Art Associates Of Martin County Presents 2019 Annual Art Show Exhibition

Art Associates of Martin County (AAMC) invite the public to the Opening Reception on Friday, March 1 to view the 2019 Annual Art Show Exhibition. Taking place at the Treasure Coast Unitarian Universalist Church in Stuart, FL, the event and exhibit are free to attend. Free parking is also available.  AAMC has been promoting excellence in the arts for over 50 years and is one of the largest associations in the area. Their monthly meetings offer an opportunity for artists to network, learn from each other, and see demonstrations by well known local artists.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.













Art Associates of Martin County (AAMC)


2019  Annual  Art Show

Opening Reception:

Friday, March 1

5:30 – 7:30 pm

Free event and parking.  Refreshments will be served

Exhibit is available through March 28, 2019

Gallery hours:  10:00 to 3:00 Monday thru Friday

Treasure Coast Unitarian Universalist Congregation

21 SE Central Parkway      Stuart,FL 34994




“Spatial Spheres” by Dale Forbes





AAMC’s mission is to encourage creativity in the arts for our members, local students and artists in our community by sharing and learning. AAMC has been promoting excellence in the arts for over 50 years and is one of the largest associations in the area.






“Red Poppies” by Sally Pearson



The Art Associates of Martin County (AAMC) is a non profit welcoming group of artists sharing a strong common interest in the arts. Each month (October thru April, with a luncheon in May) members are treated to exciting meetings with demonstrations by well known local artists, opportunities to bring in art surrounding a common theme, and good conversation.



“Tropical Tapestry” by Carol Ann Hughes






A Plein Air group often takes to the field for great adventures in painting. The AAMC also provides scholarships and art supplies to local schools as we endeavor to participate in the vibrant Treasure Coast art community.  AAMC provides for an Annual Art Show open to all members, with many awards provided.


“Soulful” by Sally Pearson







For more information about this event, monthly meetings, offering a demonstration, or becoming a member:



Or Call Dale Forbes: 978.872.7995







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Neil Capozzi From Stuart Art Supply & Artists’ Nook Shares His Expertise About Options And Care Of Different Brushes For Artists, Plus Much More

Stuart Art Supply is a full service specialty store selling fine art supplies to artists and students. Owner, Neil Capozzi  provides a vast knowledge of art supplies, value pricing and a good selection of materials. Stuart Art Supply is affiliated with the Artists’ Nook Studio, giving local art instructors a place to offer fine art classes and lessons.  Neil shares his expertise about the countless options of brushes available.  It is reassuring to have someone so knowledgeable to guide us, when the selection can be so overwhelming. From vegan brushes, white hog bristles, synthetic filaments, plus so many shapes and sizes, how does one decide?  The Rickie Report shares the details and a Store Coupon!





Stuart Art Supply  & Artists’ Nook Studio

43 SE Kindred Street  Stuart, FL 34990








Neil Capozzi tells The Rickie Report, “My personal and business mission is to provide local artists with a great selection of quality art supplies at value pricing”.  Neil is a major supporter of the local art scene, by bringing special events into the store and art studio.  He is heavily involved as a volunteer with local arts agencies and organizations.  In addition, Neil provides affordable space for instructors to hold classes and workshops. He passes on his expertise by providing affordable art education to adults.





Recently, Neil announced that he would be making changes in his artists’ brush mix eliminating Escoda, stocking Da Vinci and expanding Silver Brush. He says, “I”m happy to share that the Da Vinci Brushes have arrived to rave reviews from artists and instructors alike.  For you fine art painters, I added the short handled red sable brushes from Silver Brush (excellent for all media). These brushes join the long handled versions favored by detail painters. I’ve also added the Silver Silk 88, a semi stiff synthetic bristle for water media painters including water soluble oil paints”.

With so many different types and brands of brushes, Neil offers all of the details at the store and on the website.



