my artist-future to a confident artist in multiple mediums.  As he was leaving for Florida to retire, I ask him “who would be my teacher now?”  His answer formed my future.  “Don’t you know?  You are the teacher now.  You have the foundation now.”  When I began teaching I used my notes from the 5 years of study with Caesar.  I still use them today”.








“Waterways in Yellow” by Patricia Lappin





Patricia opened her first studio in 1980 and began teaching and exhibiting in the tri-state area.  Her family moved to Ft. Smith AR in 1996.  “Since then I have been represented by galleries in Kansas City MO, Scottsdale AZ, and Van Buren AR.  I have shown my work at the Ft. Smith Art Center and the Center for Art and Education many times.  I teach private classes and workshops. My paintings are in many private and public collections”.



In 2016 the Lappins moved to Boca Raton FL, where Patricia joined the Plein Air Palm Beach group, exploring new scenes and making new friends, seeking out galleries and other venues for showing/selling her paintings and teaching.  She is on the faculty at The New Studio for the Visual Arts in Jupiter, FL. and a member of the Palm Beach Watercolor Society. Patricia has won numerous awards for her artistry and her works can be found in private as well as public collections. 





For more information about this exhibit, classes, or individual lessons:

Patricia Lappin    479-883-7386


The New Studio for Visual Arts, Jupiter, Fl.  Now teaching Dynamic Color Harmony on Monday mornings from 9:30 to 12:30 through October.  New class starts in November through December.  Contact  for information.





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Don Sarka And Mary Anne Sarka Are Featured Artists At Delray Beach Public Library’s “Artists’ Creations” Series. Free Public Opening Reception On Friday, September 6

The creative endeavors of Don Sarka and Mary Anne Sarka  will be featured in the upcoming “Artists’ Creations” Exhibit at the Delray Public Library. The exhibit is open to the public from August 24 – October 19.  Everyone is welcome to meet the artists at the free, Opening Reception on Friday, September 6. Visitors will see oil and acrylic paintings of various subject matter, including landscapes as well as beloved pets.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.

















Opening Reception:

Friday,  September 6 

 3:00  to  4:30  pm

Meet The Artists

In the Library Program Room, 2nd floor

Light snacks will be served


Exhibit is available August 24 thru October  19, 2019



No reservations needed


100 West Atlantic Ave.                Delray Beach, Florida

Library Hours: 

Mon. – Wed 9am – 8pm:   Thurs – Sat 9 am – 5pm:  Sun (Sept – May): 1pm – 5pm

Free Parking in attached Library parking lot








Don and Mary Anne Sarka’s joy of creativity exudes from their faces!  Their combined love of nature has taken them to places and environments where they are continually recharging their creative batteries. Don tells The Rickie Report, “My interest in art began many years ago, when I began sketching Disney characters as a boy and using watercolors to paint them.  Starting in 1988, I began getting Instruction in oil painting from a local artist and have studied and painted on and off to the present time.  I use oil paints because it allows me to mix and blend to produce strong colors with light and shadows”.



“Majestic Sky” by Don Sarka




He goes on to say, “My love of nature and its magnificent creations, causes a spiritual change in me.  The many photos taken give me inspiration to paint a particular picture. We have vacationed in many states and national parks and I have become a critical photographer, capturing the beauty and splendor of nature. I paint my version of what I see and interpret it on to canvas.  I use pictures as an idea of what I want to paint and then come up with my interpretation or theme.  I am a landscape architect and the principles of design have helped me in painting with form, texture and color”.






“Purple” by Don Sarka



Mary Anne tells The Rickie Report, ” My enthusiasm for painting started many years ago. Since then I have taken many classes with fantastic painting professionals and it has given me the opportunity to work on composition, perspective, colors, texture, lights and dark’s.  I paint in the traditional and representational format and my paintings can be hung practically anywhere.  I prefer acrylic. My paintings vary between landscapes, seascapes, animals, birds and flowers. I love it when I get lost in the painting process. When I stand back during this time to look at my painting, I am happily surprised and delighted”.





“Florida Wetlands” by Mary Anne Sarka



She continues, “I frequent art galleries and have a collection of wonderful painting books that give me fantastic information, guidance and inspiration. Painting opened up a whole new world for me, and has given me an awareness and ability to be creative and paint using my imagination and feelings. I have taken thousands of photographs that I use as a reference when painting”.



Award winning artists, Don and Mary Anne are members of the Delray Art League which is a juried league and exhibited in most of their events, including The Crest Theater, the Delray Affair, Delray Beach City Hall, Old School Square, Veterans Park, Coral Springs Museum of Art, Armory Art Center, Arts Garage. They have previously exhibited at the Lake Worth Art League Gallery and Arts Arena Garage (Delray Beach).









