Bailey Contemporary Arts Presents Sculptural Works Of Claire Satin Through February 26. Pompano Beach Cultural Center Features Lori Arbel And Ya La’Ford In March. Public Is Welcome To These Free Exhibits

Art lovers take note!  Bailey Contemporary Arts (BaCA) presents Large Scale Constructions” by  Claire Satin, featuring an overview of the internationally acclaimed artist’s large sculptural works. Satin has had an extensive exhibition and collections history in the U.S. and Europe and is known for her use of a vast range of different materials, mediums and environments to create  notion-challenging artwork (on view until February 26). The Pompano Beach Cultural Center announces two new exhibitions:  Thought Patterns”, by artist Lori Arbel, whose work captivates audiences with intricate layers of ink, paint and other markings applied with numerous mediums on canvas (on view through March 31); and Vantage Point” by Ya La’ford, which features a selection of imposing, welded-steel geometric installations, along with several illustrative works on canvas (on view through April 2).  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  










   P  R  E  S  E  N  T  S:




“Large   Scale   Constructions”

by Claire Satin



Bailey Contemporary Arts


41 NE 1st Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33060



The exhibition will be on view until February 26





“Kanji Rods, Rose” by Claire Satin




Bailey Contemporary Arts (BaCA) is proud to present “Large Scale Constructions” by Claire Satin, featuring an overview of the internationally acclaimed artist’s large sculptural works primarily from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Satin has had an extensive exhibition and collections history in the U.S. and Europe and is known for her use of a vast range of different materials, mediums and environments to create  notion-challenging artwork. 


“You don’t want to miss this exhibition,” said Phyllis Korab, Cultural Affairs Director. “Claire Satin is an internationally exhibited and collected artist, and we are extremely excited to provide this showcase of her talent which features her conceptual large-scale sculptures in paper, wood, metal and ink.”  Satin’s work concentrates on the exploration of different mediums breaking the boundaries of traditional sculptures. These art pieces and constructions explore the connection between minimalistic forms while retaining a human connection.


Some of the works have been influenced by the artist’s association with her friend and mentor, the composer John Cage (1912-1992) and his concept of indeterminacy and chance operations. The artworks from 1980s and 1990s went through several phases, as they were constantly evolving in form, medium, and their level of minimalism and abstraction.



“Kanji Rods, Gray” by Claire Satin



Claire Jeanine Satin is a book artist, sculptor and designer of public art installations with a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and an MFA from Pratt Institute. Her work has been extensively exhibited in the United States and in Europe. She has been a facilitator for the arts in Broward County Florida for many years and is the recipient of many awards and grants including the Louis Comfort Tiffany Grant for Sculpture, an award nomination from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, two Florida Individual Artists Fellowships, a Karl Vogelstein Grant, a Ruth Cheven Foundation Grant, a Richard A. Florsheim Art Fund Grant, a $15,000 Florida Cultural Consortium Grant, and a Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture Grant.



Her works are in the current collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; the Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA; the Museum of Modern Art, New York City; the American Centers in New Delhi and Bombay, India; the Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archives of Concrete and Visual Poetry; and the Library of Congress Rare Books Collection among others.  Claire Jeanine Satin is a South Florida-based artist notable for her book works, sculpture and public art works. She invents new shapes for books, pushing to define the look of a page, the role of words, and how people see them.




Thought Patterns” by Lori Arbel




“Vantage Point” by Ya La’ford



Arbel’s work will be on view until March 31.

 La’ford’s work will be on view until April 2. 




Pompano Beach Cultural Center


50 W Atlantic Blvd.   Pompano Beach, FL  33060




The Pompano Beach Cultural Center is proud to announce its newest exhibitions, “Thought Patterns”, by artist Lori Arbel, whose work captivates audiences with intricate layers of ink, paint and other markings applied with numerous mediums on canvas. And “Vantage Point” by Ya La’ford. which features a selection of imposing, welded-steel geometric installations, along with several illustrative works on canvas.


“Lori is a remarkable talent who employs a dramatic way of creating her art,” said Phyllis Korab, Cultural Affairs Director. “She doesn’t use an easel, but instead she lays the surface on the table of her studio, constantly moving around it, working from each side and angle until the artwork is complete. Creating in this manner allows her the freedom to engage in the piece in its entirety and not from just one perspective.”



“Love Triangle” by Lori Arbel



Understanding her signature style is especially important for this exhibition, as her works explore the inner psyche including the monotonous tasks of everyday life.  Using marks and a reduced, neutral palette, the artist delves into thought patterns to question how we connect, respond, and make our mark on the world. Arbel embraces emotional introspection for content; creative expression as dialogue.  Pen and ink lines, handmade paper and geometric shapes allow her to express depth, texture and pattern that result in visually energetic and meditative renderings. The imperfections of the handmade paper and pops of gold illustrate metaphor, transforming sometimes negative energy into something beautiful.





