John R. Math Discusses “Online Art Galleries” As a Marketing Tool And Provides Artists Exposure To A World Wide Audience

The Rickie Report invited John R. Math of Light Space & Time Online Gallery to share information about different types of online art galleries.  John is a Florida landscape and wetlands fine art photographer as well as a well respected business person in the art world. Since 2006, his Gallery has conducted monthly themed art competitions and art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. The gallery was created primarily to help new and emerging artists gain experience in applying for, participating in art competitions and getting solid exposure to the decision makers in the art world. Through Light Space & Time, artists are able to not only gain experience but also add and develop their art resumes, all in the hopes of someday selling their work and having a successful art career. The Rickie Report shares the details here.  


John R. Math




How Online Art Galleries Can Help You Market Your Artwork

By John R. Math

In the last 5 years online art galleries have become a popular means for artists to market and sell their art. If an artist is not taking advantage of this platform they are at a very distinct disadvantage in terms of marketing and selling their art. There are several types of online galleries and using them has numerous benefits for the artist.


Print on Demand Online Art Galleries:

These type of galleries provide a profile page followed by gallery pages for the artist’s artworks. (They may or may not charge an administrative fee). The gallery acts as a “go between” for the buyer and the artist. They print and ship the artist’s work for the purchaser, which is how the gallery makes their money.


Online Art Galleries that Market and Sell Art:

This type of gallery sells the artist’s art and collects a percentage of each sale (much like a brick and mortar gallery when they sell an artist’s artwork). They usually provide the artist with a profile, a storefront and the means to charge and collect from the buyer.
Hopefully, these online art galleries do a lot of marketing and promotion to bring traffic to their website in order to help sell the artist’s art.


Online Art Competition Galleries:

For an artist’s work to appear on these sites, the artist will go through a judging or a competition process. The selection of the art is the result of a themed art competition. Online art galleries (in any form) provide artists with very low costs and wide-ranging exhibition opportunities that were not available in the past.  “Brick and Mortar” art galleries have built-in overhead and expenses that make them less able to compete with online art galleries regarding artist entry fees and exhibition costs.

Online galleries offer ease of submitting and managing electronic files versus physically shipping entire works. Using online galleries is both a time-saving and cost-effective alternative for the artist. Matting and framing, shipping, and storing are no longer issues.
The Internet offers broad international exposure to artists who compete, win, and exhibit their artwork. This exposure can be tapped into by both “brick and mortar” and online galleries. It is critical for any gallery that an artist partners with, is to make full use of available marketing and promotional opportunities.


What are the advantages and benefits for an artist to enter and compete in an online art competition? The following are the top benefits for an artist when entering online art contests:

• Ease of Entering/Posting Art
• Cost of Entering/ Membership
• Online Promotion & Marketing
• Low Administrative Costs
• Unequalled Exposure for the Artist


Choosing the Right Online Gallery:

When selecting an online art gallery, be sure to ask about their overall marketing program. Online galleries tend to have digital marketing expertise as their entire world is electronic, but not all galleries are the same.

As an artist, you want broad and quality coverage for your work.

What is your desired market?

While the whole world is available to you, partnering with an online art gallery that caters to those who like your art is essential.

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed online art competitions and art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. It is the Gallery’s intention to help today’s artists to successfully market their art to a worldwide audience.  

For more information: 





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A Word To Artists, Arts Organizations And Show Promoters From The Rickie Report

Every article The Rickie Report publishes is packed with information.  Sometimes, we announce an art event that holds interest for art patrons and artists, a Call For Art to a juried show or exhibit, or an overview of an artist’s work and classes being offered in the community.  On Friday, May 20th we published an article about the Fort Lauderdale Design and Remodeling Show.  In today’s “tutorial”, we take a closer look at how artists, arts organizations and show promoters can use this article to find new opportunities.  