“Waves and Palm Trees” by Mary Anne Sarka



Generous with their time and artworks, they have donated to the local community through fundraisers, art auctions, and painted a 6’ x 20’ mural by their clubhouse pool.  They have four married children and nine grandchildren and one great child on the way. They both tell The Rickie Report, “During our family times, we are seldom without our cameras to capture family photos, scenery and nature that’s around us. Painting is one of our favorite things that we do together”.





 For more information about this exhibit or other works of art, please Call or Text Mary Anne Sarka at 561-310-5620  or  e-mail at PaintingByDandMSarka 






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Artwork Of Anita Lovitt And James Rabidoux Is Featured At “Opposites” Exhibit At Delray Beach Public Library

The Delray Public Library invites you to “Opposites”, an exhibition in their Art Series, 2017.  There will be a Free Public Reception on Friday, April 14th to meet artists Anita Lovitt and James Rabidoux.  This exhibit is available now through April 29th and will bring you truly varied elements of creativity!   The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  





2nd Floor Gallery

100 E. Atlantic Avenue    Delray Beach, FL



“O   P   P   O   S   I   T   E   S”


Featuring the Artwork of

Anita  Lovitt    &   James  Rabidoux


Friday, April 14th

3:00 – 4:30 pm




“Everglades” by Anita Lovitt



Anita Lovitt is an award-winning painter, illustrator, designer, teacher and collaborative artist.  She tells The Rickie Report, “My theme for this exhibition is “The Solace of Nature.”  Graduating from Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) with top honors and a degree in Illustration, Anita also studied with some legendary teachers (Milton Glaser at School of Visual Arts in New York, Charles Reid, and Robert Beverly Hale at the Art Students League in New York City). Her award-winning illustrations, paintings and designs have appeared in children’s books, greeting cards, surface designs and graphic designs for the home and gift industry.



“Transcendence” by Anita Lovitt



In 2006 Anita worked with a team of counselors to produce a series of illustrative legacy quilts for Project Hope to document the impact of Hurricane Wilma on local communities. She is the creator of the large “Dancing Pineapples Mural” which graces the entrance to Pineapple Grove in downtown Delray Beach, as well as numerous private and public commissions.  Anita has taught drawing and painting for many years, and is also a talented digital artist. Her favorite medium, however, is watercolor.



“Gray Sunrise” by Anita Lovitt





Anita Lovitt may be reached at:  

To see more of Anita’s artwork and about her classes:






“Food” by James Rabidoux


“Love You Too” by James Rabidoux


“Sky” by James Rabidoux

James Rabidoux may be reached at:

To see more of James’ artwork:






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Delray Art League Announces Events For November, Including Free Exhibits

The Delray Art League’s members are involved in numerous exhibits in the area!  Don’t miss their “Still Life Exhibit”, The “Arts Garage Exhibit”,  The “Autumn Showcase Exhibit” and “Artists in The Park”.  The Rickie Report shares the details and urges artists who are interested in a busy networking organization to get involved!



##DAL Logo2










November 4th thru January 9th
At Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce

140 NE 1st Street
Delray Beach, Florida
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm Admission is free.





(by Colleen Bruno)

Now thru November 26th

At The Gallery at the Arts Garage

94 NE 2nd Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444
Monday, October 3rd, 2016 to Saturday November 26th, 2016

Hours: Monday – Friday, 10:00am to 6:00pm & Saturday afternoons

Admission is free






(by Reed Dixon)

Now thru December 2nd
At Delray Beach City Hall Gallery

100 NW First Avenue
Delray Beach, Florida
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm

Admission is free.






3 4


Delray Art League “Artists in the Park” Fine Art Exhibitions

Award winning Artists offer a variety of original art, sculpture, photography and more. A portion of all sales are donated to an Art Education Fund to promote the development of the visual arts in the community.

Outdoor Show Schedule: 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM



Nov. 12 & 13   Veterans Park

Nov. 19 & 20   Veterans Park

Nov. 26 & 27   Veterans Park

For additional information or to sign up for our mailing list, please visit:












Kathy Spalutto, Colleen Bruno, Lynn Doyal and Deb LaFogg Doherty have graciously donated artwork to be auctioned at the Arts Garage Tribute Gala being held November 11th at Arts Garage honoring Chuck Halberg and Bob Schmier.

Bob Birkenes is having a solo exhibit for his latest series, “Fantasies in Space” now through November 5, 2016 at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County 601 Lake Avenue Lake Worth, FL 33460


Deborah LaFogg Docherty’s “Flying Tiger” of Everglades National Park, FL has been accepted into The Nation’s Most Spectacular National Parks Exhibit opening to the public now through December 31st, 2016.

