The Behind-The-Scenes Story of “The Midwives” Painting By Carla Golembe

Imagine our delight and surprise when reading Hadassah Magazine and seeing a painting that looked familiar!  Rickie Leiter, publisher of The Rickie Report interviews Carla Golembe, to share the behind-the-scenes story of how her painting, “The Midwives” was published.  Carla teaches at Old School Square in Delray Beach and at the Boca Museum School of Art, focusing on nurturing her students to express what they feel.  Her acrylic paintings and limited editions are sold internationally. The Rickie Report shares the story and some sneak peeks of her other works of art here.



C  A  R  L  A        G  O  L  E  M  B  E  






“The Midwives” by Carla Golembe


Carla Golembe tells The Rickie Report, “We live on an increasingly small planet in dangerous times. The state of our world is impossible to ignore. As humans we straddle the river of our potential with one foot on each bank. Our capacity for love and compassion is equaled by our ability to turn our backs on one another and by the biases and hatreds that people have harbored since the beginning of time”.  


She says, “And yet I continue to paint beauty, joy, connection and harmony. My paintings are human and universal, multicultural and cross cultural. My intention is to create a visual haven that encourages viewers to enter my domain, dwell in beauty, rejoice in color and breathe. The figures emanate wonder and mystery. The work is evocative rather than descriptive. My interest as an artist lies in expressing how something feels rather than what it looks like. As my subject matter expands to include both my inner vision and the outer world, I find myself painting about inclusiveness and caring for the earth. I am painting hope. This is my authentic personal expression and my purpose as a painter. The world of my paintings is not “realism” but perhaps it’s “magic realism”. It’s the reality of what makes my life worth living, what makes us human and what I want to bring into the world”.



“Mantras II” by Carla Golembe



Carla’s paintings are the product of her dreams and experiences. They speak of hope and love, of mystery and delight. Her work expresses the harmony between individuals, between people and animals, people and nature, within a person’s soul. They are colorful and sensual, reflecting the tropical beauty of her home and travels. “The full spectrum of positive emotion echoes through my work. Although the pieces express an optimistic attitude they are not naïve, rather they come from an understanding that pain and anxiety are part of life but joy is a more desirable place to dwell. Although my compositions are designed and defined sometimes there is no gravity in my visual world. The figures often inhabit ambiguous spaces, places where earth, sky and water flow into one another and where light and darkness merge. They are frequently caught in a moment of being or becoming, for it is in that moment that all dreams are possible”.



“For All ll” by Carla Golembe



Color brings life to Carla’s imagery, as she works in acrylic, building layer upon layer of color. With this layering technique she is able to achieve a simple but complex depth. The process is always unfolding, always revealing more. Strong color, shape and composition give impact to the imagery. Her influences come from both traditional Western art and folk art. The result is a blend and balance that is her own unique style.


TRR:  Tell us how “The midwives” painting came to be published in Hadassah Magazine


Back in the early 80’s I was showing my work at Kolbo Fine Judaica in Brookline, MA. I’d been showing there since 1979 and still exhibit paintings there now. In the 80’s I was primarily working in monotype. I had created a piece with a calligraphic border depicting Shifra and Puah, the midwives who saved the male Jewish babies who Pharoah had decreed must be put to death. It was hanging in Kolbo’s window.





MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America) was having a national conference in Brookline and one of the attendees saw the Midwives piece when she was walking by Kolbo. She contacted me about it, to ask if MANA could make a poster from it, but it had already sold. We came to an agreement; I would create a new piece that MANA could use for the poster, charge them a low fee for usage rights and, in return, once poster sales profit exceeded my fee they’d pay me a small percentage of the sales. I would keep the piece. The arrangement worked well.


A number of months later MANA asked me about the original that I’d created for the poster. They wanted to honor a midwife who was 85 or 90 years old and had delivered hundreds of babies in the Arizona Territory before Arizona was a state. They wanted to give her the piece but they didn’t have much money to spend. I felt privileged that they would want to honor her with my artwork and clearly, right thing to do was to donate the piece to give to this woman and that’s what I did. I think that was a good karmic moment. You give and you receive. Sales of the poster (and later the T- shirt) were strong for almost 30 years and every 6 months or a year I’d get a little royalty check as well as notes and emails about how much the poster meant to midwives all over the country.


The image had been taken from a slide and eventually the slide was lost and no one could find the image which had deteriorated over time anyway and so, as of a few years ago, there were no more posters or shirts available. But I’d still occasionally get inquiries about it because someone had seen a poster or a t shirt. My response was always to explain that as far as I knew they were not in circulation but that I would be happy to create an original based on that piece although, of course, it would be different. Every piece is an original and I was now working in acrylic rather than monotype.


