Molly Leach’s Abstract Fluid Art Gives Viewers An Eye Full Of Creativity

Molly Leach is an abstract fluid artist who makes acrylic paint pours look like a kaleidoscope of wonder!  She offers classes, workshops, and has her own Youtube channel! Caren Hackman shares an interview with Molly, not only exploring her artistry, but explaining more about the varied paint pour techniques.  Enjoy!






Abstract   Fluid   Artist



“Kaleidoscope” by Molly Leach

Caren Hackman met Molly Leach, an abstract fluid artist, while Molly was demonstrating at a local art store. Caren was mesmerized by Molly’s poured paint techniques as well as her knowledge of the paint chemistry and fluid behavior. Molly demonstrated some of her favorite techniques such as ring pours, ocean/wave controlled pours, dirty pours, and flip cups pours.  Caren interviews Molly for The Rickie Report.


CH: Why do you do what you do?


I started creating art for myself a long time ago. As a way to express my emotions. Most recently I got back into creating art again for my own mental health; as a way to get out how I was feeling. But as more people have become interested in fluid art, I have now become a teacher of the art form and I create not only for myself, but to help others have an avenue to express themselves and to help inspire others to create artwork. I look forward to bringing the joy I have for art to the rest of the world. I hope is that others are able to feel the emotion in my pieces.



CH. How do you work?


I work in my studio (my 2 car garage), normally filming for youtube, sometimes not. It is a full time job, on top of my full time job. I create with no music on, just me and the canvas and the paints.



“Autumn” by Molly Leach

CH: What’s your background?


I do not have a formal background in art, I actually am a psychiatric pharmacist by day. I work in a hospital. I also was a bartender throughout pharmacy (med) school to pay the bills!

I have created art all my life and I came to an impasse in high school of whether or not to go to a school for the arts or a school for math and science. I chose math and science at the time. I continued to do art for myself, but never for show or for others to see. Then I began this journey with fluid art and I think that my background in chemistry has really helped me understand all of the nuances of fluid art and all the materials used to help create art.




CH: How has your practice changed over time?


Well, I started with oil on canvas and I now work in acrylics. But even for fluid art my work has evolved. I started by watching and trying to recreate others art work as inspiration. As I began to learn more about this art form I began to create pieces from my own inspiration and it has begun to inspire others. I love to experiment and see how different materials will interact with the acrylic paint. Being a fluid artist doesn’t mean that I leave everything to chance. Before I begin to work, I have a concept in mind for each one of my paintings. My familiarity with

the medium helps. Knowing the chemistry behind the paint and related art materials helps me reach my full vision for each work of art.




“Lightening” by Molly Leach




CH: What art do you most identify with?

While my fluid art has not much to do with pointillism, I do love and identify with this type of art. I love that the smaller parts come together to create a whole. Georges Seurat is one of my favorite painters. I also love impressionism and the idea of creating the perception of something without being so concrete. I do incorporate this into a lot of my ocean pieces as I try to recreate the impression or feeling of the ocean without specifically brushing the waves onto the canvas.


CH: What work do you most enjoying doing?

I enjoy doing large canvas work. I love working in ocean colors as this is where I get most of my inspiration.


Molly Leach with one of her paintings

CH: Can you describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

Well my inspiration for getting into fluid art specifically was moving into my new home. I have the vast 2 story walls that needed something. I also had 9ft by 5ft canvas panels in the media room of the new house that we were going to get rid of. Instead, I used them as my first pieces to create using the fluid art technique. I drew the blue colors from the ocean and the grays from sky when the storms roll through Florida. These fist few poured paintings gave me direction for how I decorated the rest of my house!

Being by the beach is one of my inspirations every day and I feel so lucky that I can have something so beautiful in nature at my doorstep!


Molly participates in fine art festivals during season. She gives private lessons and offers workshops to teach others how to do fluid art. Molly also has her own youtube channel with tons of tutorials to help others. She loves doing commission work.





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Be sure to check out Caren’s wonderful artwork – Caren is a talented artist in her own right! She is a founding member of the Artists of Palm Beach County.




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