Bill Farran Shares Unique Linocuts: A Combined Love Of History, Geography And His Roots

Bill Farran is showing his unique linocut prints at the Nathan D. Rosen Museum Gallery Biennial Juried Art Exhibit (Opening Reception Feb.11), ArtiGras in Jupiter (Feb. 13- 15) and Chabad House in Manalapan (Feb. 21)  After retiring as a history and culinary arts teacher, Bill Farran became a Florida snowbird.  With the guidance of several art teachers he pursued portraits and outdoor landscapes before he rediscovered his love of block prints. He enjoys working backward and in reverse! Combining his art with his love of history, Bill’s versatility shows as his subjects range from Pop Art to social commentary and his Jewish roots. In addition, Bill is an author and an internationally sought-after speaker.  The Rickie Report shares Bill’s story, his upcoming Exhibits and speaking engagements plus some sneak peeks.  Bill’s abundant knowledge, including more of his artwork as well videos, resources and a vast history lesson can be found on his website.  




The   Linocuts   of   Bill   Farran


Meet The Artist:

Nathan D. Rosen Museum Gallery

“Art 2016”  Biennial Juried Art Exhibit

Public Opening Reception:


Thursday, February 11, 2016

4:00 – 6:00 PM:

Exhibit runs through Friday, March 18, 2016

Gallery Hours:  Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Levis JCC Sandler Center
21050 95th Avenue S.     Boca Raton, FL 33428
(located off Glades Road at 95th Avenue S., West of the Florida Turnpike)




ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival


February 13, 14 & 15, 2016

Saturday 10am to 6pm

Sunday 10am to 6pm

Monday 10am to 5pm

Abacoa Town Center in Jupiter, Florida

Central Boulevard between Main Street Circle and Fredrick Small Circle & University Boulevard




Chabad of South Palm Beach


Sunday, February 21

 4-6 PM




Plaza Del Mar  224 S. Ocean Blvd.  

Manalapan, FL 33462

Gallery Show runs February 21st  thru March





“Flowers”, Linocut by Bill Farran



It all started in 1968 with the need for a quick gift. Bill Farran made a woodcut, and framed it. After that, he created a woodcut or linocut each Jewish New Year. His two children were announced to the world via woodcuts. As the years passed and postage increased, Jewish New Year Cards became less frequent.





“Klezmer Singer, Elizabeth Schwartz” by Bill Farran




Bill tells The Rickie Report, “Then in 2011 two things happened. First, I made a Jewish New Card and posted it on Youtube for my friends and family. In the past I incorporated the usual images; apples and honey, views of the Jerusalem skyline, Chassids dancing, men holding the torah or blowing the shofer. In 2012, I made a linocut Jewish New Year Card of the Gvozdetz wooden synagogue (Gwoździec, Poland is now Hvfzdets, Ukraine). It must have been fate”.





Jewish New Year Linocut by Bill Farran



Bill met a group of men in Century Village who were members of the woodcarving club. They were a mixed group, liberals and conservatives, religious Jews and non-religious Jews, Americans and Canadians. “I decided to make a Jewish New Years video, as I would carve and print my linocuts with them each Tuesday morning. I never did make the video. As one thing always leads to another, before I knew it I’d created over 20 Wooden Synagogue linocuts, spent untold hours researching and learning about Eastern European history, had entered shows, and began to speak about “Lost Treasures: Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe”.




“My wooden synagogue series has become a labor of love. It brings together many aspects of myself. My love of history and geography, my love affair with Jewish genealogy, my love of art, and my love of my wife who helps me research and write”.


Bill Farran Novyy Yarychiv linocut

Wooden Synagogue of Novyy Yarychiv, Ukraine by Bill Farran



TRR: Take us through the process of a linocut:



A linocut is a printmaking technique, a variant of woodcut in which a sheet of linoleum (sometimes mounted on a wooden block) is used for the relief surface. A design is cut into the linoleum surface with a sharp knife, V-shaped chisel or gouge, with the raised (uncarved) areas representing a reversal (mirror image) of the parts to show printed. The linoleum sheet is inked with a roller (called a brayer), and then impressed onto paper or fabric. The actual printing can be done by hand or with a press.