Check out this video of Dee Silver, as she discusses the proper treatment of artist brushes:


An Overview of Brushes:



The Art Sherpa® red handle — made by Silver Brush in partnership with Cinnamon Cooney, The Art Sherpa®. These beauties feature excellent quality stiff white filaments that were specifically designed for use in all acrylic paints, including heavy bodied. Sherpa brushes provide paint and tip control unique to the series. Now you can scrub, scumble and push paint around on your surface without fear of damaging the brush! 




Silverstone™ brushes are of the finest quality interlocking Chungking white hog bristle. They have perfectly balanced and shaped handles for ultimate comfort and control while a nickeled brass ferrule protects the brush from damage, splitting and wear. 



​Cambridge™ series brushes have a unique blend of selected natural bristle and multi-diameter synthetic filaments with a resilient interlocked construction and deep natural chiseled tips. A seamless nickel-plated brass ferrule and carefully balanced handle make the Cambridge series a joy to work with, even on rough surfaces. These exceptionally durable brushes work well in heavy bodied acrylics, water-mixable oils, and traditional oil colors. 


The Atelier™ Mottler brushes feature a blend of badger and synthetic bristles and they are perfect for blending or softening edges. The extra long handle provides reach for work on a large canvas and a rust proof copper ferrule protects the brush.


Bristlon® is a superior stiff white synthetic brush that has been specially processed so it can be used with harsh solvents without compromising the texture or the fibers. These brushes offer excellent color control and strong resiliency on rough surfaces as a result of their interlocked construction and finely chiseled tips. It doesn’t matter if you are working with oils, acrylics, or watercolors, they will maintain their form and provide a smooth application of color. 



Black Pearl™ brushes are made with Mightlon™ synthetic filaments that can withstand rigorous treatment with heavy bodied and tube acrylics. These are great value brushes for not only acrylics but oils and water mixable oils as well. Ideal for canvas, large murals and plein air painting. 



Black Velvet® — distinctive black lacquer handled brushes with a signature silver band are a water-based artist’s dream! The Black Velvet® series is made with a blend of natural squirrel hair and black synthetics that allows the brush to hold a huge amount of color and release it with perfect control for watercolors, gouache, liquid acrylics, inks and dyes. The bristles are simultaneously soft enough to allow multiple-layer glazing without disturbing previous colors, yet firm enough to lift color with a gentle scrub. 



Silver Silk 88™ is the best quality synthetic brush on the market for use in fluid acrylics, interference acrylics, gouache, watercolors and more. These beauties have great absorbency, exceptional holding capacity, wonderful color control and excellent wear resistance. Make your mark with Silver Silk 88™! 



Grand Prix® brushes are of outstanding quality. Perfectly balanced and shaped, they feature interlocked 100% Chungking white hog bristles for maximum color carrying capacity and corrosion-resistant double crimped pure copper ferrules with an epoxy seal for added protection.   The Renaissance® brushes are a top quality kolinsky-class pure red sable brushes with a natural spring and generous color-holding capacity. Renaissance brushes keep a fine point or sharp chisel edge.



Morgan Samuel Price Talks About her Brush Selection HERE:


Morgan Samuel Price Artist Describes Why She Chooses Grand Prix™ brushes



Neil tells us, ” We’re offering a nice mix of watercolor, oil and acrylic paint brushes from DaVinci at an everyday value price.”





Casaneo Watercolor Brushes made from extra soft synthetic fibers with an extraordinary elasticity and an extremely high color absorbing capacity, manufactured in plastic quills, rounds, flats, oval pointed filberts, and wash brushes bound on black lacquered handles. 


Spin Synthetics – watercolor brush finest extra smooth light brown synthetic fibre so-called silver ferrule short red transparent lacquered ergonomic handles for all liquid colours, especially for watercolor and silk painting. 





College – Acrylic brush, round strong synthetic fibre seamless aluminum ferrule brown-red matte finished handles with a new, non-slip surface structure to enlarge our assortment for acrylic and oil painting in the lower price level, we have created this new synthetic line with very elastic synthetic fibers and long brown-red matte finished handles with a new, non-slip surface structure.