Reading a TRR article and seeing beyond:






Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.23.18 PM

2016 Ft. Lauderdale

Home Design and Remodeling Show’s




Jen Walls◊Lynda Sauls◊Steve Romero◊Patricia Beltran◊Yvette Michele Booth◊Shernett Muhammad◊Aida Tejada◊Josepo◊Sandra Garcia Pardo◊Phoenix Marks◊Brett Aiton◊Cynthia Inklebarger◊Tatiana Cast◊Terry Mulrooney◊Carlos Gonzalez




Look at the artists’ names.  

Do you know anyone?  


If you do, let them know you saw the article about them.

Sharing let’s them know you’re excited about their success!  


We need to support each other…so when you express your enthusiasm, you will be paying it forward.  

If  you don’t know any of these artists:  

We give you their website links…

Check out their artwork.

   Do you feel a kinship to their style, medium or subject?

We can’t stress enough about the importance of meeting other artists and networking!

Email to introduce yourself and make a time to “talk art”.    

Who knows…. you may become collaborators for a future exhibit.  



Is your art organization is looking for a demo?  

Think beyond this event!  

Show promoters: What a great opportunity to meet these artists and invite them to YOUR event!

Check out the website!  

Does this look like an event you’d like to be involved with in the future?  

Get on the mailing list.  



Contact the Show Producer NOW and ask how you can be involved the next time!  We suggest you begin with an email explaining how you heard about the event.  Follow up with a phone call.


What We learned from:



Jen Walls

In her submission application, artist Jen Walls (who recently moved to Broward from Charlotte, NC) stated: “As a new resident of Broward County, I am thrilled to find a vibrant, active art community filled with a wide variety of venues and events. The arts here are a fantastic example of what other parts of the country could accomplish with the type of widespread support you see here in South Florida.”

Jen is a newcomer to the area and went right into the fray!  We like her moxie!  Jen is the type of person we want to associate with…she sees opportunities in new situations! Her whimsical art strikes a chord!

· “Surroundings” by Lynda Sauls, Steve Romero and Patricia Beltran of the Weston Art Guild aims to stimulate and provoke awareness of South Florida’s treasures. The artists invite the viewer to slow down and appreciate the artists’ reverence for the ordinary, overlooked, and awesome skies. Apart from their work as artists, Sauls serves as President of the Weston Art Guild; Romero aims to highlight the beauty of South Florida in his photographs; and Beltran offers art workshops for children at her studio.


The Weston Art Guild is active and involves it’s members in the community.  Check it out!  

Find out about Patricia Beltran’s workshops.  

When an artists mentions they have studio space…

Do you need studio space? Is anyone interested in sharing?  You will only know if you make the contact!

· “Abstractive Fusion” by Yvette Michele Booth and Shernett Muhammad, addresses the melting together of ideas and elements from nature, expressions of bold color and life experiences. Booth is an arts journalist and blogs weekly in support of a cure of Aids and HIV, using art as a means to create awareness. This is Muhammad’s second time participating in “At Home with Art.” Muhammad’s art reflects her dedication to capturing Florida’s natural environment.

Are you intrigued by Yvette’s and Shernett’s work?

 Would either one do a demo for your organization?  You will know if you contact them….

· “Delirium” by Miami artists, Aida Tejada, Josepo and Sandra Garcia-Pardo shows the consequences of obsessive experimentations on their art when looking for accurate definitions of their emotions and dreams, as well as the role of art and its commitment to society. Tejada teaches experimental photography at her studio; Josepo incorporates reclaimed materials, from his work in the construction business, and gives them new life.  Sandra Garcia-Pardo is the 2011 recipient of the Miami-Dade Community and Tourist Development Council Grants Program.



Invite Aida to teach a workshop!


Ask Josepo if he offers tours of his studio…

What can you learn from Sandra, a Tourist Development Grant Recipient?


· “The Nature of Women” explores the world outside cities and towns: the kingdoms of animals and plants, the sunsets, mountains and vistas that inspire us as viewed, specifically through the eyes of women. Through Phoenix Marks’ photography and Jen Walls mixed-media work, they challenge the viewer to question: “What does our view of the wild say about our own human nature?” Marks serves as President of the National League of American Pen Women (Fort Lauderdale Branch) and Vice President of the Broward Art Guild; Walls has taught art in North Carolina and will participate this summer in the Artist in Residence program at the Olive Stack Gallery in Ireland.

