Highland Beach Library Features Patricia Lappin’s Florida Paintings During “Black And White And Colorful” Exhibit. Meet The Artists January 16 And View The Exhibition Through March 2

Patricia Lappin will be showing her Florida Paintings at the Highland Beach Library during its “Black and White and Colorful” Exhibit.  The public is welcome to view this FREE exhibit and meet all of the artists, including Patricia Lappin, Michael D’Amato, and Judi Aronson at the Reception on January 16.  This exhibit runs through March 2, 2020. Lappin’s focus for her paintings since moving to Florida in 2016 has been the wetlands and beaches.  While Loxahatchee Reserve, Green Cay, the Morikami Japanese Gardens, and Gumbo Limbo Nature Center are the inspiration, she is taking more license with the colors and simplifying the shapes to imply and intuit instead of recording the scene.  Her subject is still the natural world expressed with color and abstracted elements. Lappin teaches Dynamic Color Harmony classes in Jupiter at the New Studio for Visual Arts.  The Rickie Report shares some sneak peeks of Lappin’s newest works and the details about this exhibit.  




Highland Beach Public Library


Invites The Public To


“Black and White and Colorful” Exhibit



Florida Paintings     





Highland Beach Public Library

3618 Ocean Blvd  Highland Beach FL 33487




MEET & GREET Reception:


Thursday, January 16


5 – 7   pm  


Open to the public free of charge

Exhibit is available Now through March 2, 2020






Acrylic Diptych by Patricia Lappin



Patricia Lappin tells The Rickie Report, I want the viewers to Enjoy the Beauty That Surrounds You.  My paintings are full of joyful color and rich textures.  Hope you enjoy them all”!  Lappin moves easily from plein air to what we call “serene abstract”.  Her focus for her paintings since moving to Florida in 2016 has been the wetlands and beaches.  While Loxahatchee Reserve, Green Cay, the Morikami Japanese Gardens, and Gumbo Limbo Nature Center are the inspiration, she is taking more license with the colors and simplifying the shapes to imply and intuit instead of recording the scene.  Her subject is still the natural world expressed with color and abstracted elements. 



To Patricia, every painting is an adventure!  When you visit the Highland Beach Library to see her exhibit, you will understand what she means.  She says, ” Since moving to Florida my color palette has become brighter and more vibrant. My subject is still the natural world expressed in both abstracts and more recognizable images.  However, I am taking more license with the colors and simplifying the shapes to imply and intuit instead of record an actual scene as I have been doing for the last 20 years”.





“Deep Blue Reflection” by Patricia Lappin




Patricia goes on to explain, “Before Florida I lived in Arkansas for 20 years, exploring the hills and waterways with Plein Air and studio work in oil. That is the THEN. NOW I am sketching and taking photos at Green Cay and the Loxahatchee Nature Preserve to inspire the new acrylic paintings.  The contrast is very interesting when placed side by side.  Our life circumstances and a new environment have great influence on how we see the world around us”.


Patricia tells The Rickie Report, ” Enjoy the beauty around you.  My desire to create was very strong and drawing was my refuge, my sanctuary.  It was an inner compulsion to be separate from the world sometimes.  I was content to spent hours drawing leaves, branches and bugs. A school field trip to the St. Louis Art Museum opened my eyes – adults took painting and drawing seriously, what a revelation”!



Acrylic Study by Patrica Lappin



From age 10 to 14, she studied painting on Saturday mornings with a high school art teacher.  After high school, she attended SMS in Springfield, Mo. for 4 semesters, taking every available art course, intro to design, color, etc., but Patricia only wanted to learn to paint like the paintings she had seen at the St. Louis Art Museum and that was not happening.  She met her husband, married and became a mother. 