Artwork by Ya La’Ford


As an installation artist, La’ford is best known for her signature use of wall-to-wall recurring geometric patterns including her highly regarded infusion of hypnotizing LED luminaries. For this exhibition, she will activate the gallery in an all-encompassing fashion, from floor to ceiling, allowing guests to travel through the exhibition by following the lines and intersections in a way that creates meaning for them. 


“Ya La’ford’s work challenges viewers to see the patterns and cycles in nature,” said Phyllis Korab, Cultural Affairs Director. “This exhibition becomes a symbolic map of the universe created from her vision which she invites us to explore.”


La’ford’s work finds serenity through interconnecting lines, which to her represents a metaphorical journey to communicate humanity’s unseen experiences echoed through diverse but shared accounts. Through La’ford’s work, she finds interest in the role geometry plays in the physical experience and material worlds while the synchronicity of the universe is determined by certain mathematical constants which express themselves in the form of patterns and cycles in nature.




About the City of Pompano Beach Cultural Affairs Department:

The mission of the Cultural Affairs Department is to provide cultural programming that includes visual arts, digital media, music, film, theater, dance, and public art for the enjoyment and enrichment of residents and visitors to Pompano Beach, Broward County, and the greater South Florida area. The department programs and manages the City’s premiere cultural arts venues including the Pompano Beach Cultural Center, Historic Ali Cultural Arts, Bailey Contemporary Arts, Pompano Beach Amphitheater, and the Blanche Ely House. The department also oversees the City’s Public Art Program and the prestigious National Endowment for the Arts’ Our Town grant awarded to the Pompano Beach Crossroads place-making arts initiative.




For more information visit, or call 954-545-7800.

Pompano Beach Cultural Center is located at  50 W Atlantic Blvd.   Pompano Beach, FL  33060


Bailey Contemporary Arts is located at 41 NE 1st Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33060




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Whitespace Collection Call To Artists For “Outside The Box3”

Esteemed collector Elayne Mordes is gearing up for the next installment of “outside the box” artworks, in a biennial of outdoor, site-specific art. “OUTSIDE THE BOX 3” is the third biennial to be hosted at the perfectly situated scenic waterfront site of her enviable collection, Whitespace, in Palm Beach. The Rickie Report shares the application for this Call For Entries here and a review of “OUTSIDE THE BOX2” (2014). 


Whitespace Collection

Seeking Artists for


Outdoor Art Installation Biennial

Whitespace–The Mordes Collection

Send inquiries to:
Lisa Rockford,

Whitespace – The Mordes Collection

2805 N. Australian Avenue  West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

T: 561.842.4131


Martin Casuso, Best In Show, OUTSIDE THE BOX2, 2014

Martin Casuso, Best In Show, OUTSIDE THE BOX2, 2014



$1000 in prizes

Application Deadline: November 1, 2015

Exhibition Dates:

Friday & Saturday, April 1 – 2, 2016   8-11 pm


OUTSIDE THE BOX3, curated by Lisa Rockford, will be the third biennial exhibition of outdoor, site-specific art in Palm Beach County, FL. This unique and alternative format, situated on the grounds of the  prestigious Whitespace – The Mordes Collection, is seeking 35 innovative contemporary artists to create site-specific installations that interact with the landscape & outdoor environment. Whitespace is located at 2805 N. Australian Avenue in West Palm Beach. 





This temporary outdoor art happening will take place April 1 & 2, 2016, as part of the season’s closing festivities of Whitespace.  The distinctive and alternative format of the exhibit asks artists to propose temporary work, suitable for outdoors that will respond creatively to the site, or be interactive in nature.  The installations should interact with the unique landscape & outdoor environment, ranging from large-scale sculptures, interactive installations, inflatables, video art, performances, and more.





Lisa Rockford, an exhibiting artist and Professor at Broward College, has worked with over 100 artists from South Florida and beyond.  She has curate many Contemporary  group exhibitions, including “The Triumph of Detritus, Humoritorium: The Art Of Whimsy”, and “Appropriated gender” among others. Lisa Rockford was named a “Rising Star”in Gold Coast Magazine’s 2014 article, “40 under 40” for her community building art events.


Cat Del Buono's "Swimming Upstream" OUTSIDE THE BOX2, 2014

Cat Del Buono’s “Swimming Upstream” OUTSIDE THE BOX2, 2014


One of the most talked about works of OUTSIDE THE BOX2, 2014 was a video installation by Cat Del Buono, titled “Swimming Upstream”.  Many onlookers did not realize that they weren’t looking at a real pool of water in the ground.  Video art by Cat Del Buono will be featured in Whitespace’s next annual exhibit which will open in November, 2015. Please visit for up-to-date seasonal programming.





