Carl Schneider Collaborates With Mother Nature As He Creates One-Of-A-Kind Wood Turned Pieces At Artisans On The Ave

Carl Schneider turns discarded and reclaimed pieces of wood into awe inspiring functional and decorative artworks.  Artisans On The Ave features Carl’s wood artistry at a free reception on Wednesday, February 27Carl will be speaking about his works as you peruse his varied designs. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.









Free, Public Opening Reception:

Wednesday, February 27 


6  –  9   pm


Artisans On The Ave
630 Lake Avenue   Lake Worth, FL 33460
561-762-8162      561-582-3300

Gallery Hours:
Open 7 days a week
Monday thru Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 9am – 7pm


Wood artistry by Carl Schneider




What is wood turning? How is it different from wood cutter? How one can find a piece of wood that will be transformed into a future beautiful vase or a mirror frame? Artisans On The Ave’s  wood turner artist, Carl Schneider, will answer all these questions and share some other secrets of his work. 


Wood Turned Vase by Carl Schneider





Carl loves collaborating with Mother Nature to create useful and beautiful objects from wood. He relates, “These objects combine the art of nature and the nature of the artist.” After trees are cut down for other reasons, artists like Carl extend the trees’ lives by creating objects that people will use, enjoy, and last an eternity.



Wood turned vessel by Carl Schneider





Carl Schneider is a retired electronic engineer. In 1997 after taking a wood-turning class, he became so passionate about wood turning that he joined two chapters of the American Association of Wood Turners! He perfected his skills by attending hands-on workshops with many professional world class wood-turners. He creates many types of pieces, enhancing the natural character of wood and embellishing them with texturing, carving and coloring. Carl demonstrates and teaches wood-turning at the Palm Beach County Wood Turners workshop and his own studio. Carl sells many of his turnings and wins awards at art exhibits. Carl has been a member of the Boca Raton Museum of Art Guild and participates at local galleries.



Wood Turned piece by Carl Schneider



For more information about this exhibit, classes or how to become part of this gallery please call: 561.762.8162
Artisans On The Ave
630 Lake Avenue Lake Worth, FL 33460






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Durga Garcia’s ABCs on Getting Your Work Out There Part I

Durga Garcia is a professional fine art photographer who, for the past five years, has made her business flourish.  In 2013/14, she was not only inducted in NAWA (National Women Artists Association)  but also exhibited a SOLO Show at NAWA’s headquarters in New York City!  The Rickie Report is pleased to share a two-part article, with Durga’s clear-cut system to “Getting Your Work Out There”.




“The ABC’s


Getting Your ArtWork Out There”


Durga Garcia






Durga tells The Rickie Report, “This is what I have learned after 5 years of entering art shows… From my first local show in Delray Beach, living through those first rejections and not winning 1st prize, to now entering international level competitions, exhibiting Internationally and winning awards.  I have now graduated to being asked to review portfolios and be a juror to shows.  These experiences have given me a special insight for helping to ensure success and not taking rejections personally.”



First – Be Prepared


  • Have good images of your artwork


  • Be able to re-size and re-name files


  • Have Artists Statement(s)


  • Have Several: CV / Bio, short, long, specific


  • Have a Head shot







Not all competitions ask for the same information nor the same size file, be prepared.  If you need help managing these computer-related tasks, contact The Rickie Report.  Rickie has a list of resources who can help!  You need to ask yourself: Do I want to spend time and energy on the “business” part or would I be better off hiring someone and use my time to CREATE? 





Where to find:

Art Shows, Exhibits, Competitions? 



Durga Garcia, "Canoes uo the Loxahatchee River"

Durga Garcia, “Canoes Travel Up the Loxahatchee River”


 Portfolio / Competition Sites



Durga Garcia, "Allegory of the Maidens"

Durga Garcia, “Allegory of the Maidens”


 Call to Artist Sites (1920px @72dpi)  (min 1920px on longest side @72dpi)  (between 1400 and 4000px on longest side @300dpi)



Durga Garcia, "Mossy Woods"

Durga Garcia, “Mossy Woods”


 OnLine Competitions – 2D ( largest side 1000px @ 100dpi)



What Should I enter?



Image by Durga Garcia

Image by Durga Garcia

Inspiration / Exposure sites




Carry your image portfolio in your phone, show it to friends and listen to the feedback you get.



Durga Garcia for Susan Renick

Durga Garcia for Susan Renick





  • Go to Art Openings, see what is being shown, be inspired, meet people, support other artists.


  •  Be active in art groups (most have exhibit opportunities)

Armory Art Center,  Artists of Palm Beach County,  Lighthouse ArtCenter, Wellington Art Society,  Delray Art League,  Florida Scape Artists Plein Air  Painters,  Ceramic League of the Palm Beaches (to name a few)


  •  Sign Up for  ART news e-letter to keep up the area art happenings,  and it is free!!!!
  • Have a signature on your emails




Both Durga and Rickie feel that this is a lot of information to absorb.  

We want to give you some time, so this article will continue tomorrow.



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North Palm Beach Arts & Crafts Festival Features Lois and Jerry O’Brien!

The Rickie Report met Lois O’Brien when one of her paintings was accepted at Art at the Airport.  Lois’ art work is fascinating and absorbing.  Her husband, Jerry, is a marvelous wood turner.  This the first time they will be exhibiting together!  We hope you’ll stop by the annual Craft Show in North Palm Beach to meet them and see their wonderful artistry!  More details are in this article.


