Harriet Silverstein’s Portrait Series Is Featured At POSH Design Studio’s “Women Who Changed The World”. Public Is Invited To Opening Day On Monday, June 28

Internationally award-winning artist, Harriet Silverstein‘s portrait series will be featured in the inaugural exhibit, “Women Who Changed the World” at POSH Design Studio in Delray BeachThe public is invited to Opening Day on Monday, June 28, with wine and light refreshments. Harriet’s wildlife-themed metal and painted metal  sculptures, will also be available. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  





H A R R I E T      S I L V E R S T E I N





POSH Design Studio – Art Gallery


Opening Day

  Monday , June 28



9169 Atlantic Ave.  Suite 118  Delray Beach, FL  33446

(561) 591-3680


Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm

Sunday: By Appointment Only




Portrait of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Harriet Silverstein




In a statement about exhibiting her work in the inaugural show of the POSH Design Studio, Harriet Silverstein tells The Rickie Report, “It is significant to me to show my portrait series “Women who Changed the World” in the opening exhibition of a gallery founded and managed by three women entrepreneurs, who persisted through Covid-19 to support the arts community of South Florida”.  




Portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Harriet Silverstein



Harriet says, “My ‘Women who Change the World’ portrait series is an ongoing, ever-growing body of work that intends to celebrate women who have made permanent contributions to society. These accomplishments are vast and transdisciplinary, from literary to performing visual arts, from judicial and legal activism to the changing ideals of feminine beauty, and more. As an artist, I purposely select my subjects for their depth and barrier-breaking leadership. These multiple portraits are intended to resonate together, creating one memorable visual voice of strength, intention and dedication. In addition to these portraits, my wildlife-themed metal and painted metal sculptures will be available.”




Portrait of Harriet Tubman as a Young Woman by Harriet Silverstein



Harriet is a widely exhibited international visual artist, currently an Artist-in-Residence at the History Fort Lauderdale Museum in Fort Lauderdale. Born in Syosset, NY, she received her B.A. from Brown University and her M.A. in Fine Arts from the State University of New York at Albany with honors. After finishing graduate studies in art, she was awarded the  prestigious State University of New York International Fellowship to France, where she completed her MFA at the Academie Des Beaux Arts in Strasbourg, France. During her time abroad, she exhibited in commercial galleries, as well as an exhibition at the Musee de Grand Palais in Paris.






Portrait of Audrey Hepburn by Harriet Silverstein



Harriet’s paintings, drawings and prints have been featured in galleries and museums in the United States and abroad, winning numerous juried exhibitions, as well as corporate and residential commissions  Mort recently, she was awarded a SOLO Exhibition as Virtual Artist of the Month by Art4Apes/Endangered, an animal wildlife conservation organization. A SOLO exhibition of her work at Las Olas Capital Arts Gallery in Fort Lauderdale featured over sixty of her works. Her curatorial experience also includes numerous SOLO and large group exhibitions.




Portrait of Maya Angelou by Harriet Silverstein




Harriet’s paintings and sculptures were recently exhibited in the following fine art exhibitions:

  • “Express Yourself” at the Arts Warehouse, Delray Beach

  • “Changing Landscapes,” Artserve, Fort Lauderdale

  • “Diaspora, ” Coral Springs Museum of Art

  • “Flowers of May,” Gallery 526, West Palm Beach 

Harriet’s studio is located in the History Fort Lauderdale Museum at 231 Moffat Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, where she is Artist-in Residence. Her work can always be seen during regular museum hours open (7 days a week) and by appointment.  





For more information about this exhibit or other artworks by Harriet Silverstein please visit:

Email: artist@harrietsilverstein.com

Website: www.HarrietSilverstein.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HarrietSilversteinArtist

Instagram :




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Middle River Press Opens Call For “COVID Stories” Now Through July 4, 2021. Include An Illustration Or Photo Of Your Artwork That Accompanies Your Story. No Fee

Middle River Press, a local custom publisher in Oakland Park, FL is putting together a chapter book of stories—YOUR stories.  Judy and Bruce Borich announce a unique opportunity for authors and artists to share their COVID stories.   This is a chapter of everyone’s personal history.  Everyone who sends a story of 2500 words or less will get a free copy of the book. You may include a photo of an illustration or art piece to accompany your story. All ages are invited to participate.  There is no fee to submit your entry. Once published, the book will be available on Amazon.  All profits will benefit the Broward County Humane Society.  The deadline for entries is July 4, 2021.  The Rickie Report shares the details here.













Get    Published    for    FREE   and   get   a    FREE    book!








