Patricia Lappin’s Original Artwork Is Featured At Delray Beach Public Library Through December 14. Enjoy Free Artist Talk On November 1. See Her Full Array Of Artworks At Artists And Charities Hand In Hand At Palm Beach County Convention Center November 2-3.

The Delray Beach Public Library is featuring a selection of paintings, “Then and Now”, by artist Patricia Lappin, when she lived in Arkansas and then moved to Florida.  Patricia is a beloved teacher at the New Studio for Visual Arts in Jupiter.  Enjoy a free Artist Talk on Friday, November 1 and meet Patricia!  The exhibit is open now through December 14.  To see a full array of Patricia’s artworks, stop by the Palm Beach County Convention Center on November 2-3 at Artists & Charities Hand In Hand Show and Sale.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.






“THEN   AND   NOW”     




Delray Beach Public Library 

  100 W Atlantic Blvd.  Delray Beach FL  33444

MEET & GREET Reception:


Friday, November 1

 3 – 4:30 pm  

Artist’s talk at 3:30 with refreshments

Open to the public free of charge. 

Exhibit is available now through December 14, 2019




“Marsh Patterns” by Patricia Lappin




Saturday & Sunday, November 2 -3, 2019

11 am – 5 pm

Palm Beach Convention Center
650 Okeechobee Blvd   West Palm Beach, Florida





“Waterways Blue and Orange” by Patricia Lappin



To Patricia Lappin, every painting is an adventure!  When you visit the Delray Beach Library to see her exhibit, you will understand what she means. I look at her paintings and wonder where that path in the painting may take me next! She says, ” Since moving to Florida my color palette has become brighter and more vibrant. My subject is still the natural world expressed in both abstracts and more recognizable images.  However, I am taking more license with the colors and simplifying the shapes to imply and intuit instead of record an actual scene as I have been doing for the last 20 years”.


Patricia goes on to explain, “Before Florida I lived in Arkansas for 20 years, exploring the hills and waterways with Plein Air and studio work in oil. That is the THEN.  NOW I am sketching and taking photos at Green Cay and the Loxahatchee Nature Preserve to inspire the new acrylic paintings.  The contrast is very interesting when placed side by side.  Our life circumstances and a new environment have great influence on how we see the world around us”.




“Winter Trail” by Patricia Lappin





Patricia tells The Rickie Report, ” Enjoy the beauty around you.  My desire to create was very strong and drawing was my refuge, my sanctuary.  It was an inner compulsion to be separate from the world sometimes.  I was content to spent hours drawing leaves, branches and bugs. A school field trip to the St. Louis Art Museum opened my eyes – adults took painting and drawing seriously, what a revelation”!



From age 10 to 14, she studied painting on Saturday mornings with a high school art teacher.  After high school, she attended SMS in Springfield, Mo. for 4 semesters, taking every available art course, intro to design, color, etc., but Patricia only wanted to learn to paint like the paintings she had seen at the St. Louis Art Museum and that was not happening.  She met her husband, married and became a mother. 



“Winter Trail” by Patricia Lappin



Patricia continues, “I was still painting, but unsure of the new “adult artist” me.  We moved to Fairfield, CT. near NYC.  Caesar Cirigliano became my teacher and mentor for 5 years.  Working with only black, white, yellow ocher and burnt sienna for the first 3 years, he taught me portrait, landscape and still life painting.  We spent many hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC studying the masters. Working with Ceasar was the greatest education I could have.  From 1970 to 1975 he led me from an insecure young adult struggling to believe in my artist-future to a confident artist in multiple mediums.  As he was leaving for Florida to retire, I ask him “who would be my teacher now?”  His answer formed my future.  “Don’t you know?  You are the teacher now.  You have the foundation now.”  When I began teaching I used my notes from the 5 years of study with Caesar.  I still use them today”.








“Waterways in Yellow” by Patricia Lappin





Patricia opened her first studio in 1980 and began teaching and exhibiting in the tri-state area.  Her family moved to Ft. Smith AR in 1996.  “Since then I have been represented by galleries in Kansas City MO, Scottsdale AZ, and Van Buren AR.  I have shown my work at the Ft. Smith Art Center and the Center for Art and Education many times.  I teach private classes and workshops. My paintings are in many private and public collections”.