Impasto – Acrylic colours are used in a more liquid as well as thicker consistency and for special techniques you need painting knives. The IMPASTO has been designed to be used with the many texture gels and pastes now available 


Maestro 2 – The enormous amount of labour involved in hand making interlocked brushes has led us to develop a new technology, which enables us to manufacture the artist brushes in a more effective way. 


Top Acryl – white synthetic fibers with interlocking effect, medium length with silver ferrule long natural polished handles.The IMPASTO/TOP ACRYL has been designed to be used with the many texture gels and pastes. 




NEW  Product  Test  Drive!



KingArt 9000 Series ORIGINAL GOLD



Artist Brushes

Your favorite, high-quality, golden taklon brushes are back in KingArt’s 9000 Series “Original Gold” premium brush line. KingArt, part of the Cornell* family, has created an exciting line of premium, golden taklon artist brushes at fantastic prices. Short, black handle brushes with gold bands and silver ferrules.

*The Cornell family has re-entered the artist brush business – Michael Cornell – Grandson of the original founder is importing some of the best water media brushes in the world. I especially love the 9020 Max Round (think Loew Cornell Ultra-Round).



Check Out The Classes/Workshops  Here:

For more information about art supplies, art classes, or the opportunity to conduct art classes:


Stuart Art Supply  & Artists’ Nook Studio

43 SE Kindred Street  Stuart, FL 34990






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Behind-The-Scenes At A Batik Workshop With Caren Hackman

What happens after a Rickie Report article announcing a class or workshop is published?  On March 2, 2018, we published “Cynthia Head And Sally Pearson Offer 1 Day Workshops To Create A Take-Home Batik Painting”.  Today, Caren Hackman reports on her own and other workshop attendees’ experiences and shares their exciting results in this article.  The Rickie Report shares this behind-the-scenes experience with our readers!




Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper  1 day Workshop



Caren Hackman at Batik Workshop


It is great to get out of my own studio and take workshop to learn new skills or a new process. A one-day-Saturday workshop, suited me fine. I invited my sister, Naomi, friend Mara and her daughter Sarah, to take a watercolor-batik workshop with me.


I learned about the workshop through The Rickie Report. Rickie’s initial article about the workshop stated that all participants, regardless of experience, would be able to create a stunning work of art. The workshop was instructed by artists Sally Browning Pearson and Cynthia Head, and took place in Sally’s well-lit Port St. Lucie studio. The skill level of the 6 participants spanned from experienced watercolorists, to individuals with almost no painting experience. For the designs, Cindy and Sally offer tried and true patterns or the option to create your own design. I chose to use my own design.


I asked several of the workshop participants why they had chose to attend.  Barbara shared, “I was looking for something fun and I know Sally, so I knew this would be fun”.  Both Mara, an artist and instructor and Kendra, a longtime student of Sally’s, said that they were hoping the workshop would jumpstart some new creative endeavors.


The project begins by drawing the image on rice paper that is shot through with Mylar threads. I don’t want to give away too many of the secrets of this wonderful process, but there is a point when we crumpled our beautiful, delicate projects into fist sized balls!



Barb and Mara crumbling their paper


After the crumbling and another watercolor wash, we ironed the artwork to remove all of the wax. The results were delightful and varied. Each workshop participant adhered their rice paper art to a 16” x 20” stretched canvas support. I skipped this stage because I wanted to I attached my watercolor batik to a canvas scroll, as I’ve been doing for all my YogaPainter artworks.



As the workshop progressed, I asked the two least experienced “artists” in our group what they thought of their projects.  Naomi said, ” I was anxious about taking this workshop because I am a perfectionist, but I am not an artist. I absolutely love what I made”!  Sarah told me, “This is the best piece of art that I have ever created”!



To Register or get more information contact: or

For more information about Caren Hackman:

Caren Hackman is a graphic designer and fine artist living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. and author of a book about Graphic Design and Good Business practice:

Be sure to check out Caren’s wonderful artwork – Caren is a talented artist in her own right! She is a founding member of the Artists of Palm Beach County.