C  A  L  L              F O R              E  N  T  R  I  E  S:





D E A D L I N E:      JULY 4, 2021




Judy and Bruce Borich tell The Rickie Report,  “There isn’t anyone who wasn’t touched in some way by this virus; some lost loved ones, their jobs and even their homes. Virtual schools and virtual events replaced normal activities almost overnight. Every part of our lives was turned upside down. This is an important chapter of your personal and family history. How did we get through it?  Many are still getting through it.  Everyone who sends us a story of 2500 words or less will get a free copy of the book. If you have a photo that you would like to put with your story, please include that. All ages are invited to participate”.



Bruce says, “We intend to publish all pieces submitted, but don’t guarantee it. HOWEVER, everyone who submits a story will get a FREE copy of the book.  We will post the book on our website www.middleriverpress.com and all social media.  Additional copies of the book will be available on Amazon.  All profits after printing costs will go to the Broward Humane Society.



Email your story to info@middleriverpress.com or call Middle River Press at 954-630-8192




For more information about Middle River Press:   www.middleriverpress.com





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Eduardo Gomez Rojas’ Sculpture “The 38th Parallel” Will Be Installed And Dedicated To Korean War Veterans On June 12. Public Is Invited To Ceremony.

An Art in Public Places sculpture by Eduardo Gomez Rojas will grace Veterans Memorial Park in Port St. Lucie to commemorate the heroism of US troops during the Korean War.  Titled, “The 38th Parallel”, the Korean War Veterans Association Treasure Coast Chapter 106 will dedicate this moving memorial on Saturday, June 12, 2021. The Public is invited to the free ceremony.  We are grateful to the anonymous art patron who donated this sculpture. The Rickie Report shares an interview with Eduardo as well as the details of the June 12 event.



SATURDAY,  JUNE 12, 2021



10  AM



Veterans     Memorial     Park



2100  SE  Veterans Memorial Parkway

        Port St. Lucie, FL  34952






TRR:  What inspired you to create this memorial sculpture?



In 2006, while I lived in Little Rock, AR I became interested in the Korean war. Arkansas happens to be the birthplace of U.S. General Douglas MacArthur, who commanded the Southwest Pacific Theatre in World War II. He administered postwar Japan during the Allied occupation that followed, and led United Nations forces during the first nine months of the Korean War. I became interested in him and decided to make a memorial sculpture about the Korean War. I spent many hours doing research and preparing a maquette for this sculpture.



TRR: How do the figures in this sculpture represent more than the battle in Korea.



First, I asked a couple of friends, who were war veterans as well as a Korean friend who had a young son, to pose for the sculpture. I used my camera to create various compositions until I found a pose that captured the art concept I wanted to convey. I wanted to memorialize the fact that the Korean war was the first time that black and white soldiers fought side by side. In the sculpture the black soldier watches the white soldier’s back. The white soldier holds a Korean child in his arms. His face shows the urgency of the moment. The child represents the Korean Republic being saved by the American soldiers. Notice that the soldiers are wearing their “winter” uniforms. Our troops suffered tremendously from the coldest weather the region had seen in over forty years.  In contrast, and to dramatize the fragility of the child and the situation, the Korean child is almost naked as he is rescued and brought to safety. For me, this is a powerful statement about how mutual sacrifice helps us learn to live together!

Our individual bodies carry the imprints of our lives and our souls. In my sculptures, form is a vehicle for expressing individual character rather than idealized perfection. Human relationships also inspire me. For this reason, I like making sculptures with multiple figures. I also find inspiration in physical movement. Its grace and its plasticity; even what it may say about our brokenness.



The human figure in all its aspects and conditions is my main source of inspiration. In it, I see the incredible beauty and perfection of creation as well as the raw reflection of our human condition. Individual uniqueness inspires me. Life affects all humans in a singular way. Therefore, our bodies are a journal of our life and an X-Ray of our soul. I find a raw beauty in this uniqueness and my work attempts to chronicle my own personal perception of this uniqueness. The result can be beautiful but can also be intense and even disturbing.



On July 26, 1948 U.S. President Harry Truman signed Executive Order 9981, desegregating the armed forces. Truman declared, !there shall be equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services without regard to race, color, religion or national origin.” The president acted upon the wishes of many people, black and white, who believed that if African-Americans and other people of color served their country with honor, they should not be subjected to racial discrimination or violence. The struggle for military integration in Korea mirrored similar struggles on the home front.



Original Photograph Courtesy of Eduardo Gomez



TRR:  What are some other significant meanings that most viewers may not know?



