Laura Kay Whiticar Darvill Takes Wire Wrapped Stones, Sea Glass, And Gems To A Higher Level

When you look at Laura Kay Whiticar Darvill‘s wire wrapped jewelry necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, you wonder how her fingers make the wires into such intricate motifs! For the month of December, she will be one of the featured artists in the Palm Room in StuartLaura Kay also fabricates jewelry using silver clay, offering unique, one-of-a-kind pendants and earrings.  Stop by and meet Laura Kay and watch her as she creates on Thursday, December 19; Friday, December 20; and Friday, January 3.  Much of her work is influenced by her passion for the ocean.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks of Laura Kay’s jewelry – and reminds you that gift-giving is the perfect time to choose from her selection!  She also hosts jewelry parties!





​J e w e l r y     By    W h i t i c a r






Laura Kay Whiticar Darvill 







The  Palm  Room in  Harbour Bay  Plaza

3778 SE Ocean Boulevard   Stuart, Florida




Thursday, December 19:    

3:30 – 7 pm


Friday, December 20:

Noon – 3:30 pm


 Friday, January 3:

 3:30 – 7 pm




Regular Gallery Hours:

Wednesdays – Saturdays

Noon to 7 pm

Through the month of December





One of a Kind Bracelets by Laura Kay Whiticar Darvill




Laura Kay tells The Rickie Report, “My jewelry artist journey started about ten years ago on a cruise ship.  Some friends on the cruise talked me into going to a jewelry class even though I was completely uninterested. I went with the group, and was convinced I would not enjoy it. We made a simple pair of earrings and, amazingly, I was “hooked”.  I came home and immediately started taking classes , including the William Holland Lapidary School of the Arts”.



“Combining several media often creates interesting results.  I enjoy the challenge of working with silver clay, forming and soldering silver sheet, and wire wrap along with the objects such as gemstones”. 




Wire Wrapped pendants by Laura Kay Whiticar Darvill



TRR:   Please tell us about the variety of elements you use in creating your one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.  


There is a variety of processes that can be incorporated into making jewelry.  After participating in quite a few classes in various methods, I came to the conclusion that two of the areas especially captured my interest:  wire wrapping and silver metal clay.

Wire wrapping jewelry is made using no solder, heat or glue.  The design of the wire is incorporated into the jewelry and can be the focal point of the piece.  Wire wrapped jewelry allows me to incorporate a variety of objects such as beads, pearls, gemstones, coins, crystals, beach coral, shells, sea glass, and fused glass into jewelry.  I really enjoy custom orders, and my favorite custom orders are those in which I incorporate meaningful objects into jewelry especially for someone.  These have included a small meteorite, sea glass found on a special beach, and a 25th anniversary commemorative coin.  Unless I have a specific request for another type of wire, I use sterling silver or gold filled wire for the wire wrapped jewelry.


Silver Clay pendants by Laura Kay Whiticar Darvill




Silver clay is formed from very tiny particles of pure silver along with some liquid and filler. The clay must be formed and shaped within about 10 minutes as it hardens quickly as it air dries.  When it is fully dry, it is hard (similar to pottery) and can be refined and embellished.  It is then baked in a kiln at 1650 degrees for about two hours.  After cooling, it can be polished and finished with patina (if desired). The result is a pure silver piece that is about 85% of the original size.  


My favorite type of jewelry using silver clay is my menagerie of animals, especially sea creatures which I have made.  This collection includes Bill the Pelican, Oscar the Octopus, and, my newest, Fiona the Flamingo.





Unique wire wrapped pendant by Laura Kay Whiticar Darvill



TRR:  Each piece of your jewelry seems to tell a story!



I have two main objectives in my jewelry making.  First, I enjoy creating and implementing new designs!!  The potential is limitless!!  Secondly, it is always a pleasure when people come up and tell me how much they enjoy wearing my jewelry.  Sometimes they seek me out at an event to show me they are wearing some of “my” jewelry.  Frequently they will explain how they have specific outfits they wear or occasions they attend wearing my jewelry.  If they feel special, then I do also!   I am really having so much fun learning new skills and creating jewelry!!


