John R. Math Discusses “Online Art Galleries” As a Marketing Tool And Provides Artists Exposure To A World Wide Audience

The Rickie Report invited John R. Math of Light Space & Time Online Gallery to share information about different types of online art galleries.  John is a Florida landscape and wetlands fine art photographer as well as a well respected business person in the art world. Since 2006, his Gallery has conducted monthly themed art competitions and art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. The gallery was created primarily to help new and emerging artists gain experience in applying for, participating in art competitions and getting solid exposure to the decision makers in the art world. Through Light Space & Time, artists are able to not only gain experience but also add and develop their art resumes, all in the hopes of someday selling their work and having a successful art career. The Rickie Report shares the details here.  


John R. Math




How Online Art Galleries Can Help You Market Your Artwork

By John R. Math

In the last 5 years online art galleries have become a popular means for artists to market and sell their art. If an artist is not taking advantage of this platform they are at a very distinct disadvantage in terms of marketing and selling their art. There are several types of online galleries and using them has numerous benefits for the artist.


Print on Demand Online Art Galleries:

These type of galleries provide a profile page followed by gallery pages for the artist’s artworks. (They may or may not charge an administrative fee). The gallery acts as a “go between” for the buyer and the artist. They print and ship the artist’s work for the purchaser, which is how the gallery makes their money.


Online Art Galleries that Market and Sell Art:

This type of gallery sells the artist’s art and collects a percentage of each sale (much like a brick and mortar gallery when they sell an artist’s artwork). They usually provide the artist with a profile, a storefront and the means to charge and collect from the buyer.
Hopefully, these online art galleries do a lot of marketing and promotion to bring traffic to their website in order to help sell the artist’s art.


Online Art Competition Galleries:

For an artist’s work to appear on these sites, the artist will go through a judging or a competition process. The selection of the art is the result of a themed art competition. Online art galleries (in any form) provide artists with very low costs and wide-ranging exhibition opportunities that were not available in the past.  “Brick and Mortar” art galleries have built-in overhead and expenses that make them less able to compete with online art galleries regarding artist entry fees and exhibition costs.

Online galleries offer ease of submitting and managing electronic files versus physically shipping entire works. Using online galleries is both a time-saving and cost-effective alternative for the artist. Matting and framing, shipping, and storing are no longer issues.
The Internet offers broad international exposure to artists who compete, win, and exhibit their artwork. This exposure can be tapped into by both “brick and mortar” and online galleries. It is critical for any gallery that an artist partners with, is to make full use of available marketing and promotional opportunities.


What are the advantages and benefits for an artist to enter and compete in an online art competition? The following are the top benefits for an artist when entering online art contests:

• Ease of Entering/Posting Art
• Cost of Entering/ Membership
• Online Promotion & Marketing
• Low Administrative Costs
• Unequalled Exposure for the Artist


Choosing the Right Online Gallery:

When selecting an online art gallery, be sure to ask about their overall marketing program. Online galleries tend to have digital marketing expertise as their entire world is electronic, but not all galleries are the same.

As an artist, you want broad and quality coverage for your work.

What is your desired market?

While the whole world is available to you, partnering with an online art gallery that caters to those who like your art is essential.

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed online art competitions and art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. It is the Gallery’s intention to help today’s artists to successfully market their art to a worldwide audience.  

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