ENDANGERED: Art4Apes Supports Artists And Photographers Who Use Their Talent And Creativity To Help Wildlife And The Environment.  Applications Are Now Open For International Call To Artists

The International ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Exhibition 2021 is now open for entries. Focusing our attention on the plight of endangered and threatened species/habitats, ENDANGERED encourages artists and photographers who are committed to and focused on using their talent to support wildlife and the environment. The Virtual Artist in Residence Program is awarded monthly to the artist or photographer who has submitted 3 or more entries to the ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest 2021. The Rickie Report shares some sneak peeks from previous artists and details of how to apply for the 2021 Exhibit!





VIRTUAL    ARTIST   in   RESIDENCE    Program   2021

ENDANGERED: Art4Apes wants to encourage and support those artists and photographers who are committed to using their talent and creativity to help wildlife and the environment.  




“The Last Leaf”,  Photograph by Renee Rivard, VAiR candidate 2020   ©2021 All Rights Reserved




We are looking for artists and photographers with a body of high caliber work focused on endangered or threatened species or habitats.  






“Great Migration”  Oil Painting by Shay Davis, ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest 2021 entry©2021 All Rights Reserved  





Each month, from March to October, one artist and one photographer will be selected as Virtual Artists in Residence and will be given a month of promotion to help get their work in front of as many people as we can.  






“In Her Eyes”  Photograph by Katie Murray,  VAiR for August 2020 ©2021 All Rights Reserved




We   offer   the   VAiRs:



  • A 2 artist online show (one artist, one photographer) in our ENDANGERED Online! Gallery for one month.  It will feature up to 9 pieces of your work with brief descriptions.

  • A dedicated page on the Art4Apes website, featuring a personal message about your art and commitment to wildlife and the environment.  You may also include a short bio and artist statement.  We can show up to 10 images of your work.  

  • Weekly social media posts featuring your images on Facebook and Instagram for one month

  • An online YouTube interview discussing your art/images will be posted to the Art4Apes YouTube channel

  • We will design a custom e-flyer for you to send to clients and contacts

  • You will be featured in our monthly email newsletter.  






“Cuddle Scene 1”  Oil painting by Sai Lev, Fine Art VAiR March 2021©2021 All Rights Reserved



Eligibility – Submit 3 or more entries:





Each month the curatorial committee of Art4Apes will select one artist and one photographer from the pool who have submitted 3 or more entries to the ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest 2021. The committee will be looking for quality of work and the best interpretation of the theme of the contest. 






“Whiteout”  Photograph by Phoenix, Photography VAiR March 2021©2021 All Rights Reserved





All entries will be eligible for the contest prizes and places in the annual online exhibition in November and December.  







ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest 2021


 CLOSING  DATE:  September 23, 2021

https://www.juriedartservices.com/index.php? content=event_info&event_id=1767



Questions? Lindsey@Art4Apes.com







Proceeds benefit the Center for Great Apes




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Sculptor, Kinetic Creator, And Fine Artist Debbie Lee Mostel Shares Her Quirky New “Wonder Sponge” Bringing Delight To Our Chores

Debbie Lee Mostel is a science-based thinker/designer/artist who sees wonder in every drop of water and behind every blade of grass.  Her awards for kinetic designs, art-in-public places commissions, forward-looking  jewelry, sculptures, and paintings all point to her drive for innovation. Her inventive nature and lack of tolerance for wastefulness has culminated in “Debbie’s Wonder Sponge”!  Debbie shows us how to take the drudgery out of cleaning up a mess by adding her unique twist of creativity.  The Rickie Report shares the details and photos here while we marvel at this serious artist’s unending capacity for joy, humor and practicality!






Debbie Lee Mostel’s training with master goldsmith Ellen Broker and master silversmith Hans Christensen of Denmark gave her the base for transforming her creative ideas into solid businesses. Early in Debbie’s career, after a stint at Tiffany’s, she formed her own company. Her work in the wholesale jewelry business brought her acclaim with designs being carried by Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Henri Bendel, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Her jewelry was seen in many Richard Avedon fashion photographs. Debbie has sold her one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry (many made from lamp worked glass she created) at the prestigious juried Annual Palm Beach Fine Craft Show.




Debbie Lee Mostel’s Wonder Sponges!




