Ray Gross’ Fine Art Hyper-Realistic Porcelains Bring The Everyday To Lighthouse ArtCenter’s “Warhol! Warhol! Warhol!” Exhibit Now Through March 23. Don’t Miss A Life-Size Realistic Harley Davidson, Designer Handbags, Utilitarian Tools And More All Made By Hand

Andy Warhol was an influence icon and inspiration…  And now, Ray Grossfine art hyper-realistic porcelains are being exhibited at the Lighthouse ArtCenter’s “Warhol! Warhol! Warhol!” extravaganza available NOW through March 23, 2022. Viewers will be wowed by Ray’s newest life-size Harley Davidson motorcycle, Amazon” boxes with motorcycle parts and “Art supplies” as Art! All of these plus Ray’s iconic tools, tool belts, paint tubes, and handbags will be available for purchase. The Rickie Report shares the details and a few sneak peeks – like the motorcycle in progress, but to see it finished, come to the Lighthouse ArtCenter.  This family friendly exhibit takes Pop Art to a new level! While the Warhol pieces won’t be for sale, Ray’s art is!




373 Tequesta Drive      Tequesta, FL 33469










Ray   Gross   Pop   Art   Porcelains

NOW   thru  March 23, 2022



Free admission for members        $5  for  nonmembers

For more information: lighthousearts.org/warhol/

Gallery Hours:   

Monday-Thursday: 9  – 5   Friday: 9  – 4       Saturday: 10 – 4     Sunday: Closed




Ray Gross’ Pop Art Sculpture (Schorr Gallery) is a homage to Warhol’s Pop Art and includes a life-sized Harley Davidson made of porcelain!







Ray is a celebrated ceramist who is known for his hand-built, hand-painted, hyper-realistic porcelain sculptures.  



Ray Gross’ hyper-realistic porcelain Gucci shoe


Curator, Janeen Mason tells The Rickie Report, ” In recent years the Lighthouse ArtCenter Gallery has brought Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim, Nick Cave’s renowned Sound Suits, and Kara Walker’s Sugar Babies. We’ve curated exhibits showing Clyde Butcher’s iconic photos of the Everglades and Edie Widder’s first photos ever takeoff a giant quid alive.  We’re keeping this trajectory of excellence with Warhol!Warhol!


Ray Gross’ hyper-realistic porcelain paintbrushes and pencil



Visitors to the Spencer Gallery can see over 20 pieces of rare original Andy Warhol art on loan from Beth Rudin DeWoody and Marshall Fields’ private collections. Andy Warhol, arguably the most famous artist in the last 100 years was an artist, director, and producer who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art.  





Ray’s original Harley Davidson has been exhibited at the American Craft Museum in New York City, at the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach, FL, the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, the Boca Raton Museum of Art in Boca Raton, FL., and international art fairs.




Ray Gross’ hyper-realistic all porcelain life-size “Orange Harley”  7’6″ x 32″x28″




Click to hear Ray speak about his Motorcycle in Process & watch him create one of the headlights:


Ray Gross’ hyper-realistic porcelain life-size Harley Davidson motorcycle in process



Ray’s art depicts 3D items of everyday Americana, including utilitarian art objects such as paint cans, tubes, brushes, pencils, and other artist tools that have seized the attention of collectors, and have been installed in public and corporate spaces.




Ray Gross’ Amazon inspired hyper-realistic porcelain boxes.  Some have motorcycle tools and others have art supplies inside.


A sampling of Ray Gross’ iconic hyper-realistic porcelain tools, The Series “Art Supplies As Art”

Although original Warhol pieces will not be for sale, the other “Pop Art Inspired” work on exhibit in the Schorr Gallery will be available for purchase.



Ray Gross’ hyper-realistic porcelain, The Series “Art Supplies As Art”



For more information: 

Ray Gross MFA
RGFA Ray GrossFineArt
T  561-951-4749
Euro 0170-5091840


About Lighthouse ArtCenter:

Lighthouse ArtCenter Gallery & School of Art is 501c(3) not-for-profit founded in 1964 by eight artists and Christopher Norton. The ArtCenter is dedicated to the visual arts whose mission is to inspire, engage and connect our community through a vibrant school of art, unique exhibitions and diverse special events. The center has grown into a three-building campus consisting of a Gallery & 2D Studio, 3D Studio, and a Jewelry & Textile Studio. Supported by memberships, tuition, grants, and donations, Lighthouse ArtCenter serves over 20,000 visitors, 3000 students, 45 faculty members, 400 summer art campers, and a comprehensive outreach program to benefit under-served populations.


