Debbie Kashdan’s Lapidary And Silver Metal Creations Showcase A Lifetime Of Creativity Bringing Her Medical Background To Wearable Art. Announcing Valentine’s Day Special Plus Cabochon Clasps For Jewelry Makers

When you see Debbie Kashdan‘s one-of-a-kind silversmith or lapidary wearable-art pieces, you instinctively know that years of creative commitment are shining through!  Her fingers went from childhood designs to caring for people as a surgical Physician’s Assistant both in the US and abroad. Her jewelry seen at EarthlyTreasuresbyDK are a composite of her medical and lapidary training!  The Rickie Report shares an inspiring conversation with Debbie and some sneak peeks of her jewelry pieces.  Debbie is offering a Special for Valentine’s Day which is around the corner!  Debbie also sells cabochons and unique box clasps with stones for jewelry artists.  Custom orders are welcome!












One-of-A-Kind Necklaces by Debbie Kashdan using Lapidary and Silversmith techniques



TRR: Please tell us the intriguing story of childhood creativity. 



I have always liked to work with my hands to make things. I can recall as a small child, collecting acorns in the fall and making dolls with acorns and toothpicks. I learned from friends and relatives to knit and crochet and sew, and instead of playing with my dolls, I knit sweaters for them. I have always enjoyed being a doer rather than an observer. I began studying the flute in elementary school and, later on, I took up the cello also. Even now, though I greatly admire and enjoy musical performances, l prefer playing music to listening to it, (though generally frustrated by my inability to emulate the musicians I so admire.) And when the case cover of my cello became tattered, I became probably the only cellist in Florida with a cello case matching my kitchen upholstery!


One-of-A-Kind Handmade necklaces by Debbie Kashdan



TRR:  How did your medical career dovetail with this creative ingenuity?


I followed in the footsteps of my father, a physician, into the medical field and for more than 30 years worked as a physician assistant. My first position after PA School was as a surgical PA. I found that I enjoyed both the technical and intellectual skills of surgery. I subsequently got more into the internal medicine side of things, but, throughout various positions, my physician-employer almost always delegated any technical or surgical or wound care procedures to me. 



In 1994 I spent a year in Kenya as medical director at a rural outpatient clinic, with few facilities and myriad challenges. This experience, among  many other things, stretched my ability to find creative solutions to problems with only limited available resources.  





One-of-A-Kind Earrings by Debbie Kashdan

TRR:  How did you shift your interests once you retired?



After returning to the US in 1995, I resumed working as a PA in Florida, retiring in 2012. Needing to find creative outlets and keep my hands busy, I joined a local orchestra and I also took an introductory course in beading. The beading, again utilized some of the technical skills I learned in surgery.  Then I decided to try silversmithing and enrolled in the Boca Raton Museum Art School. Encouraged by my first teacher, the unforgettable Don Dietz, I learned not only the basic skills of a silversmith, but also learned to cut stone cabochons.  At this point I was hooked.  Since that time I have been working in my home studio and have taken additional instruction at the Armory Art School, William Holland School of Lapidary Science and Jewelry Arts in Georgia, and of course, online.  


One-of-A-Kind handmade Bracelets by Debbie Kashdan




TRR:  How do you envision ordinary objects into wearable art pieces which may come from family heirlooms?



 I am always working on improving my skills to come up with creative solutions.  Several years ago, looking for a cost effective source of metals, and  also to repurpose outdated materials, I created many pieces of jewelry using metal up-cycled from vintage silver plated brass or copper trays. Presently, I am working mostly with sterling silver and semiprecious stone cabochons which I cut and polish in my shop. I am trying to incorporated some precious stones and a little gold into my work now, which has necessitated my learning to fabricate the delicate settings which such work entails.  As everything, it is a work in progress! 



Although I enjoy the technical challenges in crafting jewelry, I am also fascinated by the multitudes of ways jewelry making has increased my appreciation of the beauty of the  metals and stones I have learned about and worked with. My joy is enhanced by providing people with wearable art which they feel adds a measure of beauty to their lives. Best of all is when I work collaboratively with customers to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces.  Creating wearable art has been a labor of love.