Annual North Palm Beach


Arts & Crafts Fall Festival


Saturday, November 2nd


NPB Community Center


1200 Prosperity Farms Road



Lois  and  Jerry  O’Brien

“Art from the Heart”:  

Expressions on

Canvas & Turned Wood   

#22 Inside


Lois and Jerry O’Brien are exhibiting their creative work together for the first time at the North Palm Beach Annual Arts & Crafts Festival on Saturday, November 2nd from 9 am – 4 pm.  The event takes place at the North Palm Beach Community Center located at 1200 Prosperity Farms Road, North Palm Beach.  The O’Brien’s will display and sell their “Art  From the Heart: Expressions on Canvas & Turned Wood”.
"Reflection" by Lois O'Brien

“Reflection” by Lois O’Brien

Lois H. O’Brien  was born in a small Virginia town, moved to FL and was raised by an older sister at a young age.  She graduated High school in Miami, attended University of Florida, Gainesville and Barry University in Miami.  Lois has been a resident of Palm Beach County for over 30 years.  Her business career included General Insurance, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, and Executive Assistant to Owner/President of Permatex an International manufacturing company for sixteen years.  Lois also served as the Business Manager for Graham Ekes a private school in Palm Beach.  She started Claws & Paws, Inc. a pet sitting business, has successfully serviced the needs of pet owners for over four years.


"Memories" by Lois O'Brien

“Family and Country” by Lois O’Brien

Lois enjoyed many diverse interests including boating, fishing and decorating while having a career.    She tells The Rickie Report, “I wanted to explore other avenues.  I enrolled in a ‘Creative’ art class at the Armory Art Center in January 2010, wondering if there could be a ‘hidden’ talent waiting to be released, as I had never painted before.   The art instructor was able to encourage my creative spirit and give guidance in expression. The first painting was the start of many more abstract creations.  People still ask, ‘What is it’?  and my answer is always ‘whatever you want it to be’.  “


"Hare Dreams"

“Life Journey” by Lois O’Brien

Lois displayed a small collection of paintings  in Georgia at the White County Library in 2010 and continues to take classes at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach.  She entered a painting in their Student Art Exhibitions.   


"Shaman Dream" by Lois O'Brien

“Shaman Dream” by Lois O’Brien

Lois also participated in the Armory Art Center’s  “50 Artists/50 Bucks”, September 2012 and again in 2013. Each of the 50 chosen artists is furnished a blank canvas, supplies all other materials, and creates an original artwork in two hours, with the public-viewing artists as they paint.   Completed works are then offered in  live auction with starting bid of $50.00. 



Lois says, “My  ‘art studio’ is a recently enclosed loggia at the rear of our residence, where I paint and display my art creations. Palm Beach County International Airport allows artists to submit a work every four months for an Art in Public Space display.  I was accepted to this juried exhibit from June 20th  to October 27, 2012, and again from October, 2012 to February 27, 2013.  Over 100 artists submitted works,  only twenty were chosen.”




Jerry O’Brien moved to Florida with his family when he was a young boy.   He attended Forest Hill High School and then served in the U.S. military.  Jerry retired after 30 years after working for Bellsouth.  His main hobbies were boating and fishing.  Along with being an avid outdoorsman, Jerry had worked with wood as a hobby since childhood.  His dad got him started at a young age and woodworking has been one of Jerry’s “outlets” ever since.


Jerry tells The Rickie Report, “I turned my first pieces on a lathe in Junior high school but didn’t continue turning. My woodturning restarted 4 years ago after visiting a North Georgia mountain craft festival/art show. The bug bit me! When we returned to Florida for the winter, I joined Palm Beach Wood Turners.  I have received instruction, guidance and support from experienced club members.”

Wood Turned Vessels by Jerry O'Brien

Wood Turned Vessels by Jerry O’Brien


“Over the last four years I’ve attended many woodturning seminars in various states and had the privilege to learn from the best of the best from around the country as well as international professionals. In my short career as a wood turner I’ve turned a variety of items including bowls, platters and hollow forms, pens, scoops, tops, bottle stoppers and objects d’art,” Jerry shares.


Jerry uses many different woods, including tropical woods such as mahogany and rosewood.  Local fruitwoods including orange, grapefruit and mango are also frequent candidates for his lathe. One of the most attractive woods that are abundant here in south Florida is Norfolk Island pine. After it has “spalted” (weathered outside), it exhibits shades of gray, silver blue and cream when turned on the lathe.  Vacationing in Georgia allows Jerry to turn the hardwoods of the more northern climbs. Cherry, hickory, pecan, several of the maples make for a wonderful change of pace on the lathe.


Turned Pens by Jerry O'Brien

Turned Pens by Jerry O’Brien

“Segmenting is the latest skill set I’m learning. Using this technique in partnership with different woods allows the craftsman unlimited variety and patterns. These pieces are constructed by gluing individual pieces of wood together into a general shape and mounting them on the lathe where they are turned to the final shape. Challenging and beautiful, segmented bowls and other vessels are a true delight. As in all turned wood vessels each is one of a kind and supplies the owner with a unique sense of pride”, Jerry explains.

Segmented Bowl by Jerry O'Brien

Segmented Bowl by Jerry O’Brien


Jerry tells everyone, “Feel free to handle anything on display after all…. trees are one of God’s works that are meant to be touched!  If you have any questions please come up and talk to me –  just be forewarned that when I start talking about woodturning or fishing/boating sometimes it’s hard for me to stop!”


For more information about Lois’ or Jerry’s artwork, please email:     For more information about the Arts & Craft Show, please call 841-3386


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