National League Of American Pen Women is another wonderful networking opportunity!  Find out about their meetings and go to one!  Join!




What is the Broward Art Guild offering?  

(LOTS – but do YOU know about it?)

Make the contact and get involved.


Phoenix is interested in the environment.  Invite her to your camera group!  Take a field trip with her!

· “Nature” is an exhibit displaying two artists’ love and perspective on the world we live. Brett Aiton having extensive training with animals, shows his love and respect for the creatures that keep humanity alive in his colorful oil paintings. Cynthia Bebak Inklebarger is an experienced mixed-media artist that paints nature from an abstract lens. Her style ranges from finite detail to colorful representations of the environment. Both of their devotion to the outside is evident in their differing illustrations. Aiton’s admiration of wildlife began in his native Indiana and studies in Veterinary Medicine. He has also written a series of teenage fiction books. Inklebarger has taught art and served as a docent and researcher for a non-profit art institution in Miami.


Does your organization want to engage teens?  Animal lovers?

Brett is a great prospect!

Will he offer a workshop?  Call….




How can Cynthia’s abstract perspective draw in new learners?  The exploration of Mars is a hot topic!  What can she add to your classes?

· “Spectrums of Color” by Tatiana Cast, Terry Arroyo Mulrooney and Carlos Gonzalez, showcases the vision of three artists regarding colors, shapes and light. Each artist with a unique style and perspective, demonstrates the great diversity that exists in the visual arts world. Cast is an art consultant and curator; Mulrooney is involved with the non-profit organization M.U.J.E.R. Florida and has provided families with paintings that replicate portrait photos that she took of children of families seeking support services from M.U.J.E.R.; Many of Gonzalez’ paintings are inspired by South Florida’s vibrant, musical influences.



Oh, the places Tatiana, Terry and Carlos will take you as you explore color, shape and light!

Make an appointment with Tatiana – she is an art consultant and curator!  How can you work together?  Email first, then follow-up…

Terry would love to share her experiences with M.U.J.E.R. – and perhaps MOVE you beyond your inspiration to DOING what you have dreamed of!

Carlos captures the musical mood with his paintings.  Invite him to a jazz brunch and ask him to demo!  If you are a non-profit, ask if hell donate a % of sales to your group!






A full schedule of events that includes: Seminars by DIY Network’s Sara Bendrick of “I Hate My Yard” and Jason Cameron of “Man Caves” and “Desperate Landscapes”; consultations with South Florida Interior Designers at four room vignettes designed exclusively for the Show; as well as cooking demonstrations at the Culinary Experience Stage can be found at



Stop by and meet these television personalities!

Get their contact information.  Find out how YOUR artwork appear in one of their shows?

Meet these Interior Designers!  Get their business cards.  Send an email with some jpegs of your work.  Make an appointment to follow up.  They want to have fresh looks and art available for their clients….it could be YOUR ARTWORK!




Yes, you may bring your business cards to this event, but remember that these exhibitors are at this event to network and sell their work.  

Please don’t overwhelm them with details.  A quick introduction, taking their business card and a follow up email is the least intrusive way to go!



I hope this “tutorial” look at a Rickie Report article helps you achieve your goals.  

I look forward to hearing from you!




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Boca Pen Women Present “Learn The Art of Marketing” with Rickie Leiter, Publisher of The Rickie Report

Join the Boca Raton Pen Women for a delicious luncheon and an informative program on getting your brand out to the public. Rickie Leiter, publisher of The Rickie Report, will be speaking about “The Art of Marketing”.  Everyone is encouraged to bring their business cards, which will be used during the interactive session.  At the end of the program, one person’s business card will be picked for a FREE article in a future Rickie Report.  Boca Pen Women is an organization of artists, composers and authors.  Their monthly events offer opportunities to network and connect with other professionals in the area.  Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend.  RSVP for lunch and lecture information is in this article.







