Spend This Fall With Joan Lipton At A Series Of Art Lectures At Mandel JCC

Spend this Fall with Dr. Joan Lipton!  The Mandel JCC is proud to welcome back art historian and lecturer, Dr. Joan Lipton. For years, she has brought art to life with her knowledge of artists, time periods, and cultures alike. In turn, her classes have become a crowd favorite at the JCC and this fall will be no exception. In addition to her Fall Series, she will also be offering two full-day seminars.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  This is Open To The Public, members and non-member pricing.






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Dr. Joan Lipton

Dr. Joan Lipton is an experienced art historian- lecturer and a dedicated scholar with the desire to promote the study of art and culture to her audiences. She has earned a Master’s degree in art history from Hunter College, with a specialization in Renaissance, and a PhD in art history from the Graduate Center of the City of New York with a specialization in 19th and 20th century art.


Dr. Lipton’s newest Art History Lecture Series

Thursdays, November 10- December 15 from 1:00-2:30pm.

                                                                                                                                       No Class November 24

Attend one class or all five!

This fully illustrated series will transport you through some beautiful points in time including:



Monet, London Scene




Class One: Major Art Movements Across the Centuries: From the Classical to the Romantic 

Class Two: Major Art Movements Across the Centuries: From the Realistic to the Futuristic

Class Three: Italy’s Treasured Cities and Their Famous Artists: From Sicily- Agrigento, Taormina, La Piazza Armerina. From the Mainland-Naples, Rome, Siena and Florence

Class Four: Italy’s Treasured Cities and Their Famous Artists: Ravenns, Pisa, Padua, Vincenza and Environs, Venice and Milan

Class Five: The Varied Painted and Sculpted Expressions of Love Throughout the Centuries




Renoir Portrait






In addition to this new series, for the first time ever, the JCC will be offering patrons the opportunity to spend an entire day with Dr. Lipton on November 10 and 17th from 10:30am-2:30pm. The morning will feature an encore art history talk from her treasury of wonderful lectures including The Lure of Impressionism: Manet or Morisot or and The Lure of Impressionism: Monet, Sisley, Pissaro and Renoir. After carving out some time for lunch (available for an additional fee), you can attend one of the classes from Dr. Lipton’s newest series detailed above.

For more information on Dr. Lipton or her series at the JCC this fall, visit www.jcconline.com/joanlipton or contact 561-570-3310; GailF@JCConline.com.




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How Chaos Theory and Fractals Influence Deborah Bigeleisen’s Artistic Vision

When you see her art, you are transformed.  Deborah Bigeleisen’s florals intensely magnify everything.  You are only looking at portion of a petal on a large canvas.  And yet you understand innately that you are seeing only a smaller part of the larger whole.  While maintaining a studio in West Palm Beach, Bigeleisen’s art career is taking her to all parts of the globe. The Rickie Report knows you will appreciate how her philosophy informs her artistry when you see it!


Conception 4 Units

Conception 4 Units


The Englishman Fine Art Gallery will be showing her work at the upcoming Naples Art, Antique and Jewelry Show February 7 – 11 and at the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art, and Antique Show at the Palm Beach County Convention Center February 15 – 19. In addition, Deborah’s work will be on exhibit with CK Contemporary of San Francisco for the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair February 15-17th  and she will have a Solo show at The Englishman Fine Art Gallery in Naples, FL on March 14th.  http://www.theenglishmanusa.com/new/default.asp  and http://ckcontemporary.com/ 



CK Contemporary is the living master artists gallery expansion of the Christopher Clark Fine Art Gallery of 19th and 20th century master works. Using light as her muse, Deborah works with oils and glazing mediums applying more than twenty translucent layers to mold her forms and give them a new life-force!




She tells us, “As an artist who has always used natural forms as my subject and began my career by painting Rembrandt-like portraits of white roses, my interest in Chaos Theory and fascination with one of its components – fractals – has permanently transformed my artistic vision. To paraphrase William Blake, I see the world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of my hand, and eternity in an hour.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHer subject is no longer simply a flower.  Bigeleisen has discovered an inexhaustible richness of the structure that goes beyond what is recognizable to the naked eye. “By peeling away the layers and magnifying the image to its core, I’ve gained a deeper insight into the universal properties of all natural phenomena because I’ve uncovered a dynamic system whose pattern repeats in other phenomena.”

“This is where my work takes the literal definition of a fractal – the self-similarity of an object of nature that is repeated thousands of times at different magnifications (picture a head of broccoli) – and broadens the scope beyond a single object. It is not my objective to convey every orifice and streak of my subject’s surface, but rather to capture its character and essence with the ultimate objective to immortalize the transitory nature of life.”  

Deborah goes on to explain, “Magnifying the fractals beyond the core of a flower to the pure abstraction of the form, my work assumes a new choreography, energy and spirit having been totally freed from the constraints inherent in creating any depiction of representational work through the forms may suggest a natural likeness, reflective of their supple, sensuous and erotic origins. My canvases now explode with a new life-force as I focus on the movement and distribution of space across the surface, while continuing to use color and contrast to draw the viewer in and then back out.”  




Deborah works exclusively from her own images and has taken photographs at botanical gardens all over North America (Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier,CA; Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA; and her favorite – Butchart Gardenson Vancouver Island, Victoria, BC).  She also studied with “The Father of Digital Art” and good friend, Laurence Gartel.  Her work has been included in numerous juried events at museums and exhibitions around the U.S., beginning here, in Palm Beach County.



Tipping Point

Tipping Point


Deborah shares her philosphy, “Echoing the personal philosophy of Rembrandt who ‘loved what he painted and only painted what he loved’ I continue to be captivated by natural forms. A portrait painter has a duty to reveal the character of his subject – his mood, inner drama, and mystery – not merely copy a likeness. Applying similar principles to my painting practice, I use light as my muse and work with oils and glazing mediums applying upwards of twenty translucent layers over a comprehensively developed under-painting to mold the forms and to capture the depth of my subject’s anatomy, its dynamism, its turbulence, and its unpredictability”

“Since color has a significant impact on one’s perception, I use a carefully controlled palette to engage the viewer to question his own bond between human activity and the patterns and cycles of nature.”


Untitled No.27 Diptych

Untitled No.27 Diptych

Current Gallery Locations:  New York City, NY- Spanierman Gallery  http://www.spanierman.com/Bigeleisen,-Deborah/album   San Francisco- CK Contemporary  http://ckcontemporary.com/   London, England / Naples, FL; The Englishman   http://www.theenglishmanusa.com/new/living_artists.asp   Aspen, CO – Royal Aspen Art Gallery ; Beaver Creek, CO – Horton Fine Art ; Cashiers, NC – John Collette Fine Art; Southampton, NY – Chrysalis Gallery.  In addition, Deborah’s paintings reside in private as well public art collections around the world.  


To reach Deborah Bigeleisen call 561.689.7748     mobile: 561.351.8755 or deborah@deborahbigeleisen.com   www.deborahbigeleisen.com   http://facebook.com/deborahbigeleisen   http://twitter.com/debbigeleisen


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