One-of-A-Kind Cabochon Clasps and Polished Cabochons



TRR:  How do you collaborate with other jewelers



My children joke that I have come a long way from stringing soybeans to creating unique wearable art!  In addition to fabrication of metal jewelry, I cut and polish designer cabochons for use by other jewelry artists in their work, and also make unique 3-strand  box clasps utilizing some of the stone cabochons.  



TRR:  How do you network with other creatives?  Do you offer classes?


I am a member of the Gem and Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches, and have taught some introductory silver-smithing courses both at their shop in Lake Worth, and also at Betty Wilson’s Craft Gallery.  Pre-Covid, I offered one-on-one teaching in my studio.  I currently belong to several FB Jewelry and Lapidary Groups, including  Aspiring Metalsmiths, Sisterhood of Metalsmiths. 

One-of-A-Kind Rings by Debbie Kashdan



TRR:   Where can we find your one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art?  


The Craft Gallery in West Palm Beach has some of my pieces. Contact Betty Wilson for gallery information: 561.762.8162.  I also sell out of my studio and take payment by credit card or PayPal.  I am more than happy to take commissions and welcome custom orders.


For more information about Deborah’s jewelry:




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Irene Jalowayski “Taking Flight: One Woman Show In Glass” At Artisans On The Ave Opens October 21st

Artisans On The Ave will feature Irene Jalowayski‘s hand made art glass and jewelry on Saturday, October 21st.  The public is invited to this Free event, “Taking Flight: A One Woman Show In Glass” and to meet the artist.  Irene’s fused glass is full of color for wearable, functional and decorative glass pieces.  Her jewelry is outstanding and her Judaica pieces make heirloom quality gifts. Irene is currently a guest teacher at McMow Art Glass for cast glass jewelry boxes.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.



630 Lake Avenue    Lake Worth, Florida 33460


“Oceanside Table” by Irene Jalowayski



Irene Jalowayski

Taking Flight: “A One Woman Show in Glass”

Opening Reception:

Saturday October 21, 2017

6:00 – 9:00 PM


Artisans On The Ave
630 Lake Avenue   Lake Worth, FL 33460
561-762-8162      561-582-3300


Open 7 days a week
Monday thru Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 9am – 6pm

“Hibiscus Leaves” Sculpture by Irene Jalowayski 

This is a free event, refreshments will be served


Abstract Glass and Metal Sculpture by Irene Jalowayski

Irene Jalowayski has been a working as a glass artist for the past twelve years in Palm Beach County, Florida. She works primarily with fused glass, cast glass and mixed media. Her fused art glass pieces are full of color with lots of dichroic glass mixed with beautiful bright backgrounds. She loves to create abstract sculptures which enhance any home and can be placed on a pedestal or shelf.


“Heart Wave” bracelet and Necklace by Irene Jalowayski



For the past few years Irene has been making cast glass sculptures which are created by making a clay mold, casting in plaster then filling plaster mold with glass and firing at 1500 degrees. The mold is destroyed when the piece is removed from it so all are truly one of a kind. This year she has also been casting glass jewelry boxes which have been very popular with clients. Irene said “ casting is a very versatile medium!



Glass Cast Jewelry Box by Irene Jalowayski

“Another specialty is creating fine glass Judaica including menorahs, mezzuzahs, candlesticks and seder plates.


“Wedding Bowl” by Irene Jalowayski ( You can see the shards of the blue glass stepped on during the wedding ceremony)


New to the gallery this year, art glass bowls using wedding glass shards to fill the bowl’s base. Wedding shards can also be incorporated into menorahs and mezzuzahs”.

“Sparkling Night” by Irene Jalowayski

Irene’s art includes beautiful bowls, platters and large vases.  Her glass jewelry is made from a combination of silver and fused glass. Cast glass pendants, bracelets, earrings, and brass and copper bracelets with glass cabochons are included in her exhibit! Glass art is a wonderful way for her to express the love for color, shape and form!  She says ” I get a thrill every time I open the kiln”.