Last summer I was contacted by Steve Calvin of the Minnesota Birth Center about the poster which he had seen while visiting the Breath of Life Birthing Center in Largo, FL. He commissioned a painting based on the poster. It was really enjoyable revisiting the theme over 30 years later in a different medium and a pleasure working with Steve. He was very happy with the painting which graces the walls of the Birth Center. Then, last winter, I was contacted by Hadassah Magazine about the old poster. They were planning to publish an article on midwives in their March issue and had seen the original poster image. Could they have permission to use it to illustrate the article? I explained that there were no images of the original poster (I had no files and the slide was gone) but that I’d created a new piece for the Minnesota Birth Center and I would contact them to see if it was ok for the magazine to use it.


The Birth Center was very gracious and said it was fine with them and that’s how the image came to be used in the magazine, though Hadassah chose not to include the border with the calligraphy.  I am selling prints, t shirts, coffee mugs etc with the image of the new painting through Fine Art America. The request made by the Minnesota Birth Center was that I donate a percentage of my profits from sales of the image to the Breath of Life Birthing Center in Largo, FL. I am happy to do so. So the good karma and love from this piece continues.


“Dragonfly Days” by Carla Golembe

TRR:  Your background as an illustrator and artist is so full. Please tell us more.



Carla Golembe is an award winning artist, illustrator, author and teacher. Her work is shown at galleries throughout the United States. Collections include Hyatt Corp, Pan Pacific Hotels, Sheppard Pratt Hospital, Medical College of Virginia Hospitals, Worcester Art Museum (Worcester, MA), Academy Art Museum (Easton, MD), Boston Public Library, University College of University of Maryland, Montgomery County MD Art in Public Places and others. She has received artist residencies from the Hambidge Center in Rabun Gap, GA; Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic and Kalani Honua in Hawaii. As an artist in residence in these places she presented her work to the community by giving talks, demonstrations and exhibitions.  Carla’s paintings are represented by Cove Gallery, Wellfleet, MA, Kolbo Fine Judaica, Brookline, MA, and Gallery Galleon, Vieques, Puerto Rico.



“The Princess And The Queen” by Carla Golembe



Carla’s children’s books are numerous and have sold internationally.  Her other illustration work includes greeting cards, fine illustration stock images for Artville/Getty Images and Imagezoo, educational and medical projects for children and magazine work. She has received awards for her children’s books from the New York Times, Parent’s Choice, The American Folklore Society and PMA, the Independent Book Publisher’s Association as well as others.


“Submerged” by Carla Golembe



Carla has taught fine art and illustration courses at Maryland College of Art and Design and the Maryland Institute College of Art, and Lighthouse Center for the Arts. She worked with elementary school children teaching them to write and illustrate picture books and fold books through the Center for Creative Education and the Milagro Center. She presently teaches painting at Old School Square in Delray Beach and the Art School of the Boca Museum of Art . She has been doing presentations and workshops for children, teens and adults in schools, libraries, museums and other community based venues for over 25 years. Carla has been an artist for five Animals on Parade Public Art Projects including Washington DC’s Party Animals and Pandamania, Ocean City Maryland’s OC Beach Birds, Prince George’s County, Maryland’s Birds-I-View and Palm Beach County’s Wild Things.


For more information about Carla’s artwork, classes, workshops: 

Please contact



Carla’s website:




Here are more links:  Prints available of many sold and unsold paintings through Fine Art America  All are original acrylics on canvas. Most paintings available for purchase.

Cove Gallery
Gallery Galleon
Bess Press
Image Zoo





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From the Easel of Klaus Schuler to Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts Poster!

Poster art is alive and doing well!  In fact, Klaus Schuler, an artist who resides locally, has recently had a piece of his artwork chosen for the upcoming Howard Alan Show in Hobe Sound.  The Rickie Report delves into how artwork is picked for posters, how they are produced and an in-depth look at Klaus’ artistry.

12th Annual

Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts

Saturday February 2 – Sunday February 3

10:00 am – 5:00 pm


The festival starts at Bridge Road & alternate AIA, continuing South on AIA.   ADMISSION & PARKING Free and open to the public. Free shuttle service will be provided.

Hobe Sound’s signature art festival, a celebration of the arts, is produced by Howard Alan Events and hosted by the Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce, to Support the Arts, Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce & Local Economy. 


The artists are juried by an independent panel of expert judges and hand-selected from hundreds of applicants based on quality and diversity in order to ensure a wide array of quality artwork representing a variety of artistic media.  The artists will be present for the duration of the show and welcome the opportunity to meet art enthusiasts and discuss the work, techniques and inspiration. 

This year’s official festival poster will feature the work of local watercolor artist Klaus Schuler, a Signature member of the Southern Watercolor Society, The Florida Watercolor Society and the Palm Beach Watercolor Society.  