Patricia continues, “I was still painting, but unsure of the new “adult artist” me.  We moved to Fairfield, CT. near NYC.  Caesar Cirigliano became my teacher and mentor for 5 years.  Working with only black, white, yellow ocher and burnt sienna for the first 3 years, he taught me portrait, landscape and still life painting.  We spent many hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC studying the masters. Working with Ceasar was the greatest education I could have.  From 1970 to 1975 he led me from an insecure young adult struggling to believe in my artist-future to a confident artist in multiple mediums.  As he was leaving for Florida to retire, I ask him “who would be my teacher now?”  His answer formed my future.  “Don’t you know?  You are the teacher now.  You have the foundation now.”  When I began teaching I used my notes from the 5 years of study with Caesar.  I still use them today”.





“Fire In The Sky” by Patricia Lappin




Patricia opened her first studio in 1980 and began teaching and exhibiting in the tri-state area.  Her family moved to Ft. Smith AR in 1996.  “Since then I have been represented by galleries in Kansas City MO, Scottsdale AZ, and Van Buren AR.  I have shown my work at the Ft. Smith Art Center and the Center for Art and Education many times.  I teach private classes and workshops. My paintings are in many private and public collections”.



In 2016 the Lappins moved to Boca Raton FL, where Patricia joined the Plein Air Palm Beach group, exploring new scenes and making new friends, seeking out galleries and other venues for showing/selling her paintings and teaching.  She is on the faculty at The New Studio for the Visual Arts in Jupiter, FL, where she teaches Dynamic Color. Contact http://thenewstudiova.net  for information. Patricia also teaches a basic acrylic class at Artisans On The Ave in Lake Worth.  She is a member of the Palm Beach Watercolor Society. Patricia has won numerous awards for her artistry and her works can be found in private as well as public collections. 


More about Dynamic Color:

Do you want stronger, more confident paintings with less struggle? 

 Do you want paintings that glow? That stand out in a crowd, that make a strong statement?

Then this class is for you!

Using core colors of red, yellow and blue plus white and black will be the starting point– BUT WHICH BLUEWHICH YELLOW-WHICH RED?

In this class we will explore the visual and emotional effects of different color choices. Using simple shapes of pears, hearts, trees, balloons or abstract geometrics will make it easier to concentrate on the color and our response to how it effects the painting.

  • Making a color plan in the beginning of a painting saves a lot of struggle later.  Let’s explore the options.

  • Knowing the “why” of color combinations that work will boost your confidence.

  • Do you like BOLD or SOFT colors? It doesn’t matter which, playing with color is FUN, FUN, FUN.

  • Better than the BIG box of crayons.

If you love color, you will love playing along with me in this class.  While all mediums would be welcome, acrylic will be the medium of choice for my demos and instruction.




For more information about this exhibit, classes, or individual lessons:

Patricia Lappin    479-883-7386

www.patricialappin.com          lappin.patricia@yahoo.com




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Cultural Council Of Palm Beach County Announces Reception To Meet Featured Artist, Michael D’Amato On March 16

On Saturday, March 16 The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County invites the public to meet Featured Artist, Michael D’Amato.  His award winning artwork has been part of international and national exhibits, bringing viewers a different eye to photography. The Rickie Report shares the details of this Free Art Event and encourages you to meet the artist and hear what piques his interest and inspires him.  We include a few sneak peeks.





601 Lake Avenue       Lake Worth, FL 33460

 (561) 471-2901










3 -5 PM



Light refreshments will be served

Exhibit Runs Through March 23

Cultural Council of Palm Beach County

601 Lake Avenue       Lake Worth, FL 33460

 (561) 471-2901

Public Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday | 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Closed Sunday and Monday


Michael D’Amato “Two Women at Hagia Sophia”




Michael D’Amato takes the viewer on a journey through shadow, shape, and structure with his photographs.  What does he see that others miss?  He tells The Rickie Report, “Light, shadow and atmospheric change trick the eye and cause an ordinary structure to appear both static and dynamic”. Michael celebrates construction, geometry, and architecture.  He brings the viewer along as he travels the globe.