“Blue Menorah” by Irene Jalowayski



When you visit the 3 showrooms within our gallery you will be amazed at the selection of the exquisite art of the 40 Local artists the gallery features.  Visit this opening night for an evening of fun. Meet the artists!!!  Celebrate our wonderful art and enjoy yourself!


Classes and workshops are given in all these mediums.

Please call 561-762-8162 to reserve your spot for one of these wonderful classes!



Artisans On The Ave
Owner, Betty Wilson

Betty Wilson
Craft Gallery   561-585-7744




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Boutique And Lunch Event For Morse Life Features Whitespace Col-léct

Are you an Art Advocate?  Do you enjoy wearing unique clothing, body sculpture and wearable art?  Whitespace Col-léct has up-to-the-minute, cutting edge pieces for you from emerging and established internationally renown artists!  You can visit Whitespace Exhibition and Collection on Saturdays and Sundays. Stop by their specialty boutique on Wednesday, February 1st, which will benefit Morse Life.  The Rickie Report shares the details here.





For more information:





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Tibetan And Hand-Crafted Jewelry Plus Exquisite Orchids At Special Mandel JCC Event

The Mandel JCC of Palm Beach Gardens is hosting a one-of-a-kind, two day Jewelry and Orchid sale on Wednesday, October 26 and Thursday, October 27th. The JCC will be featuring pieces from Sophia Stern Designs, Gaia’s Treasures, Custom Creations and an amazing orchid collection from Millers Way Orchids! A portion of the proceeds will benefit the JCC.  The Rickie Report shares some sneak peeks and all of the details.  This is Open to the Public and Free to attend.



Mandel jcc logo


5221 Hood Road    Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Tibetan  And Hand- Crafted Jewelry


Exquisite Orchids




Wednesday, October 26

Thursday, October 27

11:00 am – 5:00 pm




Sophia Stern Designs

Gaia’s Treasures

Custom Creations

Millers Way Orchids  

Free and Open To The Public


5221 Hood Road,   Palm Beach Gardens, FL





One of a Kind Necklace




Sophia Stern Designs


While growing up in New York City, Sophia Stern had a fascination with trying on her mother’s jewelry. By the age of 14, she realized that she had the opportunity to create her own as a hobby, but that wasn’t enough. One day, while she was in the family jewelry business in New York City, her fascination for small shiny objects took over and she fell in love with gem stones. She realized that the opportunities to create something fascinating and unique were endless and knew that this was her calling. From there on out, her entire life has been about creating. For twenty- two years, she has been honing her craft and in 2011, Sophia Stern Designs was born. Her jewelry focuses on handcrafted necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings that combine semi- precious stones with metals such as solid brass, gold filled, copper, pewter and silver to create one of kind pieces.


Long, Chamsa Necklace

Gaia’s Treasures & Custom Creations

Gaia’s Treasures and Custom Creations will be presenting bold and exquisite beaded Tibetan jewelry. Each piece is a work of art that incorporates silver, turquoise, coral and other semi-precious gemstones into unique designs. Elaine Durow and Cass Stryker, bring their jewelry from the Himalaya region of Tibet hand crafted by many artisans who left Tibet due to political and religious reasons. Their “French Bakelite” look made from amber copal, other saps and resin, results in stunning and unusual pieces and shapes.



One of a Kind necklace

Miller’s Way Orchids





Photo Courtesy of Millers Way Orchids



In addition to Gaia’s Treasures, Custom Creations and Sophia Stern Designs, the JCC will also have a beautiful collection of rare orchids. Millers Way Orchids has a complete selection of unusual and colorful varieties to complement your lifestyle and décor. For any orchid lover out there, they will know that this flower is almost unreal in its perfection. There are about 208 species of orchids that are native to the United States and there is no other flower that looks quite like this. In addition, these flowers tend to bloom for a great deal longer than most flowers lasting from two to three months.


For more information about this event, classes, workshops

Please visit

or contact Gwilda at; 561-712-5216.

The Mandel JCC is located at 5221 Hood Road, Palm Beach Gardens.