” Art of Marketing”

Rickie Leiter – Marketing Master



Thursday, December 18, 2014

12:00 Noon


Guests are welcome!



Members: $25 ~ Non-members: $30


Reservations MUST be made by Thursday, December 11

Delray Golf Club

2200 Highland Avenue      Delray Beach, FL  33445




What are the basic tools needed to successfully promote your creative work and increase sales? Rickie Leiter, publisher of The Rickie Report, an online arts magazine, will answer this question and many others in an exciting interactive program. Rickie will share her marketing strategies with Pen Women.






Rickie has always been involved with the arts and creativity, as a child, first expressing herself with fabric creations and needlework.  After working in a rural Massachusetts public school system as their social worker and family therapy coordinator, she followed her passions as an art consultant.  In addition, Rickie served as a volunteer for a number of varied non-profit organizations and worked for the “Jimmy Fund”, the fundraising arm of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  Rickie also coordinated the Marketing and Communications Department of an international not-for-profit.  As an artist, she creates one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, which she sells at Artisans on the Ave in Lake Worth. 


Rickie Headshot


The Rickie Report will celebrate its 4th year of publicizing art events and opportunities to both artists and art patrons.  Rickie believes the key to success is to understand yourself and your potential buyer.  Networking and marketing are essential tools to reach your goals for success.  She is an original team member of the Palm Beach County Think Tank, which founded Art Synergy.  In addition to writing about and attending art-related functions, Rickie offers seminars and lectures about marketing.



Everyone is requested to bring their Business Cards to share. Rickie will be conducting an interactive session using the cards.  At the end of the presentation, there will be a drawing for a FREE article in The Rickie Report.




Reservations MUST be made by Thursday, December 11

(clip below form and mail with check)

12 Noon ~ Delray Beach Golf Club  ~ 2200 Highland Avenue ~ Delray Beach


Please circle one Entrée and one Dessert

(1) Shrimp Caesar Salad – Crispy romaine lettuce tossed with classic homemade Caesar dressing, fresh Parmesan cheese, crunchy croutons and Shrimp.
(2) Chicken Francaise – Parmesan egg battered chicken breast sautéed to a golden brown and finished with a lemon butter sauce, chef’s choice rice or potato, seasonal vegetables.
(3) Poached Filet of Salmon – Court bouillon poached salmon finished with creamy dill sauce.
(4) Fresh Veggie Platter


Dessert Choice: Lemon Layer Cake or Fruit Cup

Members: $25  ~  Non-members: $30

Checks payable to: Boca Raton Branch NLAPW
Send to: Barbara Bixon, 9674 Harbour Lake Circle, Boynton Beach FL 33437
Or email for more information:
Reservations MUST be made by Thursday, December 11



NAME: (Print) ________________________________________Email/Phone______________________


GUEST’S MENU CHOICES:_______________________________________________________
Guests : How did you hear about us ?_______________________________________




The Boca Raton Branch of the National League of American Pen Women is a prestigious organization of professional women in the Arts – Published Writers, Authors, Poets, Musical Composers and Award winning Artists.

NLAPW’s corporate headquarters is based in Washington, D.C. in an historic building, once the residence of Robert Todd Lincoln, son of President Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. It oversees branches all over the United States. The league boasts membership of such prominent women as Eleanor Roosevelt, Erma Bombeck, and local well-known artist Edna Hibel. Vinnie Ream, the only woman to sculpt President Lincoln from life, was an early member of NLAPW. Her statue of Lincoln now stands in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda.

The Boca Raton branch is one of the largest in the country and will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2015. As a qualified member of Art, Letters or Music, each member is exposed to participation in Art Exhibits, Author Talks and various workshops. On the third Thursday of the month – from November to May – luncheons are held with interesting, informative and entertaining speakers featuring the three Muses ~ Art – Literature – Music!