In 2016 the Lappins moved to Boca Raton FL, where Patricia joined the Plein Air Palm Beach group, exploring new scenes and making new friends, seeking out galleries and other venues for showing/selling her paintings and teaching.  She is on the faculty at The New Studio for the Visual Arts in Jupiter, FL. and a member of the Palm Beach Watercolor Society. Patricia has won numerous awards for her artistry and her works can be found in private as well as public collections. 





For more information about this exhibit, classes, or individual lessons:

Patricia Lappin    479-883-7386


The New Studio for Visual Arts, Jupiter, Fl.  Now teaching Dynamic Color Harmony on Monday mornings from 9:30 to 12:30 through October.  New class starts in November through December.  Contact  for information.





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“Drawing Basic Portraits, Simplified” By Bernard Hoffman, Is Revolutionary With Step-By-Step Instructions

Bernard Hoffman has taken his life long experience with drawing and painting to write a book to help people who claim they cannot draw, to actually create portraits!  A member of the Portrait Society of America, Hoffman has shown his work at every American Embassy in the world, plus the Whitney Museum of Art, Benjamin Franklin Institute, Metropolitan Museum, and too many to name in this introduction.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks of his book, “Drawing Basic Portraits, Simplified”.







Bernard Hoffman starts off by telling The Rickie Report, “Drawing portraits can be rewarding and fun”.  He has devised typical proportional guides, with a step-by-step tutorial that will make it easy for any beginner or landscape artist to follow. Plus, he clarifies details for artists who want to draw better portraits.


Various portraits by Bernard Hoffman



He goes on to say, “No two faces look alike, yet everyone has two eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. They will vary from face to face, so pick your pose and begin sketching!”  He urges us to follow each step carefully, working with light strokes and then moving to darker strokes, continually adjusting our drawing to the individual features of our model.   Bernard stresses the importance of good light and paying strict attention to each minute detail.  He shares, “Draw not only what you see, but incorporate what you learn.  Remember, this is only a starting guide”.  There are many comments from hobbyists to professional artists, who have honed their skills with Bernard’s assistance.  His workbook/textbook shows that learning the relationships of facial details is not only possible, but something you can become proficient in!




Bernard Hoffman has been drawing and painting since elementary school. At age 10, he was awarded a scholarship to The Little Red Schoolhouse art classes in Greenwich Village.  At age 12, he received a scholarship to the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and the next year, he was accepted to the High School of Music & Art.  He received a scholarship to the School for Art Studies, followed by a scholarship to attend the Pratt Institute.  In addition, he attended classes at the Art Students League, winning many awards and exhibiting his paintings in galleries and museums.


Pastel Portraits by Bernard Hoffman



Within months of graduation, Bernard served in the US Navy Air Force during the Korean War, using his special skills for recruitment, training, and illustration of classified Navy Air Force projects.  After his service, Bernard founded Benaul Associates, an art studio in New York City. His company grew into a full strength advertising agency, where he did everything except the bookkeeping. He was also an Art Director & Production Manager for a magazine for 16 years before he retired.




In 1952, Bernard was commissioned to paint 16 original color illustrations to commemorate Benjamin Franklin’s 250th birthday.  They were produced as souvenir stamps for a historical and biographical album describing episodes of Franklin’s life. They found their way into US Embassies around the world as well as to international and national corporations. This achievement was recorded in the US Congressional Record and Mayor Wagner of New York unveiled mural enlargements of these paintings at the New York Art Director’s Club. While reproductions of Bernard’s artistry can be found in textbooks, one is also hanging next to Norman Rockwell’s  “Ben Franklin” picture.  The original paintings are part of a public collection of “The Free Library of Philadelphia”.







Since his retirement, Bernard has taught portrait painting in Pennsylvania and in Florida.  He is a member of the Portrait Society of America and has received numerous awards including the Department of Parks Art Contest, Society of Illustrators, and National AAA Poster Contest, to name a few.  Bernard’s paintings are part of private and corporate and international collections.



To contact Bernard Hoffman about his book, lessons or his artistry, please  contact him at, or to purchase his book go to or




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Gold Coast Watercolor Society Invites You To Exhibit At Coral Springs Museum of Art

The Gold Coast Watercolor Society invites everyone to their Exhibit, “Members Love Watercolor”.  GCWS, one of the oldest and largest water media organizations in South Florida, is a wonderful organization for watercolor enthusiasts to meet other artists, network and learn.  The Free Opening Reception takes place on Wednesday, November 4th from 3 – 5 pm at the Coral Springs Museum of Art. Nessa Grainger AWS, an internationally acclaimed artist from Florida will jury the event. The Reception is Free and Open to the public. The Rickie Report shares the details plus the artist statements and peeks of the 2014 award winners. We encourage art lovers to see this exhibit at this prestigious art complex! 



