Candace Platz Is Featured Wellington Art Society SOLO Artist At Whole Food Gallery In Wellington Through January 31

The Wellington Art Society and Wellington Whole Foods Market are currently showing an exhibit by acclaimed artist, Candace Platz.  Candace’s unique painting style results from her lifelong pursuit of many and varied passions–from veterinary medicine to kabbalistic mysticism, from technical diving to Grand Prix dressage, from poetry to animal welfare—the list goes on and she continues to add to it.  The exhibit is on display now through the end of January, 2020, with a Meet the Artist Reception on Friday, January 10, 2020. Tasty snacks and wine will be served. A donation of $5 will go to the WAS Scholarship Fund.   The Rickie Report shares the details and a few sneak peeks.

























Friday, January 10, 2020

6:30 – 8 PM


 Open to the Public

Whole Foods Market Cafe

2635 SR7 Wellington, FL


Exhibit Is Available Now through January 31, 2020






“Boxed In’ By Candace Platz




The Wellington Art Society is pleased to announce the next artist for the Whole Foods Market solo art show will be Wellington artist Candace Platz. Candace will have up to 20 paintings on display at the café of the Wellington Whole Foods Market from November 1, 2019 through January 31, 2020.



Candace Platz’s unique painting style results from her lifelong pursuit of many and varied passions–from veterinary medicine to kabbalistic mysticism, from technical diving to Grand Prix dressage, from poetry to animal welfare—the list goes on and she continues to add to it.





“Our Bubble” by Candace Platz 



Born in Bangor, Maine, Candace studied oil painting for ten years with William Möise, an abstract impressionist whose close connections with Wilhelm Reich influenced the eccentricity of his teaching.  Moise was adamant that Candace should never “paint for anyone’s living room walls,” and challenged her to paint upside down, or while looking in a mirror, or using a match book cover instead of a brush as examples of the techniques to prevent “painting to placate.”



Candace was also influenced by her years of study with J. Palmer Libby, a more conventional teacher and accomplished student of Joseph Sheppard whose stylized realism was a sharp contrast to Möise.  Winner of a juried statewide competition, Candace was awarded a session at the Haystack-Hinckley School, where she studied lithography, sculpture, oil crayons and pastels. She studied watercolor and charcoal at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. Her use of acrylic mediums is recent.  Also a writer, poet, portrait photographer and stage designer, Candace has displayed her work at venues including the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, DC. Her selection as the featured artist at the Whole Foods Cafe Show marks the 67-year old artist’s first solo exhibit.




“Night Mares” by Candace Platz




Candace’s intimate knowledge of things equine is firmly rooted in her careers as a veterinary clinician/surgeon and nationally-ranked adult amateur Grand Prix dressage competitor.  The undersea world is also a frequent theme in her work, as well as cats, birds, trees and other natural forms and landscapes.  Candace’s interest in the inter-relations among all beings and their environment is nurtured by her years of studying Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing with Jinen Jason Shulman. Other influences include aboriginal Australian artist Margaret Chatfield, shamanist artist Eve Goetz and various Cuban artists including Carlos Guzman, Jose Füster, and the Brito sisters.



Proceeds from the sale of several of Candace’s paintings on display will go to welfare organizations, including The Brooke, The Equine Welfare Alliance and similar groups dedicated to the humane treatment of animals. Inquiries about this program are welcomed, as are requests for commissioned pieces.



The Wellington Art Society is a non-profit charitable organization In its 37th year.  It is open to artists of all mediums and patrons of the arts, allowing both local and regional artists to display their art work in local galleries, interact with other artists and serve the community through their art. 

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Artwork Being Donated to Non-Profit Organizations By Denny Reed

Denny Reed is an artist who lives her creativity.  As she moves in a new direction of artistry, she has a studio filled with art pieces she is happy to donate to non-profit organizations.  Read this fascinating interview, as The Rickie Report explores the art world with Denny Reed.







International Artist

"Heat" by Denny Reed

“Heat” by Denny Reed

TRR:  You’ve recently decided to donate a large body of your artwork. What has initiated this action?


“Since returning from painting in the mountains of South America this past October, it has become clear to me that it is time to release my art work from the last few years. When a new creative surge comes through me I have to make room for it energetically. This is the power of manifestation I learned years ago when I had an international business which taught self development and emotional intelligence seminars.
I have been involved with the internal and external explorations of self development all of my adult life instigated by unusual experiences I had as a child with mystics.  My art comes from the invisible depths of those experiences and I am continue to be greatly influenced by them. This year I am embarking on creating 3D mixed media installations for possible museum installations. I say possible because not all has been revealed to me yet so I cannot give a detail description of what I will be doing. I know I just need to make room for it to manifest.”



"Searching For Heaven" by Denny Reed

“Searching For Heaven” by Denny Reed


TRR:  Why donate, why not just sell your work?


“I feel complete with those pieces. I do not want to spend anymore time with them. I have sold all that I needed to of that series from that era of my life. My initial feeling was to just destroy what was left. I finally understood why many artists do destroy their work. They are done with that level of consciousness that was expressed through the creative spirit to them. They want to move on to the next level. Create a clean slate.


With deeper reflection I did not think it was ethical to destroy my work as too many people enjoy it so I decided to make sure people could still enjoy it. I picked non-profits to donate to because I have sat on non-profit boards almost all of my adult life and I know about fundraising challenges to help their incredible missions of service. Non profits have always inspired me because of their dedication to give selflessly.




"Heaven is in the Sky" by Denny Reed

“Heaven is in the Sky” by Denny Reed


TRR: So would you say your personal philosophy has driven you to these conclusions?




“On a personal note I do feel uncomfortable with the art business at large. Too many games and egos seem to interfere or take advantage of many artists. Money has really become a driving force in art and unfortunately the greed factor has pushed too many good artists to the side unrecognized because they do not play that game. I think the creative spirit is a pure energy that is in everyone. It is a connector for our human race as it is exciting to share with others and provide inspiration and dialogue. Of course an artist has to make money to live and to do so they have to step through a mine field of complexities and at the same time deal with their own personal ethics which all takes away time from creating art!”



"The Witness" by Denny Reed

“The Witness” by Denny Reed


TRR: How can a non profit proceed if they are interested in being part of your donation?


“Email me to start. If they are located in South Florida, I can meet them privately at my gallery.  If they are out of town I can share jpgs with them and arrange shipping.  All art donations are available between now and Dec 31st.”



"Celebrating the Light" by Denny Reed

“Celebrating the Light” by Denny Reed


TRR:  As of press time, where has your artwork been donated?



-Press Club of PA-endowment builders for Penn State, Delaware County Community College and Temple University
-Connecting Generations- Delaware’s resource for mentoring and other intergenerational programs
-Animal Rescue South Florida
-Greater Boynton Sister Cities



For more information please contact Denny at





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