Debbie tells The Rickie Report, “I’m the type of artist/designer that thrives on exploring new mediums. Like the shark…I have to keep moving. My formal education started with Metal and Glass, decades later I found myself in a fruitful career of painting and sculpture as well.  My sense of curiosity is what I thrive on, exploring new mediums and continually growing as an artist”.










TRR:  Your formal education (BFA California College of the Arts and Pratt Institute in New York) began in metal and glass, under the tutelage of glass visionary Marvin Lipofsky (student of Harvey Littleton) and included workshops with Dale Chihuly. You have a fruitful career that has incorporated painting, sculpture, and kinetics! Most of us know you as a fine artist who has garnered awards and accolades to fill albums.  What brought you to designing a sponge?


So remember that floor mop in the form of slippers? Good concept but ugly and inconvenient. Enter my beautiful sloppy dog named Lucky. He drinks from his bowl, slobbers down his chin, drips all over the house and looks at me, and says “Mom help, I’m a mess. My face is wet, the floor is an embarrassment, what can you do?” After years of exhaustingly wasting paper towels, bending, and wiping,  I thought of that slipper and said to myself “ I can design something better. Something easy to use, cost-effective, and aesthetically appealing”.



Debbie Lee Mostel’s Wonder Sponges!



TRR:  Taking spinning VCR motors, trap doors, wind-up toys, and even a Slinky, you caught the attention of Tom Shadyac, director of many Jim Carey movies with one of your Globe series.  Please take us through your process with these sponges.




After months of trial and error, I came up with Debbie’s Wonder Sponge. Friends and neighbors all wanted one (or two), so I introduced the Sponge at trade shows where I exhibit my Designer Jewelry. When I demonstrated the sponges on a piece of linoleum, they started flying out the door!








TRR: In between exhibits, you worked for Tom Matthews, an event planner in Palm Beach as their Resident Artist creating hanging light sculptures at Mar a Lago and mosaic topiaries for the Surf Club. You’ve created specialty environments for the Flagler Museum, Breakers, Brazilian Court, and Colony Hotel, to name a few. Debbie’s Wonder Sponges ARE clever and pretty.  How have people reacted?





The only complaint I’ve gotten so far is that some people think they are too pretty to get dirty. Nonsense! It’s functional art.  Now customers are buying 6 or 8 at a time to give as gifts.

Debbie’s Wonder Sponge! “You’ll wonder how you lived without it!”

Don’t waste money on paper towels for all those little clean-up needs.

Machine wash and dry. Handpainted with acrylic fabric paint so will NEVER run, fade or crack.

A functional piece of little art that helps you enjoy a happy, healthy home.

Leave it by the sink for a quick cleanup of water spots then spray a little disinfectant on the counter and WOOSH…happy and healthy.

Leave it on the floor, step on it and PUSH!!!!…water spots and spills instantly gone. From water dispenser to sloppy dog!




Debbie Lee Mostel’s Wonder Sponges!



TRR:  Where are you selling them?

DLM:  On my Etsy site – and shipping is free!



More about Debbie Lee Mostel:

 The Norton Museum of Art has featured Debbie in their Art After Dark series. She is a member of National Association go Women Artists (NAWA), Lighthouse ArtCenter, Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, and Artists of Palm Beach County.







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Molly Leach’s Abstract Fluid Art Gives Viewers An Eye Full Of Creativity

Molly Leach is an abstract fluid artist who makes acrylic paint pours look like a kaleidoscope of wonder!  She offers classes, workshops, and has her own Youtube channel! Caren Hackman shares an interview with Molly, not only exploring her artistry, but explaining more about the varied paint pour techniques.  Enjoy!






Abstract   Fluid   Artist



“Kaleidoscope” by Molly Leach

Caren Hackman met Molly Leach, an abstract fluid artist, while Molly was demonstrating at a local art store. Caren was mesmerized by Molly’s poured paint techniques as well as her knowledge of the paint chemistry and fluid behavior. Molly demonstrated some of her favorite techniques such as ring pours, ocean/wave controlled pours, dirty pours, and flip cups pours.  Caren interviews Molly for The Rickie Report.


CH: Why do you do what you do?


I started creating art for myself a long time ago. As a way to express my emotions. Most recently I got back into creating art again for my own mental health; as a way to get out how I was feeling. But as more people have become interested in fluid art, I have now become a teacher of the art form and I create not only for myself, but to help others have an avenue to express themselves and to help inspire others to create artwork. I look forward to bringing the joy I have for art to the rest of the world. I hope is that others are able to feel the emotion in my pieces.



