Susan S. Buzzi’s “The Kindness Project” Multigenerational And Multidisciplinary Exhibit Opens At Tamarac Community Center On Saturday, May 27

Susan S. Buzzi of Tamarac, FL received an Individual Artist Grant from The Broward County Cultural Division to present “The Kindness Project”.  She and Dr. Jeff Pickens held an  intergenerational and multi-disciplinary community workshop, resulting in an art exhibit opening at the Tamarac Community Center on Saturday, May 27, 2023. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.



“T h e      K i n d n e s s      P r o j e c t”








Opening   Reception:  

Saturday, May 27, 2023  

3:00 pm     Free admission





Tamarac   Community   Center

8601  W. Commercial Blvd., Tamarac, FL. 

For information please call (954) 597-3620









The goal of “The Kindness Project” is to promote wellness, mindfulness and empathy through art in Broward’s diverse communities 




Dr. Jeff Pickens, Commissioner Elvin Villalobos, District 3 of Tamarac, Susan S. Buzzi



Susan S. Buzzi tells The Rickie Report, ” My initial thoughts for this grant proposal first emerged, I suppose, sometime late in 2021 while I was completing an article for publication for the COVID Chronicles and also beginning a photo documentary “Looking Back – Moving Forward”. Ironically, amidst the health crisis and chaos, came focus and strength for me as I navigated the anxiety, economic challenges, sadness and media-driven hysteria we all faced”.







Buzzi goes on to explain, “The unnatural isolation transformed itself into an unexpected camaraderie through zoom meetings and classes; hence, the birth of the “The Kindness Project”.  The article, my documentary and this programming concentrates entirely on the absolute need for compassion, empathy and kindness in our world today.  The concept is so simple; yet essential to survive and thrive”. 








The word clouds are comprised of responses from 4 age groups in the community when asked in an anonymous survey, “How do you describe kindness?”.  The results are interesting, similar in some cases, but above all, optimistic!




Word cloud by participants in workshop ages 16 – 20





As most now function in some form of normalcy post Pandemic, the impact, unfortunately, still lingers for some – both physically and psychologically.  Connecting with one another has become so important – for everyone … and it is certainly a pleasure for Buzzi to present this programming in her city of Tamarac and with her mentor Dr. Jeff Pickens during National Mental Health Awareness Month. 








The exhibition will feature between 50 – 55 pieces completed by participants in the community workshop, Buzzi’s students at Atlantis Academy and her own artworks. 






Buzzi tells The Rickie Report, “I am so very proud of my students’ efforts and am hopeful that we can all learn to inspire each other, be present and be kind”.  



The bottom line – kindness never goes out of style and we can always share a smile!




For information about this event please call (954) 597-3620.






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