Joe Marcou will have about 15 paintings in a solo show now through December in the Whole Foods Gallery on state Road 7 in Wellington.


Romaine Kaufman has a solo show at the Boca Raton Library on Spanish River until November 19th.

Join us:


  •  Exhibiting Member $40.00 annually
  •  Family members (exhibiting} $50.00 annually
  •  Friend membership (non-exhibiting) $20.00 annually

To become a Delray Art League exhibiting member, you must submit three pieces of your original artwork at one of our monthly general meetings. Artwork should be presented to the Jurying Committee between 6:15 and 6:30 p.m. before the start of the General Meeting at 7:00 p.m. Next meeting is scheduled for October 10th, 2016.

Accepted Artwork: 2 D and 3 D Visual Art

Not Accepted: Crafts or commercially reproduced artwork (except fine art photography/digital). Decision is subject to the discretion of the Jurying Committee, with final determination by the Board of Directors.

Art should be signed by the artist and ready for hanging. Art done on paper should be matted and framed with Plexiglas (no glass). Canvas must be framed or gallery wrapped (no staples showing) with sides painted.

Like us on Facebook:

For additional information visit us at:

Thank you to our Sponsor



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Elfrida Schragen Shares “Potpourri” of Paintings At Delray Beach Public Library

Elfrida Schragen‘s original oil paintings are vibrant!  Her “en plein air” style shows us a glimpse of the actual moments, as she captures the atmosphere as well as the subject matter, in time. For inspiration for these particular landscapes, Elfrida draws from her two homes, one in Delray Beach in the USA, and the other in Victoria, BC in Canada – two oceans, different flora and fauna, and flat land verses mountainous terrain. Her portraits are inspired by models and friends and they catch an obvious likeness to her subjects.  You can see her artwork at the Delray Beach Public Library through January 22nd.  The Rickie Report shares the details about this Free Exhibit and some sneak peeks.



E L F R I D A      S C H R A G E N

Solo Exhibit:





Delray Beach Public Library

100 W Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444


Mon – Wed: 9am – 8pm
Thurs. – Sat: 9am – 5pm

Exhibit runs from Now through January 22, 2016 







P1080403 (1)

Bridge At Mounts Botanical Gardens” by Elfrida Schragen




These original oils painted by “Elfrida” are comprised of vibrant portraits, still life, and works created en ”Plein Air” (a style of painting in the outdoors that aims to catch the atmosphere and general tone of a location in a short work time over one or two sessions). For inspiration for these particular landscapes, Elfrida draws from her two homes, one in Delray Beach in the USA, and the other in Victoria, BC in Canada – two oceans, different flora and fauna, and flat land verses mountainous terrain. Her portraits are inspired by models and friends and they catch an obvious likeness to her subjects.


P1090705 (3)

“Come Walk With Me” nay Elfrida Schragen




Elfrida was born in Canada into a family of artists where colour, and design were a constant dinner table subject of conversation. However she trained as a teacher and spent her professional life working with autistic, emotionally disturbed and handicapped children. Although she dabbled in art throughout her teaching career, taking the occasional course and participating in solo and group shows, it has been since her retirement that her art has really become defined. Her explorations include eight years of sculpture, five years working with pastels and finally settling into oil painting as her medium of choice.



ElfridaSchragenMarinaonSaltSpringIslandBritishColumbiaP1100465 (2)

“Marina On Salt Spring Island, BC” by Elfrida Schragen





Elfrida Schragen has presented many SOLO shows and participated in group shows in Canada and the USA. Her paintings hang in the Americas and Europe. She enjoys painting portraits from life and photographs and is available for commissioned work. She tells The Rickie Report,” When there is that spark of life in a face, an original peaceful or intriguing design, or a certain play of color or shadow, I feel very excited about the challenge of capturing it on the canvas.”



For more information about Elfrida’s artwork please contact:

Elfrida Schragen

561-865-5629 or 561-613-9837


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Delray Beach Public Library Features Solo Exhibit of John Bowen’s Artistry

The Delray Beach Public Library will feature 25 watercolors and 8 drawings by John Bowen.  John is an award winning watercolorist, author and illustrator, who was recently one of the artists featured in the “Star Spangled Heroes” Exhibit.  John’s award winning book “Eleven Months and Nineteen Days” tells about his tour in Vietnam as an Air Force Illustrator.  The Rickie Report shares details and some images, but knows from personal experience, that seeing these in person is the best way to appreciate John’s artistry.  The exhibit runs from May 3rd through June 26th.



SOLO Art Show

Delray Beach Public Library

May 3rd to June 26th, 2015

Hours: Mon. to Wed. – 9 am to 8 pm, Thurs. to Sat. – 9 am to 5 pm, Sun. – 1 pm to 5 pm.