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Lynda Turek-Koehler, Jewelry Artist And Instructor, Presents Original Designs Inspired By Nature And Life

The Rickie Report celebrates the wearable artistry of jewelry designer Lynda Turek-Koehler. While she lives and works locally, her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces have been worn to the White House!  Lynda teaches jewelry making classes at the Jupiter Community Center during the school year and offers private as well as group lessons specializing in pearl stringing, silver smithing and chain making.  Lynda’s wearable art pieces are currently on display at Harbourside Place in Jupiter.  We share the details and some photos of her intricate designs.



L Y N D A   T U R E K- K O E H L E R






Now On Display:

Harbourside Place in Jupiter

Next to the Wyndham Resort and the Broken Egg Cafe Hallway




Lynda Turek-Koehler With Her Wearable Art, Jewelry Display



Each original piece of jewelry that Lynda Turek-Koehler creates shares components found in nature, at the ocean or in a mine.  She tells The Rickie Report, “I upcycle, repurpose items and go digging for gems!  By using shells, pearls and gems, I create unusual one-of-a-kind designs”.



Unique, Wearable Art Necklace by Lynda Turk-Koehler


Lynda’s jewelry is always fresh, elegant, fun and young! “Never repeated, my pieces have been worn to the White house and sold in my shop on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach”.






Wire Wrapped Gemstone Bracelets by Lynda Turek-Koehler



Hand Hammered and Hand Made Chain Bracelets by Lynda Turek-Koehler



Lynda is a member of the Gem and Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches as well as the Bead Society of the Palm Beaches. Join Lynda at the Jupiter Community Center for fun and inspiring classes beginning this fall where you will learn to create your own  wonderful pieces.



Seashell and Charm Necklace by Lynda Turek-Koehler



Lynda provides group and private lessons. Her specialties are bridal creations.  She is well known for her Pearl stringing, beading and Pearl knotting.



Reflective Labradorite, Wire Wrapped on a Beaded Necklace by Lynda Turk-Koehler




Lynda Turk-Koehler’s Multi-Gemstone Pendant in Hand made Silver



Making her own chain and silversmithing are among Lynda’s prolific talents. In addition Lynda offers repair service and restringing for clients who do not want to do this themselves.



For more information, including pricing, commissions, classes or repairs:

Lynda Turk-Koehler   561-373-5934 



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Spring Craft Fair Returns To Downtown Stuart April 23 & 24, 2016

Historic Downtown Stuart welcomes back its popular Spring Craft Fair April 23 – 24, 2016. This two-day juried event takes place along Osceola Street and showcases the work of the most skilled crafters in the country. Vehicular traffic will be closed from St. Lucie to Haney Circle and down to Denver, providing festival patrons with an ideal setting in which to explore the exhibits. A wide array of original handmade crafts as well as unique gift items, featuring diverse media and styles, will be on display and for sale.  A Green Market will offer orchids and exotic plants as well as gourmet dips and spices, and many other distinctive items. Partial proceeds from the Festival benefit the Stuart Main Street Program. Admission is free and open to the public. The Rickie Report features Debbie Johnson (Clay) and Carole Onorato (Mixed Media Jewelry).









19th Annual Downtown Stuart Craft Fair

Saturday, April 23

Sunday, April 24

10:00 am – 5:00 pm


Osceola Street in Downtown Stuart
Navigational Address: 26 SW Osceola Street, Stuart, FL 34994

Support the Arts, the Local Community and the Stuart Main Street Programs

Free and open to the public






Debbie Johnson – Clay

Ceramic Fairy Garden Accessories and Gift Items




Miniature Garden by Debbie Johnson 




Debbie Johnson is an illustrator, clay artist and garden enthusiast. While growing up and living in Michigan, she was an avid gardener with two and a half acres to play with. She tells us, “When we moved to our tropical paradise I discovered a new world of gardening. Most of what I knew from my Michigan gardening adventures really did not apply here, so I began learning a little bit about bonsai and miniature gardening”.



Cottage by Debbie Johnson 

“In 2015 my daughter inherited a kiln but it did not fit in her place and so it lives in my home studio. With a kiln here I wanted to play with clay and began making Fairy Garden Houses and Accessories. I love miniatures, doll house items, and fairy gardens! Fairy gardening is a great way to garden on a small scale. I try to design fairy garden accessories that are unique and beautiful. The items I make are safe for older children, so you can create a garden with them and allow their imaginations to soar”!