For more information about Boca Raton Branch National League of American Pen Women please visit:



Barbara Bixon:
Phone: 561 732-3577




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Rickie Leiter Presents “Marketing Smarts for the Arts” A Small Group Discussion At Mandel Public Library

Rickie Leiter, publisher of The Rickie Report will offer a small group discussion focusing on marketing strategies for artists at the Mandel Public Library in West Palm Beach on Monday, November 10th.   This event is open to all artists who are interested in moving ahead in their careers.  More details are in this article.










The Rickie Report



An Intimate Group Seminar with

Rickie Leiter



“Marketing Smarts for the Arts”


  at  the

Mandel Public Library


Monday, November 10th

9:30 am – 12:00 Noon


411 Clematis Street        W.Palm Beach, FL


$25.00 Registration includes:

Seminar, Refreshments, Private Tour of “Star Spangled Heroes” exhibit at the library and a unique Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Mandel Public Library.



This is an opportunity for artists to brainstorm and network in an informal setting with a small, intimate group of like-minded creatives under the guidance of Rickie Leiter, publisher of The Rickie Report.  Rickie has been helping artists and crafters move from being hobbyists and emerging artists to selling their artwork in galleries and exhibitions around the country.  An advocate for artists, she understands the importance of networking and marketing to bring awareness and education to art lovers and art patrons.


Rickie will offer “Marketing Smarts for the Arts” in a small, intimate setting at the Mandel Public Library in West Palm Beach on Monday, November 10th.  The seminar  includes discussion specific to the needs of the attendees, refreshments, a private tour of “Star Spangled Heroes” exhibit and a unique behind-the-scenes tour of the Mandel Public Library.


The cost of the event is $25.00 and the number of registrants is limited.  attendees must pre-register by November 4th.  Send your check, payable to The Rickie Report and registration form to  PO Box 33423  Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420.  For more information please email rickie or call 561-537-0291.  Please note:  This information will NOT be shared.  PLEASE PRINT







Street Address:


City:                                                                                       State:                              Zip:


Email address:



Artist medium (s):



Top 2 issues of interest to you:




For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact The Rickie Report at:

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A Personalized Approach to Marketing

There are any number of ways artists or other professionals can choose to market themselves.  Let’s be honest:  if you want to be in business, you have to consider your marketing strategies.  The Rickie Report shares some ideas and observations in this article.



A Personalized Approach to Marketing



We all market something, even when it is not of our own making.  The clothing we wear tells our surrounding society a lot, especially items with logos, the name of your favorite bar or the latest place you’ve been on a vacation.  Let’s take that a step further.  What do you really want and need to market to be a professional artist or creative?




MARKETING  is an extension of your creative output, be it jewelry, paintings, sculpture, ceramics or decorative art.  Within the word itself is “MAKE” and we believe that hitting your “MARK” intensifies the word’s meaning even more.


 Have you looked at your website lately?


  • This is your face to the public.
  • Is it time to spruce it up?
  • Have you ever asked anyone to proof read it for you?
  • Let us be clear:  A “website” can be a landing page with your business information and a contact email and phone number.  It does NOT have to be complicated.


 Are you public relations monster?  


  • You can be effective and lovable without being overbearing.
  • Ten messages on Facebook in one day is overload.
  • Use different modalities to get the word out ( Facebook, Twitter, e-newsletter, The Rickie Report, print media, radio)
  • Once you are accepted to an exhibit or show, THAT is the time to contact the media.  Most media outlets need 6-8 weeks lead time, especially print.  The Rickie Report needs 3-4 weeks notice but you can always check with us in case we have an opening.
  • Have a general press release prepared. Include Who, What, When, Where,Why as well as How people can reach you.  Always include your website, Facebook page address, email and phone number.


WIIFM: What’s In It For Me?


  • Appreciate your supporters ( buyers and fans)
  • Send a thank you email to your clients when they make a purchase
  • Send an art card for Holiday wishes, birthdays and special sales
  • Give returning patrons a discount on their next purchase.



How does your creative work transform other people?


  • Know who your audience is
  • Who are your ideal clients?
  • Accept that you cannot meet everyone’s interests
  • How are you reaching out to your clients and potential patrons ?


