Taylor Loughlin Moves from Emerging Artist to SOLO Show!

The Rickie Report first met Taylor Loughlin at ArtiGras, 2013 where she was one of the emerging artists.  It was clear to us at that point, that Taylor was going to move up in the art world and indeed she has!  The Port St. Lucie Civic Center’s Art Gallery is showing Taylor’s work in a SOLO exhibition!  Make a point to go and see her earlier work as well as her current pieces!


Port St. Lucie Civic Center Art Gallery

Presents A

SOLO Exhibition by

Taylor Loughlin

Exhibit Runs Through June 6th

Monday through Friday  8:15 am – 4:15 pm

Free admission and Free Parking

9221 S.E. Civic Center Place, southeast corner of U.S. Highway 1 and Walton Road


"Pool Steps"

“Pool Steps” by Taylor Loughlin


The Port St. Lucie Civic Center’s Art Gallery is proud to announce the opening of its latest exhibit, featuring the work of local artist Taylor Loughlin.  This Civic Center is home to a 2,000 square foot Art Gallery, which is a beautifully-appointed exhibition space, with stately columns and classic woodwork. It offers local and regional artists a professional venue in which to display their work.  The exhibits, which rotate approximately every eight weeks, bring new life and vitality to the Art Gallery and expose visitors to new techniques, ideas and the beauty of all varieties of art. The Art Gallery is open Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., and closed on Saturdays and Sundays. The Civic Center is located at 9221 S.E. Civic Center Place, on the southeast corner of U.S. Highway 1 and Walton Road. 

Getting Ready to Hang Taylor's Show

Getting Ready to Hang Taylor’s Show

Taylor Loughlin is a figurative oil painter and emerging artist from the St. Lucie area.   She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Flagler College in 2011.  She has been a recipient of the Academic Achievement Award in Art and Design from Flagler College and John’s Island Community Service League Scholarship.  She took second place in a Student Juried Show at the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum in 2010 and won the “Uncle Reg – Pass It on Award” from the A.E. Backus Gallery Student Juried Show in 2006.


"Resting Hands"

“Resting Hands” by Taylor Loughlin

Taylor Loughlin interned with Flagler College in a restoration of paintings done by George W. Maynard.  She worked with students from the Escuela Superior de Arte del Principado de Asturias of Spain, who traveled from Aviles, Spain to restore the original ceiling paintings in the Dining Hall of Flagler College. As an intern, Loughlin worked close with the other students, on 40 foot scaffolding, to reattach falling paint and patch up spots where the paint was worn away.  Taylor also interned with the Vero Beach Art Museum summer camp programs for children interested in the arts and she has volunteered at various art programs for children in South Florida and Saint Augustine,FL.


“Pool Side” by Taylor Loughlin

Taylor Loughlin currently works and lives in St. Lucie County where she works on her newest collection of paintings.  She focuses on highly saturated skin tones and how far the flesh in an image can be pushed to show color variation.  She is interested in how the figure is portrayed and the colors that make up the skin tones.  Her current work is a study of the figure’s interaction with water—how the form is morphed under the water and how blue tones affect the skin.

"Direct Gaze"

“Direct Gaze” by Taylor Loughlin

Taylor tells us, “The ebb and flow of water dictates how an object appears within it.  The element of water changes how an object appears below the surface and becomes an intriguing visual experience for the viewer. The image may appear broken, foreshortened, or even morphed.  This illusion creates a visual experience, forcing the eye and brain to decipher what it sees.  The fragmentation of the image interacting with water is both puzzling and beautiful.  My work involves mixing highly saturated skin tones with blue hues to illustrate the intricacies of how the flesh and water interact”.


To reach Taylor to discuss pricing, purchasing and commission work: www.taylorloughlinstudios.com



For more information about the Port St. Lucie Civic Center Art Gallery contact: 

Kelly A. Tiger, Recreation Manager
Port St. Lucie Civic Center
City of Port St. Lucie
(772) 807-4467


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Lazaro Ruda, Emerging Artist Shares Underwater Splendors at ArtiGras

ArtiGras  Fine Arts Festival is always a highlight event for art lovers.  The Rickie Report is proud to have mentored a large number of the “Emerging Artists” for the 2013 show!  The Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce produces a top-notch juried show, which is presented with the help of Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center.  This is truly a community-wide effort, which involves hundreds of volunteers.  Here is an introduction to one of the “emerging artists”, Lazaro Ruda.





ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival

February 16-18

Abacoa Town Center,  Jupiter, FL

Saturday & Sunday 10 am – 6 pm

Monday 10 am – 4 pm

Out of the hundreds of artists who are juried into ArtiGras, the organizers recognize eleven artists who have never been involved in a juried show of this type.  These “Emerging Artists” are taken under the ArtiGras’ wings and nurtured to enable them to participate in future events with a base of understanding and experience.


The eleven “Emerging Artists” include:

  • John Cooksey
  • Jim Maddox (Eydylhands Studio)
  • Edward Grates
  • Taylor Loughlin
  • Christopher Thomas (C. Thomas Photography)
  • Lazara Ruda (The Living Sea)
  • Brent Hoosac
  • Shelly Cox (Norma Cockwell)
  • Irene Jalowayski (Smashing Glass)
  • Jim McCann (Copper Canvas)
  • Joan Hendelman (Hendel Jewelry)


The Rickie Report urges you to take the time to visit each of their booths, see their work and talk to them about what they do and how they do it!  Remember, when you buy an item from an “emerging artist” you can  say  you knew them before they became famous!

Raised in south Florida, Lazaro Ruda has been around the ocean his entire life. Through the span of over thirty years he has watched his ocean world slowly change due to human impact. With the thought that people only protect what they love, he took up the challenge of learning to photograph underwater in order to bring the ocean’s splendors to the eyes of a worldwide audience. Through his web site, TheLivingSea.com, he shares his love and passion for our ocean planet in the hopes that others will understand, cherish and protect our natural world.
An American Alligator underwater photograph
Laz Ruda’s Artist Statement begins, “Ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau wrote, “People protect what they love.”  These simple words form the foundation of why I photograph the nature of our oceans.  I use my photography and my ocean experiences to bring to light what to many is an alien world.”

His experiences as a scuba diver enhance his understanding and vision of what he wants to share via his camera.  He tells The Rickie Report, “My photography entails decades of experience as a scuba diver.  Before holding an underwater camera in my hand, it is important that I feel completely comfortable in this unique environment for my own safety and, just as important, the well-being of the creatures I photograph”.

Male Seahorse Giving Birth in Wild

Male Seahorse Giving Birth in Wild

Working underwater has its constraints regarding technical equipment.  Laz shares, “Underwater photography does not give me the liberties of using zoom lenses.  I must approach an animal well beyond its comfort zone to capture its image.  Having an intimate knowledge of the creature, it’s environment, and an enormous amount of patience is required.  Some of my photographs have taken hours to capture.  Many have taken years to perfect.”

Queen angelfish in Palm Beach, Florida
When he is asked why he chooses to work underwater, Laz is quite straightforward in sharing his philosophy. “In my decades of exploring the oceans, I have encountered untold damage to this delicate environment caused by our every day actions. I have also seen our oceans improve when ordinary citizens have cared enough to make a difference.  My hope is that my images and stories will help you understand our amazing ocean planet a little better and my passion and admiration for the natural world becomes your own.”
For more information about ArtiGras: www.artigras.org

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