Ursula Fernandez Is Featured Artist At Perrine Community House At Palmetto Bay. Meet The Artist At The Opening Reception November 16

Meet Featured Artist, Ursula Fernandez at the Perrine Community House at Palmetto Bay on Saturday, November 16. The public is welcome to this exhibit, “The Story of Many”, showing Ursula’s vast body of work. Her art reflects her tropical roots with an influence by the art form she herself studied for many years, ballet. While she is best known for her portrait paintings in oil, she also works with acrylic, charcoal and ink. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this gracious and talented artist!





U R S U L A       F E R N A N D E Z





Opening Reception

Saturday November 16

6:30- 8:30 PM

Palmetto Bay

900 Perrine Ave

Palmetto Bay, FL






Ursula Fernandez shares these words from her heart about this exhibit, “My tribute and sincere gratitude goes out to my family, mentor, friend artists, teachers, designers and buyers, all those that have revolved in my world of art, whom have been a source of energy for my creations. When at work, I dive into a world of my own, where I find peace, contentment and great satisfaction”.


She goes on to say, “My love working with oils has been because I can express an infinite variety of mixed emotions and beauty. Every time I have picked up a brush I have learned something new and have expanded my artistic horizons. The time has come to retire from my professional life as an artist, I will not put the brush down entirely, I will be always open to sit and give to art lovers, that which I have learned in my years practicing art. I will always be happy to hear from you, if you need help, maybe advise, and why not a special order or just to say hello, Let me share with you this one of my favorite quote from unknown source: ‘Art is a fascinating and amazing vehicle of self-expression. It is a rewarding journey of learning and discovery. Art is an adventure motivated by the heart, with an understanding of the process developed through practice’”.


Ursula Fernandez at her easel



Ursula was born in Havana, Cuba and began sketching at the age of 15.  Her neighbor, Felix de Cossio, a recognized portrait painter, was a major influence on Ursula.  As she observed him at work, he taught her valuable tips and techniques.  She tells The Rickie Report, “This planted a deep seated love for painting”.



Artist, Ursula Fernandez



For many years, Ursula dedicated her life to her career and family, raising four children.  She never forgot her passion for painting.  In 1979, she picked up a brush and followed her heart. By 1981, she completed her first portrait!  Coming from a family of artists, she was eager to strike out on her own.



“Two Ballet Dancers” by Ursula Fernandez


Years later, while living in Florida, never leaving her art, she enrolled in a course taught by her long time childhood neighbor, Felix de Cossio!  He had made a successful career painting portraits of famous socialites in New York City.  Spending more time with her mentor, Ursula acquired the techniques and qualities that would serve her well throughout her own career as an artist.



“The Street Vendor” by Ursula E. Fernandez

Ursula tells us, “The subject caught my attention, a street vendor in one of the Caribbean Islands, I kept the photo to create my painting.  I was drawn to her facial expression, I knew then it would be a challenge to capture her spirit, her pleasant smile regardless that she is selling bananas under the hot sun.  Her eyes are covered by the shade of her straw hat, her rouged hands holding the wooden box.  I created a background showing the hustle and bustle of the market place.  The Street Vendor became the recipient of an Honorable Mention Award.



One can see that Ursula’s ballet and dance teaching experience enhances her appreciation for and discernment for typical details when she paints these particular subjects.  The majority of her work is inspired by her tropical roots.  Her paintings are rich in texture and color.  Her own warmth comes through each piece.


“The Nap” by Ursula Fernandez



While she still favors painting with oil, Ursula takes life by the hand and is eager to try new techniques and mediums.  She has great success with her portraitures and many of her florals are dedicated to endangered plants.  She is an award-winning artist and many of her pieces can be found in private collections. 



Ursula has also painted murals at several local sites. She tells us, “I love painting and teaching art, which has been my life long passion. Born from a family of artists and with the inspiration of my neighbor, whom I watched while at work, I was able to pursue this dream at a much later stage in my life. Please come in and read all about it, browse my portfolio, and if you like what you see, drop me an email, I will surely appreciate it!”


“Roses in a Wooden Vase” by Ursula Fernandez

Ursula offers painting classes and is available for portraits.  When one is commissioned, she likes to meet the person and also works from 3-4 photos.  She is a Signature Member of the Wellington Art Society and is happy to be painting in her own studio.  




To see Ursula’s website and complete portfolio, please visit:


0r call  561-301-6848.







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Wellington Art Society Invites You to an Artist Demo with Nancy Tilles

Nancy Tilles, a well known local artist and art teacher, will provide an oil painting demonstration at the upcoming meeting of the Wellington Art Society on October 8th. This is an opportunity for artists to meet other artists and for art lovers to see a demo in a small group setting.  The Rickie Report shares the details here.








Wellington Art Society


Invites You To


Opening Meeting


Wednesday, October  8th


Meet and Greet 6 – 7 pm


Demonstration by Nancy Tilles 7 pm


Wellington Community Center

12165 West Forest Hill Blvd. Wellington, FL





The Wellington Art Society meeting will be held Wednesday, October 8th at the Wellington Community Center, 12165 West Forest Hill Blvd. Members and guests are invited to the “Meet and Greet” from 6 – 7 pm. At 7 pm, there will be a demonstration by oil painter, Nancy Tilles. 



