Presenting New Works and New Artists at Artists Alley

The Rickie Report is pleased to share this article with you because we always enjoy seeing the efforts of community-based artists.  Artists Alley is giving you a sneak peek before their Open Studios with some new works.  You’ll also have the opportunity to meet some of the new artists in the neighborhood!  Be there on July 18th!



 Meet the Artists:




Thursday, July 18th

6 – 9 pm



Delray Beach continues a long-time tradition, with a new flourish of artists setting up their studios in Artists Alley and creating beautiful art right here in downtown. 


Eric Bossik,  The Bossik Academy of Fine Art located in the

Linda White Gallery


Eric Bossik offers ongoing Classical Charcoal Drawing and Oil Painting courses at the Bossik Academy of Fine Art.

Still Life Clementines

Still Life With Clementines by Eric Bossik  Oil on Canvas  9″ x 12″


Abby Funk,  A Funk Studio



Wood-Fired Ceramics by Abbey Funk


Amanda Johnson 
One of Amanda’s “Precious Metal” series.
Precious Metal Series, "Red"

Precious Metal Series, “Red”  24 x 24  Oil and Acrylic on Canvas by Amanda Johnson

Water color by Pat Kaufman one of our New Artist’s
Her studio is in the back half of Cloud House Pottery
"Life Living On The Beach"

“Life Living On The Beach” by Pat Kaufman

Ellen Starr Levinson
Ellen works at Cloud House Pottery

“The King” by Ellen Starr Levinson 30 x 40 Acrylic

Ian Levinson has been a ceramic artist since 1981.
He teaches classes at his studio, Cloud House Pottery
Come in and see all his functional & one of a kind pieces
Ian Levinson's Functional and Decorative Pottery

Ian Levinson’s Functional and Decorative Pottery

Welcome Robert J. Schmidt, Owner of Schmidt Stained Glass to Artists Alley.
This is a 2 dimensional fused, leaded and copper foiled art glass panel.  This window incorporates a flattened Van Gogh Blue vodka bottle.  Perfect for any restaurant or home bar.
Stained Glass by Robert Schmidt

Stained Glass by Robert Schmidt  22 x 24 framed in Black Lacquered Wood

Come and be inspired and amazed with the talents of your hometown artists and support this evolving art colony.


ARTISTS ALLEY is an independent group of accomplished artists collaborating to establish a grass roots working colony with a vibrant marketplace for “Art created in Delray Beach”. This exciting new, warehouse arts area is in the Pineapple Grove Arts District in downtown Delray Beach.Check out our new website- ArtistsAlleyDelray.comLOCATION – The alley runs north and south between NE 3rd and 4th Streets, east of 3rd Avenue and west of the RR tracks.EASY DIRECTIONS – From Atlantic Ave. go north on Federal Hwy., go west on NE 4th St., cross the RR tracks, go 80 feet and make a left into Artists Alley. Make your second or third left into the warehouses.FREE PARKING – in the city lot on NE 3rd Avenue just south of NE 4th St. This is the best parking for our events. It’s a well lit parking lot a half a block away.FREE SHUTTLE TO AND FROM DOWNTOWN – For a quick and courteous service, call the Downtowner for a FREE ride from anywhere in Downtown Delray. 561-702-8519


A. Funk Studio,, 718-312-2304

Amanda Johnson,, 443-823-5057
-Madeline Gallo 

Amy Reshefsky,, 561-289-4542, 819-681-6769

Bob Schmidt Stained Glass

Cacace Fine Art,,   561-276-1177 or 561-523-5300

-Vincent J. Cacace, James P. Kerr, Steve Blackwood, Valerie Vescovi, Alene Egol

Cloud House Pottery,, 561-862-9222
-Ian Levinson, Ellen Levinson, Pat Kaufman

Eric Bossik 561-900-8695

Jeff Whyman Studio, on 3rd Ave. next to Brenda’s Birds, 561-322-8867

Laszlo’s Painting Studio,, 561-330-2203

Linda White Gallery,, 561-394-2833
-Eric Bossik, Rebecca Kline, Harry McCormick, Jane Bazinet, Lenore Robbins, Jean Pierre Rouselet

Pat Kaufman  561-272-4260

Vladimir Prodanovich Studio,, 305-304-2120


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Rickie Leiter, Publisher

The Rickie Report

P.O.Box 33423

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Artists Alley Presents James P. Kerr’s Newest Work

Cacace Fine Art located at Artists Alley will be presenting new paintings by artist, James P. Kerr. The Rickie Report knows you will appreciate his expressionistic abstracts which are collected the world over. Read more about the other Open Studios of Artists Alley for Third Thursday in Delray Beach!



James P. Kerr

March 21st  6- 9 pm

Also Enjoy

Open Studios and Galleries at Artists Alley

James P. Kerr will be showing new paintings at Cacace Fine Art.
His show opens on March 21st from 6-9 pm. at Our Third Thursday Open Studios & Galleries night.