CH. How do you work?


I work in my studio (my 2 car garage), normally filming for youtube, sometimes not. It is a full time job, on top of my full time job. I create with no music on, just me and the canvas and the paints.



“Autumn” by Molly Leach

CH: What’s your background?


I do not have a formal background in art, I actually am a psychiatric pharmacist by day. I work in a hospital. I also was a bartender throughout pharmacy (med) school to pay the bills!

I have created art all my life and I came to an impasse in high school of whether or not to go to a school for the arts or a school for math and science. I chose math and science at the time. I continued to do art for myself, but never for show or for others to see. Then I began this journey with fluid art and I think that my background in chemistry has really helped me understand all of the nuances of fluid art and all the materials used to help create art.




CH: How has your practice changed over time?


Well, I started with oil on canvas and I now work in acrylics. But even for fluid art my work has evolved. I started by watching and trying to recreate others art work as inspiration. As I began to learn more about this art form I began to create pieces from my own inspiration and it has begun to inspire others. I love to experiment and see how different materials will interact with the acrylic paint. Being a fluid artist doesn’t mean that I leave everything to chance. Before I begin to work, I have a concept in mind for each one of my paintings. My familiarity with

the medium helps. Knowing the chemistry behind the paint and related art materials helps me reach my full vision for each work of art.




“Lightening” by Molly Leach




CH: What art do you most identify with?

While my fluid art has not much to do with pointillism, I do love and identify with this type of art. I love that the smaller parts come together to create a whole. Georges Seurat is one of my favorite painters. I also love impressionism and the idea of creating the perception of something without being so concrete. I do incorporate this into a lot of my ocean pieces as I try to recreate the impression or feeling of the ocean without specifically brushing the waves onto the canvas.


CH: What work do you most enjoying doing?

I enjoy doing large canvas work. I love working in ocean colors as this is where I get most of my inspiration.


Molly Leach with one of her paintings

CH: Can you describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

Well my inspiration for getting into fluid art specifically was moving into my new home. I have the vast 2 story walls that needed something. I also had 9ft by 5ft canvas panels in the media room of the new house that we were going to get rid of. Instead, I used them as my first pieces to create using the fluid art technique. I drew the blue colors from the ocean and the grays from sky when the storms roll through Florida. These fist few poured paintings gave me direction for how I decorated the rest of my house!

Being by the beach is one of my inspirations every day and I feel so lucky that I can have something so beautiful in nature at my doorstep!


Molly participates in fine art festivals during season. She gives private lessons and offers workshops to teach others how to do fluid art. Molly also has her own youtube channel with tons of tutorials to help others. She loves doing commission work.





For more information about Caren Hackman:

Caren Hackman is a graphic designer and fine artist living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. and author of a book about Graphic Design and Good Business practice: http://www.carenhackman.com/book/.

Be sure to check out Caren’s wonderful artwork – Caren is a talented artist in her own right! She is a founding member of the Artists of Palm Beach County.






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Jean “Notewell” Gibson Williams Exhibits at North Palm Beach Fall Fair and Port St. Lucie

The Rickie Report has been watching as artist, Jean “Notewell” Gibson Williams continues to emerge as an artist and author.  Most recently, she was guest speaker at the Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga Springs, NY.  She will be appearing at two local venues in November.  The Rickie Report shares the details and suggests you stop by as she offers her special book, photography, embellished gifts and perfume.







Jean “Notewell” Gibson Williams




Saturday, November 1st

North Palm Beach Community Center

1200 Prosperity Farms Rd.  North Palm Beach, FL

9 am – 4 pm





Saturday, November 8th

Council of  Aging

2501 SW Bayshore Blvd.  Port St. Lucie, FL

8 am – 4 pm



Designer, Jean “Notewell” Gibson Williams will be at the North Palm Beach Recreational Center (inside) on Saturday, November 1st, 2014. The Craft Show is located at 1200 Prosperity Farms Road in North Palm Beach, FL from 9:00 am – 4:00pm. Jean will also be showcasing at the Council of the Aging in Port St. Lucie , FL. 2501 SW Bayshore Blvd. (inside), November 8th, from 8 am  – 4:00pm.




