Artists Doing Their Thing During A Crisis: Free Webinar, Financial Relief Resources, How To Acquire Your Own Patrons, Let Your Craft Be An Essential Saving Grace

Trina Slade-Burks and Anthony Burks Sr. continue to be significant supporters of artists, by offering a FREE Webinar “So You Want To Be A Curator” tomorrow, Thursday, March 26. The video will be available for 24 hours after viewing. They also share important financial and other resources in this Rickie Report article. Feel free to share this timely information.  Physical distancing does not mean we have to be socially distanced.  Let’s stay connected!!













So You Want to Be a Curator Free Webinar

(Facebook live)


THURSDAY,  MARCH 26         1PM




Big or small curating an event takes a lot of planning. When you attend events, do you think to yourself “This is so easy. I can do this.”.

With COVID-19 situation happening right now & everyone social distancing for the time being, a webinar-style, Facebook Live type of event is the best option.

Once you RSVP we will connect via FB & Trina will give you access to the private group. You will keep access to the group & have access to the video for 24 hours after the original airing of the webinar.







Join Patreon & Acquire your Own Patrons






What is a patron?   They are a person who supports with money, gifts, efforts, or endorsements to creatives, institutions, causes, events etc…

Want to find a way to link up with other creatives or provide exclusive content to people who want to support your visions?


Financial Relief Resources for Artists

During COVID-19




We know that many artists have lost some of their fiscal opportunities due to the present crisis. Teaching gigs, mural projects and art exhibitions have come to a halt because we have been sequestered, schools and institutions are closed, and we must be socially distance ourselves from the public. But bills still need to be paid!  There are financial options in place for you. 

Find the list 





Let your Craft be an Essential Saving Grace

Lake Park business 3D printing face shields to protect healthcare workers from coronavirus





Here’s a challenge. We are in an international crisis. Evaluate your talent resources. Can your talent help someone? 


Here is an example


You may have a lot to offer and you didn’t know you could. 

How can you make a difference?

Put your thinking cap on and assist an immediate need.




Working on Something New? Go Live



“Ethnic Mermaid” by Anthony Burks, Sr



So you are tired of this social distancing thing and you are cooped up in your studio.  Why not go live and let the world see your talent.  Artists, DJ’s, singers & even yoga instructors are using Facebook, IG and Youtube as a tool to get the audience to see their creativity. 

This is REAL EXPOSURE at your convenience. 






About ATB Fine Artists & Designers LLC:


ATB is an all Art business and art-consulting firm created in 1993.  Its mission is to provide professional image building opportunities for artists and businesses through creative and unique concepts.  ATB has been educating, promoting and creating artistic concepts and visions for two decades.

The ATB Fine Artists & Designers LLC, please visit, follow us @atbfineartists on IG, or or contact us at 561-714-6674.

About No More Starving Artists Foundation (NMSAF):


NMSAF is a 501(c)3 founded 2018 whose mission is to build the legacies for artists from Palm Beach County.  It was established to help primarily Palm Beach County artists be sustainable by providing opportunities and services. For more information about NMSAF visit follow us @nmsafpbc on twitter and IG, or or contact us on 561-714-6674.




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Artists Of Palm Beach County Invites Public To “Member’s Choice” Exhibit And Issues A Call For Support As Art On Park Gallery May Lose Its Occupancy!

The Artists of Palm Beach County is one of the most supportive community arts groups The Rickie Report publicizes.  We must apprise the arts community about APBC’s latest struggle to maintain occupancy at Art on Park Gallery in Lake Park.  The Rickie Report shares photos from “Through The Camera’s Eyes” and invites the public to “Member’s Choice” Exhibit which will run from October 10 through November 16 with an Opening Reception on October 18, 2019.  We share VITAL information for YOU to HELP keep Art on Park Gallery as their home base.  It is a simple request for an email or snail mail letter of support.  Details are here.