Michael D’Amato “Queensborough Bridge NYC”



Sometimes, Michael’s perspective makes us wonder where in the world he found such a place – and how we can go there!  His knack for engaging  viewers in this dialogue is wondrous.  When artwork gets you to ask questions, the artist is doing a good job!



Michael D’Amato “Circular Path”




Michael shows us how buildings, as a whole and as parts-of-the-whole, have their own beauty and mystery.  He maximizes natural light’s effect on moving clouds and water. Instinctively, we are aware, but rarely do we take the time to appreciate it!  



Michael D’Amato  “Dervishes”



Michael’s travels through Southeast Asia and India are particularly fascinating, as he takes a real slice of life and makes one photograph sing with a story.  He has won awards in juried exhibits and his photographs have been in several SOLO exhibits.  He often quotes American sculptor Arthur Carter, “Only squares and circles, lines and ellipses can elegantly explain and simplify the complex meaning of life.”




For more information about Michael’s photography:











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Michael D’Amato Takes Us On A Journey Through Shadow, Shape, And Structure With His World Of Photography

Photographer Michael D’Amato brings the viewer on a journey with his black and white images taken during his world travels.  While you may see an image that sparks a memory of your own travel spots, Michael shares each place with a nuanced view to better appreciate its architecture and majesty of form. His photography has won awards and has been included in international and national exhibits.  The Rickie Report shares some images plus a video, taking you along one of Michael’s expeditions.   




M  I  C  H  A  E  L     J.    D’ A  M  A  T  O



“Ascending Channels” by Michael D’Amato




A Journey

Through Shadow, Shape and Structure


“The greatest joy for me is geometry; that means a structure… it’s a recognition of order which is in front of you.”  – Henri Cartier-Bresson, French photographer


“Scales” by Michael D’Amato




Michael D’Amato tells The Rickie Report, “Geometry and architecture are inexorably bound. Shapes, curves, angles and lines give rise to construction that marries beauty and purpose.  Light, shadow and atmospheric change trick the eye and cause an ordinary structure to appear both static and dynamic.This series is intended to encourage you to look at architecture with new eyes – to experience the majesty of form”.




“Standing Among The Shadows” by Michael D’Amato



“My goal was to place into stark relief the most basic of shapes – geometric – and examine them on their own terms”.  All images were captured using standard DSLR shooting techniques, maximizing the effect that natural light has on moving clouds and water”.


“Pont D’Avignon” by Michael D’Amato




“Choosing various perspectives, using long exposure settings, and darkening filters produced black and white images that have an air of mystery and diffusion.  Blurred figures, soft, creamy clouds and placid, glass-like water combine to remove the viewer from reality and engage in a dialogue with a familiar yet altered world”.



“Only squares and circles, lines and ellipses can elegantly explain and simplify the complex meaning of life.”   – Arthur Carter, American sculptor


Travel With Michael through Southeast Asia in this video: 





Recent Awards and Juried Exhibits:

2017, Keiser Univ., NYC Exhibition, “Radiator Cap,”, “Reflecting Pools,Central Park Boathouse and NYC Skyline were on display.

2017, Hollywood City Hall, a group of 16 photographs reflecting people and places from North America to Southeast Asia.

2017, Art Boca Raton/Art Synergy (Juried) “Two Women at Hagia Sophia

2017, The Crest Theatre, Delray Beach, FL, “Anhingas in the Sun“, was on exhibit.

2016, The Arts Garage, Delray Beach, FL, “Radiator Cap”, “Royalty House”, “Spirit of Light”, “Standing Among the Shadows”, and “Networking” were exhibited for a monthlong display.

2016, Coral Springs Museum of Art,  FL, “Networking – Ko Samui” and “At the End of the Day” were on display.

2015 “Radiator Cap – Chrysler Building” won 7th place nationwide in the Light, Space & Time Open Art Competition, and “Angles & Curves I” won Special Recognition.

After qualifying for the Boca Artists’ Guild Signature Member status, “Angles & Curves I” won 1st Place in the FAU Living Room Theatre XXXII  Juried Exhibition.