The process begins with finding a photo or drawing of a wooden synagogue. They were all destroyed by the end of World War II, and very few images have survived. We research the history of the towns or shetles, to learn about the synagogue, how the people lived and finally how the Jewish presence came to an end. We often become very emotional, but it is my way of not forgetting the past. Then I transfer the image to a linoleum block and carve. I work backwards, only “what I leave behind” prints. The next stage is to make a print from the block. I have to ink the block and place a sheet of acid free paper over it and burnish the image. All my prints are hand printed. Each print is ever so slightly different and I create limited editions.





Bill explains, “My artistic focus and inspiration flow from two sources. First, I love my medium, block printing. The feel of the wood or linoleum under the carving tools transports me to another plain. The process of working backwards and in reverse is an enjoyable challenge. In block printing one has to remove surface, leaving behind the surface that will accept the ink and print. When adding color a second block has to be carved. Hand printing in itself is an art”.




“Second, I love my subject love – the wooden synagogues of Eastern Europe and their importance in Jewish cultural history. Depicting them as linocuts and woodcuts, began with creating a simple Jewish new year’s card has become a journey reinventing my life. Wooden synagogues are gone from Eastern Europe, victims of fire, war, old age and the Holocaust. Through art I try to bring back these wonderful Jewish wooden synagogues, to give us a glimpse of the past”.



BillFarranVITEBSK 96010

City View of Vitebsk, Belarus by Bill Farran



TRR:  How did you get started creating your art work?


I needed a quick last minute gift for my Mom and decided to make a wood cut. I based it on Vincent Van Gogh’s Postman Joseph Roulin. Everyone said it looked like a rabbi, so I used it as a Jewish New Year Card. After that card I made a woodcut or linocut each Jewish New Year.



Prienai,Lithuania by Bill Farran



TRR:  Tell us about your lectures.



I use my Art to educate my audience about Jewish history is Eastern Europe from 900 AD to the present. My goal is to impart that Jews were fairly well off until the Partition of Poland, in 1772-1794.


• Jews in the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania
• The Art of Wooden Synagogues, What motivates the Artist
• The Jews under the rule of the Tsars
• Rise and Fall of the Shtetl
• Yom Ha Shoah
• Kristallnacht




Lost Souls of the Ghetto by Bill Farran



TRR: We understand that you have lectured internationally and in the US.



I love the art and the knowledge that I acquired, and I have a passion to share them with people.My next lecture will be on February 21, 2016 at Chabad of South Palm Beach.

Most recently:

• November, 2015 92nd Street Y, New York, NY “The Jews under the rule of the Tzars”
• August, 2015 Neptune Towers Co-op, Long Beach NY “Rise and Fall of the Shtetl”
• August 2015 92nd Street Y, New York, NY “Rise and Fall of the Shtetl”
• April, 2015 Temple Beth Shalom, Melville NY: “Yom Ha Shoah Commemoration”
• April, 2015 Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center, “Yom Ha Shoah Commemoration”
• March, 2015 Jewish Genealogy Society of Palm Beach; Florida
• September 2014 Temple Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek,Chester, CT “Jews in the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania”
• January 13, 2014 Na’amat Movement Of Working Woman And Volunteers, Valencia Lakes, Boynton Beach, Florida “Jews in the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania”
• August, 2014 International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) 33rd International Conference on Jewish Genealogy; Boston MA “Jews in the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania”
• July, 2014 Tomek Wisniewski’s Studio Of Film, Sound and Photography, Michalowo Poland. “A Day of Jewish Culture. Jews in the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania”.
• November, 2014 Long Beach. NY Public Library “Kristallnacht‎”
• March, 2013 Jewish Genealogical Society of Long Island; NY “Jews in the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania”
• March, 2013 Adolph And Rose Levis JCC, Boca Raton, Florida “Jews in the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania”
• January 2013 Century Village Art Club, Boca Raton, Florida “The Art of the Wooden Synagogue”




“Sugar” by Bill Farran



TRR:  Where have you exhibited your Art?