I am originally from Colombia, South America. During my research, I discovered that Colombia was one of only 14 allied nations to send troops to Korea to fight against communism alongside the United States. I am proud of that! The 38th parallel is the popular name given to latitude 38° N that in East Asia roughly demarcates North Korea and South Korea. The line was chosen by U.S. military planners at the Potsdam Conference (July 1945) near the end of World War II as an army boundary, north of which the U.S.S.R. was to accept the surrender of the Japanese forces in Korea and south of which the Americans were to accept the Japanese surrender. The line, intended as a temporary division of the country remains steadfast today.





Original Photograph Courtesy of Eduardo Gomez




TRR:  Please tell us about your process


My work always starts in clay because it allows me to quickly develop an idea into a visual concept. I then may finish the work in clay or evolve to casting the work in bronze or other media. This may take months or even years. As you can see from some of the photos, I sculpt from the inside out. I believe that true proportions as well as movement, gesture and clothing folds require that you build on what we call the “surface anatomy” of the subject. I prefer working from life whenever possible because the interaction with the model adds “soul” to the work. I work on many projects at once because they are at different stages of development. I like making portraits, full figure sculptures and reliefs. I don’t follow any particular formula and I don’t sculpt for a particular audience. I do try to be honest and express my true feelings. I leave the psychoanalysis to the psychiatrists. I accept private and public commissions, small to monumental.




Eduardo Gomez Rojas is a local figurative sculptor and teacher. His work”s singular quality is its force and passion. His studio is located in Jensen Beach, Florida. He does public and private commissions from small to monumental. His work is collected internationally. Eduardo Gomez: Silent Messages a book about his work was published in 2009. The book is currently available on Amazon. His main subjects are people and animals. He particularly enjoys sculptural portraiture and memorial sculpture. He is currently a faculty member at the Lighthouse Art Center in Tequesta, Florida and has also taught locally at the Elliott Museum and privately in his own studio. Eduardo moved to Florida from Arkansas in 2007. This sculpture will be Eduardo’s third public sculpture in the Treasure Coast area. The other two, inaugurated on 2017 and 2018 respectively, are located on either side of the American flag at the entrance of the Distinguished Service Memorial Park in Stuart, Florida.






For more information about this sculpture, commissions, classes, workshops and other works of art contact:
Eduardo Gomez


Figurative Sculptor

Small to Monumental

Public and Private Commissions

Studio: 953 NE Industrial Blvd    Jensen Beach, Florida, 34957








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Art & The Blockchain Is A Reality: One Third Of Small And Medium Sized Businesses Now Take Cryptocurrency As Payment. What You Need To Know!

Blockchain is affecting the art industry, small business, and our lives in general. How will it change the way artists, galleries, and art buyers do business?  Here’s what artists and art buyers should know about this evolving technology. The Rickie Report shares an informative article about Art & Blockchain, written by Carolyn Edlund of Artsyshark.











ART     &     THE      BLOCKCHAIN



Art as NFTs and the rise of the crypto art market have been all over the news lately. Headlines scream about artists earning veritable fortunes overnight, while others warn about energy usage. Some artists are clamoring to get involved with this hot new market. Others are vehemently opposed.  What is the future of NFTs and the blockchain technology behind them? I spoke with two experts to get answers and dive into big changes coming to the industry.



Why Blockchain Matters



Blockchain is a “trustless” protocol that records transactions through a transparent, verifiable ledger system which cannot be altered. The entire cryptocurrency market and a myriad of virtual tools and projects are built on blockchain platforms that provide fast, accurate and safe functionality.


Importantly, blockchain is a decentralized system which is disrupting the status quo. It tends to increase fairness and stability, and take power out of the hands of a small group of decision makers. In this way, blockchain mirrors the art industry itself, which has fractured and placed more control in the hands of self-determining individual artists.


To get to the heart of the enormous impact this will have in our everyday lives, I spoke with Shidan Gouran. He is an early blockchain investor and a serial technology entrepreneur holding degrees in Pure Mathematics and Theoretical Physics from the University of Western Ontario. Gouran is the founder of Gulf Pearl, a Canadian merchant bank focused on “financing both private and junior public companies in the information, communications and media sectors.

“Blockchain is now mainstream,” Gouran says. “Technologies come and go, and better technologies will come. The concept of universal databases that anybody can read and write to and that cannot be manipulated are very useful. Digital assets are here to stay. It just makes sense that things would move from paper to the digital world. Tracking and provenance of real world objects on the internet will become more and more common. Those are the realities.”


How prevalent is blockchain in our society? One-third of small and medium-sized businesses now take cryptocurrency as payment. Bitcoin can be purchased using Paypal. Mastercard, Visa, and American Express are all embracing blockchain technology. It is transforming the banking and “financial industries, and is the “digital DNA” of the internet 3.0.