Kerr's Sunflowers

Kerr’s Sunflowers

James has been an artist and educator of oil painting for the last 40 years.  His work ranges from neo-impressionist landscapes to expressionistic abstracts and is collected internationally.  His roots are from Buffalo, NY, Gloucester, MA and the mountains of NC.  He was a personal friend and painted with Emil Gruppe.


Kerr, Painting "Wetlands"

Kerr, Painting “Wetlands”

His bold, painterly style with thick, juicy strokes of beautiful color is admired by both artists and collectors. This will be the largest exhibition of his work this year and is a wonderful opportunity to acquire an original James P. Kerr for your collection.

Cacace Gallery

Cacace Gallery


For more information or a private preview, call Vincent at 561-523-5300.   

Kerr's Patron Mail

Kerr’s Patron Mail


For a quick overview of Artists Alley, click on this link!  Vincent Cacace introduces and explains how it all began!

Cacace Fine Art,, 561-523-5300 -Vincent J. Cacace, James P. Kerr, Steve Blackwood, Valerie Vescovi, Alene Egol

Linda White Gallery,, 561-330-4712
-Harry McCormick, Jane Bazinet, Lenore Robbins, Jean Pierre Rouselet, Lena Lucky, Larry Fogard, Brenda Gordon, Rebecca Kline and more

Laszlo’s Painting Studio,, 561-330-2203

Cloud House Pottery,, 561-862-9222 -Ian Levinson, Ellen Levinson

Amanda Johnson,, 443-823-5057 -Madeline Gallo

Robin Brisker Studio,, 310-595-4304

A. Funk Studio,, 718-312-2304

Amy Reshefsky,, 561-289-4542, 819-681-6769 -at Linda White Gallery

Vladimir Prodanovich Studio,, 305-304-2120
Jeff Whyman Studio, 314 NE 3rd Ave. next to Brenda’s Birds, 561-322-8867

See their  video at 


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The Rickie Report

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How the Right Frame and Matting Enhance Artwork

The Rickie Report is a big fan of making sure each piece of artwork is framed and matted in a way that enhances the artwork we fell in love with in the first place.  In fact, before moving to FL, there were times that you would find me in a local frame shop behind the counter, changing out mats and frame corners as if I were in my own little world.  Maggie Milstead, in Delray Beach is a master framer who takes the same care as I would.  Check out her selection and her SALE!!


Now is a good time to check the pieces of artwork you have already had framed.  Make sure the matting has not yellowed or dropped within the frame itself.  Use acid free matting to protect the longevity of your favorite picture or curio. Remember that three dimensional items can be framed to make an exquisite statement and be protected from the elements at the same time.  And if you have been meaning to change the frame that you never really liked, this is a good time to do it!

Frame corner samples

Maggie has worked in the Boca Raton area since 1980. ” I had a frame shop / gallery in downtown Boca from 1980-1992, then converted my garage & moved shop home while raising twin girls. I worked with So. Florida Art Services through the 90’s who did all the framing for The Gallery Center, The Boca Museum of Art, and Flagler Museum in Palm Beach,” Maggie tells us. “Since 2001 I’ve been the framer for Cacace Fine Art. Sometimes people like to meet there to choose framing, which is fine, however my shop in Boca is even better since I keep all materials there”.

She comes highly recommended from artists themselves.  While Maggie has been framing primarily for artists Vincent Cacace, James Kerr, Valerie Vescovi, Jean Hutchinson, Genia Howard, Pati Maguire, Melissa Pope-Scott, Jerry Glickman and Pat Boldizar. And just as we would want to be cared for by a diploma certified physician, all consumers should be aware that the Professional Picture Framers Association certifies qualifications in that field.  Maggie is a CPF (certified picture framer).

Dramatically framed painting in Cacace Gallery



The Rickie Report would like to note that too often, artists are thrifty when it comes to investing in framing their pieces.  If a client likes their artwork but not the frame, issues can arise.  While it is easier to leave the frame choice to the client after the piece has been sold, art looks finished and is given a more polished presentation when it is framed.




We love to have choices, don’t we?  For us it is a matter of not only seeing a frame corner or a mat sample. We urge you to try several combinations of different mats and frames before choosing.  In the accompanying photo, you can see that Maggie does the same thing. What does a double mat vs. a single mat do for the picture?  Does the mat color draw your eye into the picture or do you only notice the frame? While you may have thought this particular piece might hang well in a hallway, if you change your mind ( and we hope you move your art pieces around much like any museum or gallery does), you no longer want to have matting that “matches” that wallpaper.  Because there are so many little decisions , it is reassuring to have a professional to rely on for suggestions.


Notice the number of choices Maggie is testing as she measures for the matting





Maggie’s standard discount to artists of 25% of 1-3 pieces; 30% off 4-6 pieces; 35% off 7-9 pieces and 40% off 10 or more pieces framed with the same materials.  She even allows you to combine with friends so you can get the best deal!  Maggie also picks up and delivers and offers hanging and consultation services.  You can call or email her with questions and she will gladly give you an estimate for your framing needs.  Maggie Walker Milstead, CPF can be reached at:  561-716-7709 or



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