ArtiGras is my first professional Exhibition, as I am now a full-time artist.  Previously my work has been seen at:  Huntington Arts Council, “Artie Techie Show”, Huntington NY July, 2015; Huntington Arts Council “Don’t Eat This” Art Show  Huntington NY May, 2015;  Ocean Ridge Coastal Artist Exhibition, Ocean Ridge, FL March 2015;  Temple Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek Gallery, Chester, CT August-October 2014;  Anti-Defamation League of Palm Beach; Florida Artworks: “Justice, Advocacy & Art” November 14, 2013;  The Opera and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Podlasie-European Centre for the Arts, Bialystok, Poland August 19 – September 20. 2014; The Studio of Film, Sound and Photography, Michalowo, Poland July 7, 2014-August 7, 2014;  Arts Arena Gallery, Delray Beach, Florida January 2013 and the Public Library, Long Beach NY October-November 2012.




Bill continues to write for various newsletters, including the most recent “The Towns of Our Ancestors”.  He is available for small groups, synagogues, organizations, museums and special events.




TRR: What sustains your creative energy?


I’m always learning and discovering new things about both block printing and Jewish history.



TRR:  What challenges you face as an emerging artist and what would you share with other emerging artists?


It’s a challenge to find a balance between creating and marketing.  Keep working and promoting yourself!



For more information please contact:







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How Print Masters Florida Can Take Your Art Career to the Next Level

How many artists have wondered about selling photographic reproductions of their original artwork?  Art lovers and artists in-the-know are familiar with the professional ethic of Chris Guglielmo – we all call him “Gug” (pronounced “goog”).  In addition to his own gallery of award-winning underwater photography, he is offering expert photographic reproduction capability to other artists.  The Rickie Report shares some of the images from his artist-customers.  We urge you to give Gug a call!

Taking Your Art Career to the Next Level

“Selling art can be a challenging but rewarding career.  At Print Masters Florida we are here to help you take your art career to the next level.  We are experts in photographic reproductions and offer a service and level of expertise that no one else can provide”, says Chris Gug.
He explains, “We will take your original works and photograph them, making them into a digitized file that can be used to create reproductions.  We use the highest quality full frame professional camera to photograph your artwork.  We have a large studio in Fort Lauderdale where you can see our proven results”. 
Close-up of Original

Close-up of Original

Gug Underwater’s Print Masters Florida also offer printing services.  They use a professional Epson printer with archival inks, papers and glosses.  “Our printer is a large format printer and can reproduce your images up to 60 inches wide with unlimited length”, Gallery Manager, Suzanne Bushnell explains.  
Close up of Original Work

Close up of Original Work

GUG5ForRickieReport (2)
Their prices are reasonable and the turnaround time is usually within 5 days.  The Gallery is open Tuesday through Friday  11:00 am – 7:00 pm.  Saturday  11:00 am – 5:00 pm.  Closed Sunday and Monday.  More than just a showroom, the Gug Underwater Gallery is a custom design center.  Please call to schedule a time when you can come in & sit down with a sales rep to discuss the sizes and finishing options.


The Gug Underwater Gallery is located at  1519 E. Commercial Blvd.  Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

To set up a photo shoot of your work or get pricing for printing please call Suzanne at 954-579-8096.  



