Tracy Rosof-Petersen Presents Hands-On Demo, “The Making Of A Mermaid” At Artisans On The Ave Friday, February 1

Who doesn’t love a mermaid?  Ceramic artist Tracy Rosof-Petersen will thrill gallery patrons with her charming clay mermaids at Artisans On The Ave on Friday, February 1st.  Dabble in the clay yourself, as Tracy gives her hands-on demo!  See more of Tracy’s sea-inspired functional and decorative pottery pieces and seashell home décor.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks. This event is free and open to the public.







630 Lake Avenue   Lake Worth, FL  33460



Monday – Saturday 11 AM to 9 PM

Sunday 9 AM to 7 PM




Artisans on the Ave Gallery Presents:

Tracy Rosof-Petersen

“The Making Of A Mermaid”


Opening Reception:

Friday, February 1

 6 – 9:00 pm

Free and open to the public; refreshments served





Who doesn’t love a mermaid? How much fun would it be to have one hanging by your side? Ceramic artist Tracy Rosof-Petersen will be thrilling gallery patrons with her charming clay mermaids at Artisans on the Ave gallery on Friday, February 1 at 6:00 pm.


She’ll talk all about how to make adorable clay mermaids using her self-designed mold. You’ll be able to dabble with clay if you choose or just listen and watch as she demonstrates the process of making a mermaid.





Tracy has been represented by the Gallery since its inception and her pottery is a true treasure to behold. Her work ranges from functional dishes to decorative art pottery to fun sea-inspired mermaids and seashell home décor. Stop by for complimentary refreshments and a lesson in mermaid making that will have you swimming with the best of them.




For more information about this event or joining the gallery:

Artisans on the Ave

630 Lake Avenue  Lake Worth, FL 33460





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Unconventional Ceramic Art By Abbey Funk And Barbara Powell Featured At Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery

Abbey Funk and Barbara Powell play with “Smoke and Fire” on a regular basis. They create works reminiscent of ancient earth, and perhaps extra-planetary civilizations. Enjoy the raku, saggar and wood fired ceramic art that amazes and delights.   Abbey and Barbara will show their newest works from Friday, January 8 – January 20th.  The Opening Reception takes place January 8th 6-10 PM. at Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery in Lake Worth, FL.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet the artists and hear them discuss their work and techniques. The Rickie Report shares some sneak peeks and the details of this Free event, Open to the Public!



Abbey Funk & Barbara Powell





Friday, January 8th

6 – 10 pm

Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery

15 South J Street    Lake Worth, FL 33460


Free Event, Open to the public



Sunday thru Tuesday, 10AM-5PM.

Wednesday thru Saturday, 10AM-10PM.

Gallery openings are the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month from 6-9 PM with many special events in-between.









Abbey Funk and Barbara Powell have come together for Smoke & Fire, an unconventional ceramic art exhibition opening on January 8th at Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery.




“Inspired By Soldner” by Abbey Funk



To create this collection of ceramic art, Abbey and Barbara merged into a dynamic duo, bringing distinctly different skill sets to the table.



Raku Fired Vessel by Barbara Powell



Working together from start to finish, Abbey and Barbara created a comprehensive and explosive collection of 3 dimensional fine art. Abbey  has turned the use of the potter’s wheel into the art of making extraordinary wheel sculptures that defy height and balance. Emerging from them are unworldly critters that can withstand the shock of the Raku flame.



“Untitled #3” by Abbey Funk



Every sculpture and vessel in the exhibition was finished with an atmospheric or alternative firing process. In this way, smoke and fire are truly the inspiration for this show.




Sagger Fired Vessel by Barbara Powell




Raise a glass to our clay-making ancestors who invented these techniques ages ago, and join the artists of Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery for the Opening Reception on January 8th, 2016.



“Study In Atmospheric Firing” by Abbey Funk





Raku, saggar, and wood fired pottery will be featured from January 8th – 20th at 15 South J Street.



Raku Firing


Along with her latest creations, Barbara will be bringing many of the tools used to make them. Her works are beautifully decorative and affordable. Her knowledge of Raku and Saggar firing is extensive. This is your opportunity to acquire an appreciation for these ancient firing techniques, and to sign up for workshops to “Do It Yourself.”



Wood Firing


Abbey Funk tells The Rickie Report, “I am a Conceptual artist. I create with purpose and for a reason. Through my chosen mediums of Clay and Metal, I express emotions and ideas. I create tangible stories that are always ready to be shared, infinitely patient in their completion. I create environments. I show Truth. I intend for the viewer to Question. As an artist, I seek constant growth and expansion. I push myself. I love the unknown. Experimentation is my answer for everything. There is beauty in creative failure and ‘mistakes’. Success is never giving up”.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”- Rumi


Abbey Funk was born in Wellesley, MA in 1979. She completed a BFA in Studio Art at Florida Atlantic University in 2005, and moved to Brooklyn, NY after graduation. She worked in Manhattan as a Graphic Artist until 2010, and then returned to South Florida to focus on creating Fine Art. Working predominantly in clay, she also creates sculptures made of metal, gemstones, and found objects.


She became Adjunct Faculty at Palm Beach State College in 2011 and quickly turned into a sought-after pottery teacher in local ceramics studios. In 2012, she opened A. Funk Studio in Delray Beach, FL as a founding member of the art colony Artists Alley. Funk began working in metal in 2014. Her artwork is well-known throughout South Florida, and she has shown in venues in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood, FL.



Both artists create at the Flamingo Clay Studio. The Studio is located at 216 South F Street with studio opportunities and workspace for 3-D Artists. For information call Joyce Brown-215-205-9441 or visit:

flamingo clay studio


The best way to contact Abbey or Barbara is through email:

Abbey’s website:

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Abbey’s email:

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