Treasure Coast Pottery In Port St. Lucie Offers Day & Evening Classes, Try It Experiences, Pottery Parties, And More. Check Out The Boutique To Purchase One-Of-A-Kind Handmade Treasures.

This is why we call this “Florida’s Treasure Coast” – Cathleen Sullivan of Treasure Coast Pottery in Port St. Lucie offers Classes and Workshops (day and evening), Open Studio Time, Homeschool classroom, Kids Classes, (Boy Scouts and other groups), Make-it Parties, and a Boutique where you can purchase one-of-a-kind decorative or functional pieces!  For those of you who are not sure, sign up for a “Try It Class“.  In addition, Cathleen invites you to join her at the next International Ceramics Arts Network in Bali!  The Rickie Report shares these details and some sneak peeks.






6911 Heritage Drive, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952





A  P  R  I  L      F  O  C  U  S:


Meet Cathleen Sullivan  and Rob Buller



Wheel Throwing Evening Classes



Hand Building Evening Classes



Home School Opportunities


Travel to Bali With 

International Ceramics Arts Network







Meet   Cathleen   Sullivan




Hand made Vase by Cathleen Sullivan 



Cathleen tells The Rickie Report, “I’ve been engaged in art my entire life, but it wasn’t until 2003 that pottery found me. Clay satisfied my need to build sculptural forms and experiment with glaze chemistry. With my children in school, I could be found at every open studio, later constructing my home studio and teaching. After an art immersion trip to Italy with the International Ceramics Arts Network, I realized I needed to learn the history and language of art.  As I studied art history, new mediums, my creative process expanded and catapulted my art into new directions.  In 2020 our family relocated to PSL, Florida, and I was stunned to learn there were no local art studios in PSL!” 





Cathleen Sullivan (Far left) with Two Students




A self-starter, it gave her the impetus to create Treasure Coast Pottery because she wanted art to be accessible to every resident who lives in PSL.  “I own, teach and manage the studio. I am a member of the St. Lucie Cultural Alliance, member of the St. Lucie Chamber of Commerce and on the PSL Public Art Advisory Board”. To see more of her artwork that encompasses many forms and mediums, please visit her personal website:



Meet  Rob   Buller




Tea Pot, Plates, Cups and Saucers created by Rob Buller




Rob Buller is a semi-retired art teacher who recently relocated to PSL from North Carolina.  He began taking pottery classes at Broward Community College and considers himself lucky that his first pottery teacher, Joe Molinaro, inspired him to pursue ceramics as a career and lifestyle.  Rob went on to complete his degrees at BCC (AA ’86), Florida Atlantic University (BFA ’88), and Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (MFA ’92).  





Wheel Class with  Rob Buller (middle, seated)


Rob served as an apprentice for a master potter in Japan, made his living throwing pots on production lines for pottery manufacturers, and co-operated a small wholesale pottery business that serviced over 200 retail accounts in 26 states and Canada.  Rob has been exhibiting his art vases locally and nationally over the past fifteen years, and he is a member of Treasure Coast Pottery. 





What’s  the  difference  between

Wheel  Throwing  and  Hand-Building?




Wheel Throwing Evening Classes:



~ TCP  offers  Wheel  “Try It”  classes  and  6-week  classes ~



Pottery Wheel classes are for ages 13 plus and students create ware on a pottery wheel, a piece of equipment.






  • 6-Week Wheel Classes meet once a week for 3 hours of instruction and a 3-hour open studio so students may take full advantage of the studio to hone skills learned during instruction for a total of 36 hours of time at the studio!

  • “Try It” classes meet for a 1 ½ hours of fun instruction to get a feel for working on the potter’s wheel!


  • Students come away with two pieces that they created and we take up to 8 students (privates and parties also available!)





Hand Building Evening Classes:




~  TCP  offers  one-time  classes  as  well  as  6-week  classes ~




  • Hand-building classes are for ages 7 and up, with good success rate. Students learn how to use a slab roller, coil clay, weave with clay, extrude with clay…the list goes on! Possibilities are endless from sculpture, functional, whimsy & decorative. 



  • 6-Week Hand-Building Classes meet once a week for 3 hours of instruction and 3-hours of open studio so students may take full advantage of the studio to hone skills learned during instruction for a total of 36 hours of time at the studio! This class is project oriented. Students create for the first 5 weeks with intermittent glazing as work moves through the kiln with the last week students concentrating on glazing their work.



  • One-Time clay building classes meet for 2-3 hours depending on the build. Staff glazes pieces and students choose the color glaze.



Home School Opportunities



Homeschooler classes meet for 3 straight weeks and build 3 projects, then they take a week off to allow work to thoroughly dry and get bisque fired, and return the 5th week to glaze and paint their work.






Travel to Bali With 

International Ceramics Arts Network:




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Monday – Thursday           Noon – 4  pm *

*Unless an evening class is scheduled


Friday – Saturday by appointment       

Closed Sunday                            

***TCP is open evening hours in conjunction with evening classes and members who are working after hours.  Please call the studio if you would like to visit after hours so we can accommodate you.




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