Cottage by Debbie Johnson



“Fairy gardening is not just for children! Most of my customers love gardening but can’t garden on a large scale for many reasons. Miniature and fairy gardening is satisfying and fun and I love to create items that are sturdy and lovely. They make great and one-of-a-kind gifts for gardeners!  Each piece is handcrafted from high-fire stoneware clay, then glazed with lead-free earthy colors. No two pieces are alike. They are made with love and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them”.



Carole Onorato – Mixed Media Jewelry

Pretty Wired Up Jewelry



Necklace by Carole Onorato





Pretty Wired Up Jewelry is the premier choice for handcrafted jewelry. Designer Carole Onorato creates stunning masterpieces for an exclusive selection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings. Exquisite attention to hand sculptured details gives each piece a distinct and unique style. Most pieces are one of a kind. You can be assured of a fine selection and guaranteed quality when purchasing Pretty Wired Up Jewelry.





Necklace by Carole Onorato



Carole uses many gauges and types of wire, depending on the piece, sterling silver, 14K gold filled wire, electroplated brass or copper, aluminum and more.  Some of the semi-precious stones she uses include hand painted jasper, unakite, tree agate, howlite, onyx, leopard jasper, hematite, rhondite, African jade, crazy lace agate, tigereye, snowflake obsidian, sunstone and others. Other materials may include Carole’s own handcrafted fused glass, tiles, metal and glass beads, natural stones, cubic zirconia, fabric and acrylic stones.




Necklace by Carole Onorato




Carole custom designs jewelry to match your wardrobe. With sample colors, she can design the perfect accent piece. Remember Pretty Wired Up Jewelry for your cruise wear or other special occasion outfits. She can solve your problem of searching for the matching jewelry.








Handmade Affordable Crafts –

Diverse Media & Styles –

Unique Gift Items –

Featuring Top National & Local Crafters



  • Juried outdoor craft showcase
  • Original crafts
  • Handmade in America
  • Unique and affordable gift items
  • 150 crafters from 30 different states
  • Prices set to suit all budgets – ranging from as little as $3 to $3,000
  • Crafters hand-selected from hundreds of applicants
  • All crafters on site for duration of festival
  • Vast array of craft media including folk art, pottery, personalized gifts, handmade clothing, basket weaving, beaded utensils, candles, cork assemblage, fabric design, fiber quilts, fused glass, hair accessories, handbags & accessories, handmade cards, leather, mosaic, wood, painted wood, plaster craft and stained glass
  • Green Market featuring exotic plants, gourmet dips and spices, and much more
  • A portion of the proceeds benefits the Stuart Main Street Program







About American Craft Endeavors:

American Craft Endeavors (ACE) produces some of the nation’s most exciting high-end juried craft shows in many of Florida’s vibrant downtown areas and popular tourist destinations including the Lauderdale by the Sea Craft Festival (Fort Lauderdale, FL), the Holiday Craft Festival on the Ocean (Jupiter/Juno Beach, FL), the Downtown Stuart Craft Fairs (Stuart, FL), the Siesta Fiesta Craft Festival (Sarasota, FL) and the Downtown Sarasota Craft Festivals (Sarasota, FL) among others. The group’s founders personally select unique, culture rich cities for their show locations providing a complete outdoor experience unmatched by other festivals.  All crafters are hand-selected from hundreds of applicants in order to ensure a superior event featuring diverse art media and the highest quality of original handmade crafts.




For additional information on the 19th Annual Downtown Stuart Craft Fair and other Howard Alan Events art and craft shows across the country, visit or call 561-746-6615.



