Del Foxton’s Handmade Paper Art Brings “Recycled” to a New Level

Del Foxton is a contemporary Eco Artist whose artistry in Handmade Paper began with her belief that “if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”. When taking garbage to the local dump, she saw an opportunity to turn paper and garden castoffs into artistic creations. Canadian by birth and Bahamian by choice, Del’s colorful and inventive artwork is on display in a few local galleries in Southeast Florida.  The Rickie Report shares the information and gives you a preview.  The Arts Arena in Delray Beach will feature Del’s creativity at the next Open House on Friday, November 21st.  Her work can also be viewed at Artisans on the Ave. in Lake Worth.




DEL FOXTON, Featured Artist


Open House

Friday, November 21st

6:00 – 8:30 pm

770 East Atlantic Avenue     Delray Beach, FL

(In same plaza as Chico’s and Digs Restaurant-  plenty of parking)




Del Foxton's Handmade Paper Mobile

Del Foxton’s Handmade Paper Mobile

Circa 105 AD the Chinese invented an amazing process to make paper. This invention changed history and Del Foxton’s life. Now more than 2000 years later, she follows a similar process to create her artistry. Her decorative artworks are contemporary pieces designed to beautify an existing space or to start a new room that will warm the heart and hearth. 
Del believes that many homes and offices, having already addressed environmental issues, may want to consider extending their plans to the artistry hanging on their walls.






Del Foxton's "Elements in the Sun" Handmade Paper

Del Foxton’s “Elements in the Sun” Handmade Paper



Del describes herself as a, “contemporary Eco artist.  My artistry in Handmade Paper began with my belief in the saying that “if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”. When having to take our garbage to the local dump, I saw an opportunity to turn our paper and garden castoffs into artistic creations.”  In addition to Del finding her own recycled treasures, people are always dropping off leaves, plant clippings and other garden discards along with paper she can recycle.



Del Foxton's Handmade Paper "Turquoise Waters"

Del Foxton’s Handmade Paper “Turquoise Waters”




Del has been doodling since childhood and began her handmade paper explosion ten years ago.  Her bubbly personality compliments her outstanding, color-filled art pieces.  Some of Del’s pieces are painted while others use the “au natural” pigments  of her materials.  Her corporate background with the Sara Lee Corporation gives her the teaching skills she employs during her demonstrations and workshops.  Del is available to speak and demonstrate for local organizations.



Del Foxton's "Curiosity", Handmade Paper

Del Foxton’s “Curiosity”, Handmade Paper


Del tells The Rickie Report,  “For me, reusing nature is the source for my artistic inspiration. I experiment with different local leaves, flowers, seaweed and their combinations, mixed with recycled paper, to see what interesting paper will result. Being able to create a unique work of art from nature’s resources stirs my creative juices.  I feel fortunate to have entered into this broad field of handmade paper that for over 500 years was a closely guarded secret. I have found an art form that speaks to my soul.”



Del Foxton's "Pulp Fiction", Handmade Paper

Del Foxton’s “Pulp Fiction”, Handmade Paper


Del’s artistry can be found  at  The Arts Arena in Delray Beach and at Artisans on the Ave. in Lake Worth.  She welcomes the opportunity to work with you to create special artworks that reflects your commitment to the environment.  “I’ll be happy to create unique Eco friendly artworks just for you”, she tells us.  Visit her website and you will see happy art patrons and their accolades for Del’s artistry.


For more information please contact:

Del Foxton  at   or email

Please view Del’s artistry at:

Artisans on the Ave.

630 Lake Avenue      Lake Worth, FL


The Arts Arena Gallery

777 E. Atlantic    Delray Beach,FL

(In the shopping Plaza with Chico’s and Digs restaurant….just before Veteran’s Park. There is a good parking lot)



Del Foxton at Adagio Studio, Grand Bahama Island

Del Foxton at Adagio Studio, Grand Bahama Island



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