The Question of Energy Consumption



Blockchain is undergoing rapid evolution and improvement. Detractors cite as a major concern the high energy usage in the “mining” process that drives transactions. Bitcoin is often held up as a major example of this excess.  “Bitcoin was the “first prototype; it is not the last system in existence,” explains Gouran. “Right now it consumes more energy than the Netherlands. Each transaction burns more than 700,000 Visa transactions as far as energy goes. When you consider these things, Bitcoin is not a great system. In my opinion, if it became the world’s currency it would be highly immoral, because of the energy consumption.”



How will this problem be overcome? Bitcoin operates on a Proof of Work mechanism which is energy ineficient. The Ethereum blockchain (which powers NFTs) and other platforms are moving to Proof of Stake, which is much less energy consumptive.  Gouran adds, “There are systems like Stellar and Ripple and when released,Facebook’s Diem blockchain, which would use even less energy than Ethereum’s Proof of Stake. A transaction on the Diem blockchain doesn’t cost more than a Visa transaction.”



Think of super efficient systems underlying the technology of finance and business that remove the need for offices full of workers using energy to validate and push through transactions. What are the energy savings when you don’t have to power 100,000 square foot buildings using light and heat and computers for hundreds of workers because they aren’t needed, all due to blockchain efficiency? We could end up with an actual decrease in energy usage.






Art as NFTs



NFTs (art sold as non-fungible tokens) have captured the imagination of the world and produced record-breaking sales. I asked art advisor, curator and crypto expert Georg Bak about this phenomenon. He says, “NFTs are certainly not just a trend. I believe that this market has a huge growth potential, not only for art but also for any kind of collectibles in the game, fashion and sport industry. At the moment the market is a bit overheated and many buyers are only buying NFTs in order to flip them instantaneously and make profits. I believe we will see a correction towards a more consolidated and matured market. There are so many historical digital artworks which never had a market and can be discovered by a wider public.”



What does this mean for the individual artist?  Selling platforms are cropping up like wildfire, offering an opportunity to artists who want to enter the crypto art market. Over time it will shake out and mature, and providers will address some of the existing technical limitations. Right now the sky is the limit. Once we have some history in the rearview mirror, the road will become clearer.


Benefits of New Tech



New technologies built on blockchain and the “smart contracts” they enforce and offer a level of transparency to an often opaque art world. This is good news for artists who create both digital and physical artworks, which can be embedded and tracked.


Bak says, “Blockchain technology will certainly not solve the authenticity and provenance issues of the past, but it can have a strong impact on future transactions. Nevertheless the data on the blockchain is only valuable if the physical artwork can be identified and assigned clearly to the data. There are different methods to apply identifiers such as for example RFID chips or surface scanning technologies.”


Once embraced, chips and scanning methods can assure the authenticity, scarcity and provenance of an individual piece of art. Artists will also use blockchain technology to track inventories, collectors, shipping and sales transactions. Another huge benefit of smart contracts is automatic payment of royalties to artists when secondary sales of their work are made.



Power to the Artists


As decentralization continues to put more control into the hands of individual artists, they are no longer in thrall to gatekeepers or third parties. How will our industry evolve as the power centers change?



“Galleries are certainly losing their monopoly over the market as artists can reach out to collectors directly,” says Bak. “The new gatekeepers are online marketplaces, and power is shifting from galleries to platforms. Even though platforms provide an interesting new revenue stream for artists, they don’t necessarily provide the same extent of curatorial exposure and content for artists as gallerists did in the past. Quite often platforms select artists according to purely mathematical measures, such as the number of followers on Instagram. Therefore, I think that galleries or artist managers are still playing an important role in promoting the artist’s career but probably they have to reinvent their business model.”




Want to stay current on cutting edge business articles from Artsy Shark, plus artist features, and an invitation to the next Call for Artists? Subscribe to twice-monthly Updates, and get a free e-book on Where to Sell Art Online right now!

Carolyn Edlund:  410.977.2915






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Public Is Invited To “Master Artists Showcase” Featuring Renowned Art Luminaries At New Studio For The Visual Arts In Jupiter. Grand Opening Is June 4 & 5 Offering In-Person And FaceBook Live Events

The New Studio for the Visual Arts (NSVA) of Jupiter invites the public to a spectacular new exhibit, “Master Artists Showcase” featuring Sue Archer, Pat Dews, Laurie Snow Hein, Edward Munoz and Suzanne Scherer. The Grand Opening on Friday, June 4 and Saturday, June 5 begins a summer-long celebration, engaging area art lovers with interactive, educational entertaining events through in-person and FaceBook LIVE. Kudos to Peggy Kirkwood, an accomplished artist in her own right, and the president of NSVA for bringing these art luminaries together in one place!  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks!  