Video projects can be found at youtube.com, search Michael J D’Amato

Southeast Asia: from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and ending in Hong Kong.

Great Britain: touring England, Scotland and the surrounding islands. 
A Show of Hands is available in a 28-page and full color e-book and hardcover formats.
A Journey Through Spain is a complete DVD – photos and Spanish guitar soundtrack – which captures the majesty of four great Spanish cities: Sevilla, Valencia, Granada and Barcelona.


For more information about Michael’s photography:











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Art Synergy/Art Forms Features 15 Artists At Art Boca Raton’s International Art Fair

Art Synergy/Art Forms is proud and excited to be a part of Art Boca Raton for the second year.  Over 50 artists applied and were juried by James Lancel McElhinney, a renowned artist, writer, and curator from New York. Fifteen artists were selected to exhibit in Art Synergy/Art Forms.  The public is invited to this International Contemporary Art Fair March 16, 17, and 18th at the International Pavilion of the Palm Beaches at the Research Park on the grounds of Florida Atlantic University. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks!






March 16 – 18, 2017

Join Us at Boca Raton’s Collector’s Reception
March 16 – 17,  5 – 7 pm


International galleries will be exhibiting modern, contemporary and emerging art on

March 16-18, 11 am-7 pm

March 19, 11 am-6 pm

International Pavilion of the Palm Beaches

at the Research Park

on the grounds of Florida Atlantic University

3450 NW 8th Avenue    Boca Raton, FL 33431


Valet parking and free self parking are available.


“Don’t Bet On It” by Laura Ann Jacobs


The Art Synergy/Art Forms artists:

Robert Schwartzman

Tony Khawam

Adriano Ficarelli

Silvia Riquezes

Laura Ann Jacobs

Ericka Cespedes

Vicki Siegel

Zbigniew Kijak

Judith Shah

Eileen Shaloum

Deborah LaFogg

Elayna Toby Singer

Michael D’Amato

Heather Sisk


“The Donald” by Zbigniew Kijak




Art Boca Raton returns to the Research Park at FAU for its second edition. This dynamic contemporary art fair from the organizers of Art Palm Beach offers collectors a new approach to collecting fine art. Art Synergy is a 501(c)(3) art organization.



“Wired” by Vicki Siegel


Juror’s Statement: March 3, 2017

Sir Alec Issigonis is said to have defined a camel as a horse, designed by committee. Exhibition curators assemble bodies of work, while juried shows are selected from bodies of work the juror did not assemble. The challenge then is to find some kind of hypothetical logic that would allow the juror to create a selection that might have been curated.

In today’s world, polemics of style or taxonomies of media have passed their sell-by date. In the digital age, objects created to engage the viewer and stimulate a response find sudden unity in sharing the distinction of physicality. The question becomes not just one of craft, or even of originality, but how thoughtfully the artwork manifests a sense of purpose, generates an encounter, and delivers an experience. My selection focused on works engaged less in exposition, and more in exploring processes associated with close scrutiny, travel, gender, identity, crisis, sexuality,and mass-media. It was a pleasure to spend time with all of the entries, and equally difficult to narrow the selection from fifty to fifteen—the limit set for accepted entries. My hope is these selections will benefit from their dialogue.

–James Lancel McElhinney


“Untitled” by Heather Sisk



For more information about Art Synergy:



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Delray Art League Invites You To Indoor Exhibits, Outdoor Events And Monthly Meeting

The Delray Art League (DAL) invites everyone to see the exquisite artwork of its members taking place at two local indoor exhibits. The Crest Theatre Gallery Exhibit 2015 now through Sunday, January 24th and The Holiday Showcase Exhibit 2015 – 2016 now through Friday, January 29th at Delray Beach City Hall Gallery truly showcase the professional creativity of this group! In addition, the next DAL Monthly Meeting takes place on Monday, January 11th from 7 – 9 pm and will feature: “Encaustics, the Oldest and Newest Art Form” with nationally renown artist and gallerist, Dee Utasi.   The Rickie Report shares sneak peeks and all of the details here. We encourage art lovers and art patrons to see the exhibits. We urge artists to join this fabulous art networking organization!