Share something about yourself that goes beyond your art


  • In your Artist Statement, do you share the feelings that drive you to create?
  • Art patrons make purchases that touch their emotions.   This is an opportunity to connect with them.  Tell them the story behind your necklaces, how you began making mugs, why you chose the subject matter in a painting.
  • Do you have a favorite charity?  Tell that story.  Offer to donate a % of that day’s sales to a charity.
  • Offer to do a trunk show or exhibit for a charity.  If they receive a % of all sales, you can be sure they will let their supporters know about the event!
  • Be a little off-beat.  Have an unusual give-away which costs you minimally but will remind passersby about your artwork.  (We still use a fragment of wood as a paperweight from an artist who cut up his unusual frames into small pieces.  He took the time to sign it.  Every time we move it, his artwork comes to mind.)




A more personalized approach to marketing will help you connect with your audience.  It helps your audience become fans.  

For you to succeed in the business of art, you need both.





For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact The Rickie Report at:

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Caren Hackman Talks About Sharing Your Portfolio On-Line

The Rickie Report receives numerous emails and phone calls from readers asking a variety of questions. We’ve invited Caren Hackman, author of “Graphic Design Exposed”, to be a guest columnist to answer some of them.  Today’s topic is on-line resources to share your portfolio.  


Sharing Your Portfolio On-Line


Question:  I am not represented by a gallery or agent. How can I increase the number of people looking at my portfolio?   Mary N., West Palm Beach


Caren Hackman says, “There are so many options for you to show your work that I can only scratch the surface in this column. I hope that the list of resources mentioned here will serve as a jumping off point for you to find the best possible way to display your portfolio and extend exposure for your artwork.”


“A well-rounded multi-media approach will help your work get seen. Be prepared for publicity opportunities by using a combination of print and web media. Your print arsenal should include a business card, printed samples of work, a CV and/or personal statement. The web arsenal should include samples of work, CV, personal statement, email blast capability and regular interaction with at least one social media outlet.”


Caren will address some web related outlets today and discuss print in the near future.


“Having a website that showcases your work is essential. Content management solutions such as wordpress offer the advantage of having a customized website that can be easily updated. For artists who find the task of building their own site intimidating there are many free online portfolio sites.  Check out this list taken from design (

Being able to send out mass emails, be they media releases or invitations to openings, should always be done using an email client. Never, never, never send an email to multiple recipients from your personal email account. Protect the privacy of intended email recipients and protect yourself from being categorized as a SPAM sender by using bulk email programs. Many of these programs are free or low cost and easy-to-use.  A few that you might like to research are and”


“Blogging and social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest are avenues for artists to help collectors keep current on their work.  If working all social media sites seems a little daunting try concentrating on developing a following on just one or two of the sites. Consider using a feed program to automatically send updates from a blog to your favorite social media outlets.”

 Please send your questions, no more than 250 words to:




Caren Hackman is a graphic designer and fine artist living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. and author of  a book about Graphic Design and Good Business practice. Design Exposed  Be sure to check out Caren’s wonderful artwork –  Caren is a talented artist in her own right!  She is a founding member of the Artists of Palm Beach County.

For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact The Rickie Report at:

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Chisolm Studio Hosts Artists of Palm Beach County Monthly Meeting

The Artists of Palm Beach County welcomes you to network and meet at Chisolm’s Studio in West Palm Beach. The Artists of Palm Beach County has grown in numbers and has opened its own Gallery space, Art on Park, located in Lake Park.  The opportunities for networking, sharing, and having a space to hold classes has expanded for all the member artists.  The Rickie Report understands that sales of members’ art work has increased.  We hope you will attend this event!



 Artists of Palm Beach County

Invites You

            To Their Artists Monthly Gathering

Monday, April 8, 2013

7 – 9 pm


Chisolm Art Studio/Gallery

Chisolm Art Studio/Gallery     502 Palm St. Suite 3     West Palm Beach, FL 33401 

561 267 7720

Chisolm I

The Artists of Palm Beach County will hold their monthly artists’ sharing gathering on Monday, April 8, 2013 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at 502 Palm Street, Suite 3, West Palm Beach, studio of Chisolm, renowned painter.


