Art & Kimono Exhibit And Sale Features Pop-Up Gallery, Interactive Lectures, Fashion Show And Wearable Art

Barbara Cheives of Afrasia Design Studio has partnered with Cynthia Simmons of Nefertiti Jewelry Collection and Fine artist, Eric Dryer at an Art and Kimono Exhibit and Sale in Palm Beach County from March 10th through Sunday, March 12th!  This exhibit and shopping event includes vintage kimono, haori jackets, and obi along with décor items, and wearable art created from vintage Japanese textiles.  World renown kimono researcher and merchant, Les Kozuki will be on hand! The Rickie Report knows this will appeal to history buffs, Asian art lovers, textile junkies and fabric hounds. Bring your Fabric Guild and Quilting Buddies!  Ronald Shaffer Interiors will host this event.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more! The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.




FRIDAY, MARCH 10th –  SUNDAY, March 12



1800 Upland  Road   W. Palm Beach,FL  








Friday, March 1oth:

6 to 10 with DJ Cole Ripp



Saturday, March 11th:



11 to 12 Lecture on the Evolution of Kimono:Cracking the Kimono Code

1 to 2 Kimono Redux: Modern Adaptations

Exhibit open 5 to 9 with Jazz by The Unorthodox Dup – Samm and Jamie Ousley

Sunday, March 12th:

Interactive Lecture- What the Heck is Kimono- Japanese Kimono as Art.

Exhibit open 1 to 6




Barbara Cheives

Barbara Cheives, of Afrasia Design Studio



Award winning Wall textile by Barbara Cheives




Barbara Cheives tells The Rickie Report, “Back in the 90’s I accompanied Les to several of his shows, most notably the Houston International Quilt Festival. Through Les’ tutelage I developed an appreciation for the garments, art and culture of Japan. I also have a natural affinity for the African culture and discovered that many of the colors and textures of the African textiles formed a beautiful “marriage” with Japanese textiles. This union resulted in the birth of my artist’s moniker – “Afrasia”.



Pillow and Scarf by Barbara Cheives



Barbara goes on to say, “Though the Japanese garments are vintage and no longer being worn, the beauty of the textiles are timeless. It seems natural to re-purpose these fabrics into wearable art – scarves and purses and decorative art – pillows, runners and wall hangings. Not wanting to lose an inch of the silks, I make use of the scraps to design small collages and greeting cards. Embellished with African & Asian inspired trims, beads, and “found” items my art is a form of ‘Multi-cultural Recycling’!”

Les Kozuki

Leslie Kozuki

Vintage Kimono has fascinated Leslie Kozuki for most of his adult life. This fascination has lead him to spend most of the last 30 years actively selling and researching Vintage Kimono, Obi, as well as other Asian textiles and Art.  Born and raised in Hawaii, he was immersed in Multi-Culturalism. Being Japanese American, kimono were easily accessible. His research began with questioning his parents and older family members, then extended to books, and participation in cultural interest groups.  The kimono is a simple garment with a complex history.  This is a unique opportunity to experience the fascinating story of kimono while learning to wear and decorate with the garments and the textiles.

Judy Flesher – Lotus Kimono

Les considers himself a merchant/researcher and is perhaps the most widely travelled Kimono salesman in the USA. His trunk show and lectures circuit has ranged from New York, Virginia, North Carolina down to Tampa and Palm Beach in Florida; from Texas to Kentucky, Illinois to Missouri up to Minnesota; and from Santa Fe, New Mexico (where he was based for many years) to Phoenix to California, Oregon and Washington. He continued this for many years.



Pam and Kimono

All travel on the Mainland USA was done by driving which allowed him to question anyone with knowledge about Kimono. For the past six years, his focus has been in Hawaii, to include the islands of Kauai, Maui and Oahu.  He is tracking the evolution of the Kimono and its Fabric, right here in the United States. Perhaps more so than in any other country. Come to one of his talks (he doesn’t like the word “lecture”) to find out why, and see some examples of his research. Catch him on his circuit, because he doesn’t have a shop. Ask any serious Japanese textile junky and they are sure to know about him!