Suzanne Bushnell
Gallery Manager
  1519 E. Commercial Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334 – USA
Gallery: 954-579-8096

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Whitespace Collection at Art Palm Beach Brings Innovative and Pivotal Art and Decor to the Public

Whitespace Collection brings innovative and significant artists to their Booth 718 at Art Palm Beach!  Emma Fineman, their Featured Artist, will be in attendance.  In addition, Whitespace will be representing  a small limited group of decidedly important international artists.  Elayne and Marvin Mordes’ Sunday Brunch is not to be missed, so make your reservation NOW! Lisa Rockford, curator of Outside the Box 2 (April 4 and 5) will be at the breakfast on Sunday to talk about the upcoming project. The Rickie Report shares more details and a sneak peek of some of the noteworthy  wearable art and home decor pieces in this article.






W h i t e S p a c e


is pleased to announce
our participation at


Art  Palm  Beach 2014


BOOTH #718



Thursday, January 23 –  Monday, January 27  –  2014


Featured Artist

fineman 0

Emma Fineman

Meet the Artist at our booth #718




Meet our International Jewelry Artists from Holland

Annemieke Broenink and Ineke Otte

Booth #718



annemieke 13



ineke otte-grass necklace






annemieke 6

W h i t e P a c k a g e



uli rapp 1

a_iras blouses 089




trina trygrett 3





f--k Globe




Three dimensional jewelry from famous international artists in strict exclusive editions.
Each piece obtains a value directly proportional to the power of the artistic expression and the aesthetic, symbolic and cultural message conveyed by each artist.

Pol Bury, Melotti, Adami, Yoko Ono and others…






angela O'Keefe 2












Special Opening Times At WhiteSpace Collection


                                                      complimentary viewing of  

Optic Edge

                    courtesy of

                                                 Art Palm Beach

Saturday, January 25  11 am – 3 pm

Sunday, January 26      9:30 am  – 12 noon

Complimentary light breakfast courtesy of Art Palm Beach

Meet Lisa Rockford – curator for Outside the Box 2
Meet Artist Emma Fineman
Meet Artist Karla Walter

No admission charge – courtesy of Art Palm Beach



The Mordes Collection
2805 N. Australian Avenue    West Palm Beach, Florida 33407
T: 561.842.4131     F: 561.842.4132

photos courtesy of Jacek Gancarz
proceeds benefitting the Arts and Art Education through Community Foundation



Elayne Mordes, ASID AAA
Whitespace Art Adventures
2805 N. Australian Avenue
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407
T:561.842.4131   F:561.842.4132


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Using Your Art Images for Lower Cost Gifts

The Rickie Report receives numerous emails and phone calls from readers asking a variety of questions. We’ve invited Caren Hackman, author of “Graphic Design Exposed”, to be a guest columnist to answer some of them.  Today’s topic is how to use your original images to create lower cost gifts.



Using Your Images to Create Lower Cost Items



Question:     I am an artist.  I’d like to give a personal gift that shows my work without giving away a high cost original. I’d also like to offer lower cost gift items, with my art images, that can be purchase during the holiday season.


Caren Hackman's "Water Lillies"

Caren Hackman’s “Water Lillies”



Every holiday season I print notecards and package them for friends, family, and clients. The cards offer me an opportunity to share a favorite image with others.




Deborah Bigeleisen ( an artist who creates large scale paintings on canvas and Nina Fusco, ( an artist who creates three dimensional sculptures with paper, shared their methods for offering artwork as gifts.



Deborah Bigeleisen's "Magic"

Deborah Bigeleisen’s “Magic”



Several years ago Deborah Bigeleisen began sharing her work printed on note-cards, using a fine linen stock with matching envelopes, and elegantly packaged. In addition, Bigeleisen offers archival pigment prints on museum quality paper in sizes up to 13” x 19” priced from $25 to $95. Because her original paintings are large, ranging from 40” x 40” to triptychs that easily exceed 80” wide, and are priced from the mid-$7000s to the mid-$20,000s, the prints and cards are a terrific way to own Deborah’s work at fabulous prices.