“Happening This Month”


“Artists in the Park”

Outdoor Fine Art Exhibit & Show

Starting January 9th
Weekends 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Veterans Park @ Atlantic Avenue and the Intracoastal


DALJanuary photo 1





Delray Art League Fine Art Exhibits

The Crest Theatre Gallery Exhibit 2015

Wednesday, November 4th to Sunday, January 24th



The Crest Theatre @ Delray Beach Center for the ArtsDel;ray

51 North Swinton Avenue
  Delray Beach, FL 33444

Crest Gallery hours: Monday-Friday, 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Admission is free.




The Holiday Showcase Exhibit 2015 – 2016

Monday, December 4th to Friday, January 29th




Delray Beach City Hall Gallery

100 NW First Avenue
  Delray Beach, Florida

City Hall Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Admission is free.



Please join us in congratulating the Winners of our
Holiday Showcase 2015:



DALJanuary photo 2




Judge for this exhibit was Nichole M. Hickey, Manager of Artist Services with the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.

Ms. Hickey commented: “DAL artists displayed great diversity and talent with an impressive collection of art work in multiple mediums.”




Next DAL Monthly Meeting

Monday January 11th, 2016
7:00 – 9:00 PM


Encaustics, the Oldest and Newest Art Form

by Dee Utasi



Dee Utasi is a life-long artist and teacher. She is the sole proprietor of ArtbyDeesigns, her creative art business based in Abilene, Texas. Her business involves teaching the basics of oil, water color, acrylic, encaustics, and sumi-e art. Dee is also an active member of the Delray Art League while spending winters in Florida. Her works are in private collections in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Texas.



Dee is a juried member of Oil Painters of America as well as a member of Women Artists of the West, Creative Arts Club of Abilene, Texas, Palm Beach Water Color Society, Plein Air Palm Beach, Delray Art League, Founder of the Abilene Area Plein Air Artists, Old Jail Art Center Albany, Texas, Grace Museum Abilene, Texas and Center for Contemporary Art Abilene, Texas.


DALJanuary photo 3




DAL meetings are held in the Commissioner’s Chambers at Delray Beach city Hall, 100 NW 1st Ave. Meetings are free and open to the public. Donations to DAL’s Jack Feinberg Art Education Fund are accepted



Like us on Facebook:




DALJanuary photo 4





DAL Members Around Town



Barb Fernandez and James Rabidoux have pieces at Art Sea Living Studio

Bill Farran is currently showing his art at the 92nd Street Y in NYC

Bob Birkenes was invited to participate in Milagro Centers Abstract Exhibit at The Blueprint Gallery through February 5th

Camille Rosano won 2nd place for one of her watercolors at the current Lake Worth Art League

Claudia Hafner is exhibiting at the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens Welcome Center- Dec – Jan 3. And received awards for 2 paintings from Light Space & Time Online Gallery Animal Exhibition

Deb La Fogg Docherty’s painting “Captured Gaze” just sold at the CPS 2015 Renaissance in Pastels National Juried Exhibition in the UCONN Stamford Art Gallery Stamford, CT. Her pastel painting Couch Potato was selected as a finalist in the 2015Art Renewal Salon Center for the Arts in Wildlife/Animal Category. She is also showing at the Marine and Wildlife Art Festival January 9-10 in Stuart.

Dimitri Saginov, Patricia Maguire, Deb LaFogg Docherty, Manny Jomok, Ralph Papa and Vicki Siegel are teaching at the Delray Center for the Arts. For more information see www.delrayarts.org

Dovima has pieces at the new Galleria Gilda in Lake Worth and wearable art garments at ArtServe in Fort Lauderdale, Lighthouse Art Center-in Tequesta and Lake Worth Art League in Lake Worth

Eileen Lovre had a painting selected as the poster for the upcoming Deerfield Beach Festival of the Arts on Jan 30th and 31st. She also won 3rd place in the DAL Crest Theatre Exhibit on display until Jan 24th.