GCWS logo color



Gold Coast Watercolor Society

Invites You To:

“Members Love Watercolor”

Free Opening Reception:

Wednesday, November 4th

3 – 5 pm

Coral Springs Museum of Art

Exhibit runs October 28-November 29, 2015

2855 Coral Springs Dr.   Coral Springs, FL 33065




Gold Coast Watercolor Society fosters the advancement of the art of watercolor media/painting, informs and educates the general public through exhibitions, lectures and painting demonstrations. Gold Coast is a non-profit organization and membership is open to all persons who are interested in the art of watercolor.



GoldCoastWCSocietybestinshow georgiamcgraw

Georgia McGraw Best in Show, 2014

“Watercolor painting has been my passion for the past 30 years. People often ask, “What do you paint?” Even after all this time, I have no good answer. Imaginary landscapes? Painting for me is much like playing with a Wejee Board. After the first few brush strokes, the painting seems to have a mind of its own. The end is partly a surprise. My Bachelor of Arts Degree is from East Carolina University in Fine Arts. I was elected as a signature member of the National Watercolor Society in 2001 and the American Watercolor Society in 2004.




GoldCoastWCSociety1st plcae elizabet chacon

Elizabeth Chacon 1st Place, 2014

“I was always fascinated by colors and how to apply them to canvas and paper to create beautiful things. My goal is to combine colors in a way that expresses my feelings and allows the viewer to experience an emotion. Nature has inspired me with amazing shapes, lights and shadows. My other passion is painting people. It is great to capture facial expressions when nothing is spoken.”





GOLDCOASTWCSocietyWashday Blues judy Nunno 2nd place

Judy Nunno 2nd Place, 2014

South Florida native Judy Nunno is a self taught watercolor artist who
specializes in portraits and paintings of crystal and glass. She is a
signature member of Florida Watercolor Society and a member of American, National and Southern Watercolor Societies as well as several local art guilds. She is a two-time winner in Watercolor Artist Magazine’s Annual Watercolor Media Show Case Competition and has been published in North Light Books’ Splash 16: Exploring Texture (2015) and Splash 17 (2016).



Bunny sheffield 3rd place

Bunny Sheffield 3rd Place, 2014


“Beauty is truth, truth beauty — that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”
-John Keats-

“In contrast to the current trend of content laden art, nature is where I always find myself most at home. It is the quietude, coolness of color, and peacefulness that I reflect in my paintings. I select elements of nature and paint them with distinct plays of light and shadow. Shadows have multiple colors reflected within them and are not just an uninteresting gray. This reminds us that shadows play just as important a role in paintings as light. By combining light and shadow with intriguing color, I am a value painter who truly enjoys major and subtle contrasts of the two”.





Nessa Grainger, AWS, Juror


Florida artist Nessa Grainger AWS, who is recognized throughout the U.S., will jury the event. Grainger is a signature member of the National Association of Women Artists, Allied Artists of America, National Collage Society and the International Society of Experimental Artists. Her works are in the permanent collection of Zhei Ziang Museum in Hangzhow China, Elliot Museum in Stuart, FL, Libraries of the American Art in Washington, DC, as well as private collections throughout Europe and Mexico. She received a classical art education at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art, Tyler School of Fine Arts and the Pennsylvania Academy of Arts and now teaches art in South Florida.




For more information Visit:


call 954-812-1860





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Lantana Library Features Renee Plevy Presenting A Portrait Demonstration

The Lantana Library will present well known portrait and fine artist, Renee Plevy on Tuesday, July 21st for a demonstration.  There is no charge to attend, but you must RSVP to reserve a space. Renee will be demonstrating how to paint a portrait by creating an oil sketch of an audience member!  She will also share personal anecdotes about the famous people she has painted and her experiences as part of the New York Art Scene.  The Rickie Report highly recommends making your reservation now!  We share the details, Renee’s portraits ( including animals) and her personal history.









Tuesday, July 21st

2:00 pm

Lantana Road Library

4020 Lantana Road     Lake Worth, FL 33462
(561) 304-4500


The Lantana Road Library is please to announce a special program featuring renown artist, Renee Plevy. This award-winning artist will demonstrate how to paint a portrait by creating an oil sketch of an audience member, while sharing personal anecdotes about the famous people she’s painted and being part of the New York arts scene.   This event is FREE and OPEN to the public, but you must RSVP to reserve a space.  The event takes place on Tuesday, July 21st at 2pm.  