F R I D A Y ,  J U N E   4


S A T U R D A Y ,  J U N E   5

 6   –   8   PM





I N   –   P E R S O N




F A C E B O O K  L I V E




DETAILS:   www.thenewstudiova.net











“Ocean Reef Park” by Laurie Snow Hein




“Cantaloupe” by Sue Archer







“Rain Beads Me Up” by Edward Munoz 







Abstract Watercolor by Pat Dews







Close-up of “Lauren” by Suzanne Scherer






The New Studio for the Visual Arts mission:

Nurture a vibrant arts community

Foster artistic excellence

Lower the barriers to participation in the arts

Bring people together for a powerful shared experience that inspires a creative exchange of ideas 



No membership fee!
No registration fee!
Prorating available!

Sign up today.

Call 561-295-5712







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Elliott Museum Unveils “A Sea Story Girl” Featuring Artworks By Jane Lawton Baldridge Opening June 3

The Elliott Museum will feature  “Portfolios – Jane Lawton Baldridge, A Sea Story Girl”.  A local artist whose artwork has been showcased as far away as the Republic of Slovenia, Baldridge is an award-winning sailor, licensed boat captain, and accomplished mixed media artist. The public is invited to an Opening Reception on Thursday, June 3 to meet the artist.  This exhibit continues through October 31, 2021.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.




825 NE Ocean Blvd. on Hutchinson Island
Stuart, FL 34996 ● 772-225-1961 ● elliottmuseum.org Hours: Daily 10 am – 5 pm; Closed Major Holidays










Thursday, June 3, 2021

5  –  7  PM



Available June 3 through October 31, 2021



Elliott Museum

825 N.E. Ocean Blvd.   Stuart, FL




“Kissimmee River” by Jane Lawton Baldridge



This exhibit highlights the art of Jane Baldridge, an award-winning sailor, licensed boat captain, and accomplished mixed media artist.



“Stuart Beach” by Jane Lawton Baldridge



Her paintings reflect the movement, variation, and transformation of the ocean and rivers through color and light.



“Southbound Sea” by Jane Lawton Baldridge



Concerned with the ecological challenges facing waterways and coastal areas today, her current work focuses on sea level rise, the damage of plastics, and the threat of pollution to the environment.




Left to Right: “Toddler of the Lower Key”, “Child of the Upper key”, “Teen of Fort Lauderdale”  by Jane Lawton Baldridge




The venues where Baldridge’s artwork has been shown include Lincoln Center, Times Square, the Louvre, Museum of Computer Art, Mint Museum, Cameron Museum of Art and Fayetteville Museum of Art and at the World Festival of Art on Paper in Slovenia. She also has a print in the Library of Congress. For more information, visit her website, www.artspeaks.com.



For more information, call the museum at 772-225-1961

or visit the website, www.hsmc-fl.com.



About the Historical Society of Martin County:

Since 1955, the Historical Society of Martin County has served as a guardian of local history and a cultural center by operating the Elliott Museum, (825 NE Ocean Blvd., Stuart) and the House of Refuge Museum at Gilbert’s Bar, (301 SE MacArthur Blvd., Stuart) which opened in 1876 and served as a haven for shipwrecked survivors. The Elliott Museum seeks to preserve and celebrate the region’s colorful history by presenting an eclectic mix of traveling and rotating permanent exhibits, lectures and experiential events. The House of Refuge’s mission is to educate the public about the historical significance of Martin County’s iconic landmark and to ensure its historical integrity and preservation. For more information, go online to www.elliottmuseum.org or call 772-225-1961.



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Gallery 526 In Northwood Village Announces Summer Special Offer To Artists Of All Media For July, August, September To Display And Sell Your Artwork

Barbara Ziev, owner of Gallery 526 in Northwood Village announces a Summer Gallery Special for July, August, and September.  Choose to consign 78″ wall space or consign the 12′ x 14′ Solo Gallery space. The lower commission rate covers: utilities, tax, full time sales rep, security, book keeping, insurance, display system, retail space, advertising, marketing and more.  The Rickie Report shares the details here and suggests you contact Barbara soon while space is still available!




Gallery 526

Hours:   Wednesday through Saturday 11 to 5 pm

526 Northwood Road, Northwood Village, W. Palm Beach, FL








Six (6) gallery wall and floor spaces available for $100 per month plus 30% commission for a 78”W x 106”H space. (month to month or up to three months,  July, August and September. Take one month or up to three months, a 30% commission on every sale includes utilities, tax, full time sales rep, security, book keeping, insurance, display system, retail space, advertising, marketing and more.