Cynthia Simmons




Cynthia Simmons tells The Rickie Report, “While on one of my cross-country road trips, I asked God to bless me to use my hands to create something beautiful that would bless others.  I had owned Belle’s Basket by Design, Inc. for 10 years, but I wanted to express my spirituality through my artwork and evolve my yoga practice and photography skills.  This journey to jewelry started truly by the will of God. Nefertiti Jewelry Collection was inspired by the coastal villages of West Africa, the tropical breezes of Canon and the Caribbean Islands.  My muse came from the regal history of my African ancestry. I come from a linage of very creative and talented people; however, my creative soul has never had a formal lesson.  Only by the grace of God does my gift flow.”

“Blue Martini” necklace by Cynthia Simmons


The beads and materials she uses are from America, West & South Africa, Mexico, South America, India, China and the Caribbean Islands.  All of Belle’s Nefertiti Custom pieces have a spiritual, religious or cultural significance to them.  Tribal inspired jewelry are objects of great beauty and style. These sacred adornments are worn and loved by men, women and children of all creeds. It does not matter the age, there is something for everyone.

“I teach a sacred beading class at The Lords Place in Lake Worth. I have been teaching there for the past 6 months. I’m currently using my own beads and findings. When I started, we had a small amount of materials that were donated. The ladies love making items for themselves and also to donate to the thrift shop owned by The Lord’s Place. On March 10,2017 my group will showcase and sell their hand crafted jewelry to raise money for their program.  We are always looking for donations of beads, findings and beading materials”.



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World Quilt Show Features International Competition and Local Creators, “Sisters of the Cloth”

The Mancuso Show Management’s World Quilt Show – FLORIDA, returns in early January! Hosting the World Quilt Competition Tour, it is one of the most internationally diverse exhibitions in the world of quilting and the textile arts.  The show also boasts a Merchants Mall with exhibitors offering everything needed to start those creative projects swimming in the heads of every quilt and textile artist. For inspiration or simply eye candy, attendees won’t want to miss the stunning collections of quilt, wearable, fiber and textile art. Workshops and lectures will be offered to round out this spectacular event.  The Rickie Report is pleased to share some sneak peeks from local creators, Trina Slade Burks, Barbara Cheives and Kianga Jinaki, known as “Sisters of the Cloth”. See you at the Quilt Show!





World Quilt Show – Florida VI

January 8-10, 2015




The Merchants Mall and Quilt Show will be open:

Thursday, January 8   10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Friday, January 9         10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday, January 10   10:00 am to 6:00 pm


Featuring the World Quilt Competition XVIII: On Tour


Palm Beach County Convention Center

650 Okeechobee Boulevard     W. Palm Beach, Florida




Barbara Cheives, Pillows and Scarf

Barbara Cheives, Pillows and Scarf

The World Quilt Show – Florida features an exciting Merchants Mall offering the best in fabrics, notions, machines, contemporary and antique quilts, textiles, quilting supplies, books, sewing related craft items, kits, clothing and much, much more.


Admission for the Merchants Mall and Quilt Show is $12 and includes re-admission. Accompanied children under the age of 16 are admitted free. Show admission for all three days is included with pre-registration. Discounts for groups of 20 or more can be arranged; please contact our office at (215) 862-5828 for details. PLEASE: no pull-along carts allowed on show floor.


There is a $5 charge for parking at the Palm Beach County Convention Center (subject to change). Additional parking is available across the street in the parking garage at CityPlace which charges $1/hour with the first hour free and a maximum of $5 (subject to change).


