Not All Airports Are Colorful – Go To PBIA And See This Art Exhibit

Are you one of those people who gets to the airport just in time for check-in and a fast paced run to your departure gate?  Or are the type of person who likes to get there a bit early (you never can predict how heavy traffic will be), get a cup of tea or coffee, and then proceed to your gate?  Maybe you are picking someone up at the airport and you are wondering what you will do if the plane is late and you are stuck waiting…   This is a rule of thumb for every traveler at any airport.  Look around!  There are often art exhibits in the terminal, either on the walls or even over head.  Just take a moment to look!  This “art in public spaces” has been placed there for you to admire, think about, and buy.

Grand Canyon in Infrared by Michael Lloyd Infrared Photograph on Metallic Paper

Twenty Palm Beach County artists have been selected for a juried art show which can be viewed on the main concourse of Palm Beach International Airport, near Sam Snead’s restaurant.   The Rickie Report initially sent out the Call To Artists for this event and was excited to see so many subscribers to The Rickie Report are represented in this show!

Nina Golub

The range of images and emotions in this show are extraordinary.  The family time, shown by Nina Golub harkens to days passed in “Grandpa/Grandson Circa 1938”.

At the Opening Reception, we met AJ Brockman and his family.  The Rickie Report has written about AJ previously and it was a joy to see his newest work, “Bahama Breeze” on aluminum, framed within a frame (perfect for outdoor spaces).

Speaking at length with another emerging artist, Rick Welch of Jupiter was a treat.  This life guard at one of Palm Beach County’s beaches, also carves wood, paints, and makes his own frames!  He used balsa, driftwood, and other elements as well as painting the background, so you feel like you can take off into the surf at any moment.  The Rickie Report predicts that Rick’s work will be a hot commodity in the future! You can see “Pelican Point” to the right of the Brockman family above.

"Haunted House" by Robert Neubert Giclee of Mixed Media, Ink and Pencil

Below is Nina Fusco with her paper sculpture, “Together.”   Airport patrons who were sitting nearby, went on to have a lengthy dialogue with Nina about her philosophy as well as her paper sculpture technique.  Nina’s work has also been accepted at the latest Lighthouse ArtCenter Juried Show and her work is sold at Local Treasures in Tequesta.

We must admit that until meeting the artist nearby to offer secret clues, this was a very nice abstract painting.  However, when Craig  Krefetz explained and showed the effect of different lighting techniques (here with his light pen), we understood that this was truly an interactive piece, we were intrigued!  Craig’s work can be seen at the Jupiter Yacht Club Gallery.

Laura Wiswell, of Laura Fine Art, graduated from Rhode Island School of Design only two years ago.  Her view of apples was eye-opening.  She does custom paintings on walls as well as canvas.  We could see this in the fruit section of a supermarket, your breakfast nook, or at a healthy restaurant!

Brad Brett, of Jupiter, made a little girl eating watermelon come to life in his water and pencil drawing. “West End” is a beachy scene made personal.  We’ve seen Brad’s work at the Lighthouse ArtCenterjuried shows as well.  First-time entrant, Frank Romano hails from W. Palm beach.  he and his wife are both artists ( he taught her how to paint). “Man Against The Sea” is an oil on canvas.

Frank Romano's "Man Against The Sea"

Alejandro Caraballo (Mr. dRo) took personal aspects of his life and made it into a mixed media collage box.  He calls this his “Homage to Five Women and Marilyn” in honor of his five former female roomates.  The viewer must look carefully to see cheerios, ticket stubs, and all the details that surround Marilyn in her shower cap.  An insightful look into a short period of his life!

If you feel frenetic and harried, just take a moment to peek at Elodia Fanjul’s oil on linen, entitled, “Balance”.

It is peaceful. It is mesmerizing.

Blance by Elodia Fanjul

It is a painting of pears balanced with a sense of serenity.  Feeling down and needing a lift?  Stop by Carla Golembe’s acrylic on canvas, “Sunflower Moon”.  The women’s colorful clothing can make anyone smile.

Sunflower Moon by Carla Golembe

X Marks The Spot by Durga Garcia

As you look at this photograph by Durga Garcia, you can almost feel the movement of the swaying palm trees in “X Marks The Spot, Grassy Waters Preserve”.  Durga herself is full of life and her photography ranges from personal pieces she has taken to helping other artists by photographing their work to apply for juried shows.  She is polished and professional.