Official Poster 2013

Klaus worked for many years at the Boeing Company at Kennedy Space Center where he illustrated many projects for the Space Program until 1993 when he began to paint full-time inspired by the coastal beauty right in his backyard.  He enjoys exhibiting his work at fine art festivals throughout the country like the Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts, which allow him the opportunity to meet art enthusiasts and collectors investing in his work.


A dentist in North Palm Beach who decorated his whole office with Klaus’ paintings claims that they have a calming effect on patients. Klaus tells The Rickie Report, ” If you’ve been in the setting of one of my paintings, it will rekindle memories for you.  If you fish the flats, you will feel the experience, the painting will remind you of your time on the waters edge.”


Klaus spent many hours in his youth kayaking, boating and fishing in the Guntersville, Alabama area where his family owned a house on Whitaker Lake. This early union with lakes, rivers and fishing were to become the cornerstones of his art.  After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design from the University of Alabama, (Roll Tide), Klaus joined the Boeing Company at Kennedy Space Center in Florida where he illustrated many projects for the Space Program.


There, he discovered great fishing and painting subjects on the Banana River and Mosquito Lagoon. A move to Stuart, Florida opened up a new world of coastal beauty. The Indian River, Intercostals Waterway and the St. Lucie Inlet provided ideal subjects for his art inspired by the paintings of N.C. Wyeth, Winslow Homer and C.E. Monroe.  In 1993, Klaus left the industry to become a full-time fine artist, which makes the rest of us grateful! It wasn’t long before his subjects included scenes from the Bahamas and the Florida Keys.


Klaus says, “I like exhibiting my work at outdoor shows. Not only do you get about 30,000 people walking by your work, but you also get to meet the people buying your work and hear some of the stories they tell about their experiences at the places I’ve painted….I could write a book.”

The Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a children’s area with interactive art and craft activities as well as games that will engage the youngest of festival-goers. Nightingale Private Care returns as presenting sponsor of the festival.

Reef Club

Reef Club

The Rickie Report made inquiries regarding the Hobe Sound Festival of Arts poster and is pleased to share what we found:

                        Each year the Hobe Sound Chamber organizes a Festival of the Arts committee consisting of Chamber Business Members to help plan the event. The Co-Chairs of the committee and the Executive Director walk the show each year, viewing the work of each artist. They choose their favorite artist of that year who represents the local area and ask them to submit images for the following year. The co-chairs, executive director of the chamber along with Howard Alan choose the final image.  Hobe Sound is an unincorporated village located in Martin County.  


                     An official told us, “After  the image is chosen, with Howard’s help, we print it locally and sell at our Merchandise Tent as a fundraiser for the chamber.  Proceeds from the sales go back to the Chamber’s Operating Budget to help fund community programs such as beach and road clean ups, our annual Christmas Parade and newcomer tours of Hobe Sound call ‘Inside Hobe Sound.’ Also proceeds go to scholarships for Martin County High School Students. Students apply for the scholarships via their school guidance office.”



Loose Beer

Loose Beer


Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts At-A-Glance:

·          Juried outdoor art showcase

·          Original Art – Handmade in America

·          150 artists from 30 different states

·          Prices set to suit all budgets – ranging from as little as $25 to $30,000

·          Artists hand-selected by independent panel of expert judges from hundreds of applicants

·          All artists on site for duration of festival

·          Vast array of artistic media:  Paintings,  Life Size Sculptures,  Photography,  Ceramics,  Glass,  Wood,  Handmade  Jewelry,  Collage,  Mixed Media

·          Green Market featuring locally grown produce, exotic plants and orchids, honey, spreads, jams and oils.

·          Kids Zone offering interactive art and craft activities as well as games for children.

·          Official Festival Poster featuring painting by local artist Klaus Schuler.


About Howard Alan Events, Ltd.:

Howard Alan Events, a Florida-based company, develops and presents art and craft shows throughout the country. For the past 25 years, Howard Alan Events has produced some of the nation’s finest juried art shows, including more than 40 venues each year such as the Downtown Aspen Art Festival (Aspen, CO), Beaver Creek Art Festival (Beaver Creek, CO), Chicago Tribune North Michigan Avenue Art Festival (Chicago, IL), and the Las Olas Art Fairs, (Fort Lauderdale, FL). Several shows are ranked in the top 100 art fairs in the country by Sunshine Artist magazine.  For additional information on the 12th Annual Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts and other Howard Alan Events art and craft shows across the country, visit or call 561-746-6615.



Banyan Bikers

Banyan Bikers

Klaus looks forward to meeting show-goers! For more information (772) 283-5684  cell:  772-263-1145  or email:


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