Also available, 12’ x 14’ solo gallery / studio space for $500 month plus 30% commission on each sale. Space includes French doors, display system, full time sales assistant, utilities, good lighting, AC, book keeping, advertising and marketing,  insurance, security system, display system and more. Available month to month up to three months, July, August and September.



Contact Barbara Ziev

526 Northwood Road     West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Phone/Text: 610-428-3943

Email: barbara@gallery526.com 

Website:  http://www.Gallery526.com



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Call For Artwork: Helping People Succeed’s Annual Art For Living Calendar Of Original Art

Helping People Succeed shares a Call to Artists for the 2022 Art For Living Calendar. HPS helps improve the community’s viability and diversity through programs that assist children to become ready for school, and adults to find and maintain employment.  The Call is open to artists in Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, and Okeechobee Counties and 13 artworks will be chosen. You will have opportunities to sell your original artwork and meet art patrons. Subject matter should be tropical and/or local scenery (Examples: fish, birds, trees, beaches). Local scenes may include Indian River Lagoon, St. Lucie or Loxahatchee Rivers, covered bridge roads, the savannas and views of nature or historical sites. Deadline is June 28, 2021. You can still view and purchase artworks from the 2021 Calendar. The Rickie Report shares the details and urges artists to apply!






Helping People Succeed

1601 NE Braille Place    Jensen Beach, FL 34957

hpsfl.org  772.320.0778


Helping People Succeed transforms lives by realizing potential, creating hope and building futures through education, counseling, training and employment.






All artwork is for sale!







Your own digital photo in high resolution may be submitted via email to gparris@hpsfl.org. If you need Helping People Succeed to take a photo of your artwork you can contact Glenna Parris to coordinate arrangements to bring the original piece of art to our office.

If emailing your submission, please include the completed artist application (attached). The application fee is $25.o0 per submission and may be mailed to our office:

Helping People Succeed 1601 NE Braille Place Jensen Beach, FL 34957

The $25.00 application fee may also be paid online at www.hpsfl.org.

Please note that the emailed submissions will be considered once the application and fee have been received.


The deadline for submission is 5:00 pm on Monday, June 28, 2021.





  • Open to artists in Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee counties.
  • Only the artist who created the original work may apply.
  • Please submit in a jpeg format. No frame or glass should be included.
  • Horizontal artwork format only. The actual calendar measures 12.5” h x 15.5” w” (Paintingsmay be in proportion at 12” x 16”, 18” x 24”, etc.)
  • Framed artwork no larger than 48” wide.
  • Final selections are based on quality, format, suitability for reproduction and subject matter.
  • Subject matter should be tropical and/or local scenery (Examples: fish, birds, trees, beaches).Local scenes may include Indian River Lagoon, St. Lucie or Loxahatchee Rivers, coveredbridge roads, the Savannas and views of nature or historical sites.
  • Applicants to submit a 300-word biography by email with the jpeg artwork.
  • Artists must be more than 18 years old to submit an entry for the 2022 Art for LivingCalendar.
  • A Selection Committee will review the artwork and notify all artists once the selection processis complete.








When notified, please bring your original artwork to our office in Jensen Beach to be scanned.

Artwork may be framed or unframed. If framed please note that the actual painting showing is what will be scanned for the calendar.

You may have your own artwork professionally scanned and sent, via email, to Glenna at gparris@hpsfl.org.


  1. Original artwork for the calendar to be available for sale by Helping People Succeed from the time of acceptance through December 31, 2021. 35% of the sales will be a contribution to Helping People Succeed. ARTISTS ARE REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FOLLOWING EVENTS:
  2. Artists are invited to submit up to 10 pieces of artwork (in addition to the calendar art) for our Art for Living Gallery. Your artwork will be displayed in the gallery from November, 2021 through October, 2022. Visit our website to view the current artwork displayed in our gallery. www.hpsfl.org. 35% of the sales of each painting will be a contribution to Helping People Succeed.
  3. Once the calendars arrive, each artist will sign their page on approximately 150 calendars. This will be a coordinated effort with the staff at Helping People Succeed.
  4. Our Pinot & Picasso event will be held on November 20, 2021 at the Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club in Palm City. This will be a formal reception and dinner and the calendar artists will be available that evening to autograph calendars and are invited to display a limited number of art pieces for sale.
  5. There may be additional event activity that will require the 2022 Art for Living Calendar Artists to be present. Notice will be given once those activities are known and/or established.
  6. Please note that Helping People Succeed will handle all sales and cover all costs of sales, including credit card fees, etc.






