Ursula Fernandez Is Featured Artist At Perrine Community House At Palmetto Bay. Meet The Artist At The Opening Reception November 16

Meet Featured Artist, Ursula Fernandez at the Perrine Community House at Palmetto Bay on Saturday, November 16. The public is welcome to this exhibit, “The Story of Many”, showing Ursula’s vast body of work. Her art reflects her tropical roots with an influence by the art form she herself studied for many years, ballet. While she is best known for her portrait paintings in oil, she also works with acrylic, charcoal and ink. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this gracious and talented artist!





U R S U L A       F E R N A N D E Z





Opening Reception

Saturday November 16

6:30- 8:30 PM

Palmetto Bay

900 Perrine Ave

Palmetto Bay, FL






Ursula Fernandez shares these words from her heart about this exhibit, “My tribute and sincere gratitude goes out to my family, mentor, friend artists, teachers, designers and buyers, all those that have revolved in my world of art, whom have been a source of energy for my creations. When at work, I dive into a world of my own, where I find peace, contentment and great satisfaction”.


She goes on to say, “My love working with oils has been because I can express an infinite variety of mixed emotions and beauty. Every time I have picked up a brush I have learned something new and have expanded my artistic horizons. The time has come to retire from my professional life as an artist, I will not put the brush down entirely, I will be always open to sit and give to art lovers, that which I have learned in my years practicing art. I will always be happy to hear from you, if you need help, maybe advise, and why not a special order or just to say hello, Let me share with you this one of my favorite quote from unknown source: ‘Art is a fascinating and amazing vehicle of self-expression. It is a rewarding journey of learning and discovery. Art is an adventure motivated by the heart, with an understanding of the process developed through practice’”.


Ursula Fernandez at her easel



Ursula was born in Havana, Cuba and began sketching at the age of 15.  Her neighbor, Felix de Cossio, a recognized portrait painter, was a major influence on Ursula.  As she observed him at work, he taught her valuable tips and techniques.  She tells The Rickie Report, “This planted a deep seated love for painting”.



Artist, Ursula Fernandez



For many years, Ursula dedicated her life to her career and family, raising four children.  She never forgot her passion for painting.  In 1979, she picked up a brush and followed her heart. By 1981, she completed her first portrait!  Coming from a family of artists, she was eager to strike out on her own.



“Two Ballet Dancers” by Ursula Fernandez


Years later, while living in Florida, never leaving her art, she enrolled in a course taught by her long time childhood neighbor, Felix de Cossio!  He had made a successful career painting portraits of famous socialites in New York City.  Spending more time with her mentor, Ursula acquired the techniques and qualities that would serve her well throughout her own career as an artist.



“The Street Vendor” by Ursula E. Fernandez

Ursula tells us, “The subject caught my attention, a street vendor in one of the Caribbean Islands, I kept the photo to create my painting.  I was drawn to her facial expression, I knew then it would be a challenge to capture her spirit, her pleasant smile regardless that she is selling bananas under the hot sun.  Her eyes are covered by the shade of her straw hat, her rouged hands holding the wooden box.  I created a background showing the hustle and bustle of the market place.  The Street Vendor became the recipient of an Honorable Mention Award.



One can see that Ursula’s ballet and dance teaching experience enhances her appreciation for and discernment for typical details when she paints these particular subjects.  The majority of her work is inspired by her tropical roots.  Her paintings are rich in texture and color.  Her own warmth comes through each piece.


“The Nap” by Ursula Fernandez



While she still favors painting with oil, Ursula takes life by the hand and is eager to try new techniques and mediums.  She has great success with her portraitures and many of her florals are dedicated to endangered plants.  She is an award-winning artist and many of her pieces can be found in private collections. 



Ursula has also painted murals at several local sites. She tells us, “I love painting and teaching art, which has been my life long passion. Born from a family of artists and with the inspiration of my neighbor, whom I watched while at work, I was able to pursue this dream at a much later stage in my life. Please come in and read all about it, browse my portfolio, and if you like what you see, drop me an email, I will surely appreciate it!”


“Roses in a Wooden Vase” by Ursula Fernandez

Ursula offers painting classes and is available for portraits.  When one is commissioned, she likes to meet the person and also works from 3-4 photos.  She is a Signature Member of the Wellington Art Society and is happy to be painting in her own studio.  




To see Ursula’s website and complete portfolio, please visit:


0r call  561-301-6848.







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“African American Artists”, Five Part Series With Dr. Joan Lipton At Mandell JCC Open To The Public

The Mandel JCC of Palm Beach Gardens invites you to five fully illustrated lectures with art historian Dr. Joan Lipton.  Beginning on Thursday, January 14th, the series explores paintings and sculpture that survey the black experience in America from the days of slavery to freedom after the Civil War and during the era of reconstruction. “African American Artists” also highlights of the art of the 20th and 21st centuries to reveal the talent of many male and female artists whose importance and fame are now assured. These lectures are Open To Members and Non-Members.  You must RSVP.  The Rickie Report shares the details here. You can sign up for the entire series or individual lectures.




Mandel jcc logo


 5221 Hood Rd.    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418





A Special Set of Five Talks about African American Artists

With  Joan Lipton, Ph.D. 

Thursdays: January 14, 21, 28, February 4, 11

1:00-3:00 PM

$40 Member; $60 Guest; $15/Class



Join the Mandel JCC in this very special lecture series taught by Dr. Joan Lipton. As an experienced art historian- lecturer and a dedicated scholar, she has always had the desire to promote the study of art and culture within the audiences that she teaches. She earned a Master’s degree in art history from Hunter College, with a specialization in the Renaissance, and a PhD in art history, from The Graduate Center of the City of New York, with a specialization in 19th and 20th century art. After many years of teaching art history at colleges, and adult education centers in New Jersey and New York, Dr. Lipton is pleased to share her knowledge and enthusiasm now with Florida audiences.




Dr. Joan Lipton



In five fully illustrated lectures, art historian Joan Lipton will explore paintings and sculpture that survey the black experience in America from the days of slavery to freedom after the Civil War and during the era of reconstruction. She will also present highlights of the art of the 20th and 21st centuries to reveal the talent of many male and female artists whose importance and fame are now assured.



1. Picturing African Americans and Their Life in the19th Century by Black and White Artists: Prior to the Civil War the few known African American artists exemplified an art relatively similar to that of their white contemporaries. Some, however, were willing to confront and describe the social conditions of their people. One even received international acclaim, but he reacted to the pressures of racism by leaving America and relocating in Paris. Among the white painters who presented African Americans in a relatively objective, dignified way were renowned Winslow Homer, Eastman Johnson, William Sidney Mount and Thomas Eakins. However, this was not true of other white artists.





2. and 3.The Harlem Renaissance and Prominent African American: Artists
After World War I many African Americans joined the mass migration to the north where the major example of expanded freedom and creativity was the Harlem Renaissance. In that atmosphere many artists came forth to create modern masterpieces.


4. Let’s Not Forget African American Women Artists: Women painters and sculptors who persevered “against all odds” did earn their deserved places in museums, galleries and publications beginning in the 19th century.



5. Contemporary African American and African Artists: A Sampling: Current African American men and women artists are producing notable and varied artistic styles and content as we will see. Before exploring current African art there will be a discussion of the superior art produced in Africa as early as 1500 through the 1900s.



For more information on the Mandel JCC or this exhibit visit our website at www.jcconline.com.

Feel free to contact us at 561-712-5232.

The address for this event is 5221 Hood Rd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418



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