Boca Raton Fine Art Shows™ Shares their Passion For Fine Art And Fine Craft At Mizner Amphitheater November 3 & 4

Renowned organizer Hot Works, LLC is bringing two Fine Art and Fine Craft shows to Boca Raton this season, November 3 & 4 at Mizner Park Amphitheater and January 26 & 27, 2019 in Sanborn Square Park, N.E. 1st Avenue and E. Boca Raton Road in downtown Boca. One of the artists whose work will be prominently featured is Marvin ‘Murf’ Murphy of Weston. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks!





Hot Works

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 New Fall Show!



November 3 & 4, 2018 


10 am – 5 pm Each day




Outdoors at Mizner Park Amphitheater

590 Plaza Real         Boca Raton, FL 33432 







For more than three decades, Murphy has been employing a keen sense of color and unique feel for design and form to create dynamic, multi-dimensional geometric abstract paintings that have earned him recognition on an international scale. Murf equates his compositions with cartography. But he’s not interested in mapping out shorelines, islands, continents or seas. He is busy charting the universe and the unifying threads that run through all of nature.


Award of Excellence Goes to Murf Murphy


Toward that end, he has developed a language of colors, lines and geometric forms. But there’s an architectural quality to his abstract works. Some of that inheres in his use of thick layers and impasto applied with brushes, palette and even putty knives. But he confers three-dimensionality on many of his works by combining colored acrylic films with glass that he sets about half an inch from the painted surface of his underlying canvas.






When he was just starting out, Murf had a day job tinting car windows. He quickly discovered that he could piece together scenes on windows, sliding glass doors and storefronts from these colored films in much the same way that Henri Matisse used scissors and colored paper to fashion his renowned posters and other cutouts during the final chapter of his storied career.  “At some point, I began framing them and taking them to art shows and festivals,” Murf recounts. “The process evolved from there.”


“Fire and Ice” by Murf Murphy



Today, he affixes his colored film cutouts to the underside of a plate of clear glass in patterns that augment or contrast with the geometric patterns in the composition beneath the glass. As the beam of a gallery spotlight passes through the glass and film cutouts, it is focused, splintered and refracted to create mesmerizing highlights and shadows on the textured surface of the canvas. Natural, organic light will produce the same effect, although in a more diffuse, subtle manner.






The resulting three-dimensional, tactile quality is a new wrinkle in the 100-year history of the abstract art movement. But there’s more to Murphy’s abstractionism than texture and dimensionality. He also evokes a preoccupation with the building blocks of the natural world and cosmology: light, color and geometrical shapes, particularly rectangles and squares. “Silver Square”, “Yellow Light”, “Green Light”, “Across the Sky”, “New Horizons”, “Golden Moon”  and “Color Source” are the names of just a few of his contemporary constructs. These cues aside, Murf leaves it to his viewers to intuit whether the interplay of light, color, shape and shadow reflect cosmic truths or some cogent commentary on the human condition in modern society denoted, as it is, by the repudiation of fact and science, environmental damage, and impending climatological cataclysm.


“Color Dance” by Murf Murphy





Over the years, Murf has converted some of his more popular compositions into lithographs. Several have been popularized as art show posters and album and magazine covers – including Hot Works award-winning 16th Orchard Lake Fine Art Show held in West Bloomfield, Michigan this past July. A number can be found in the collections of famous jazz musicians and other public figures, including Dave Sanborn, Richard Elliot, Kenny Rankin, Dave Koz and President Bill Clinton.




He has also shared the limelight at environmental, educational and social events with the likes of Pamela Anderson, Bob Barker, Ivana Trump, and former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore.  In 2010, Murf presented his “Earth Island” lithograph to the newly installed Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon. That work was also featured on the PBS “Jim Brickman Beautiful World” special.