Art on Park Gallery

For Artists by artists of all disciplines, media and price points

Open:   Monday through Saturday Noon to 6 PM

800 Park Avenue Lake Park, Florida 33403      561-345-2842



APBC Art on Park Gallery



Opening Reception:

Friday,  October 18, 2019

 5- 8 pm

Exhibit runs October 10 through November 16





To show your support, if you cannot stop by the gallery to sign the petition, please send a letter of support via email or snail mail to:

Or by snail mail:

Artists of Palm Beach County

Art on Park Gallery

800 Park Avenue Lake Park, FL  33403

You MUST include your name, address and phone number for the letter of support to be legally binding.


DEADLINE:  October 1, 2019




 Ed Munoz presenting Barbara Ziev with her First Place Award in front of her photo at the “Through the Camera’s Eye” Opening Reception.




Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Council states in their Green Paper: “Cities gain value through public art – cultural, social, and economic value. Public art is a distinguishing part of our public history and our evolving culture. It reflects and reveals our society, adds meaning to our cities and uniqueness to our communities… and builds bridges between cultures. The arts are also a fundamental component of a healthy community—strengthening them socially, educationally, and economically—benefits that persist even in difficult social and economic times.” Furthermore, data strongly indicate that cities with an active, dynamic cultural scene are more attractive to businesses and therefore act as catalysts for revenue and urban regeneration.




 Ed presenting Irma Friedman with her Honorable Mention Award



That being said, Artists of Palm Beach County, Inc. (APBC) is having trouble getting the support from the town of Lake Park to continue its occupancy of the Art on Park Gallery at 800 Park Avenue. They may have to vacate the premises in the very near future. The group has been there for the past six years and has been a great contribution to the town. With more than a hundred local artist members, the gallery is the home of over a dozen resident artists and exhibits works of artists from throughout Palm Beach County. APBC’s mission is to bring artists together to share and learn from each other and to offer the opportunity to the community to create an environment that encourages the arts.




 Ed congratulating Dennis Leon for being the Featured Artist for the exhibition




The gallery has been open six days a week from noon to 6 PM and has offered free programs including ongoing exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations and classes to local residents. It  has provided scholarships for students in Palm Beach Gardens High School and Jupiter High School as well as donations and sponsorships to Lake Park events such as the recent Back to School Extravaganza in which 10 members volunteered their time to distribute food, answer questions, and direct the hundreds of people that attended the event. The numerous exhibitions and solo exhibits over the years have included many that helped to raise money for various local charitable organizations including the Audubon Society, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Friends of the Lake Park Public Library. In fact, APBC collaborated with the Public Library on a number of occasions exhibiting work and providing presentations. A recent Art on Park Gallery exhibit, “Now It Is Summer.” displayed the artwork done by 7 to 12 year olds in the Lake Park Summer Camp Program who took part in an art event at the library with supplies donated by APBC.




They prefer to stay where they are!

All this is to say that the Artists of Palm Beach County hopes to continue its mission even if it is no longer housed in 800 Park Avenue. The group existed for a number of years before they occupied the Art on Park Gallery. Meetings were held at artists homes, or in other local venues, and space was rented for exhibitions. While the group can do that again, they are open to ideas of where to go, and they are reaching out to the community for help to find a new home if necessary.




In the meantime a call for artists has gone out for a Member’s Choice exhibit, which will run from October 10th through November 16th with an Opening Reception on October 18, 2019. Everyone is invited and the Artists of Palm Beach County is looking forward to celebrating the talent of its membership. Please mark your calendar and plan to celebrate with them.





For more information about these exhibits, classes, Art Salons, studio space or other events:

APBC Art on Park Gallery
800 Park Avenue, Lake Park FL 33403




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The Gilt Complex Offers Free Art Talk On May 16. Learn About Framing, Art Restoration, Conservation Services. See Diverse Mat And Frame Selections Beyond Your Expectations!