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Mark Allen Brings Us “Proper Mental Attitude”

Mark Allen is a “re-emerging” artist.  In his early years, he sculpted and used “found objects” before the term even existed. Over thirty years ago he created cartoons. When their older son, Jared, succumbed to cancer, life for Mark and his wife, Donna changed.  Mark’s art has been his therapy since then, and until recently, he was keeping it within the family. The Rickie Report is honored to share Mark Allen’s artistry and his story, which is so poignant as we approach Father’s Day.





Proper Mental Attitude


The Arts Arena Gallery

Friday, June 19th

6 – 8:30 pm

777 E. Atlantic Avenue    Delray Beach, FL 33483



Layout 1


Mark Allen tells The Rickie Report, “Proper Mental Attitude illustrates ‘nobody gets out of this life untouched’ and despite the depths of grief or despair we might just find the strength to laugh, love and live. ‘We can live until we die or we can die until we die’ …..hence, Proper Mental Attitude.”


10"x7" Front Greeting Card Template

“Some People Just Don’t Get It” by Mark Allen




Mark Allen has always been a creative person, using “found objects” before the term was even in popular vocabulary.  Until recently, Mark and Donna Allen’s creative force has been in the food industry. It seems fitting that he sold one of his favorite sculptures, “Lunch Box” to another restaurant. 

"At Least They Aren't Salted" by Mark Allen

“At Least They Aren’t Salted” by Mark Allen



Borne out of a need to create something positive while his older son succumbed to cancer, Mark’s cynical sense of humor remained raw and honest. It was during life’s most challenging moments that Mark chose to use his talents to find purpose and inspiration as a way to maintain his own sanity and pay homage to an eight year old’s life well lived and loved.


Image by Mark Allen

Painting by Mark Allen



Life itself doesn’t have to be black and white. Vibrant moments can be experienced if you allow yourself to venture into that world.  Perhaps considered primitive or simplistic, Mark’s use of color and lack of depth are both instinctive and purposeful. The message speaks for itself as you are unwittingly, but willingly, invited into the idyllic images.


"Chicken Soup" by Mark Allen

“Chicken Soup” by Mark Allen

Having started to cartoon over 30 years ago, Mark shared the passion with his son, Jared.  Before succumbing to cancer, Jared drew  a satiric “Toaster Man” cartoon.  During shiva, the time of mourning immediately following death, Mark was appalled at the comments some people shared, in trying to be “comforting.”  Mark shares this life lesson with us.  “Saying “You must be relieved”, is NOT comforting.  Say nothing.  Reminisce.  Say nothing.  Hug us.”  Mark tells The Rickie Report, “That’s how the cartoons started. In black and white. No color.”

Painting by Mark Allen

Painting by Mark Allen

In 1995, Mark began working with Charles Fazzino, Master of 3D Pop Art.  As Fazzino’s techniques influenced Mark, his cartoons began to change. He incorporated more dimension.  Mark and Donna went into the restaurant business to earn a living and left the art world in the shadows.  Actually, Mark left the art in his closet and would steal away minutes of time to work on art pieces, standing in the closet!

Painting by Mark Allen

Painting by Mark Allen

Around 2010, Mark returned to using colored pencils and oil pastels and was ready to retire from the restaurant business. Max Beckman fell in love with Mark’s art and helped reconnect Mark with his inner artist.  Between 2011 -2012, increasing color seeped into Mark’s life. When we spoke recently, he shared, “Now I only see in color and composition. It is pretty much the way I see life. Color and composition is what matters.”

Painting by Mark Allen

Painting by Mark Allen

In 2013, the Allens moved from Arizona to Palm Beach County, FL.  Mark’s recent work is more defined. He is “putting the world back into order, outlining everything.”  His work is currently at the Arts Arena Gallery in Delray Beach and he is already scheduled for two SOLO Exhibitions: December 6, 2015 through January, 2016 (at the Weisman Center) and 40 pieces at the Spanish River Library in June, 2017.  Art patrons will be able to see the evolution of Mark’s artistry, which continues to evolve.

Mark graduated from the High School of Music and Art (NYC) and Hobart College (Bachelor’s in Fine Arts/Geneva, NY) . He was a member of the Students’ Art League (NY) and is now an exhibiting member of the Delray Art League (FL) and Gold Coast Watercolor Society (FL) .

For more information about Mark’s artistry, please contact:




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