I really enjoy making custom jewelry.  I have gemstones, cabochons, coral, sea glass, and beads available for use in jewelry.  If you wish to come to the studio and pick out objects to be used for a custom piece, please contact me.  In addition, I make custom pieces using your items.  If you have a memento or treasure that has been sitting in a drawer or on a shelf, consider having it turned into “wearable art.”  The possibilities are endless: maybe you have a cherished stone, sea glass, or shell from the beach, or a coin from another country, beads from a special bracelet, or even a ceramic piece from a broken bowl that could be used as a pendant or incorporated into a bracelet or earrings.  Almost anything that is a reasonable size can be used in your special piece of jewelry. 



My jewelry incorporates sterling silver, pure silver and jewelers gold into pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces.  This often features gemstones, fused glass, lamp work beads and other materials. The creation of custom jewelry is a special joy for me. Often this means taking someone’s favorite memento and turning it into an object that can be worn and enjoyed.  Much of my work is influenced by a passion for the ocean. 




Wire wrapped pendants by Laura Kay Whiticar Darvil include fused glass, semi-precious stones, sea glass and coral.



TRR:  You are a creative role model for people who think they can’t create!


I began creating jewelry ten years ago.  I have attended the William Holland Lapidary School of the Arts classes for eight years, plus several classes at the St. Lucie Rock and Gem Club, as well as participated in several national workshops and convention. I’m a member of the St. Lucie Rock and Gem Club, the Martin Artisans Guild, and the Arts Council of Martin County, all local organizations promoting the creation of art.  I’m also a member of the Alliance for Metal Clay Arts Worldwide (AMCAW) and the Southeastern Federation of Mineralogical Society.  My father, Curt Whiticar, was an oil painter and a boat builder.  His influence included the importance of hard work and perseverance, creativity in art, and enjoyment of nature.  He was very interested in art and enjoyed making suggestions to me regarding my work.  While my children were growing up, I had a career as a mathematics teacher.  After retirement, I learned sign language and enjoyed traveling (especially if it included a boat or ship.)



TRR:  To learn more about and from Laura Kay, we urge our readers to sign up for her newsletter.  She takes us to places we’ve never been and gives us insight!




Newsletter:  Whiticar Waves

The newsletter is sent out about every three weeks.It features some interesting ideas and facts that applies to the type of jewelry I make, especially focusing on recent new discoveries and processes.In addition, I post information regarding other art opportunities in the area.  To receive the newsletter,  just request and send your email address and name to or request in person.






My website is   My website features my jewelry, however I do not sell on the website.  You are welcome to contact me if you wish more information about the jewelry.  


My jewelry is available at:

Geoffrey Smith Gallery in downtown Stuart

Geoffrey Smith Studio in Port Salerno

The Emporium at the Elliott Museum on Hutchison Island in Stuart

The Palm Room at Harbor Bay Plaza (for December)

My Studio – by appointment only (contact me)


Jewelry Parties:  

Host a fun afternoon or evening with family or friends.  I can either set up a jewelry party in your location or mine.  If you sent host at your location, you will provide drinks and refreshments.  If I host in my studio location, I will provide drinks and light refreshments.  I have several games (jewelry related) and/or the attendees may just wish to mingle and socialize.  I will make a formal presentation of my jewelry if requested, and I will have jewelry for sale.  The hostess will receive a gift of a bracelet, pendant, or earrings of her choice in addition to a percentage of the sales credit towards other jewelry.   






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Boca Museum in Mizner Park Hosts First Art School Faculty Exhibit

Irvin Lippman, Executive Director of The Boca Raton Museum of Art has invited to the Art School faculty to exhibit at the Museum in Mizner Park. This is the first faculty exhibit to be held at the Museum. The Art School, The Artists’ Guild and Museum in Mizner Park make up the expanded cultural campus of Boca Raton Museum of Art dedicated to excellence in all its endeavors, through its collections, exhibitions and educational opportunities.  The Rickie Report is pleased to share the details about the Opening Reception, Upcoming Workshops and a sneak peek at the Faculty Artists.




