Pat Kaufman Celebrates 1st Anniversary of Her Studio with Special Offers

Pat Kaufman’s paintings are full of color and lively – just like she is!  This article celebrates the 1st Anniversary of her studio in Artists’ Alley.  In addition to special discounts, Pat is also offering some fun craft classes for adults and children.   What a great idea for a small group or a party!  The Rickie Report shares the details and congratulates Pat on this milestone.






Celebrating 1st Anniversary

at Artists’ Alley

Open House

Thursday, July 17th

6 – 9 pm


20% discount on all sales


Delray Beach, FL




This third Thursday is Pat Kaufman’s one year aniversary at Artists’ Alley.  She tells The Rickie Report, “I can not believe it is one year already. I would like to invite everyone to come help me celebrate. I’m offering a 20% discount on all sales of my artwork this week and there will be wine and goodies. Some of my new pieces will be unveiled at this opening.  It will be fun!”


"Joyful Morning" by Pat Kaufman

“Joyful Morning” by Pat Kaufman



An award winning watercolor artist, Pat is known for her bright tropical, Key West style of paintings. She lives in a renovated cottage, built in the 1930s, in Pineapple Grove one of the historical districts of Delray Beach, with her son Trey, a disabled veteran.  In 2014, Pat was Featured Artist at the 25th Annual Delray Beach Festival of the Arts. One of her paintings was offered as the free give-away, a promotion by Howard Alan Events.




"Sea Cottage V" by Pat Kaufman

“Sea Cottage V” by Pat Kaufman



In addition to a special 20% discount on purchases to celebrate her anniversary, Pat offers fun craft classes for adults and children running all summer.  They are on different days and times.  She tells us that in her most recent class, “We are doing fish and mermaids.  All of my classes are small.  We have no more than 6 in a class.  This is a perfect place to bring a group of friends together or have some creative time with children.  Painting and embellishing is always fun!”  Contact Pat for more information and booking arrangements.




"Sea Window" by Pat Kaufman

“Sea Window” by Pat Kaufman



Pat tells us, “I am inspired by the wonder of color. The transparency and spontaneity of watercolors gives life to my paintings. Here in Florida and other places I have visited, there is so much color all around you. When I observe the trees blowing in the breeze, the sunlight dancing off the leaves or the light shining through blossom petals, it inspires me to paint them and see if I can capture this dance of light.”   We love seeing her work on pillows, cutting boards, tiles and table tops as well as on walls!



Summer Crafts with Pat Kaufman

Summer Crafts with Pat Kaufman



Born and raised in Buffalo, NY as Pat Vincent, Pat relocated to Florida in 1976. Pat is an accomplished artist whose works has been displayed at Delray Beach City Hall, American Orchid Society, Cadillac Headquarters and Cornell Museum. She is a member of the Palm Beach Watercolor Society, the Delray Art League, Artists of Palm Beach County and the Wellington Art Society.




ARTISTS ALLEY is an independent group of accomplished artists collaborating to establish a grass roots working colony with a vibrant marketplace for “Art created in Delray Beach”. This exciting new, warehouse arts area is in the Pineapple Grove Arts District in downtown Delray Beach. Check out our new website-


LOCATION – The alley runs north and south between NE 3rd and 4th Streets, east of 3rd Avenue and west of the RR tracks.

EASY DIRECTIONS – From Atlantic Ave. go north on Federal Hwy., go west on NE 4th St., cross the RR tracks, go 80 feet and make a left into Artists Alley. Make your second or third left into the warehouses. You can print a map at

FREE PARKING – in the city lot on NE 3rd Avenue just south of NE 4th St. This is the best parking for our events. It’s a well lit parking lot a half a block away.



To make arrangements for Pat’s small summer classes

 please contact her at: or call  561-271-0128


 You can read more about Pat at




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Craig Watts Exhibits at Highland Beach Library

Emerging artist Craig Watts will be exhibiting his paintings at the Highland Beach Library in March.  His ability to illuminate landscapes is inspiring and we find his perspective innovative. Craig’s goal is to preserve a moment in time to enhance other’s appreciation for the unspoiled beauty of God’s creation. The Rickie Report urges you to go to this exhibit and meet Craig at the Public Reception. More details are in this article.



Craig Watts Fine Art






The strength and grace of trees, the energy that breathes from low country salt marshes, and the warmth of sunlight at dawn or dusk are the signatures of Craig Watts’s art. 



"Sunset in the Florida Keys"

“Sunset in the Florida Keys”



Craig’s paintings are inspired by his love of nature and fond memories of family vacations spent in the coastal low country of the Southeast and the majestic high country of the western United States. 




"Shadows on the Marsh"

“Shadows on the Marsh”


Craig’s grandmother was a professional artist and his father is an accomplished sculptor, yet Craig discovered his gift of painting relatively late in life.  After a successful career as the President of three furniture design and manufacturing companies, Craig redirected his creative talent to painting. He is fortunate to have the opportunity to study under renowned artist Miles Laventhall. Craig is a member of the American Impressionist Society, Inc.


"Watering Hole, Drink Station at the Marathon"

“Watering Hole, Drink Station at the Marathon”


Craig tells The Rickie Report, “I find myself so deeply absorbed when painting, that I experience a liberating freedom as the colors and images flow from my brush to the canvas. It is my hope and prayer that my art brings a sense of joy and spiritual awareness for the beauty of God’s creation.”


"Autumn's Dawn"

“Autumn’s Dawn”


Ancient live oaks draped with Spanish moss, salt marshes intersected by tidal estuaries and sprawling stands of Aspen trees fill Craig’s canvases.  Craig’s goal is to preserve a moment in time to enhance other’s appreciation for the unspoiled beauty of God’s creation. 


"Swimming Through"

“Swimming Through”



Craig shares, “Painting has sharpened my awareness and appreciation of the grandeur and beauty of the great outdoors.  Painting lifts my heart and spirit as the canvas comes alive from something that until then, was hidden inside my mind and soul.  Painting is my praise offering to God for all of His blessings in my life.  My Christian faith and love of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, are my source of strength and peace.  It is my hope and prayer that my painting brings joy to others and honors the love, support and encouragement from my family”.



"Marsh Sunset"

“Marsh Sunset”



Observers of Craig’s paintings comment on their luminosity and depth.  Recently, Craig has been inspired to paint animals and flowers in varying styles ranging from  realism to an abstract realism exploring unique color palettes for his compositions.  His loyal dog, Hooper is always present with Craig in the studio.


Craig and Hooper

Craig and Hooper


For more information please contact    or call   561-504-1632.

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