What is LULA and How Can It Help You?

The Rickie Report spoke with LULA Cultural Renaissance Program Planner, Tracy Smith Coffey to find out what LULA does and how her efforts can help local artists and artisans.

When the organizational world has become alphabet soup, it is worthwhile to explore!  That is what The Rickie Report found during an extensive meeting with Tracy Smith Coffey.  She works out of the C.R.A. offices (Community Redevelopment Agency) in Lake Worth.


LULA stands for LUcerne & LAkeAvenues in Lake Worth and she is using LULA to brand the city as a destination for art and culture.  While Coffey is an artist herself, she has little time for her craft. She hasn’t painted in years but is looking at two empty canvases at the moment that are calling to her.  She prefers faux painting as well as abstracts with oils and acrylics.


Her passion is to raise awareness of the art community that exists in Lake Worth,FL.  She wants Lake Worth to be a center for tourism in our area.  She explains, “Lake Worth has all the components of an arts district but was never organized, so that’s what LULA is doing.  We knew the importance of having the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County here, and the C.R.A. gave them a $700,000. grant to help them rehab the building they are in now.  It all has to do with the big picture”.


Artist Urban Loft – Deco Building

Coffey, the Project Coordinator, developed this arts program that went with their NSP2 Federal Housing Grant.  They were awarded $23 million for housing which is overseen by the C.R.A.  For specifics about this grant and program go to: www.lakeworthnsp.org    Applications are being accepted now for a dozen urban arts lofts that are under construction.  They are looking at a February, 2013 opening and one residence has already been accepted.  You can pick up an application at the C.R.A. office  at 29 South J Street Suite 1 in Lake Worth or contact Tracy at: tcoffey@lakeworth.org   “We will be the only affordable housing, artist live/work units in FL”.


The Rickie Report is shocked that LULA’s website is so under utilized!  There are Calls to Artists plus a FREE  opportunity to not only be listed on their website, but to show jpgs of your work and include a description of each piece.  Plus, once you have logged into their system, you can change out these jpgs and descriptions yourself!  This is open to all artists who reside in Palm Beach County.  Once every eight weeks, an artist and a downtown merchant is featured on the website.  Do you have the URGE to EMERGE?    “The good news is that this is free.  I had an artist call me to say he got a commission piece from this website!  That is our goal”.    The listing includes all disciplines, including music and theater.  Contact Tracy now for the application form!


Lula holds a number of events throughout the year to support their endeavors.  A 10’x10′ booth space for events costs $25.00  Tracy put the visual arts with the performing arts together at these events, so there really is something for everyone to enjoy.  Check out Lake Worth Cultural Renaissance Program, Lake Worth Arts, or Lake Worth Centennial Event on Facebook.  Or go to: www.lakeworthcra.org   The links to the facebook pages are  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lake-Worth-CRA-Cultural-Renaissance-Program/122468921135245?ref=hl and https://www.facebook.com/pages/LULA-Lake-Worth-Arts/248726568545868?ref=hl



Former Masonic Temple
1000 Lake Avenue Building – “The Nine Arches”


Save the date!  November 17, 2012 LULA will sponsor an Andy Warhol-type art factory event where the 9 arches will be painted by local mural artists, there will be stages with performing artists and other artists will be selling their work as well.  (See The Rickie Report July 15, 2012). And watch The Rickie Report for LULA’s celebration of Lake Worth’s Centennial in 2013! If you want to be part of this celebration, contact Tracy!

Tracy Smith Coffey, Project Coordinator  LULA Lake Worth Arts

29 South J Street Suite 1    Lake Worth, Fl 33460   561.493.2550

tcoffey@lakeworth.org    www.lakeworthcra.org


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