Universal Preservation Hall, Saratoga Springs, NY



The author, designer and the granddaughter of the late Founder/Pastor Frank Gibson of Universal (Baptist Church) Preservation Hall, the Cultural Hub of Saratoga Springs, NY. Jean will be autographing her latest book “A Little More Cream and Sugar “featuring; Naliyah Nana’s Angel. She was at the Universal Preservation Hall 26 Washington St. Saratoga Springs, NY recently.


"A Little Cream

“A Little More Cream and Sugar” by Jean “Notewell” Williams


Naliyah has gotten her little wings and the message of hope, courage and inspiration are continuing to touch everyone’s hearts, as they read “A Little More Cream and Sugar”. We send a heartfelt thank you to everyone for the love extended unto us. The Lovelikeliyah10 Foundation events will be forth coming.



Jean’s newest handbag, “Red”


Jean will have books, embellished gifts, heart felt photography from around the world, and her limited Exclusively by Jeannie (c) Handbag Line, etc.


Please be on the look out for more creative news!  For additional information, speaking engagements and or products:Pick up the moving saga of a multi-talented ten year old. A Lil More Cream & Sugar featuring: Naliyah Nana’s lil Angel @Amazon, B&N, Books a Mil, U Tube, PRWeb, aired @BRVO, ENT, TRU TV, MSNBC..Purchase: Exclu. By Jeannie (c) Accessories @It’zzz..Time, LLC “Nothing”(R) Parfum but the Best to you! My direction has a purpose




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Jean “Notewell” Williams Speaking in Dallas, TX and Fort Pierce, FL

Jean “Notewell” Williams is an inspiring entrepreneur, whose public platform is “Walking out your Dream” ©.  Williams’ latest book, ” A Little More Cream and Sugar” featuring Naliyah, Nana’s Little Angel speaks to the camaraderie of coffee drinkers, faith walkers and creative dreamers. The book trailer may be viewed on YOU Tube and has been featured on National cable television sites such as Bravo TV, Entertainment, MSNBC and DISH in Chicago, IL reaching over three million viewers!  She will be speaking in Dallas, TX and Fort Pierce, FL.  Don’t miss her!


Jean will be Speaking
Jean will be The Seminar Speaker on June 21st at 2:30 pm



Jean “Notewell” Williams is the maestro behind It’zzz Our Time, LLC.  The company carries the couture-inspired “Exclusively by Jeannie” ©Handbag Line, Bespoke parfum© as well as artful photography.  She and her husband Haywood have been married for over thirty-five years. Jean is the mother of five and Nana to fifteen engaging grandchildren. The Rickie Report has been waiting for Jean’s book to be published so we can share the details with you!  We know you will be enchanted.  Jean has several book signings scheduled nationally and locally.


Meet Jean in Fort Pierce

Meet Jean in Fort Pierce

“A Little More Cream and Sugar”

by Jean “Notewell” Williams










Follow the story of how the warmth and fragrance of coffee, a drink most of us take for granted, brings a family together through many generations.  At the heart of this book is Naliyah, a youngster battling a childhood syndrome.  While coffee exudes energy and zest, Naliyah’s  personality brings those same qualities to everyone who meets her.


Please click here to see a short, 60 second video overview:

Go to www.youtube.com and type in “A Little More Cream and Sugar”


Jean’s book is a family affair, reaching beyond this inspiring child.  Jean tells The Rickie Report, “All the art work in the book is by me except for a few crafts and designed apparel by Liyah.  There is a painting by her father. My other granddaughter Destiny, who is 14 years old, has an acrylic painting and an illustration in the book.  My eldest did the layout and text formatting”. 



Destiny Williams Acrylic painting

Destiny Williams’ acrylic painting, included in the book, took First Place for Watson Duncan Middle School at ArtiGras, 2013

 For more information about Jean’s purses, parfum, photography or book please call 561-723-9328  or email NeWine03@aol.com

 She is available to attend a meeting of your organization for a Book Signing!

Jean’s book, ” A Little More Cream and Sugar” can be purchased through  Barnes & NobleBooks-A-Million , Authorhouse.comAmazon.com 


Jean is always growing and expanding her horizons.  She ends every email with the phrase “My Direction Has Purpose” and we believe it does!  The Rickie Report is humbled at being mentioned in this book’s acknowledgements….


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