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Cynthia Head And Sally Pearson Offer 1 Day Workshops To Create A Take-Home Batik Painting

Join Sally Pearson and Cynthia Head in an exciting one day workshop at Sally’s home studio in Stuart, FL and create your own Batik painting!  In addition to learning about batik on rice paper –design and color application – they will also show you how to mount your picture over canvas. You will go home with a picture ready to hang!  They supply the coffee and wine ( at the end of the day) in a small group setting.  Beginners are very welcome and for those of you thinking “I’m not creative”… this is FOR YOU!  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks of the Batik images, Cynthia’s original watercolors, and her own “Batik in a Bag©” kits.


One Day Batik Painting Workshop




Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper

1 day Workshop

Available:   Thursday, Friday or Saturday


“Birches”Batik © by Cynthia Head


Join Sally Pearson and Cynthia Head in this exciting one day workshop in Sally’s home studio!

Wear old clothes, bring a lunch, we supply coffee and lemonade, and wine at the end of day.

Cost: $75.00 payable by cash or check

 597 SW Kaabe Avenue   Port St Lucie, FL

Time: 9:30 – 3:30

To Register or get more information contact: or



Bring your own photo reference or choose one of our drawings to use in this exciting workshop.

Two teachers for 5 students provide more individual instruction.

In addition to learning about batik on rice paper –design and color application – we will also show you how to mount your picture over canvas.

You will go home with a picture ready to hang!

Materials provided include:

· Rice paper · Drawing and or pattern · Watercolors · Designated brushes · Pens · Hot wax · Canvas · Matt medium and rollers to mount your picture



About Batik

Cynthia’s most recent work incorporate watercolor on rice paper using the ancient batik method.  Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied traditionally to whole cloth originating in Indonesia. Batik is made by drawing wax dots and lines of resist with a tool called a canting or by printing with resist with a copper stamp called a cap. The wax resists dyes and allows color to selectively soak into the cloth. Boiling water is used to remove the wax.

Cynthia tells us that wax resist dyeing of fabric is an ancient art form. It already existed in Egypt in the 400 BC, where it was used to wrap mummies, and was practiced in Asia, China, India, Japan as well as in Africa.  Different resists were used, depending on the availability of resources.  Indonesian batik from the island of Java is the best known. In October 2009, UNESCO designated Indonesian batik a a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.  Handmade Unyru paper is made from the highly renewable resource, the mulberry tree. The particular paper I use has strands of gold or silver, pre-consumable, recycled, mylar added to it, adding interest to each piece.



Below are some patterns available for students – more being developed every week !




“Sidekick©” Batik  by Cynthia Head




“Hibiscus”Batik© by Cynthia Head


Cynthia shares, “Combining the vibrancy and versatility of watercolor, with the spontaneity of the batik process, embraces a sense of perfect imperfection. There is a joy in working through each piece that energizes me. It motivates me to share this artistic journey by teaching others. My goal is to work with freer, more intuitive expression”.


“Hydrangeas” Original Watercolor by Cynthia Head

“Having finished a career in teaching high school, I am fortunate to be able focus fully on studio art and teaching adult watercolor batik workshops. My degrees in history and education, along with fine arts courses and workshops, provide a firm basis in design, color, and composition. Living in Florida and Canada, and traveling extensively, supplies me with constant inspiration. It’s always uplifting to be able to get out with a sketch book and camera to view the world anew. My work is based on my own photography, sketch books, and imagination”, she explains.


“Just Leaves” Original Watercolor by Cynthia Head



BATIK IN A BAG©  – Take home a DIY

Each kit contains patterns and instructions, canvas, pen, and wax, to complete a
8 X 10 canvas gallery wrapped – ready to hang – picture!






