Jennifer Love Gironda Exhibits her “January Series, 2015”

When Jennifer Love Gironda is not teaching or with the Art Hive crew covering events, she is  making art…ALWAYS making art. Jennifer made a commitment to making art every day in January 2012 and hasn’t missed a day since, creating well over 1100 works!  Jennifer believes that Maya Angelou said it best, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” The Rickie Report shares some of Jennifer’s artwork and urges you to stop by Art-Sea Living in Delray, the Brewhouse Gallery (for the Palm Beach County Art Teachers Association Exhibit) or Gallery 2014 in Hollywood, FL.  to see her artistry.   We believe Maya and Jennifer!  Here are a few pieces from her “Miss Matchy Matchy” series.







With all of her exuberance, Jennifer tells us, “The pieces below are from my January 2015 series, ‘Miss Matchy Matchy’. I love jewelry (seriously…I even started a blog just for jewelry!) and for this series I found inspiration in, what else? My jewelry! Each piece was in some way inspired by a piece that I own, which I explain on my art blog and also provide links to the jewelry on my jewelry blog”.

“I created a main ‘character’ for the series, a fun, fashion-loving gal named Miss Matchy Matchy and her cat, Trinket. Later in the series I introduced her friend Jewel, along with her cat Gem. And the ‘final’ piece in the series is the ‘fairy glam-mother’, Iris Apfel!   ‘Final’…not sure this series is over…”


"January 24, 2015" by Jennifer Love Gironda

“January 24, 2015” by Jennifer Love Gironda



Jennifer tells The Rickie Report, “Life is tough and full of negative truths. In my own life I have known poverty, instability and loss of loved ones. For me, making art fills up those dark places with light and love. My goal is to put some whimsy and light out into the world, a little of my heART.  I am inspired by the female face, by fashion, by flowing hair. I love color, and texture. My favorite artists include artists from history, such as Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Marc Chagall, Frida Kahlo, and René Gruau. I am also influenced by artists working today in a variety of genres, from the street art of Kazilla, the altered books of Teesha Moore, the mixed media works of Sunny Carvalho, the textiles of Susan Sorrell and also fashion illustrations.


"January 29, 2015" by Jennifer Love Gironda

“January 29, 2015” by Jennifer Love Gironda


“The faces I create are an ongoing narrative of the happenings of a contemporary, quirky woman who is not afraid to be happy, sad, serious or downright silly. I depict her in a variety of moods, with stretched out limbs so that she can handle her daily adventures with grace. I always opt for an exaggerated eye to maximize her expression, which is often a state of wonder at the world around her”.


"January 26, 2015" by Jennifer Love Gironda

“January 26, 2015” by Jennifer Love Gironda



“I explore this character through diverse styles and a variety of media within monthly themes, creating a new piece each day. I often include hints of my own daily happenings, such as places I am visiting or people that I am around. While my work is spontaneous, the way in which I work…daily art within monthly themes,  it is very structured and organized, which gives me a sense of calm”.




"January 30, 2015" by Jennifer Love Gironda

“January 30, 2015” by Jennifer Love Gironda



“I also have a side passion I call ‘Angel Dropping’. I leave small angel paintings for people to find, often in places where I feel folks could really use an angel, like in the recovery or loss section of the book store. The thought of people finding these angels, or looking at my art and it making them smile feels my heart with joy and love…I put that back into making more work”.



"January 31,2015" by Jennifer Love Gironda

“January 31,2015” by Jennifer Love Gironda


Jennifer grew up in North Carolina and moved to this area six years ago with her husband, a professor at Nova Southeastern. In her formal training from the School of Art and Design at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. , she received a BFA and MAEd from ECU, focusing on not only Art Education but also Textile studio. She has training in drawing, painting, ceramics, metals, and of course fibers.  Screen Printing, dye-work and hand embellishment/beadwork are her favorite textiles techniques but she always go back to my first loves, drawing and painting.  Jennifer  teaches high school art and is a Board member of the Palm Beach Art Educator’s Association. She also contributes to Art Hive Magazine, where she write an article called, ‘Artin’ with the Muse’ .