"May Not Be Sunny But Always A Good View" Photograph by William Combes

Misty II by Carol Gold

Carol Gold, from Boynton Beach, is an oil painter who loves to share her scenes from Mystic, CT.  Her oil on linen, “Misty II” brings back those New England memories.   Seeing “El Espiritu de Machu Picchu/ The Spirit of Machu Picchu” by another Boynton Beach artist, Luis Gutierrez (aka Zellvaggio) is enchanting.  The Rickie Report asked if it was self portrait, but the artist deferrred answering.  If you are running to catch a plane, you may find yourself being held back as you gaze into his eyes.

Galactic Landscape #3 by Carolina Cordon

Carolina Cordon’s “Galactic Landscape #3” is a large acrylic on canvas painting.  From afar the viewer sees a mass of color, but up close, one can truly appreciate her details.   Riotous color exudes from the acrylic on canvas by  Terry Molina.  You really need to go close to see the detailed texture.  Terry shared her secret method with The Rickie Report, but we have promised not to divulge it!

Bougainvilla by Terry Molina

Anyone who meets Leslie Liss will have no trouble figuring out which painting is hers – she is exhuberant and her acrylic on canvas, “Lunch in The Garden” wakes you up with deep and rich colors.  This is the second time Leslie has been accepted into this show!  She hails from Boynton Beach and sells her work in different boutiques and galleries in the area.

Lunch In The Garden by Leslie Liss

A mother and young child were biding their time until a visitor’s plane arrived.  The young girl was captivated by Melinda Moore’s “Pelican Preening.  When asked what they both liked about the realistic photograph, they told us that they have a friendly pelican regularly come to their dock.

Pelican Preening by Melinda Moore

They felt Melinda captured not only the physical characteristics of the bird, but the personality as well.   Melind’s work can  be seen at The Lighthouse ArtCenter on PGA Blvd in Palm Beach Gardens.  She will also be the guest artist at the Jonathan Dickinson State Park Nature Center’s Opening May 6th.

See Us, Hear Us, Feel Us by Kathleen O'Neill Schuler

Kathleen R. O’Neill Schuler is a graphic designer who loves to design artwork.  Most recently, she designed “See Us, Hear Us, Feel Us” for a playbill!   It is a done with Rapidograph Pen, Ink, and Gouache.  An intricate piece that demands some time and study before one sees the musical instruments.

Gisela Pferdekamper’shorses always delight.  “Pottery Garden” show her distinctive well-rounded horses in a lovely oil on canvas.  Gisela’s studio located in Loxahatchee is the playground for white peacocks.  Whenever she is having an Open house, be sure to make the trip.

Gisela Pferdekamper's " Pottery Garden"

The Rickie Report spoke with curator, Elayna Toby Singer, who oversees Art in Public Space for Palm beach County ( see Rickie Report interview with her 12/15/2011).  Elayna spoke about the excitement of seeing the exhibit come together.  Once the jurying process is over, she must plan out the show according to the wall space available at PBIA.   She finds, for the most part, that her initial expectations are met as each piece is hung, to make a cohesive show.   It is important to remember that all of the art pieces are for sale and the proceeds go directly to the artists.

This show will be available to view through June 20, 2012.  Don’t miss it!

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No Tkts Required. No Luggage. Just Enjoy The Art!

Local Artists in Juried Show


 Palm Beach International


“Art at the Airport” Exhibition

  February 29, 2012 through June 20, 2012

Twenty-three  Palm Beach County artists were selected by the County’s Public Art Committee based on artistic merit.  The changing exhibition program at the Palm Beach International Airport is supported by a grant from HMS Host. Selected works are exhibited for four months. All artwork is for sale and proceeds go directly to the artist.

To learn more about Palm Beach County’s Art in Public Places visit   Artists interested in receiving “Call to Artists” for  upcoming airport exhibitions and other public art projects are invited to register on the Artists Registry page of the website.

To purchase art   displayed in this exhibition, contact Palm Beach   County’s Art in Public Places (561) 233-0235.

Palm Beach County Art in Public Spaces invites you to an Artist Reception at the Palm Beach International Airport.  The event takes place on March 28th from 5:30 – 7:00 pm.  The reception will be on Level 2 across from Sam Snead’s Restaurant.  Please park in short term parking levels 4-7.

The Rickie Report is proud to be part of this event, as many of the artists chosen are subscribers and heard about this competition through our postsWe look forward to seeing you at the reception!

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