Steve Blackwood Creates “Timeless” Memories

 Steve Blackwood’s clocks offer a special insight into his fertile and creative mind.  The Rickie Report loves that his work is functional, nostalgic and artistic all at the same time!  His creations are based on memories and a fascination with science fiction.  What he brings to us is unique objects, where “time” has more meaning than just the hands on the clock.  Steve’s studio is located in Artists Alley in Delray Beach.  Don’t miss December 19th’s Open Studios and a chance to buy one of Steve’s limited edition clocks in his Collector Series!  More details are in this article.


Steve Blackwood



Artists Alley




Thursday, December 19, 2013


6 – 9 pm




Steve Blackwood recently opened his own working studio within Artists’ Alley.  He also shows his work at Cacace Fine Art, a few steps away.  Artists’ Alley Studios and Galleries are open Saturdays 12:00 – 5:00 pm, but the best time to visit is the third Thursday of each month, when everyone is open. Be there on December 19 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. You can wander in and out of small and large spaces, speak with the artists and gain some insight into their amazing work. 




Steve is eager to talk about the parts of objects which he has combined with other objects and created the most whimsical time pieces ever imagined. A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, he has melded his passion for artistry with his long-time fascination with mechanics. His earlier clocks include a highly polished metal and neon with sleek contemporary designs which were featured in Niche Magazine. Collectors from around the world seek Steve out because his clocks are just unique!


Cowboy Steve

Cowboy Steve



Steve’s work is shown at galleries around the country, but Delray Beach is “home”.   His pieces are in the permanent collections of the Art Institute of Chicago and the U.S. Art and Embassies Collection and private collections.


"My First Rocket"

“My First Rocket”



Steve’s new work is the largest and perhaps most thought provoking yet. At 123 inches tall,  his time machine titled “My First Rocket” is overwhelming when you first see it. 



NASA Steve

NASA Steve


“At the age of five I was introduced to rocket ships at a NASA display. I was hooked on space travel and the adventures that I would have. My cowboy suit was now set aside for space travels…”My First Rocket” is a piece that represents the amazing adventures and travels I had as a boy, come to life. A machine that has a thousand stories to tell”, Steve shares with us.


Another view of "My First Rocket"

Another view of “My First Rocket”



“A thick 600 volt power cord drives two propellers; a travel gear spins a warp drive forward and reverse in time and wings unfold to guide the journey. At the top lives the moon which of course is made of cheese!”, he explains.   (A 1905 patent plate and lucky #47 cow tag is incorporated for rocket licensing purposes).





“My Americana clock pays tribute to the things I saw growing up as a kid like a barber shop, baby carriage parts, tractor stuff on the farm lands of  Midwestern DeKalb, IL. Stuff you just don’t see anymore….My work keeps getting bigger. I love this scale. When I was a kid everything around me was so big.  I just love building machines that makes people smile and remember their fond journeys in life”, he says.



"Time Travel" and "Flash"

“Time Travel” and “Flash”



Steve has created paper cut out clocks for the Holiday season from two of his most popular clocks: “Time Traveler” and “Flash”. They are a limited, signed edition of 50 and he will be producing different ones throughout the year as part of a Collectable Series.   They are available at Blackwood studio/gallery and at Cacace Fine Art where Steve’s large clocks can be seen.  Both galleries are in Artists Alley.



To contact Steve Blackwood: (561) 542-1311.   Or contact Cacace Fine Art (561) 276-1177.


ARTISTS ALLEY is an independent group of accomplished artists collaborating to establish a grass roots working colony with a vibrant marketplace for “Art created in Delray Beach”. This exciting new, warehouse arts area is in the Pineapple Grove Arts District in downtown Delray Beach. Check out the website-

LOCATION – The alley runs north and south between NE 3rd and 4th Streets, east of 3rd Avenue and west of the RR tracks.

EASY DIRECTIONS – From Atlantic Ave. go north on Federal Hwy., go west on NE 4th St., cross the RR tracks, go 80 feet and make a left into Artists Alley. Make your second or third left into the warehouses. You can print a map at

FREE PARKING – in the city lot on NE 3rd Avenue just south of NE 4th St. This is the best parking for our events. It’s a well lit parking lot a half a block away.



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