While attending the University of Southern Mississippi he participated in a number of art shows and represented the university in many local and regional competitions.  “Man Standing”, a figurative piece, won best in show and earned him a full scholarship to the University for the balance of his education.


Chisolm II

Chisolm is currently showing at DTR Modern Galleries and Liman Gallery in Palm Beach; the Studio 1608 in West Palm Beach and Philip Morton Gallery in Rehoboth Beach, DE.


Man Standing


The Artists of Palm Beach County is a diverse group of nurturing and caring art and cultural collaborators.


The Palm Beach County Artists’ association is a coalition created and managed by artists, for artists of all disciplines. We are dedicated to empowering individuals in the arts by reaching out to our diverse community, cultivating professional and social resources and opportunities for our members, and developing collaborative relationships.

They are offering classes and workshops at their new home, Art on Park, located at 800 Park Avenue in Lake Park, FL.  John Vincent Palozzi is leading a Drop-In Poetry Workshop ($10. per person) which meets each Saturday.  Everyone is expected to write and sharing is optional.  This workshop is open to anyone aged 16 years or older and all skill levels are welcome.  This is a perfect opportunity to improve your skill base and extend your comfort level.
 Watch the Video of the Newest Exhibit at Art on Park:

All Artists of Palm Beach County’s meetings are open to guests ( $5. fee can be put toward your annual dues of $50.) and members (free).  Please rsvp via the website if you are planning to attend this event.  For more information call: 561-345-2842 or visit:

Refreshments and snacks are complimentary



Directions to Chisolm Studo:

Going South on 95 take the Okeechobee East Exit.  Stay on Okeechobee to Dixie Hwy.  Turn right on to Dixie Hwy going South. Palm Street is the first right turn.  Go over railroad tracks and Chisolm Studio/Gallery is on your Left.


Going North on 95 take Belvedere East Exit.  Stay on Belvedere to Dixie Hwy.  Turn left on to Dixie Hwy going North.  Palm Street is the 12th turn to the left.  Go over railroad tracks and Chisolm Studio/Gallery is on your Left



For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact The Rickie Report at:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher

The Rickie Report

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Visual, Visceral and Voluminous: Insights into Debbie Mostel’s Art

Describing someone’s artwork is a sensitive matter. While The Rickie Report is not acting as critic, asking an artist to share themselves with our readers takes trust.  We started to share Debbie Mostel’s story in a previous post when she was inducted into NAWA (National Association of Women Artists) in New York City and announced that she would be showing at Red Dot in Miami soon after. The depth of Debbie’s personality and her artwork call for this extended interview.  Debbie’s work will be shown at Solo Exhibition at the Palm Beach Gardens City Hall and again in March at the Palm Beach Fine Craft Show.  Here, she shares her advice to artists and art lovers about maneuvering your way through sizable shows; some tips for artists to network; and some insights into her larger-than-life pieces.

Globe : "Baja Bound"

Globe : “Baja Bound”

Most of Debbie’s work has interactive qualities such as spinning VCR motors, trap doors,wind-up toys and even a pair of Slinky’s!   Tom Shadyac, director of Jim Carey movies and more recently the revered film “I Am”, was presented one of Debbie’s Globes as an appreciation for the message that both director and artist hold in getting the message that “we are all connected”.  Debbie has been a guest demonstrator at the Norton Museum’s Art After Dark, a Best of Show winner twice at the Lighthouse ArtCenter and has numerous newspaper articles written about her. She is a member of the Artists of Palm Beach County

 dlramr in studio 004

TRR: Tell our readers about your experience as an exhibitor at Red Dot in Miami.

DM:  The experience was awesome and I was extremely proud to be part of the show.


Hindu Tornadic Activity

Hindu Tornadic Activity

TRR: What suggestions would you give an artist who has not done such a large show before?

