Benzaiten Center For Creative Arts Announces Three Days Of Events With Glass Artists Julia And Robin Rogers

Benzaiten Center For Creative Arts welcome the public to three days of events featuring the art of renown glass artists, Julia and Robin Rogers.  Mark your calendars for February 23rd, 24th, and 25th for glassblowing, dinner, and music plus a Family Fun Day!  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks!  




1105 2nd Avenue, South          Lake Worth, FL


Parking in back of building on 3rd Avenue









February 23rd to 25th


Julia and Robin Rogers, renown glass artists




Thursday, February 23rd 6pm – 9pm
“Meet The Artist Dinner”  $100


This is an elegant, intimate sit-down dinner for only 30 people held in our Center’s beautiful gallery featuring one-on-one time with the visiting artists, a lecture by the artists, and piano music


“Group 2” by Julia and Robin Rogers




Friday, February 24th
“Gallery Openings”

$10 at the door or Free with basic membership
6pm – 8pm

This is a lovely cocktail reception with hors d’oeuvres, wine, piano music, and a private glassblowing demo by the artists

8pm – 10pm

Now we open our doors to the young people, or people who are young at heart, and do a second glassblowing demo to the strains of live jazz music by the RECLAIM BRASS BAND


“Urban Group” by Julia and Robin Rogers


Saturday, February 25th
“Family Demo Day”
2pm – 5pm

This is a great family day featuring a 3 hour public demo by the visiting artists.


About the Artists:

Husband and Wife Team, Julia and Robin Rogers tell The Rickie Report, ” We are enlivened by the inherent qualities of molten glass; its luminosity, viscosity, and seductive flow.  Our interdisciplinary approach incorporates blown and sculpted glass with electronics, sound, light, shadow, and a host of other materials. Inspiration is around us all, our work is specifically driven by humanity, nature, science, and music. Collaboratively, we meld our ideas into, what hopefully are, contemplative, intriguing, and thought provoking works. In addition to sculpture, we create installation and performance”.



“Dancer” by Julia and Robin Rogers




Some of their series include, “Animalia Fantastica,” “Sentient & Sapient,” and “Architecture of the Mind.”  “Animalia Fantastica” is a series of blown/sculpted anthropomorphic glass figures.  Since the advent of human expression, animalia has been a driving source of inspiration. In fact, the oldest cave paintings depict animals and the hunt. This narrative continues in “Animalia Fantastica” touching on nourishment and sustainability.  “Sentient & Sapient” is a series of blown glass heads with mixed media that delves into our subject’s psyche.  These pieces physically and metaphorically open up to reveal the interior workings of the mind.  In “Architecture of the Mind,” heads are turned into buildings and the occupants and history of these buildings tell the story of the subject. Looking through the windows the dynamics of life are ever present.





“Sassy” by Julia and Robin Rogers




“With performance and installation, we are able to broaden our ideas, creating a larger picture. Ideas of collective conscious, life cycles, perception, and an advancing technological civilization are prevalent in this work.  In the “Journey,” a performance, using a video projected and reflected in a pool of water, we tell a story that begins in a modern, active city in the rain and takes viewers backward through time to the beginning of all life on earth.  We use hot glass in this piece to represent the primordial ooze where life first emerged. We are two artists living, breathing, and working together.  Our minds never stop imagining the possibilities of what can be explored, discovered, shared, and executed”.



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