Martin Artisans Guild Reaches Out To Help Fellow Artist Whose Home And Studio Was Devastated By Hurricane Dorian

The Martin Artisans Guild, a group of professional, working artists is asking the public to help Kim Rody, whose home and studio was devastated by Hurricane Dorian in Hope Town, Bahamas.  Grateful that she and her husband are alive and safely regrouping in the Stuart, FL area,  we’re sharing a Call For Art Supplies.  Kim needs canvas, paints, brushes and any art supplies you can donate.  The Rickie Report shares the details for drop-off spots. Please share with your friends and neighbors – you never know who has a stash of canvas or paints they won’t be using!!!  




How You Can Help Kim Rody

Rebuild Her Life After Dorian’s Devastation

Kim Rody-Kopp has been a professional fine art painter since 2000, when she dropped out of the corporate world to paint full time. She began gaining a following in South Florida and the Bahama Islands by painting large, colorful and dramatic canvases of fish, turtles, palm trees, and all things tropical, and became known over the last decade as the “fishartista”.


“Love at First Sight” by Kim Rody




Living on her boat in Hope Town Harbour in the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas, she met and married the sailor on the next mooring, who introduced her to sailing on the Intracoastal Waterway, as well as a log cabin outside of Asheville, NC. 






Dishes With Fishes by Kim Rody





Her work is appealing to clients looking for a dramatic, bright, and colorful feel which pulls the viewer in and under, into the world she loves best, and that few enjoy first-hand. This website showcases hundreds of images categorized by subject. In addition to original art, images are also available as limited editions on heavyweight watercolor paper, open editions on canvas, posters, note cards and holiday cards, and images kiln fired into quality bright white porcelain dinnerware.




1)    Martin Artisans Guild Meeting

Wednesday, September 18, 2019      6 pm

The Palm Room     Harbor Bay Plaza

3778 SE Ocean Blvd  Sewalls Point, FL 34996



2)   Aya Fiber Studio

 4745  SE Desoto Ave Studio H,

Stuart, FL 34997    


3)    Stuart Art Supply & Studio

43 SE Kindred Street

Stuart, FL 34994





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Decorate Venetian Masks To Celebrate 40 Years Of Service By Arts Council Of Martin County. Save February 1, 2020 For “Carnivale Di mARTin – A Masquerade”. Support Arts Council Programs And Development Of A New Cultural Center In Stuart

Neil Capozzi at Stuart Art Supply and Artist’s Nook Studio, is ready to celebrate 40 years of the Martin Arts Council support of the arts and cultural scene! This fete is February 1, 2020, so it’s time to prepare by decorating a Venetian mask. Don’t wait – call Neil to reserve a mask! They’re due back by October 1, allowing snowbirds and locals time to explore your creativity!  The Rickie Report shares the details and some peeks at some masks that have already been returned!  The masks will be auctioned off at the “Carnevale di mARTin – A Masquerade”, with proceeds being used for Arts Councils programs including the development of a new cultural center in Stuart! We can’t wait to see what you create!






Stuart Art Supply  & Artists’ Nook Studio

43 SE Kindred Street  Stuart, FL 34990















Neil Capozzi tells The Rickie Report, “As you know, the arts are an important part of this community and I strive to be active member in providing a quality experience in art materials, art education and community involvement.  I’m offering another opportunity for artists to showcase their talents this year. The Arts Council is having a milestone anniversary in 2020. We will be celebrating 40 years of supporting the arts in Martin County. We will be kicking off the year long celebration with a gala. The theme of the gala is “Carnevale di mARTin – A Masquerade”. The gala is Saturday, February 1st 2020.  I am asking all artists to participate in this event by painting a Venetian Mask and I will be collecting them and donating them to the Arts Council. Our goal is to sell them to the attendees of the gala. Blank masks are available from Stuart Art Supply for you to explore your creativity”.





Our 1st Masks have been completed.




Neil explains, “The mask painting project has been well received and I have over 40 out being painted at the moment. Since I need the masks back by October 1 there is still an opportunity for our “snowbirds” to participate. You just need to send them back by October 1st. The sooner I get them back the sooner we can begin promoting the 2020 Gala.  The masks can represent the style of the artist or the traditional venetian festival. It’s up to you, the artist”. 





Stuart Art Supply has several blanks to choose from. Neil will be ordering more as we gather the masks for this event in February 2020





Venetian Mask History:  The graceful, rounded half-mask of the Colombina mask express the enchanting femininity the Commedia dell’Arte figure of the same name radiates when she steps across the stage. Colombina means “little dove,” but with their sweeping form, splendid colors, and elaborate ornament, our Colombina masks can help you become a “bird of paradise!”






Venetian masks have a long history of protecting their wearer’s identity. Made for centuries in Venice, these distinctive masks were made out of papier-mache and wildly decorated with fur, fabrics, gem and feathers. Eventually, Venetian masks emerged as the emblem of Carnevale a pageant and street fair celebrating hedonism. Additionally, the masks served an important social purpose of keeping every citizen on an equal playing field. Masked, a servant could be mistaken for a nobleman—or vice versa. State inquisitors and spies could question citizens without fear of their true identity being discovered and citizens could answer without fear of retribution. The morale of the people was maintained through the use of masks—for with no faces, everyone had voices.



Mask wearing became forbidden in 1797, so the venetian masks, along with the carnival masks and masquerade ball masks vanished completely. This continued until the early ’80s, when a group of venetian architecture students began to revive this ancient and long tradition. Since then, the carnival of Venice has turned to be again one of the most important and most beautiful in the world.





APRIL 5  &  6


9  am- 5pm
















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Stuart Art Supply  & Artists’ Nook Studio

43 SE Kindred Street  Stuart, FL 34990






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