Nancy Tilles' "McKee Water Lilies"

Nancy Tilles’ “McKee Water Lilies”



Nancy Tilles is an award winning artist, well known for her paintings of sea life, portraits of people and flowers. Her paintings are joyful expressions brought to life through color and form. Influenced by living in South Florida for over 30 years, her images often reflect a tropical theme, rich in color.



Nancy Tilles' "Cliffs of Moher"

Nancy Tilles’ “Cliffs of Moher”




Nancy enjoys exhibiting her work at art festivals where she can meet people and exchange ideas. She has appeared in festivals throughout Florida including Artigras, Sunfest, Naples Art Fair, and Jupiter Art Fest by the Sea and has been the featured artist at both the Jupiter Art Fest and Artsfest in Stuart.




Nancy Tilles' "Twin Waterlilies"

Nancy Tilles’ “Twin Waterlilies”


Originally from New York, Nancy earned her BFA from the University of Miami in 1977. She currently resides in Palm Beach Gardens and spends her time working on commissions and teaching adults who are interested in perfecting their painting skills or learning how to paint for the first time.




Nancy Tilles' "Fantastic Journey Mermaid"

Nancy Tilles’ “Fantastic Journey Mermaid”



To view the more of Nancy’s paintings visit: www.nancytilles.com



WAS at Wellington City Hall



Congratulations to these WAS Members who have their paintings exhibited at City Hall!

Sandra Barbieri, Betty Brodie, Mimi Delgado, Donna Donelan, Ursula Fernandez, 
Marie Lentine, Joanne MacLeod, Nicole McPherson, Kathryn Morlock, Leslie Pfeiffer, 
Phyllis Silk, Franklin Weiss and Betty Jane Zedonek.


Emerging artists, new residents of the area or any artist are welcome to attend the Wellington Art Society meetings. WAS offers a wide variety of venues for members to show and sell their work in the community. For more information about WAS please visit: www.wellingtonartsociety.org   or  http://wellingtonartsociety.blogspot.com




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Wellington Art Society Annual Dinner Restropective

The Wellington Art Society’s Annual Dinner was filled with appreciation for a job well-done and enthusiasm for the upcoming year.  The Rickie Report was honored to be invited to be part of this welcoming, nurturing and involved network of artists.  We share some of the highlights here.






Wellington Art Society President, Leslie Pfeiffer, welcomed everyone to the WAS Annual Dinner. It was a time for saying “thank you” to her Board of Directors and fellow volunteers, as she gave each one a special token of appreciation.  




Leslie Pfeiffer, Laura Willems, Ursula Fernandez (Photo courtesy of

Leslie Pfeiffer, Laura Willems, Ursula Fernandez (Photo courtesy of Denise Fleischman)



Ursula Fernandez, Leslie Pfeiffer and Laura Willems were honored with the WAS Signature Member, WASSM designation.  This is awarded to active WAS member artists who have met the criteria and earned the required points through their participation and accomplishments in WAS sponsored Programs and Events. Points are earned through participation in Community Art projects, Exhibition Opportunities or Special recognition, i.e. Best in Show, doing a demonstration at a meeting.   The following WAS members attained WASSM  status and received WASSM pins in May, 2014:  Bobbin Salisbury and Joanne Baker MacLeod.    Artists may use the WASSM designation on their artwork, applications and resumes.



Nancy Brown and Rickie Leiter (Photo courtesy of Denise Fleischman)

Nancy Brown and Rickie Leiter (Photo courtesy of Denise Fleischman)



Rickie Leiter, publisher of The Rickie Report was honored for promoting art related activities, events and organizations.  She was gifted with a special book of Nancy Brown’s photography, “Simply China”, and a membership in WAS.




Corinne Ingerman, Sandra Barbieri, Marie Lentine, Betty Brodie, Sharon Segal, Sandy Axelrod, Donna Donelan, Leslie Pfeiffer, Ursula Fernandez   (Photo Courtesy of Denise Fleischman)

The Incoming Board is Installed by Ursula Fernandez

Incoming President, Donna Donelan, presented Leslie Pfeiffer with an oil portrait painted by Ursula Fernandez.
Donna Donelan and Leslie Pfeiffer (Photo Courtesy of Denise Fleischman)

Donna Donelan and Leslie Pfeiffer (Photo Courtesy of Denise Fleischman)

Ursula Fernandez and Leslie Pfeiffer (Photo Courtesy of Denise Fleischman)

Ursula Fernandez and Leslie Pfeiffer (Photo Courtesy of Denise Fleischman)

Special Thanks to DENISE FLEISCHMAN,  News Cat
If an emerging artist, a new resident of the area of any artist is looking for a group to belong to, Wellington Art Society is an easy recommendation.  They can be described as warm, professional and welcoming.   WAS offers a wide variety of venues for members to show and sell their work in the community. For more information about WAS please visit: www.wellingtonartsociety.org

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Wellington Art Society Offering Art Scholarships, Yupo Demo

Leave it to the Wellington Art Society to find another fascinating demonstration for their next meeting – Carol Ann Sherman will demonstrate a watercolor technique, “Yupo”.  In addition, their Annual Art Scholarship forms are ready to be filled out by deserving young artists.  The Rickie Report hopes you will share this article with anyone who works in a school, teaches art, with friends and family.  Don’t miss this opportunity for a scholarship – and DON’T miss Yupo!  W.A.S. events are open to the public.  Members are encouraged to bring a piece of their newest artwork to this meeting.