Prizes total $1000, including $500 Best in Show, $300 Second Place, and $200 Third place.
Prize Jury Panel: Lisa Rockford – Curator Outside the Box 3, Marisa J. Pascucci – Curator of 20th Centruy & Contemporary Art- Boca Museum of Art, Bryan D. Walsh – Gallery Director DTR Modern Galleries, John J. McGurk – Independent Curator NYC.


Open call for proposals from artists in proximity to South Florida working in installation art, sculpture/mixed media, inflatables, video art, new media, sound, and performance. The curator will give preference to installations that include interactive and/or multi-sensory elements, and incorporate or adapt well to the site. Installations should incorporate a light source and have visual impact/high aesthetic appeal.

The Site

Whitespace, The Mordes Collection is located on a lake waterfront with a sand beach, and features a landscape with a long stretch of grass, elements of bushes and trees and a building with concrete walls and a wrap around tarmac. To get a better visual, please view images from the 2014 OUTSIDE THE BOX2 exhibit here: or


Factors to consider:

  • All exhibition spaces are outside and will be presented in the twilight hours. Artists should incorporate lighting as part of the presentation. (This will be discussed/finalized during the site visit).
  • All installations must be site specific and proposals must consider nature’s unpredictable elements. Artists must have a storm/rain plan. Any artwork in the water must be anchored.
  • Selected artists will be given the space that is best suited for their proposal, and artists will be given the opportunity to visit the site and view their allotted area at least 4 months prior to installation.
  • The exhibition committee comprised of Directors of Whitespace, Elayne and Marvin Mordes, and Curator; Lisa Rockford will make all exhibition selections. If necessary, in some cases the exhibition committee may suggest or request adaptations to the methods or materials proposed.

    Important Dates

  • Proposals will not be accepted after November 1, 2015.
  • Selected Artists will be notified by November 29, 2015.
  • Selected artists must be available for the following dates:

o Site Visit: Artists are required to view their assigned space on December 11 or 12, 2015.

o Installation Dates: March 31, 2016 (5 pm – 10 pm) or April 1, 2016 (8 am – 4 pm)

Earlier installation may be possible upon request if the setup requires more than 8 hours of installation time.

o De-Installation: Saturday, April 2 , 2016 (after exhibition closing) and/or Sunday April 3, 2016 by 1:00 p.m.


Submission Instructions

All application materials should be sent by Email to Lisa Rockford at Include the following in ONE Email:

  1. Signed, Completed Artist Application Form (below), (Take a photo or a scan of it and attach to email).
  2. Curriculum Vitae or Artist Resume/Bio
  3. Documentation of previous artwork, and/or website link where more artwork can be viewed. 5 or more images should be in .jpg, .png, .tiff, or .pdf format and at least 500k. Maximum 20 mb Total can be sent in one email.
     Images should be titled:FirstName-LastName_Artwork-Title_1.jpg,FirstName-LastName_Artwork-Title_2.jpg,etc.
     Videoart,documentationofperformances,orsoundfilesshouldbesentviawebsitelinks.
  4. Sketch of proposed installation: Please provide a detailed drawing/sketch, or digital mockup of the work you are proposing to create for the exhibit. If you want to exhibit pre-existing works, specify which images represent the work to be shown, and a description or sketch of how you propose to show the work in this exhibit.
    Proposal Images should be titled: FirstName-LastName _Sketch_1.jpg, FirstName-LastName _ProposedArtwork_1.jpg, etc.
  5. In body of the email, add a Typed proposal/ detailed description of the concept. Include the following:
    • Explain the specific type of space needed or preferred: In water, on sand, on Grass, in bushes, hanging from tree, on asphalt driveway, projected on blank wall, etc.
    • Explain the approximate size of the area needed (height, width, depth, etc).
    • Give detailed installation plans including the specific materials you intend to use, and description of installation methods to be used. Note: All installations must be temporary. NO use of nails, screws etc. may be used.
    • Explain how lighting will be incorporated into the installation. Solar lights are recommended if lighting is not incorporated into the piece.
    • Explain if your work is weatherproof, or your plan if it storms or rains.
    • Discuss how the viewer will interact with the work.
      Note: Artists may submit more than one proposal for consideration.
  6. Note in the email how payment was made. Applications will not be considered without payment of the jury fee. $30.00 required payment for the first proposal through PayPal or by mailed Check. Add $5.00 more for each additional installation proposal. Send PayPal payment to
    You will need to have an existing PayPal account or sign up for a free account at mail check/money order to Lisa Rockford, 661 NW 16th St, Pompano Beach, FL 33060


The OUTSIDE THE BOX2 biennial event in 2014 featured installations by 37 artists from throughout Florida, attracted hundreds of art enthusiasts and was covered extensively in local media.




For more information about Whitespace Collection please contact:

Elayne Mordes, ASID AAA

Whitespace Art Adventures

2805 N. Australian Avenue West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

T:561.842.4131 F:561.842.4132 E:

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