"Audience" by Kianga Jinaka

“Audience” by Kianga Jinaki


Mancuso Show Management is excited to announce the return of the World Quilt Show – FLORIDA! This show will play host to the World Quilt Competition Tour, one of the most internationally diverse exhibitions in the world of quilting and the textile arts. Join us for a magnificent quilt and textile art experience. This spectacular site is the perfect location at the perfect time of year for this new and exciting venue. The show will boast a Merchants Mall with exhibitors offering everything needed to start those creative projects swimming in the heads of every quilt and textile artist. Also, for inspiration or simply eye candy, attendees won’t want to miss the stunning collection of quilt, wearable, fiber and textile art. Workshops and lectures will also be offered up to round out this spectacular event.



Trim Basket from Trina Slade-Burk

Trim Basket from Trina Slade-Burks



Sisters in the Cloth at the World Quilt Show



Friends, colleagues, and fellow fiber artists Kianga Jinaki, Trina Slade-Burks and Barbara Cheives are coming together for a first-of-its-kind booth at the World Quilt Show.


The Sisters in the Cloth booth will feature authentic African textiles, vintage Japanese kimono and obi fabrics. Select imported and domestic contemporary fabrics along with ribbons, beads and hand made trims and embellishments will round out their offerings. One of a kind wearable and decorative items designed by these visionary fabric artists will be available at their booth.


In addition to the opportunity to purchase unique items, this fun and interactive booth will feature ongoing mini-workshops, demos and educational sessions. Learn about the history of kimono, African weaving techniques, textiles as art, and ‘how to’ lessons for your own fabric creations.

"Bride and Groom" by Barbara Cheives

“Bride and Groom” by Barbara Cheives

Trina Slade-Burks

“Sewing and working with fabric was always something that I was fascinated with since I was a little girl. My mother would create fabulous outfits using patterns and designs either store-bought or from her own artistic creations. I personally did not have an interest in using the sewing machine, however, I did learn how to do basic hand sewing.  I was always intrigued by lace and other types of trim and I temporarily considered fashion design as a career path.”



"Doll Baby" by Trina Slade-Burks

“Doll Baby” by Trina Slade-Burks

Trina tells The Rickie Report, ” When I moved to south Florida, my pen pal from New York encouraged me to work for a company called Brooklyn Bow and Ribbon. It was an 80-year hat bow company that moved from Long Island New York to Riviera Beach. They produced bows for clothing and packaging. I started in their factory and ended up being a designer for their sales department. I would turn blasé sales boards into trendy works of art. It got to the point that the sales people were spoiled by the visual intensity of the work I would produce with basic fabric and bows. Hence, my love of playing with fabrications began! 

 I continue to incorporate fabric into a lot of my artwork stemming from what I used to do for BBR.  I realized that fashion design did not need to be my path, for me to pursue my love of working with fabrications and textiles”.  To reach Trina, please email:

Barbara Cheives

“Over the years I have developed an appreciation for the garments, art and culture of Japan. I also have a natural affinity for the African culture.  “Afrasia” was born as a unique marriage of cultures that preserves vintage Japanese Kimono and Obi blended with modern African fabric, African inspired trims, beads, and “found” items.”


She tells The Rickie Report, “I spend my days as a consultant working to bridge the gap between cultures and I continue that work through my art. As a Fiber Artist, my one of a kind wearable and decorative art represents a harmonious blend of cultures”.  Contact her at  or


Handmade dolls by Kianga Jinaki

Handmade Dolls by Kianga Jinaki

Close-Up of Embellishments, Kianga Jinaki

Close-Up of Embellishments, Kianga Jinaki

Kianga Jinaki



Kianga Jinaki is a Contemporary Folk Artist. She creates dolls, quilts, and mix-media collages using traditional African textiles, beads and cultural references. Kianga’s works have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Currently, her work can be found at CGMS Gallery  15 South J Street in Lake Worth, Florida and on her website: As a part of the quilt show Ms. Jinaki will offer an assortment of African textiles, African glass and metal beads for sale along with her original artworks.





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Mancuso Show Management     PO Box 667  New Hope, PA 18938

215-862-5828     Fax 215-862-9753 




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