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New Bead Shows Kick Off 2016 In Palm Beach Gardens And Vero Beach

At the C & S Bead Shows you really get a chance to talk with the people who not only make beautiful jewelry, but often make the beads themselves. If you are not a jewelry-maker yourself looking for supplies, there will be plenty of hand-made pieces of jewelry to choose from! Come and see the newest trends of Fashion Jewelry at their upcoming show in Palm Beach Gardens on January 2nd and 3rd plus Vero Beach January 29, 20, and 31st.  The Rickie Report shares the details in this article. FREE admission, a wealth of ideas and a creative way to start 2016! PERFECT GIFT ALERT!


C & S Bead Show

Quality Bead Shows

Across South Florida


J A N U A R Y   2 0 1 6




Saturday, January 2nd   10 am – 5 pm

Sunday, January 3rd  10 am – 4 pm


3650 RCA Blvd Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410



CONTACT NUMBER 754-581-6836





Friday, January 29th      10 am – 5 pm

Saturday, January 30th   10 am – 5 pm

Sunday, January 31st       10 am – 4 pm





2140 14th Ave. Vero Beach, FL.



CONTACT NUMBER 754-581-6836



Multi-Strand Beads!

                                      Multi-Strand Beads!


Robert and Susan Onderlinde, of C & S Bead Shows, are returning to Palm Beach Gardens for a two-day event and Vero Beach for a three-day event in January.




Bead Strands, Chain! Findings!


The merchandise for sale includes from Pearls, 14K Gold Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Gemstones, Seed Beads, Pewter Beads and Findings, Pendants, Magnetic Clasps, Pavé Beads, Findings and much much more!




Handmade Jewelry



For more information:

Contact Robert or Susan Onderlinde:

754-581-6835 or 754-581-6836

or visit or email:


C&S 3img_20121028_142306


Cabochons, Pendants!


For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

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The Rickie Report

P.O.Box 33423

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420


OSGS Offers Unique Art Exhibition, Art Promenade, Specialty Jewelry Show and a Call for Artists

Evelyn Ortiz Smykla and Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla have been working hard preparing for a spectacular Autumn in Northwood Village at OSGS  Ortiz-Smykla| Gallery Studio.  Their unique art exhibition showcasing the work of folk art visionary, Jimmy Lee Sudduth continues until the end of October.  (Don’t miss it!  You’ll have to go to the Smithsonian to see his work!).   Northwood Village’s Art Promenade, which falls on Halloween, promises to be spooktacular.  Save November  7th for a “Holiday Jewels – Wearable Art” Event and their custom framing is available with a Groupon discount.  The Rickie Report shares all of this plus a CALL to ARTISTS!











500 Northwood Road   W.Palm Beach, FL





Current Special Exhibition at OSGS Gallery:



"The Barn" by Jimmy Lee Sudduth

“The Barn” by Jimmy Lee Sudduth

Jimmy Lee Sudduth Paintings. We currently have three paintings from the late Jimmy Lee (1910-2007) on loan and on exhibit through the month of October.




OSGS Mural


OSGS has finally been provided final approval to move forward with our Mural Project. The Mural itself will be placed on the East facing wall of OSGS Gallery (toward Dixie, along Spruce). OSGS is providing some nice incentives for the winning artist.






Previous Murals in the Northwood Village area include:



Eduardo Mendieta

Mural by Eduardo Mendieta




Mural by Craig McInnis

Mural by Craig McInnis

Mural by Amanda Valdes

Mural by Amanda Valdes

The final process will be Juried by Andrew Brown –





“Holiday Jewels — Wearable Art”

Friday November 7th     6:00 PM to 8:00 PM





Take part in a festive evening to help ease the worry of holiday shopping as OSGS presents one-of-a-kind jewelry. Enjoy one-on-one interaction with the Artists, sipping cider, and taking in light music. Featured artists are Claudia Block (New York/Florida), Meryl Lefkovich (Massachusetts) and Elayna Toby Singer (Florida).





Claudia Bloch



Necklace by Claudia Block

Necklace by Claudia Block



Claudia Bloch is an American artist known for her beaded jewelry designs. Born and raised in New York City, Claudia’s work reflects the fusion of cultures and people she was surrounded by in the invigorating city environment. Inspired by the work of Louise Nevelson, not just for her installations themselves, but for her process of walking the city streets at night, finding what others had discarded to use in the making of her own vision.