Artists, students, and art enthusiasts are invited to an Art Talk: “Best Practices In Storing, Matting, and Framing Art” on Thursday, May 16 at The Gilt Complex.  This free event includes a prize drawing and will cover topics such as affordable framing options, tips on protecting and storing your art, styles & trends in displaying art, and photography frames that have a WOW impact!  The Gilt Complex will offer an Art Talk each third Thursday of the month.  We interview Duncan Hurd about this intriguing art resourceThe Rickie Report shares the details and a few sneak peeks.



608 Colorado Avenue  Stuart, FL  34944


Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 to 5 






P R E S E N T S :




Art Talk:

“Best Practices In Storing, Matting, and Framing Art”



Thursday, May 16

5:30  –  8  pm



Free admission          Free parking

Free refreshments         Free prize drawing







The Rickie Report knows that art is all around us – and we just have to stop and notice!  I was checking out what was happening along Colorado Avenue, known as the “artbeart” of Stuart,  and came across a frame shop called The Gilt Complex. Intrigued, I went inside and had a fascinating conversation with Duncan Hurd, the owner.



TRR:  So, what’s with the name?


Our business was founded by a gilder and art restorer in New Jersey in 1982. He has a great sense of humor and rather than call his business something like “Ye Olde Frame Shop,” he decided to have a little fun and call it “The Gilt Complex.” We took over after he retired a couple years ago, and we just love the quirkiness of the name. If nothing else, it’s a conversation starter.



An example of art restoration: You can see the more vibrant colors (left side) after this piece of artwork has been cleaned.



TRR:  Tell our readers more about your business.


The Gilt Complex is a custom framing and art restoration business.  We frame everything from original art painted by the masters to your child’s masterpiece. In our restoration service, we mostly remove dirt and blemishes from the painting’s surface and repair minor damage.  Although we have been known to reline and restore significantly damaged historical works of art. 




TRR:  I’m in love with all your frames!


Thanks.  We have what we consider to be one of the most diverse collections of frames in the area.  From historical reproduction 22-karat gold leaf finished corner frames to modern unfinished corner frames.  In order to avoid mass confusion, we organize our samples by style, with room between each frame so you can distinguish one from the other.  We have traditional, ornate gold and silver, wood veneer, contemporary and eclectic, and rustic styles, among others.  We even have a bright and colorful Coastal Collection.  



The thin black liner inside the mat opening on “Blue footed Boobies” by Katie Gianni, heightens the space and distinction between the artwork and the matting. It gives the eye a space to rest and appreciate the artwork, without being too crowded.  This frame further intensifies the feather of the subject matter, while the frame’s corners capture the look of webbed feet.






TRR:  What’s unique about your business?  What sets you apart?


Three words: selection, service and smiles!  We have well over 2,000 frame samples in our showroom.  Beyond that, we will never compromise on quality.  We only use acid-free mats and papers, and all our glass is UV protected.  We are very careful about how we handle your art, and we take the time to fit your frame the right way.  That doesn’t mean that everything we do is expensive.  Quite the contrary.  We’re happy to work within any budget, but the quality of our work will be consistent no matter what you pay.  

TRR:  And smiles?


We have a lot of fun doing what we do.  Our customers often comment about what a happy place this is.  It’s much more rewarding to establish relationships than to squeeze every nickel out of every sale.  So, we talk to you and laugh with you.  Life is too short not to enjoy what you do, and we like to share the fun we have doing it.  Thus, the smiles!



The dark mat took attention away from the art itself and the orange-toned frame was a distraction.

Now, the artwork is the main focus, bringing the blue from the art piece into the mat lining.  Look at how much brighter this piece seems!





TRR:  Who else works with you?