_____ Completed application
_____ Check for $25.00 made payable to Helping People Succeed Foundation

_____ Original artwork jpeg for review by judges
_____ 300 word bio in the body of the email or attached as a Word document





 To be submitted by Monday, June 28, 2021


Name: ________________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________ City: ___________ Zip: __________


Phone: ___________________ Email: _______________________________________


Title of Artwork: _________________________________________________________


Medium: _________________________ Retail Price: ___________________________


Size of Image: ______h X ______w


Size of Frame: ______h X _____w




I have read, understand, and agree with all of the rules for consideration for the 2022 Art for Living Calendar. Please accept my application for consideration and my non-refundable Entry Fee of $25.00 (per entry). The payment may be provided by check, credit card or online at www.hpsfl.org. I am also including a bio and digital art file as per the guidelines provided.



Signature of artist: _______________________________________________________


Print your name: ________________________________________________________


Date: ____________________ Check #__________________

Credit Card Info (VISA, MasterCard, American Express):

#: ________________________________ Expiration Date: ____________________

Security Number (3 numbers) on the back of the card: _______________________________


Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Mail to:

Helping People Succeed 1601 NE Braille Place Jensen Beach, FL 34957

Submit calendar submissions to Glenna Parris


Our Mission: Helping People Succeed transforms lives by realizing potential, creating hope and building futures through education, counseling, training and employment.



Helping People Succeed

1601 NE Braille Place    Jensen Beach, FL 34957


Contact Glenna at 772.320.0778





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Rickie@therickiereport.com   561-537-0291

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Artists Of Palm Beach County Open Call To Artists For “Summer Dreams”. Open To Members And Non-Members For Exhibit In Northwood Village

The Artists of Palm Beach County is sharing a Call To Artists for their next exhibition, “Summer Dreams”.  This is open to members and non-members, offering a wonderful opportunity to have their art shown at ArtWorks Gallery in the historic, bohemian art district of Northwood in West Palm Beach.  The Call includes 2D and 3D works of all media.  The Opening Reception on Friday, June 25 coincides with Art Walk of Northwood. The submission Deadline is Monday, June 7.  The Rickie Report shares the details and urges all artists to apply!   In addition to the physical exhibit, a virtual exhibit will be available.

















FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 2021  

5 – 8 pm



Exhibit runs Monday, June 14 thruTuesday, August 31, 2021



Gallery Hours:    10  am – 4  pm   MONDAY – FRIDAY



Virtual Exhibit – TBD



$50 for First Place * $25 for Second Place * Honorable Mention


ArtWorks Gallery

555 25th Street      West Palm Beach, FL 33407




SUMMER DREAMS” is a call to members and non-members for an exhibit of original work of any subject, 2D and 3D welcomed in all media including ceramic, drawing, fiber/textile, glass, jewelry, mixed media, metal, oil, pastel, acrylic, photography, printmaking, watercolor, and wood. Please submit work which exemplifies the spirit or overall philosophy of your art and the summer season. No explicit sexual or political work accepted.


Submission Deadline: MONDAY, 6/7/21.
Notification to artists on or before Thursday, 6/10/21.
Hand delivery of artwork: Monday, 6/14/21 from 10am – 1pm.
Opening reception: Friday, 6/25/21, 5 – 8 PM. This will coincide with Art Walk of Northwood which is the last Friday of the month. 
Virtual Exhibit: TBD
Art Pickup: Friday 8/31/21, 10 am to 1 pm


SUBMISSION FEES: $25 for Members, $35 for non-members

Membership is $50/year


If you wish to join APBC or renew your membership if it has lapsed, please go to www.artistsofpalmbeachcounty.org and click on “Become a Member” BEFORE you enter the exhibit. Or send your membership fee in with your application.

Applications and fee payments are to be sent to: Artists of Palm Beach County, P.O. Box 32066, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420.  We ask that you send in your application and payment in a timely fashion so that it arrives before the deadline!

Please use the APPLICATION ENTRY FORM. Once you have completed your application, email up to 3 jpg images of your work no larger than 3 MB each to artistsofpbc@gmail.com.

Make sure that your email includes your full name and phone number plus the title, medium, size (h x w) and price for each submitted work as you would like it to appear on an exhibition label. In the subject of your email put “SUMMER DREAMS – 2021.”

IMPORTANT: Members will receive 75% of the gross sale. Non-members will receive 65% of the gross sale.Please price your work accordingly. Juried by the Art on Park Gallery Management Committee


IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE WITH THIS PROCESS or have any questions, please email artistsofpbc@gmail.com for help and include your phone number.