Renee Plevy presents an oil portrait

Renee Plevy presents oil portrait

A lifelong artist, Renee has painted many well-known persons for their private collections, and has had one person shows in museums, galleries, and has shown in Lincoln Center, NYC. She has been in over 68 Galleries and Juried Art Shows.  



Portrait of A Woman Committee with Renee Plevy

Portrait of A Woman Committee with Renee Plevy




Known for her “Portrait of a Woman” Organization wherein she has painted 23 oil portraits of famous Women Community Leaders from throughout Palm Beach County who have been honored at a Palm Beach Luncheon for the last four years. Renee has completed 23 oil Portraits of Prominent Palm Beach County Women Community Leaders for Portrait Of A Woman Legacy Series.

For more information please visit:



In NYC, Renee studied with internationally known portrait painters at the Art Student League, The School of Visual Arts and Parsons. At the same time she taught portraiture at the School of Visual Arts and was prominent with National Artist’s Equity.  Renee currently paints in Palm Beach County, FL focusing on commissioned work, private classes, personal portraits and pet portraits.  


reneeplevyPaintings -- all excellent.collage jpg_edited-1


Renee has always had the ability to capture the soul and spirit of her subject. As a colorist, she has used her medium to portray the essence of a person’s personality. An award winning member of the Boca Raton Museum’s Artist Guild and Women of the Visual Arts, she won First Prize with the Guild for her painting “Excursion” exhibited at the Nathan D. Rosen Biannual Exhibit.


Renee Plevy has a long list of accomplishments in the art world, including award winning exhibitions from the Northeast to Florida.  She has been involved with numerous art-related organizations, giving her time and expertise. In addition, her artwork has been included in government projects, such as the Paterson Courthouse WPA Mural Restoration, Paterson, NJ. Plevy’s teaching affiliations continue to grow and she is gracious in volunteering her time for demonstrations such as the one at the Lantana Road Library.


For more information about Renee Plevy’s artwork please contact her at:

T 561.736-8108 C 561.302.1380 F 561.736.8108

or visit: and


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Watercolor or Oil Portraits are Han’s Specialty

The Rickie Report is pleased to share some of ArtByHan’s newest portraits.  Capture a moment with a special person or a beloved pet in your life. Han will paint a portrait or any subject in either watercolor or oil from photographs.


Human and Pet Portraits


  • Buy a “Holiday Gift Custom Painting” for $50.
  • 12″x16″ or smaller Original watercolor: $50.
  • Larger than 12″x16″ watercolor price will be higher.
  • Same size in Oil price will be higher than watercolor.

Just send me any photos, I can paint it for you.



Watercolor Portrait, "Mingo"

Watercolor Portrait, “Mingo”

Han Young paints wonderful portraits from photographs.
Watercolor Portrait, "Devan"

Watercolor Portrait, “Devan”

Capture a family member or a special pet in one of Han’s paintings.
Watercolor Portrait, "E-Sal"

Watercolor Portrait, “Sal”

Han can paint from any photos for you, in oil or watercolor.
Watercolor Portrait ,"Mingo"

Watercolor Portrait ,”Mingo”

For more information please visit  or   Email:  or call  561-741-4170.

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A Closer Look at David McEwen’s Art and Philosophy

Almost forty people sat quietly as they watched David McEwen create a life-like pastel portrait in two hours.  The Rickie Report has written about David’s artistry and you are now invited to his final 2013 Florida Demonstration which will take place in Lake Park.  In this article, we will share his humor, his philosophy and our experience of his demonstration at Hands Artist Supply in Delray Beach.

Easel Arts Presents


David McEwen: Demonstration of Pastels


Saturday  February 23rd

11:00 – 1:00

 Special Prize Drawing and Discounts for Those Attending

RSVP   561-844-3111 or

Easel Art Supply Center is located at 810 Park Avenue  Lake Park, FL 33403


We sat amid over 40 people watching as David McEwen took us from photograph to an almost complete portrait in two hours.  David’s focus was Irene Sedler, a woman of over 100 years old who died recently in 2012.    David chose Irene because she was an unusual woman.  During WWII, she hid children from the Nazis and kept their family’s information in jars buried in her yard.  Her hope was to reunite the children with their parents after the Nazis left, but the parents never returned.  He says, ” I enjoy drawing older people because they have character.”  The room is quiet as he takes pastels and puts them to paper.