Interior scene of Murf Murphy’s Artistry


While the fall show is new this season, the winter Boca Raton Fine Art Show has been voted among the top 100 art shows in America three years running. Institute for Arts & Education is the associated 501( c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to fostering art education among youth, cultural diversity, visual arts and community enrichment. 





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Internationally Artist, “Murf”, Celebrates 30 Years With Howard Alan Events At Downtown Delray Beach Thanksgiving Art Weekend

Marvin “Murf” Murphy is celebrating 30 consecutive years as a participating artist in Howard Alan Events (HAE). Starting with Boca Fest in 1988, the Weston resident was one of a handful of artists outside the Town Center Mall. As the HAE events grew, so did Murf’s reputation and skill. Eventually, he would quit his day job to become a full-time artist while raising four artists of his own. This month, Murf’s daughter Tyler will follow in her father’s footsteps and launch her artistic career during the 18th Annual Downtown Delray Beach Thanksgiving Art Festival on November 25 – 26.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.




18th Annual

Downtown Delray Beach Thanksgiving Weekend Art Festival

Saturday, November 25  &  Sunday, November 26

10 -5  Both Days

Free Admission


Navigation address:   201 E Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, FL




“Fire and Ice” acrylic palette knife and brush painting by Murf




Back in 1988, Murf was a professional window-tint technician, working on both vehicles and commercial buildings. Naturally artistic, he began adding differing tint hues, cut into nautical shapes over the darker or lighter base tints. His tint “scenes” became a hit, and he used this technique to create art deco framed panels, which he would sell on occasion during indoor mall art shows. During the Erte era, Murf’s work quickly became highly sought, with entire yachts festooned with the young tinter’s work. When Howard Alan began producing art shows in South Florida, Murf was one of his first artists. Las Olas Art Fair, Downtown Delray Beach Festival of the Arts – Murf was a mainstay, and his art evolved along with the shows themselves.


Murf Murphy’s Art At A Howard Alan Art Festival




Howard Alan took his art festival shows on the road during the hot summer months, touring Chicago, Ohio, Colorado and others, and Murf and his wife Rhonda toured with him. By 1990, Murf’s work evolved to 3-D creations and he was able to devote himself to his art full-time. That same year he and Rhonda had their first daughter, Alanna. Brittany was born two years later, followed by daughter Tyler in 1995 and Kelsi in 1997. Throughout that time, he and his four daughters were on the road every summer, touring with HAE from one show to the next. The Festivals gave the Murphy family the chance to see the country, meet hundreds of other artists and spend quality time together.


The Artistic and Creative Murphy Family



Murf’s artistic success grew over the decades and many of his designs have been added to the collections of noted musicians and public figures including Richard Elliot, Dav Koz and President Clinton. Murf was invited in 2006 to the U.N. Ambassadors Ball for a special farewell celebration in honor of then U.N. Secretary-General and Nobel Peace Prize winner Kofi Annan. Murf’s original painting “In a Perfect World” was the feature piece for the event. He also presented the new U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon with his “Earth Island” lithograph in 2010, and was thanked by Vice President Al Gore for Murf’s commitment to environmental preservation.




Artwork by Murf Murphy


All of Murf’s four daughters grew up to be talented artists themselves, with different skills in varying mediums. Daughter, Tyler, a gifted photographer and recent UF journalism school graduate, will follow in her father’s footsteps with a booth of her own during the 18th Annual Downtown Delray Beach Thanksgiving Art Festival. While many practice art as a hobby during non-working hours, Murf credits festivals like Howard Alan’s for giving him a lifelong career that not only supported his family, but also nurtured a love and appreciation for the artist life in the next generation.

“City of Roses” by Tyler Murphy


See Murf and his daughter Tyler during the 18th Annual Downtown Delray Beach Thanksgiving Art Festival November 25 – 26 from 10 am to 5 pm both days. Murf will also be participating in the 30th Anniversary Las Olas Art Fair January 6 – 7, 2018.



Visit for more information.





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