DM:  First, you should scope out each show. Do your homework – this is a business, like any other business trade show.  I believe in “Go Large Or Go Home”.  Let me explain: Once you figure out what show is the best show for YOU, put everything you have into  making it successful.  Don’t skimp or try to cut corners to try to save money.  This isn’t necessarily about selling, though if you do, that is a nice perk.


Once you are committed to a show, you must put in your best work.  Create and print a full catalog.  Invest in good lighting and good quality signage.  I actually added more signage once I arrived at Red Dot and saw what other artists had in addition to what I had already planned.


During the show, have a seat.  Art show-goers don’t like to be followed around in your booth.  Let them know that if they have questions, you are there to help them.  Remember your business cards and postcards!   You have to have the right attitude and stay positive.  You are spending 6 days and long hours to promote your art!  Be professional!


Feeling the Squeeze

Feeling the Squeeze

TRR: What about after the show?


DM:  You MUST follow up with the people who signed your guest book, with other artists you networked with during the show, and gallery owners who stopped by.  This is a lot of WORK!   This year, there were over 27 shows including Red Dot, Art Miami, and Art Basel.  I felt that Red Dot seemed to focus on emerging artists.  In looking at the statistics from 2011, the number of shows has grown. I would expect 2013 to continue to grow annually.  That offers a lot of opportunities to a lot more artists.

TRR: Any advice for the show attendees?

DM:  For art lovers and buyers, you have to pace yourselves because the sheer amount of art work can be overwhelming.  You really need to plan on more than just one day and you still will not see it all!  To avoid having your eyes glaze over from seeing too much art, book a hotel.  Take a break.  Each show has different fees.  Personally, I believe it is hardest for the Gallery owners and Buyers.  They have to look at everything in consideration for their collectors and clients.

Tower of Youth

Tower of Youth

TRR:  When we first met, you were anxious to show me a science-related article.  What types of materials do you enjoy reading?

DM:  I will read anything that has to do with science.  I always read the New York Times, Scientific American and I think that Smithsonian Magazine is the best out there.  National Geographic has engrossing articles, but I also watch a lot of television!  Again, anything science-related, so obviously NOVA, PBS, Science Channel.

I have always been fascinated with how things are made and where something comes from. I enjoy visually stimulating shows like “Orangutan Island”,  underwater series, “Oddities”.  I never know when an idea will spark and where it will lead me!


New Monarchy

New Monarchy

TRR:  Do you ever relax?

DM:  I actually relax when I am playing golf!  I just love how beautiful nature is.  I can really take it all in when I walk my dog before sunset.  My background in landscape design has given me a better appreciation for some of the Audubon areas in Palm Beach County.

TRR: Does your son share your artistic  interests?

DM: Not really.  He loves music and plays drums in a local band, Abolish Oasis.  He wants to go to college to pursue a career in the music business.


Trilobite Surfing

Trilobite Surfing

TRR: What inspires you to create such a breadth of artwork?

 DM: Everything!  Really.  I can be staring a gym ceiling and an idea for a new piece of artwork will pop into my head.  We have to remember why we are artists.  We can tune into the minutia of the every-day and go and create art. The synapses in my brain flip all the time!


Mind Reader

Mind Reader

To see Debbie’s artwork, the public is invited to a reception at Palm Beach Gardens City Hall Lobby on January 18 from 6 – 8 pm.  The building is located at 10500 North Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens 33410.  Her SOLO exhibit is called “Technology Deconstructed-Nature Reconstructed”.  The exhibit continues through February 21st.  City Hall is open from 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday.


Debbie will also be at the 2013 Palm Beach Fine Craft Show from March 1st – 3rd, which takes place at the Palm Beach County Convention Center 650 Okeechobee Blvd. in West Palm Beach.  The Palm Beach Fine Crafts Show is professionally juried to ensure the highest level of excellence and originality in the work presented. Every piece is designed and made in artists’ studios across the U.S.  For more details about Debbie’s work contact: 561-779-0030 or go




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