McEwen always begins with a pencil drawing and strongly suggests that artists practice drawing at least 10 minutes a day, using inexpensive pencils and paper.  He relates that he believes the most important word is “practice”.  Throughout this demonstration, David is quick witted and easily relates to the audience.  He is eager to share his philosophies of artistry and life in general and is swift in dispelling many myths about “great artists” or “real artists”.


  • Real artists never use photographs (“rubbish”)
  • Ignore it when people say  “Never use black” ( he quotes Manet who referred to Black being “The Queen of Colours” and “Turner who said if I can find something blacker than black I’ll use it”  ( Turner used bitumen in some of his paintings ). 
  • Norman Rockwell was just an illustrator ( He is the most underrated portrait artist by far)



After McEwen’s photos are processed, he uses a computer generated digital projector to give him a more realistic 3D view of the photograph (He knows some will say it is a “cheating machine”).  He expounds about the need to train yourself for better accuracy.  He claims that after so much practice, your eye will automatically see in this manner without the need of the projector.  He also uses an illuminated magnifying glass and daylight corrected light bulbs.

  • There are no rules about anything!
  • If it works, do it!
  • If it doesn’t work, find another way to do it!



Sometimes David will begin with the background and other times, the main features of the person.  As the painting progresses the woman truly emerges under his fingers and through the paper.


  • Some people say they have a hard time drawing hands.  Everything begins with geometric shapes. Make the shapes and the hands will develop.
  • Practice!


Interestingly, David does not always have confidence that a piece will turn out right.  He often works on 5-10 paintings at any one time.  They are each in his studio hanging or on easels, so he sees them all, as he is working on another piece at the moment.  He’ll get a flash of an idea or inspiration about one of the others and move to that one.


  • How do you know when to stop working on a piece?
  • When you get tired
  • When you get bored
  • When you can’t do it YET!


He implores the audience to, ” experiment with color and keep notes as you experiment.  Make your own color wheel; try different primaries…the color green is the most confusing and confounding of shades…write everything down so you can replicate what you like.”


All of this preparation is necessary to make a good painting, according to McEwen.  He uses expensive brushes because they last longer and he believes have better quality (Daler Rowney).  He has used Derwent pencils all of his life and relates his partiality to his having visited the factory in the UK as a child.  David thins his pastels with water and uses his fingers (preferably with thin gloves due to his allergy to the medium, though he forgot to use them today). To thin wax, he uses white spirits rather than turpentine because it has no odor.   David prefers Mi-Teintes papers by Canson and eschews using charcoal.


The artist exclaims, “The woman is starting to arrive out of the paper!”  And indeed, she is!


An audience member asks, “What is good art?”  David tells us, ” Bad art is everywhere.  Bad music comes and goes.  Same with bad poetry. Bad books usually don’t get published….Good art is what you like!  If the story and the painting move you, buy it!”   He tells the story about the cave dweller who drew the second cave painting and was taunted for producing a “derivative”.


  • There is nothing wrong with being a derivative!
  • You can teach anyone the techniques of applying color, but to really make art come alive, it has to be in your heart.  David believes in “genetic talent”.


He quotes St. Francis of Assisi: “He who works with his hands is a laborer.  He who works with his head is a craftsman.  He who works with his heart is an artist.”  McEwen, who likes more detail, tends to stay with realism.  He shares,” I don’t feel I am painting. I feel like I am celebrating the thing itself.”


  • We are filled with doubt
  • We are filled with fear
  • We compare ourselves to others

He quotes Robert Hughes, ” ‘The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize’.  We must overcome these fears and doubts and follow our hearts to make good art.”  And that is exactly what David McEwen is doing.    

In 2012 David was elected to be an Associate Member of The Society of Equestrian Painters. He is represented by Jaynie Spector of The Dog and Horse Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina and by Dan and Carol Lynne at Forms, Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida.His work has been included in several magazines and The International Artist named him as a “master painter of the world”.  In 2003 he was a runner-up in S.A.A.’s “Painter of the Year”.

Previously completed portrait of same woman

Previously completed portrait of same woman

For more information:   or email Sally Mcewen at  Forms Gallery is located at 415 E. Atlantic Avenue  Delray Beach, Florida.  The gallery is open 7 days a week.  Give yourself a treat and discover more of David McEwen’s work as well as the exciting cultures of the contemporary Southwest as expressed by the best of today’s artists. For more information call Forms toll free at (888) 274-3676 or (561) 274-FORM or

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