My wife Pam is an engineer and she does everything in our workshop.  She operates our computerized mat cutter, cuts the glass, assembles the frames and puts it all together.  What I love about her approach is that she spends as much time on all the little things you will never see as she does on what’s in front of you.  Katie Gianni is an accomplished artist who brings that level of creativity to designing the ideal frame for your art, whether it’s an original or a print.  Finding the perfect marriage between the art and the frame is what Katie and I most enjoy.  



TRR:  You said you’ve been around since 1982, but I didn’t even know you were here.


For about a dozen years we were tucked away in a strip mall on South Dixie Highway near Port Salerno.  Last year in February we moved the store to Colorado Avenue.  We love, love, love being in downtown Stuart in what is rapidly becoming known as the arts and entertainment district.  Someone recently called it “the artbeat of Stuart.”  More and more people are finding us every day due to our more centralized location.  Just like you did!





TRR:  How else can people find you?


Probably the best place is through the internet.  Our website tells our story pretty well at  We are a big supporter of the Arts Council of Martin County and you can see our ad in their magazine, as well as in the Lyric Theatre’s magazine.  One of the great rewards of owning a small business is becoming an integral part of the community.  In addition to the Arts Council, we are active members of the Stuart/Martin Chamber of Commerce.  It’s hard to go anywhere without recognizing someone, and we think that’s wonderful.  

Note the red line incised around the middle of the frame and how this accentuates the outlines in the artwork.  This and the color of the frame itself offer subtle touches that enhance the artwork. 





TRR:  What framing advice can you offer our readers?


An expression I often repeat when choosing a frame is, “What does the art want?”  In other words, what frame will best compliment the art and draw your attention to the painting or print?  The advantage of custom framing is having many options available to you – not only the frames, but also mats, liners and all the other components that go into creating beautiful artwork.  You can almost always find something appropriate within your budget.  But if your decision is driven by price alone, you may not even give yourself the opportunity to consider the best design solution.  



TRR:  Do you have any concluding thoughts?


If you surround yourself with art, every day will be filled with joy!








For more information:

The Gilt Complex

608 Colorado Avenue    Stuart, FL 34994



Instagram:  @thegiltcomplex




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On Small Business Saturday, November 26th, McMow Art Glass Offers Discounts For You And Donations To Local Elementary School

Small Business Saturday was started by American Express in November, 2010. It encouraged holiday shoppers to patronize brick and mortar businesses that are small and local, especially during the busiest time of the year for shopping. This initiative has been wildly successful and McMow Art Glass is honored to be a part of it.  The Rickie Report shares the exciting details of McMow’s discounts on classes and how purchases will also benefit the Highland Elementary School!  Be there on Saturday, November 26th!



mcmow_logo_4colorproces_AI8 [Converted]

701 N Dixie Hwy. Lake Worth, FL

(561) 585-9011





Small Business Saturday is
Saturday, November 26th, 2016



Small Business Saturday was started by American Express in November of 2010. It began as a way to encourage holiday shoppers to patronize brick and mortar businesses that are small and local, especially during the busiest time of the year for shopping. This initiative has been wildly successful and McMow Art Glass is honored to be a part of it.






This year, in addition to giving you something special as a thank you for shopping small with McMow, we also want to give back to our local community!



Receive 10% OFF your entire purchase on
Small Business Saturday!

(cannot be combined with any other offer or discount)

and we will be giving 10% of our sales from that day to our neighborhood elementary school,
Highland Elementary!



YOU GET 10% and WE GIVE 10%!


We have the perfect gift for all your loved ones at McMow Art Glass

– Beginner Art Glass Classes in Fusing, Stained Glass, Mosaics and more!
– Beautiful pieces of Art!
– Custom Stained Glass Doors and Windows for your home or office!


This holiday season – you have the choice! Local retailers are in constant competition with online and large scale retailers so it is with the most sincere sentiment that we say

THANK YOU for choosing to Shop Small at McMow Art Glass.






For more information about these events, classes or tours:

Taylor Materio, Creative Director
McMow Art Glass, Inc
Fax: 561-586-2292






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