1) No late entries accepted.
2) Original ideas only – no copying of works.
3) Please do not submit work that is not ready to hang.
4) No work that has been previously accepted in a APBC exhibit is eligible to be submitted again.  However, works that have not been accepted may be submitted.
5) Entry fees are not refundable.
6) The decision of the jurors is final.
7) Make sure the emailed jpg images match the names listed on the entry form.
8) We recommend that paper media be covered with Plexiglas or non-breakable material.
9) Unframed oils and acrylics must be finished on all sides – no staples showing.
10) No damaged frames or mats; mats must be clean.
11) All installation methods, such as wire attached to frames, must be secure. All 2D pieces MUST be wired on the back, no saw tooth hangers.
12) Due to limited space at Artworks Gallery no work larger than 36” wide x 36” high will be accepted, this measurement includes the frame.
13) All hanging works that are more than 20 pounds will not be eligible.
11) All entries must be labeled on the back of the work, base of sculpture, or somehow attached to artwork with artist name, title of work, medium, size, and price.
12) APBC, Inc. will do its best to safeguard against theft, loss, breakage, or other damage, but will not be financially responsible for reimbursement of lost or damaged work.
Note:  Do not show the frame or matting or glazing in the jpeg submitted for jurying. It is recommended that photos of you art work be taken before it is framed.






Member & Non-member Exhibition

June 14 – August 31, 2021


Please mail with submission fee to:

Attn: Pam     

Artists of Palm Beach County, P.O. Box 32066, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420





Name: _____________________________                                                                                        

Phone: _____________________

Email: __________________________________________________________

Entry #1 Title ____________________________________


Size h______w_______ Price________


Entry #2 Title____________________________________ Medium_______________

Size h______w_______ Price________

Entry #3 Title_____________________________________ Medium_______________

Size h______w________  Price__________


All exhibitors must sign the following Waiver

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: The undersigned hereby agrees to release and discharge APBC, its directors and members from any responsibility for damage or loss of any kind, on all works submitted for the “SUMMER DREAMS – 2021” Exhibition.







For more information about the Artists of Palm Beach County:


Please visit:   artistsofpalmbeachcounty.org.


Artists of Palm Beach County is a non-profit 501c organization dedicated to helping member artists achieve their artistic goals and utilize their talents to enrich the lives in our community. Registration #CH52359



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Treasure Coast Arts And Mindfulness Fest This Weekend Features Two Days Of Crazy Awesome Art, Yoga, Mindfulness Classes, And More For The Entire Family. Free Admission And Parking

The St. Lucie Cultural Alliance is partnering with the MIDFLORIDA Event Center to host the 1st Annual Treasure Coast Arts and Mindfulness Fest.  This family friendly event takes place on Saturday, May 22 and Sunday, May 23 with Free Admission and Free Parking.  Sign up now for yoga classes, a drum circle, meditation sessions and more!  Special Kids Activities will get them in touch with nature!  All types of creative products and services will be available.  The Rickie Report shares the details and looks forward to seeing you there!  Namaste~



St. Lucie Cultural Alliance 


MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Event Center



Treasure Coast Arts & Mindfulness Fest



At   MIDFLORIDA   Event   Center

 Saturday, May 22     and     Sunday, May 23 



































This festival is one of the initiatives the Alliance is putting in place to raise funds for a Grant Program to support regional artists and special projects to enhance the County’s cultural landscape. All proceeds will go directly into this granting fund.  








The Treasure Coast Arts & Mindfulness Fest is long overdue! Organized by St. Lucie Cultural Alliance (SLCA) in partnership with MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Event Center, “Art and mindfulness warm our hearts and lift our spirits as we journey through life,” says Executive Director Alyona Ushe. “Combining the mind-opening benefits of art with the healing benefits of mindfulness is a perfect marriage”.





The Treasure Coast Arts & Mindfulness Fest is designed to enhance the cultural community while the fundraiser will empower SLCA to showcase local and regional talent.   This is the Alliance’s major fundraising event for the year to raise funds for the SLCA Grants Program.  Artists from around the region will be featured as the arts and local artists provide value, fun, and entertainment for the whole family.




There will be painters, potters, photographers and sculptors; artists who create works from recycled components as well as fashion designers. Live music, dance productions and spoken word performance pieces will take place on stage. A children’s corner featuring family activities and crafts will provide the opportunity to create hands-on art. Multiple food trucks will tempt visitors with aromatic healthy food choices.





Focusing on the mindfulness part of the Fest, alternative health vendors in categories including acupuncture, nutrition, massage and hypnotherapy will be on hand, as will yoga and Pilates studios, Reiki masters and Tai Chi practitioners. Visitors will find all-natural soaps, hand-made crystal jewelry and sound healing instruments. Take the opportunity to have a Tarot card reading or a chakra analysis.



For more information about the Treasure Coast Arts & Mindfulness Fest:



Join the Alliance:





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