Claudia Bloch's Bracelet

Claudia Bloch’s Beaded Bracelet



Claudia Bloch's Beaded Earrings

Claudia Bloch’s Beaded Earrings











With that in mind, after Claudia began her designs with the goal of women wearing her pieces, she has recently amplified that idea – to a greater vision of building intriguing installations around the jewelry. Viewers can both enjoy wearing the pieces, as well is exploring the power of the material world and its influences over their identity. Claudia resides in South Florida but travels extensively showing her work in private and public venues.




Meryl Lefkovich


Meryl is a self-taught artist/maker with a degree in art history. She has had past careers as an art consultant, gallery manager, travel consultant and interior designer, all of which, she believes, contribute to her world view in design and concept.  Her serious art career began in 1993 when she began teaching herself how to paint. She has her paintings in a number of corporate and private collections in the Boston area and around the country.




Meryl Lefkovitz' Bracelet

Meryl Lefkovich’s Bracelet


In 2011, Meryl learned how to solder and there was no looking back. Jewelry design and fabrication have become her passion. Her primary influences are flora, fauna and a fascination with Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts Movement.


Meryl Lefkovich's Bracelet

Meryl Lefkovich’s Bracelet


She tells The Rickie Report, “As an art history major, ancient cultures also impact my designs; I love the look of a slightly time-worn patina, as though a long lost piece was newly discovered. Combining raw and organic with delicate and romantic, whimsy, combinations of color and gemstones – all have a place in my designs.”  She starts with a concept; a new interpretation of the natural world, then the metal takes over and informs her how each piece should develop.




Meryl Lefkovich's Earrings and Pendant

Meryl Lefkovich’s Earrings and Pendant


Meryl says, ” the forms and essence of nature, a dewdrop on a leaf, the rustle of leaves in the wind, the twisted scroll of vines and the gnarled knots of trees…these are the moments I want to capture and reflect in my jewelry.”



Elayna Toby Singer


Elayna Toby Singer is drawn to materials that come from the earth and to forms transformed through encounters with the elements. She is attracted to circles. They invite her in, are windows to the beyond; simultaneously open and whole.


Elayna Toby Singer's Bracelet

Elayna Toby Singer’s Bracelet


She tells The Rickie Report, “Connecting one object to the next, both physically and visually, energy and awareness journey between root and crown. The space between reminds us to breathe. Twirling and dancing with the air around us, energy shifts, spirit awakens, transformation occurs. Presented in new contexts, each object’s intrinsic beauty is revealed. Discarded and precious materials – vintage tools, machine parts, manufacturing remnants, garden trimmings, mineral stones and beads from around the world – are combined to create one-of-a-kind artworks.”


Earrings by Elayna Toby Singer

Earrings by Elayna Toby Singer


No two Elayna Toby Singer pieces are ever the same.  Elayna Toby Singer uses only “cold connections” in creating my assemblage kinetic sculptures and jewelry. No welding or soldering for me. Instead, she uses wrapping and knotting techniques, along with swivels and metal links, to connect one object to another.



Custom Framing:

As an Artist, Let OSGS Custom Framing help you ready your work for exhibition(s). We have great rates and archival materials. Here’s a Groupon Coupon for savings (not valid with other offers, but a great way to save by itself!):




Artists Needed!!!

West Palm Beach Art In Public Places is assembling a database of artists for future Calls To Artists. This is a great opportunity to have your name included in those opportunities. If you have a few moments, please email Phil Growick (info. below) your Name, Artistic Medium of Preference (i.e., Painter, Sculptor, Photographer, etc.), Email Address, Website Information, and any other contact information you would like to offer to:

Phil Growick
Art In Public Places (City of West Palm Beach) Board Member

See Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla’s Painting

at the Palm Beach International Airport:

(All Artwork in the exhibit is for sale with 100% of the proceeds going to these local artists)

"Untitled" by Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla

“Untitled” by Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla

For more information about OSGS please contact:

Evelyn Ortiz Smykla & Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla
OSGS Ortiz-Smykla|Gallery-Studio
p: 561-833-2223
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Rickie Leiter, Publisher

The Rickie Report

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