Nina Fusco explained, “To make my work more affordable, I started photographing it and making notecards. Original work such as “Reach” which is 38” x 26”, sells for $1,000. Signed 5” x 7” cards with deckle edge envelope in a cello bag sell for $5.00 at crafts shows. I never knew what designs would be popular that day. I decided that I didn’t  want to be a card printer and carry inventory. A fellow artist and great painter, Betty Laur, introduced me to This is a wonderful venue for artists to upload their artwork and have it printed on notecards, t-shirts, hats, bags, magnets, and even stamps. Zazzle does most of the work to get my artwork out to the public, giving me more time to create.”




Nina Fusco's "Reach"

Nina Fusco’s “Reach”

At no charge to the artist, Zazzle maintains the artists’ stores, takes the orders, and ships the product. All of the products can be personalized by the purchaser. The artists get a small percentage, 10-15% is common. Online vendors such as Shutterfly ( and Zazzle are expanding the possibilities for artist. My research turned up many online vendors that will create gifts with art images, however Zazzle was the only one that operated robust marketplace for artist.



As artists, we should ask ourselves if the quality of the gift item is compares favorably with the original.  Each artist must decide if it is preferable to order the items ourselves to gift or sell, or if we prefer to have an online vendor handle the the store for us.



Please send your questions, no more than 250 words to:




Caren Hackman is a graphic designer and fine artist living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. and author of  a book about Graphic Design and Good Business practice.  Be sure to check out Caren’s wonderful artwork –  Caren is a talented artist in her own right!  She is a founding member of the Artists of Palm Beach County.


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Steve Blackwood Creates “Timeless” Memories

 Steve Blackwood’s clocks offer a special insight into his fertile and creative mind.  The Rickie Report loves that his work is functional, nostalgic and artistic all at the same time!  His creations are based on memories and a fascination with science fiction.  What he brings to us is unique objects, where “time” has more meaning than just the hands on the clock.  Steve’s studio is located in Artists Alley in Delray Beach.  Don’t miss December 19th’s Open Studios and a chance to buy one of Steve’s limited edition clocks in his Collector Series!  More details are in this article.


Steve Blackwood



Artists Alley




Thursday, December 19, 2013


6 – 9 pm




Steve Blackwood recently opened his own working studio within Artists’ Alley.  He also shows his work at Cacace Fine Art, a few steps away.  Artists’ Alley Studios and Galleries are open Saturdays 12:00 – 5:00 pm, but the best time to visit is the third Thursday of each month, when everyone is open. Be there on December 19 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. You can wander in and out of small and large spaces, speak with the artists and gain some insight into their amazing work. 




Steve is eager to talk about the parts of objects which he has combined with other objects and created the most whimsical time pieces ever imagined. A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, he has melded his passion for artistry with his long-time fascination with mechanics. His earlier clocks include a highly polished metal and neon with sleek contemporary designs which were featured in Niche Magazine. Collectors from around the world seek Steve out because his clocks are just unique!


Cowboy Steve

Cowboy Steve



Steve’s work is shown at galleries around the country, but Delray Beach is “home”.   His pieces are in the permanent collections of the Art Institute of Chicago and the U.S. Art and Embassies Collection and private collections.


"My First Rocket"

“My First Rocket”



Steve’s new work is the largest and perhaps most thought provoking yet. At 123 inches tall,  his time machine titled “My First Rocket” is overwhelming when you first see it. 



NASA Steve

NASA Steve


“At the age of five I was introduced to rocket ships at a NASA display. I was hooked on space travel and the adventures that I would have. My cowboy suit was now set aside for space travels…”My First Rocket” is a piece that represents the amazing adventures and travels I had as a boy, come to life. A machine that has a thousand stories to tell”, Steve shares with us.


Another view of "My First Rocket"

Another view of “My First Rocket”



“A thick 600 volt power cord drives two propellers; a travel gear spins a warp drive forward and reverse in time and wings unfold to guide the journey. At the top lives the moon which of course is made of cheese!”, he explains.   (A 1905 patent plate and lucky #47 cow tag is incorporated for rocket licensing purposes).