Boca Museum Art School



Art School “Faculty Exhibit”

at the

Boca Raton Museum of Art in Mizner Park

Opening reception: Tuesday, January 27,   6 – 8 pm

Exhibit runs January 26 to April 5, 2015


Check these sites for special talks and events during the exhibit:





Faculty Artist Carla Golembe

Faculty Artist, Carla Golembe


Irvin Lippman, Executive Director of The Boca Raton Museum of Art has invited to the Art School faculty to exhibit at the Museum in Mizner Park. This is the first faculty exhibit to be held at the Museum in Mizner Park. The Art School, The Artists’ Guild and Museum in Mizner Park make up the expanded cultural campus of Boca Raton Museum of Art dedicated to excellence in all its endeavors, through its collections, exhibitions and educational opportunities.


"Frame" by Lopez

“Frame” by Faculty Artist, Chris Lopez




Saturday Workshops focus on a specific technique or medium.

Each workshop can be an excellent introduction to a new medium to enrich your artwork, refresh your skills or re-ignite your creativity!


Faculty artist, Sloate

Faculty Artist, Roxene Sloate

Saturday, January 17

Drawing Refresher

Improve and refresh your drawing skills. Gain a fresh approach and confidence in your drawing abilities and reinforce previous experiences in drawing regardless of the subject matter.


#8.88 Saturday, January 17: 9 AM –NOON

#8.89 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Instructor: Jane McIntyre

Tuition $85 per session  
$160 both sessions



Faculty Artist Catalina Aguirre Hoffman

Faculty Artist, Catalina Aguirre Hoffman

Lost Wax Casting


Learn the process of lost wax casting as you create one finished piece of jewelry
 or small sculpture. Students (a) create the wax model (b) spruing and invest the model (c) burn out the model in the kiln oven (d) prepare the molten metal (e) pour the metal (f) open the jacket and clean the cast.


#8.42 Saturday & Sunday, January 17 & 18: NOON – 5:00 PM

Instructor: Don Dietz

Tuition  $230, Material fee: $50


Porcelain by Faculty Artist, Mary Belle Cordell

Porcelain by Faculty Artist, Mary Belle Cordell


Introduction to Printmaking


Students create their own monotypes and relief prints; learn how to use the printing press and discover the processes of old masters and contemporary artists.


#8.72 Saturday, January 17: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Instructor: Ron Garrett

Tuition $60, Material fee: $5.00


Faculty Artists, Suzanne Scherer and Pavel Ouporov

Faculty Artists, Suzanne Scherer and Pavel Ouporov


Silverpoint Drawing


Before the invention of the graphite pencil artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael use silverpoint to create fine line finished drawings. Silverpoint is a drawing instrument made of a pointed silver metal tip encased in a holder of stylus. Drawn on specially prepared surface as the silver oxidizes over time the lines of silver develop a beautiful patina. Students will create their own silverpoint drawings on gessoed paper.

Instructor: Pavel Ouporov

#8.71 Saturday, January 17,: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Tuition $90, Material fee: $20.00


"Burst of Spring" by Faculty Artist, Diane Reeves

“Burst of Spring” by Faculty Artist, Diane Reeves


Sunday, January 25

Foundations of Color


Through a series of engaging exercises students will learn about the basics of color and principles of color theory. Explore hue, value, intensity, the gray scale color and delve into mixing colors and learn how color interacts.

#8.86 Sunday, January 25   10:00 AM – 5:00 PM ½ hour lunch break

Instructor: Carla Golembe

Tuition: $90, Material fee: $15



Faculty Artist, Bill Buchanan

Faculty Artist, Bill Buchanan

Pastel Painting


Introducing the use of pastels in a painting / drawing. Learn to develop a good under painting and layering colors to produce a luminous painting in pastels.

#8.85 Sunday, January 25: NOON – 4 PM

Instructor: Jane McIntyre

 Tuition $90


" I Am The Barrier" by Faculty Artist, Misoo Filan

” I Am The Barrier” by Faculty Artist, Misoo Filan


Silver Soldering: Rings



#8.76  Sunday, January 25, noon to 4:00 pm

Instructor: Lisa Johnson

Tuition $100, Material fee $25


Explore how to fabricate and design a ring. Students will create one ring as they learn basic soldering and other techniques to make rings. Demonstrations include soldering, creating textured surfaces and patinas.



Check the website or facebook for special talks and events during the exhibit, or

For more details about Classes, Workshops and Lectures please email:

561-392-2503 or

801 west palmetto park road   boca raton, fl




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