Ellen Pollack‘s artwork is being exhibited and sold at MONDANA GALLERY at Delray Marketplace on Atlantic Avenue.

Jacquie Medeiros had a piece excepted into the latest Art At The Airport Exhibit

Joe Marcou’s paintings are now hanging in the Oak Bistro & Wine Bar on Southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach

Kathryn Carlyle and Cheryl Gibbs will be at The Butterfield Garage Gallery in St. Augustine, FL the entire month of February. Opening night for the show is Friday, February 5th from 7 til 9:30pm.

Lynn Doyal is featured at The Oak Bistro in Wellington.

Manny Jomok’s watercolor, “Panorama at Loxahatchee,” was accepted into the juried show, Florida Wild, at the Cornell Museum, Jan.14 – Apr 17, 2015.

Mark Allen was accepted into Art Synergy and has paintings hanging at Artisans on the Ave in Lake Worth.

Mary Taylor has attained Signature Status in the Artists’ Guild of the Boca Museum of Art, has pieces hanging in the Delray Library and in the Boynton Beach Library in the Artists in Florida exhibit.

Michael D’amato received First Place in the Boca Artists’ Guild XXII Juried Exhibition at the FAU Living Room Theaters for his photograph Angles & Curves

Naomi Shulman’s paintings are now on display at the Arena Gallery

Nina Odorisio has paintings at Malevo tango dance studio, at 1300 Atlantic Blvd  Pompano Beach

Pat Kaufman has a piece on display in the Boca community Center WPWC society show and several pieces in the Museum shop at the Cornell Art Museum, Delray Beach

Reed Dixon is participating in the Art at the Airport show & the DAL Holiday Exhibit. He also has paintings on display at the Arts Arena Gallery in Delray and in the Derek Gores Gallery in Melbourne, FL. He will be exhibiting in the Plum Gallery in St. Augustine from February thru May.

Sheila Ballaban is having a one woman show from Dec 20 – Feb 21 at Chabad, 224 S. Ocean Blvd. Manalapan. Phone # 561-351-1633 Sheila also won an honorable mention award from WITVA show at The Armory Art Center

Tom Melillo is currently showing at Rolando Chang Barrero Gallery, Lucerne Ave. Lake Worth

Vicki Siegel has work in Artists of the Salon at the Armory Art Center and Taking Artistic License at Art Serve in Ft. Lauderdale with the National Association of Women Artists.

Jack Feinberg’s paintings will now be on display at My Salon Suite in Delray and Ocean East Real Estate in Boynton



Renee Plevy painting Kathryn Barry at the December meeting demonstration.



DALJanuary photo 5



Invitation for New Members

To become a Delray Art League exhibiting member, you must submit three pieces of your original artwork at one of our monthly general meetings. Artwork should be presented to the Jurying Committee between 6:15 and 6:30 p.m. before the start of the General Meeting at 7:00 p.m. Please bring a check or cash. You will be notified by mail of your acceptance. If not accepted, your check will be returned.



• Exhibiting Member $40.00

• Family members (exhibiting} $50.00

• Friend membership (non-exhibiting) $20.00
Accepted Artwork:
2 D ART – watercolor, oil, acrylic, collage, etc.
SCULPTURE – stone, wood, metal, etc.
PHOTOGRAPHY – At this time the photography category is filled
. Not Accepted: crafts, glass, pottery, fiber art, jewelry, bead-stringing, poured molds, flowers, shell craft, etc. Categories not listed will be decided at the discretion of the Jurying Committee, with final determination by the Board of Directors.
Art should be signed by the artist and ready for hanging. Art done on paper should be matted and framed with Plexiglas (no glass). Canvas must be framed or gallery wrapped (no staples showing) with sides painted.


For more information go to: www.delrayartleague.com


DALJanuary photo 6




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