Wellington Art Society

Monthly Meeting Presents

Carol Ann Sherman:

Yupo Demonstration

March  13th

6:30 – 8:30 pm

Wellington Community Center  

2150 W. Forest Hill Blvd.  Wellington, FL

Members free: Guests $5. ( can be applied toward membership)

Carol Ann Sherman

Carol Ann Sherman, “Princess of Yupo”


Carol Ann considers her life “as a major work of art ~ full of whimsy and lush colors.”  When The Rickie Report looks at her art work, you can feel her high energy and effervescent personality! Her paintings have been described as being “characterized by a strength of composition, a recognizable line quality, and a layering of color on color and tone on tone. Somewhat of an experimental artist, Carol Ann’s style is contemporary representationalism.”


Carol Ann is a well known instructor who travels around the United States.  She is going to demonstrate and share some of her techniques using traditional watercolor, batik on rice paper, watercolor on Yupo, and drawing. She is currently working on a series of books and videos demonstrating her amazing watercolor skills and techniques.

Boca State of Mind

Boca State of Mind

Carol Ann shares, ” My paintings focus on the basic elements of style which I consider to be important, in two dimensional art. There is nothing more imperative than composition and to relay the message on two dimensional surface. A majority of my work is executed on Yupo which is a synthetic paper, originally made for printing purposes.”

 Sherman explains that ,”because this paper has no cotton content it is non-absorbing. This means that whatever pigment I apply to the paper remains on the surface of the paper and doesn’t fade away. I have selected this non-traditional type of watercolor painting because it allows me the freedom to record my inner emotions in a manner acceptable and understandable to most viewers.”

She adds, “I like to live on the wild, funky, whimsical, irreverent side of life and like to take my paintings there with me.”

In addition to their monthly meeting, WAS is sending out its Annual Scholarship forms to all the Palm Beach County public high schools. The applications are due April 12, and WAS will be giving $500 – $1,000 scholarships.  The Rickie Report had an opportunity to meet one of 2011 scholarship winners, Flannery Winchester. You’ve probably seen Flannery’s artwork on the walls of Palm Beach International Airport!

Wellington Art Society Offers Art Scholarships


The Wellington Art Society is currently accepting applications for its one-time $500 to $1,000 college art scholarships for graduating seniors who live in and attend high school in Palm Beach County.


  • The scholarship is available to students planning a college major in visual arts at either a 2 or 4-year institution. Applications may be obtained from their school art teachers or from the Wellington Art Society by contacting Suzanne Redmond at sredmond75@comcast.net


  • Requirements for the scholarship are as follows: Students must reside in and attend high school in Palm Beach County. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in visual arts and an overall GPA of 2.0. Three art classes in high school must have been completed. An artist’s statement and career goal must be submitted along with 7-10 photographs for viewing, a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, and the transcript of the student.


  • The application package for the scholarship is due April 12, 2013 and should be sent to the Wellington Art Society, P.O. Box 212943, Royal Palm Beach, FL  33421-2943.


The Wellington Art Society Scholarship, established in 2001, has provided 25 talented young artists with funds for their art-related expenses such as art/photographic supplies and books or tuition for visual art classes. Proceeds from the Art Society’s annual art exhibitions and sales, such as ArtFest on the Green and Whole Foods Market Art Shows, support the scholarship fund and its other programs.


Flannery is now a member of WAS and is currently enrolled in the Maryland Institute College of Art. You may have seen her artwork around town. She has exhibited at Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery in Lake Worth; ArtsGarage in Delray Beach; and she has artwork through February 27 at the Palm Beach International Airport and through May 1 at the Wellington City Hall. It is with great pleasure that the Wellington Art Society awards scholarships to such deserving individuals, and we are thrilled to see Flannery’s artwork around the county.




Painting by Flannery Winchester



Beginning March 1 through May 31st, WAS member, Ursula Fernandez will have her work exhibited at Whole Foods in Wellington.  There will be a special Artists Reception on Friday, April 26 from 6:30 – 8:00. People are asked to RSVP to Whole Foods so they can get a headcount: 561-904-4000.  More details will follow!


The public is invited to Wellington Art Society Meetings. Guests are charged $5, which can be put toward the annual dues payment of $40. Members of WAS attend free of charge. Please visit: http://www.wellingtonartsociety.org , wellingtonartsociety.blogspot.com  or call W.A.S. President Leslie Pfeiffer at 561-791-3676.

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