Doug Marlowe Helps Harness The Power Of Technology For Individuals And Businesses, With A Specialty Niche For Artists. “teachITnow” Alleviates Frustration And Confusion

Doug Marlowe describes himself as “a curious sort”. His passion with art began at age 10, with the first roll of film he developed. That led him to the Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Photo Science and Engineering. He pioneered many of the processes used to go from the camera to the computer and from the computer to the printing press. Doug moved to telecommunications and was a “midwife” at the birth of the public Internet. Doug’s communication skills led him to decades of engineering project management and workplace education. Who has not dealt with some type of  technology issue?  Through teachITnow,Inc., Doug can help individuals, groups, and businesses corral their technology dysfunction and move forward with a sense of confidence toward success.








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With the rapid development of the Internet, computers, digital cameras, and cell phones, Doug was driven to educate those who are confused and frustrated with these technologies; especially artists, whose existence revolves around communications.




I don’t know if anyone else – no matter how creative she might ”think” she is – doesn’t arrive at the Wall of Exasperation! “What am I missing? I need a new set of eyes!” That’s how I felt when I called Doug to walk me through some various social media platforms for my very busy real estate career. Two days later, I took all my questions, my media campaigns, branding questions and sat with my ever patient brain trust named Doug Marlowe. Whether its formatting local or global campaigns or analyzing where the “new frontier” of promotion might be, I thank Doug for opening some areas to explore.
Toni Lee Real Estate



Doug helps to “Do it better, Do it faster, and Deliver results.”






Doug’s company, teachITnow, Inc. has been helping the “bewildered and confused” harness the power of their technology since 2008. 




Doug Marlowe has been my IT guy for ten years. His creative and patient teaching style has enabled me to feel confident in my ability to control the technologies I need to create my art. I trust Doug implicitly with many aspects of my gallery’s operations, social media, and marketing. I recommend Doug highly.

Yaacov Heller, Artist and Gallery Owner 
Gallery 22 International, Inc    







For the art community, and assistance with PC & Mac issues, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Web Sites (new and updates), Online Stores and Sales (Square, PayPal, etc.), and, of course, training.



I was in desperate need of revising my web site in time for my SOLO show and knew it needed professional help. My anxieties were dashed within days and my web site looks great at a reasonable cost.  I will continue to call on Doug for help with marketing on social media.  He was a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend Doug!







Kitty Burri

Kitty Burri Fine Art






A portion of Doug’s client list includes: Ingrid Robinson, Artists and Charities Hand in Hand, Karen Lynne Gallery, Yaacov Heller Gallery 22, Kitty Burri Fine Art, Marian Kraus Photography, PC Professor, Toni Lee Real Estate, ArtsPlosure Decorating, ArtRageous Art & Frame, and many more.







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Ray Neubert Teaches Class at New Armory Art Center Branch in Lake Worth

 The Armory Art Center will open its second location called the Armory Art Center Annex in downtown Lake Worth.  It allows the Art Center opportunities to enhance the growing Lake Worth art community already in place. The Rickie Report is pleased to announce  that Ray Neubert will be teaching one of the first classes at this new facility!  The class, “Being the Artist You Were Meant to Be” is for  artists who are tired of being told what and how to create.  We urge you to consider this course and find YOUR OWN artistic voice!  Details are in this article.



                                          Ray Neubert


Being the Artist

You Were Meant to Be



Armory Art Center Annex

Tuesday class begins September 2    3:00-5:00 pm


Classes are 8 weeks

1121 Lucerne Avenue           Lake Worth, FL




The Armory Art Center will open its second location called the Armory Art Center Annex in downtown Lake Worth. Formally the shuffleboard center, this 5,000 square foot building, is located at 1121 Lucerne Avenue.  The year-long lease was awarded to the Armory by the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency. It allows the Art Center the opportunity to enhance the growing Lake Worth art community already in place. 





"You Take Such Liberties" by Raymond P. Neubert

“You Take Such Liberties” by Raymond P. Neubert

Ray Neubert will be teaching a new course called “Being The Artist You Were Meant To Be”, at The Armory’s new facility in Lake Worth.  This class is meant for artists who are tired of being told what and how to create and keep ending with their art looking like the teacher’s work or other more famous artists. The class begins on September 2nd – October 21st and run for 8 weeks.  

“Ray Neubert”

Ray explains, “Each week we will have an assigned task which we will review at the beginning of the next lesson.  This is not a class in how to make great art but to focus on what individual great art is in each of us and how to tap into our life experiences to uncover it.  I will not tell you what your journey is but encourage you to explore the possibilities the journey can be.  Personal experiences from all participants will be explored.  Each week will begin with a discussion, continue with exploration of the topics in our personal experience with our art and end with an assignment to be worked on for the following week.”
by Raymond P. Neubert

by Raymond P. Neubert

“Such subjects as…Honesty…Personal Preferences…’The Outliers’…’Cosmos’…Surviving Critiquing…Successes & Failures…Likes and Dislikes…Problem Solving and Best Time To Work.  New topics will be explored as they arise.  Our first assignment will be to bring sketching materials and at least one large object for group sketching to the first class.  In eight weeks we will each create a personal work of art which we will use to begin to explore and document what we each are meant to be as an honest and unique artist.  We will also compile a list of long term and short term goals” Ray says. 
The artist at work

The artist at work

The Tuesday class is from 3:00-5:00pm The eight week class is $200.00.  Contact The Armory Art Center to register at 561-832-1776.

Ray Neubert’s work ” is influenced by my father’s word play, comics of all genres and heroic Propaganda Art.  My NeuArt began in 2009 when I combined drawing, colored ink and word play on lined paper in saturated colors.  I continue with Metamorphosis in acrylics on canvas.”




For more information about Raymond’s artwork, including photography, poetry, assemblage and paintings, please call  561-313-6080 or email   or visit


The Armory Art Center Annex will serve the local community in the following ways:

  • focus on and feature local artists through exhibitions and teaching opportunities
  • provide outreach programs for youth and adults
  • offer classes and workshops during the day, at night, and on weekends
  • serve an audience from Lake Worth and the surrounding west and southern areas
  • make available studio space for 2D artists



The schedule will include exhibitions, one-time Art on the Go! classes and eight week classes. Armory instructors will teach classes in drawing, mixed media painting, oil painting and photography for adults and drawing and BAK and Dreyfoos prep classes for youth. Exhibitions by local artists will include Bob Vail and MeiWei Goethe, Lisette Cedeno, Kenneth Gryzmala, Nune Asatryan and Lisa Solon.


For more information about the Armory Art Center classes or exhibits call 561-832-1776  or visit



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