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CORDERO Returns to Miami after NYC and Paris Debuts

After a four week exhibition in New York City followed by a week in Paris at the Grand Palais for the French Ministry of Culture & Communication’s annual “Art En Capital” exhibition, internationally acclaimed figurative portrait artist “CORDERO” is back on terra firma for her first exhibit of 2015 at Art Fusion Galleries in Miami’s Wynwood Art District for their “Polychromatic Visions” exhibit January 2 – March 16th.  The Rickie Report shares the details and celebrates CORDERO’s return to our area! The Wynwood Art Walk takes place the same night, so this is a great opportunity to make an evening of dinner in Miami and fine art.




“Polychromatic Visions”





Gala Opening Reception

Saturday, January 10th

7  –  11 PM

Live music and Refreshments

Art Fusion Galleries

3550 N Miami Avenue    Miami,FL   

(305) 573-5730)




CORDERO with her painting, "

CORDERO in Paris, with her painting, “Reina Sofia”



CORDERO has been painting and sculpting for more than 30 years. Trained as an Alzheimer’s nurse, the artist turned her attention to painting. She’d come home and paint for hours as a release. She tells The Rickie Report, “I found that I loved color and that creating faces in sculpture led me to realize that I was drawn to creating faces with paint.”


"Le Coup D'oeil" by CORDERO

“Le Coup D’oeil” by CORDERO


William Braemer, director of Art Fusion Galleries, calls CORDERO’s works “brilliant.” Combining surrealistic aspects with realistic tendencies, CORDERO creates figurative portraits that are “whimsical and full of fantasy, yet there’s a sense where this fantasy becomes reality.” Braemer, who represents Cordero, says the artist is really someone that “collectors should want to consider”. Angela DiBello, executive director of the world-renowned Agora Gallery in New York City, calls CORDERO a “true artist whose captivating stylistic expression is unique and distinctively original.”


"Joie de Vivre" by CORDERO

“Joie de Vivre” by CORDERO


As elegant as they are compelling, each contemporary portrait features an elongated face with large, expressive eyes and a strong emphasis on elements of light and shadow.



CORDERO and “Empress of the Sea”


Oil and mixed media are her mediums of choice. Loose, dramatic brushstrokes of vibrant color combinations lend texture and depth to each image and create a strong sense of emotive expression. Within her work, CORDERO seeks to capture the essence of the human spirit within her larger than life faces. Thus, the hallmarks of her portraits are the soulful eyes and expressive facial expressions of her subjects, which invite the viewer to look closer and behold the true beauty hidden within the larger image – perhaps even enabling them to forge an emotional connection. As CORDERO explains, “my portraits are intuitively and psychologically-stylized expressions of my soul.”



“Haute Couture” by CORDERO



Based on recent sales, CORDERO’s work is resonating in a big way with her audiences. In fact, it was through her exposure at Art Fusion Galleries this past Spring that one of the “Art En Capital” show coordinators discovered CORDERO and invited her to exhibit in Paris.



"Empress of the Twilight" by CORDERO

“Empress of the Twilight” by CORDERO



The “Polychromatic Visions” exhibition at Art Fusion Galleries is particularly special for this artist. Beyond being her first show of the year, it features three of her grand scale paintings 72″ x 60″ including the two “queens: “Empress of the Sea” and “Empress of the Twilight” which will be accompanied by “Joie de Vivre” and “Le Coup D’oeil” (the glance)



CORDERO is represented by Art Fusion Galleries in Miami and Agora Gallery in New York City.  For more information please contact:  Art Fusion Galleries   3550 North Miami Avenue   Miami FL, 33127   Phone: (305) 573-5730   Fax: (305) 573-5769






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