To learn more about Batik on watercolor, Batik in a Bag© and to see more of Cynthia’s work go to her website:










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Free, Two-Day Open Studio Tour In Martin County Features Over 40 Artists And Wide Variety Of Media

The 2nd Annual Martin County Open Studio Tour takes place on Saturday, January 20 and Sunday, January 21st.  This FREE event is open to the public!  View art creations, art demonstrations and meet over 40 participating artists. Free Tour maps and Tour Guides are available at the Marker 23 Gallery, Arts Council of Martin County, Fish House Art Center, Kling Gallery, Wine & Decor, Stuart Art & Supply or download our free MCOST App.  The Rickie Report shares the details here.  Kudos to the Martin Artisans Guild! Artists supporting artists and bringing the public to see how it is created!






Saturday, January 20 and Sunday, January 21st.  

This FREE event is open to the public!

For more information:










North County: Stuart, Sewalls Point and Jensen Beach

Alex Murray
Laura Kay Darvil
Julia Kelly
Mimi McCallum
Barbara Lapham: Jensen Art Cottages
Sally Eckman Roberts: Jensen Art Cottages
Karen Leffel-Massengill: Jensen Art Cottages
Jillane Heveron: Jensen Art Cottages
Mia Lindberg
Sharon Ferina
Val Lally- Note address correction tour book
Eduardo Gomez

Mid County: Stuart

Maria Miele Next to Gafford’s Downtown
Jim Dirks: Stuart Stained Glass
Chris Kling: Kling Gallery, Wine & Decor
Rosalind Neilen: Stuart Art & Supply
Sally Pearson: Stuart Art & Supply
Barb Bucci: Stuart Art & Supply ( James J Dimartis Collection)
Cristina De la Vega
Petey Cox: Cristina De la Vega
Shelia Geoffrion
Marc Cohen: Cohen Studios
Lynne Cohen: Cohen Studios
Brenda Leigh
Chad Periman- Note address correction in Tour Guide
Helen Kagan: will need to call at gate for access

South County: Palm City, Port Salerno and Hobe Sound

Kim Rody
Mallo Bisset
Tepa Charles: with Mallo Bisset
Alice Laputka: Visionary School of Art
Lynne Barletta: Visionary School of Art
Alexandra Trejo: Visionary School of Art/ Martin Artisans Guild Sponsored Student Artist
Geoffrey Smith
Lorrie Goss: Lisa P Young Studio
Lisa P Young: Lisa P Young Studio
Clair Brunetti: Lisa P Young Studio
Duane Hatfield
Deborah Elaine: with Duane Hatfield
Jeffrey Mush: Marker 23 Gallery
Robert Bennett: Fish House Art Center
Jean Gauger: Aya Fiber Studio at Fish House Art Center
Suzanne Connors: Aya Fiber Studio at Fish House Art Center
Gail Naomi: Fish House Art Center
Sean McGraw: Hobe Sound



About Martin County Artisan Guild:

Our Mission
Out mission is to organize and promote artists’ Open Studio Tours in Martin County, FL in order to provide the public with unique opportunities to meet artists and explore a wide variety of art forms.

To promote Martin County FL as a center of art.
To provide opportunity for artists to exhibit original artwork to the public.
To develop a sense of shared community and support among artists.
To foster the concept that success for one artist benefits all artists.
To present Artists’ Open Studios as a venue for purchasing art.

Get Involved: 

If you are a Martin County artist, get involved!

If you are interested in sponsorship, get involved! Donations are vital to our growth, as we use them for marketing, events, and public outreach.

If you are just interested in the arts and want to volunteer;    Get Involved!

We accept volunteers regardless of skill level. There is a rotation in roles, but we’ll teach you all the skills you need to know. Teenagers 14 years and older can earn community service credits for school


Our 2018 Tour Sponsors:

Frugal Framer

Arts Council of Martin County

Kling Gallery, Wine & Decor

Red Barn Furniture

Marker 23 Gallery & Tattoo Studio

The Rickie Report

Aya Fiber Studio

Tom Grissman Photography

Junk Dog Salvage

Maneros Restaurant

For more information:


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