Awaken Your Creativity: Empower Your Life -Come Play!

As children, being invited to a play date promised fun activities, good companionship and a great time!  Nadine Hamil of Artful Dreamers Studio is inviting YOU to a play date for Intuitive Painting!  The Rickie Report assures you that this will be fun, informative, a chance to get to know yourself all while under Nadine’s artistic guidance.



Saturday January 26, 2013

Painting Retreat

 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

 112 S. Federal Highway 

Boynton Beach, FL 33435



Looking for a way to spice up your life with more

FuN & CrEaTivTY?

Join facilitator, Nadine Hamil for a day-long exploration into the depths of the creative process through paint – a world of color, form and image.  She will guide and help you follow the thread of your own intuition and inner knowing.

Nadine explains, “It is a spontaneous adventure into creative expression free of judgment, critique or comparison. Everyone is a beginner. People with all levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to get to know Intuitive Painting as a method of self-expression and creative processing.”

Everyone and anyone is invited to attend this day of  ‘process painting’ whether you are a person who has never picked up a brush or are someone who has previous painting experience.

Working deeply into the medium of paint on paper without focus on rules, technique and outcome, Nadine says, ” allows you to uncover and transform your blocks and unfold your inner wisdom and direction. It is like a moving meditation, restful, restorative and informative.”



When asked to describe herself, Nadine tells us,*Bedazzled Crafter of  Recycled Materials * Facilitator  of  the Daring * Playful Expressions  of  the Young & Young @ Heart *Ally of the Laughter Seekers * Loving, Supportive  Friend of  Creativity * Fierce Intuitive  Painter * Heart Centered Mover  &  Shaker * Appreciator  of  the Wisdom and Depth of Trees * Compassionate  Wild  HeartedLife Lover * Sister of Women Desiring to Express Themselves Wildly * Fanner of the Vital Flame of  Goddesshood * Shimmering Student of  the Light * Nurturer of the Earth * Enthusiastic Lover of the Passionate Sparks of Creativity!!!*


A former Montessori teacher and Reiki Master, Nadine is a volunteer at local schools as well as leader of Arts & Crafts for Senior at local nursing facilities.  A student of Shamanic StudiesNadine is still on her journey and invites women and men to come along.  Through her training , she shares, “I feel myself come alive helping others express themselves through creativity, play, movement, laughter and fun as a way of reaching deeper into themselves.”

PAINTING is NOT about producing a product.

It is about honoring and nurturing YOUR creative spirit,
Your INFINITE creative spirit!

There is nothing to bring except your lunch ~ snack provided … ALL supplies are included.  

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“Awaken Your Creativity – Empower Your Life – COME PLAY!”

 Contact Nadine Hamil  and make your reservations now!




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