“My Americana clock pays tribute to the things I saw growing up as a kid like a barber shop, baby carriage parts, tractor stuff on the farm lands of  Midwestern DeKalb, IL. Stuff you just don’t see anymore….My work keeps getting bigger. I love this scale. When I was a kid everything around me was so big.  I just love building machines that makes people smile and remember their fond journeys in life”, he says.



"Time Travel" and "Flash"

“Time Travel” and “Flash”



Steve has created paper cut out clocks for the Holiday season from two of his most popular clocks: “Time Traveler” and “Flash”. They are a limited, signed edition of 50 and he will be producing different ones throughout the year as part of a Collectable Series.   They are available at Blackwood studio/gallery and at Cacace Fine Art where Steve’s large clocks can be seen.  Both galleries are in Artists Alley.



To contact Steve Blackwood: (561) 542-1311.   Or contact Cacace Fine Art (561) 276-1177.


ARTISTS ALLEY is an independent group of accomplished artists collaborating to establish a grass roots working colony with a vibrant marketplace for “Art created in Delray Beach”. This exciting new, warehouse arts area is in the Pineapple Grove Arts District in downtown Delray Beach. Check out the website-

LOCATION – The alley runs north and south between NE 3rd and 4th Streets, east of 3rd Avenue and west of the RR tracks.

EASY DIRECTIONS – From Atlantic Ave. go north on Federal Hwy., go west on NE 4th St., cross the RR tracks, go 80 feet and make a left into Artists Alley. Make your second or third left into the warehouses. You can print a map at

FREE PARKING – in the city lot on NE 3rd Avenue just south of NE 4th St. This is the best parking for our events. It’s a well lit parking lot a half a block away.



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Premiere of John Bowen’s Illustrations and Book

John Bowen, a nationally known watercolorist who resides in South Florida, has compiled his drawings and experiences as an illustrator for the U.S. Air Force in Vietnam.  The Rickie Report is proud to announce the availability of John’s book, “Eleven Months and Nineteen Days”.  Information about a special discount is in this article.  


John Bowen


“Eleven Months and Nineteen Days”


Eleven Months & Nineteen Days.CVRb.04.25.13

John Bowen’s book shares his experiences, some poignant as well as personal views and his illustrations during his deployment to Vietnam.   Since leaving the service,  John has worked as an advertising artist for the Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel.  He recently retired from the Sentinel in 2009 and has been working on this book for over 15 years, on and off.   It is finally ready to be published!  The Rickie Report is pleased to highlight John’s accomplishment, especially as we observe Memorial Day.


John commanded the Base Graphics Shop on a Sac Base in Texas.  Two years later, he received his orders to run a Headquarters Graphics Shop for the 834th Air Division, at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in South Vietnam.   
He tells us, ‘I spent many hours in the field and back at my duty section painting and drawing, documenting airlift operations for the Air Force.  This book is my story as an Air force Illustrator in Vietnam documenting the Airlift Delivery of troops and supplies for the allies during 1968. The book is enhanced with 43 drawings to put the reader there.”
Supplying The Troops
Many of John’s drawings are displayed at the U.S.A.F. Academy in Colorado.  John is a Signature Member of the Goldcoast Watercolor Society and the Florida Watercolor Society. His works have been showcased in national publications and displayed in public venues, museums and galleries.

In The Field
John will have a book signing and presentation at  The Well Read Bookstore, located at 1338 S.E. 17th Street, in Ft. Lauderdale.  In addition,  limited editions of his artwork will be available.  Please call  954 467-8878 for date and time.  

A special  “Pre-Print Sale” of John’s book is available for $22.99 plus $3.00 shipping.   Send your check to:  John Bowen, 450 N.W. 87th Road, #201, Plantation, Florida 33324.

John is available to speak to local organizations about his book and his experiences. Call  954 370-2061  or email   or visit


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