100 W. Atlantic Avenue    Delray Beach, FL



johnbowenJohn's Exhibit



John Bowen, an award winning watercolorist based in Florida will have a SOLO Art Show at the Delray Beach Public Library at 100 W. Atlantic Avenue, from May 3rd to June 26th, 2015. There will be 25 watercolor paintings, along with 8 prints of drawings from his illustrated book, “Eleven Months and Nineteen Days”. The Silver Medal awarded book is about his tour in Vietnam, as an Air Force Illustrator, in 1968. The Exhibition will be located on the second floor of the Library. The public is welcome during regular library hours.




"Dinner For Two" by John Bowen

“Dinner For Two” by John Bowen


John Bowen’s book, “Eleven Months and Nineteen Days” shares his experiences, some poignant as well as personal views and his illustrations during his deployment to Vietnam. Since leaving the service, John has worked as an advertising artist for the Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel. He recently retired from the Sentinel in 2009. John has been traveling around Florida, presenting watercolor demonstrations to organizations and groups.



"Eleven Months and Nineteen Days" by John Bowen

“Eleven Months and Nineteen Days” by John Bowen


John commanded the Base Graphics Shop on a Sac Base in Texas. Two years later, he received his orders to run a Headquarters Graphics Shop for the 834th Air Division, at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in South Vietnam.


"Keys Nightlights" by John Bowen

“Keys Nightlights” by John Bowen


In addition to writing his book, John continues to create magical watercolors, capturing landscapes, seascapes, street scenes and every day life. His watercolors are best sellers at Vizcaya, in Miami. He is their premier artist, whose works show various scenes inside and outside this national treasure.


"Vizcaya Courtyard" by John Bowen

“Vizcaya Courtyard” by John Bowen



Many of John’s drawings are displayed at the U.S.A.F. Academy in Colorado. John is a Signature Member of the Goldcoast Watercolor Society and the Florida Watercolor Society. His works have been showcased in national publications and displayed in public venues, museums and galleries.




"Antique Car" by John Bowen

“Antique Car” by John Bowen



For more information about John, please visit: or email



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Sue Lynch Expresses Her Joy in Color at the Delray Beach Library Gallery

Sue Lynch will be exhibiting her artwork at the Delray Beach Library, as she shares “Favorite Places: Europe and Delray”.  Her paintings include familiar Delray Beach scenes and landscapes based on her extensive European travels. This is a real treat for those who aren’t able to see her studio at the famous Torpedo Factory Art Center in the Washington, DC area.   The public is invited to meet the artist at a free reception on April 19th.  The Rickie Report is pleased to share the details and tell you more about Sue in this article.




Sue Lynch

SOLO Exhibit:


“Favorite Places: Europe and Delray”

Delray Beach Public Library, 2nd floor

 100 W Atlantic Ave  Delray Beach, FL


Public Reception  and Meet the Artist

 Saturday, April 19th     3-5 pm

Exhibit continues through June 14th



Delray Beach and Washington DC artist, Sue Lynch will be exhibiting at the Delray Public Library, 100 W. Atlantic Avenue from April 19 until June 14th. Her paintings are familiar Delray Beach scenes and landscapes based on her extensive European travels. A resident of Delray for the past three winters, she has loved the architecture of our “Village by the Sea”.  One of her teachers describes Sue’s paintings as “joy in color”!






Sue tells The Rickie Report that art has always been a part of her life.  She studied different art techniques in college and went on to become a Fashion Illustrator for a large department store.  Sue continued her art education through painting classes and has shown her artwork in numerous galleries in the Washington, DC area.  






Originally a watercolorist, Sue moved to acrylics as her medium.  She has been in numerous group and SOLO shows.  “Sue Lynch’s very powerful acrylics unify recognizable shapes with abstraction. Evocative of places, intense with color and just the right combinations of colors working together.”  ELAN Magazine June 2013






 “I am an artist at The Torpedo Factory Art Center, which is the highlight of Alexandria’s Potomac River waterfront, attracting approximately 500,000 visitors annually.  Visitors can meet over 82 artists who maintain studio space, visit six galleries, two workshops and enjoy the Alexandria Archaeology Museum”, she shares. Sue’s many awards include Bests in Show in the Virginia Watercolor Society, the Fairfax County Council of the Arts Annual Exhibition and Waterworks National Marine Art Show.






Sue’s works are in many collections including the U.S. Embassies in Germany and China, The US Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Texaco, George Mason University and James Madison University. Most recently her painting “Ravello” was purchased by the actor/collector, Kelsey Grammer. 



To see more of Sue’s artwork, please visit or contact her at .





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