PEEPS® Winners and May Events in Lake Worth

Over 67,000 ballots were used at Clay Glass Metal Stone Cooperative Gallery to vote for the enormous 2014 PEEPS® display!  The Rickie Report will share a few of the most popular ones in this article.  In addition, there a MANY events, classes, sales and workshops that you’ll need to mark in your calendars.  Get ready for May in Downtown Lake Worth and take a Springtime ramble through this Little Village by the Sea!



Salt and PEEPER

“Salt and PEEPER” by Suz Easely




 PEEPS® Retrospective/Winners


Springtime Ramble in Lake Worth




Mayor Pam T awards First Place for PEEPS Show,2014

Mayor Pam Triolo awards First Place for PEEPS Show,2014  (“Blessings” by Sid Walesh)


On the Friday of the opening of the Peeps® Show, Lake Worth Mayor, Pam Triolo, awarded first prize to Sid Walesh for his triptych, “Blessings.”  Second and fifth places went to Suz Easley for “Yearly Peep Smear,” and “Salt and Peeper.”  Third place was awarded to Lake Worth High School for “Star S’mores,” and fourth place was awarded to Bonnie Brunner for “Peep Zilla.”  


Lake Worth High School's entry, "Star Smores"

Lake Worth High School’s entry, “Star Smores”


You can see them all of the entries at as well as in our Facebook albums  (Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery on Facebook.)  Clever, funny, and we bet you can’t wait for next year already!




With your help, Lake Worth is rapidly becoming the epicenter of South Florida’s Great Arts Renaissance. This month, you are invited to directly contribute to this.  On May 6, The Community Foundation and United Way are hosting the Great Give.  This is one day of giving, on line, to hundreds of non-profits throughout Palm Beach and Martin Counties.



Joyce's ad FLAT




On May 6th, Lake Worth, Flamingo Clay Studio, Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery is participating in the Great Give.  Enter  all gifts must be made by credit or debit card on or or by calling 1-844-GIVE-DAY (1-844-448-3329).  Minimum Donation is $10.00.   Go to and contribute $10-$10,000. Every donation FCS receives will be multiplied with bonus dollars from the Community Foundation and a National Pool.  The funds raised by Flamingo Clay Studio will be used to train students from Lake Worth High School’s Arts Department in the building and installation of ceramic, mosaic walls in  Lake Worth’s most blighted neighborhoods.  The funds will also be used for scholarships for economically challenged senior citizen artists, to build a huge, community accessible kiln complex and to continue construction on the regions largest 3-D artists studios for glass blowing, large metals foundry, clay, ceramic, fused glass and small metals studios.  This project, once fully funded and complete, is expected to become an international arts destination.  If you miss the May 6th Great Give, you can still contribute to this non-profit artists’ project.  On website, you may make a tax-deductible contribution through PayPal.



ModSquad (The Merchants of Downtown Lake Worth) have many fine art gallery members for you to visit during the month of May.  All exhibits are constantly changing. Make the month of May your Art Tour Month through the Historic Village of Lake Worth.





Start your tour on the 600 block of Lucerne and visit the Lake Worth Arts League, South Florida’s oldest arts association.  Their beautiful gallery is filled with paintings and photography. Head west to the MaryAnne and Bruce Webber Galleries, located on the 700 block of Lucerne the longest established galleries and framing establishments in Lake Worth.  Make a left hand turn on J street and walk two blocks to 15 South J Street, The Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery, Palm Beach County’s first non-profit 3-D artist cooperative.  Head back to the 800 block of Lake Avenue for the Robert Pardo (Artefacts) Gallery featuring the works of Laura Anne Jacobs.  Travel east to ShoeStrings Gallery located in Palm Beach Interiors.




LWAL Logo 3

There are many other little galleries located in the nooks and crannies of the town. Take a day to explore and delight in the art that fills this town. Don’t miss the gallery inside the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County (601 Lake Avenue) and see two SOLO exhibitions, Ray P. Neubert and Leora Klaymer Stewart (look at previous Rickie Reports for more details).  Then walk across the street and visit Artisans on the Ave. (630 Lake Avenue).





Fine Art and fine craftsmanship are found in many shops throughout the town. At Lake Worth Jewelers, 615 Lake Avenue, master designer and jeweler, Richard Fahnoe, is creating one of a kind jewelry with gold and diamonds. After one piece is cast, the mold is destroyed. Lake Worth Jewelers has been in downtown Lake Worth for thirty-two years. Their hours are 9-5, Monday-Saturday.




Brogue’s Down Under, 621 Lake Avenue, has learned the formula for packing in crowds for dinner and a show.  With their elegant and newly windowed back restaurant, diners can come in for a fine meal and to enjoy their Thursday evening (5-8PM) Rod Stewart Tribute Band.  Watch for additional evenings with addition tribute groups to spring up on a regular basis.







Lake Worth now welcomes exciting new Street Performers to town beginning in May.  FlowSource has found a new home in Lake Worth. Every First and Third Friday in May for Lake Worth’s Evenings on the Avenues,  FlowSource will be presenting a flowing team of powerful, creative, and joyful individuals dedicating their lives to what they love to do best. These artists are excited to share many forms of performance arts.  They will mesmerize, captivate, and amaze you. You will laugh and join in the fun.  Come see: Live painting and portraits by Zipporah SkyWalker, Spoken Word/Poetry acapella and musical accompaniment by Casandra Tenenbaum, Brian Ritter, and Emily Andari.  Poi, Staff, and Hula Hoop performances by Patrick Kiebzak, Jeremiah Collins, Blair Welcome, and Cassandra Tenenbaum. Watch as these performers, especially as they use LED and fire props! They inspire community connection through playful interactions and create a showcase spectacle in Downtown Lake Worth that links the community with performers, artists, and merchants.



The Lake Worth Playhouse and the Stonzek Movie Theater are the finest antiques Lake Worth has to offer.  The buildings are architectural gems, well worth the visit.  Sitting inside the theater brings you back 100 years.  Within the beautiful surroundings of this glorious theater, you can experience wonderful and affordable productions.  The Stonzek Movie Theater shows independent and rare films seen nowhere else in the county.





The alliterive Second Saturday Sidewalk Sale (May 10th) in Lake Worth is always filled with Big Bargains and a ThirdEye Adventure.  The Second Saturday Sidewalk sales fill the downtown streets with treasures.  Long cherished, Bees Knees, has lost its lease in Lake Worth and is looking for a new site. You Bees Knees addicts can find their extrodinary and affordable treasures every Second Saturday on the parking lot of CGMS Gallery, 15 South J Street.  This is Lake Worth’s example of neighbor helping neighbor.  The best way to get the Bees Knees up an running again is to come downtown and make sure you buy out their parking lot sale. raises money for local charities. This month’s adventure is “Back to Boston,” a bar crawl and tap takeover. This adventure will feature an 80’s Costume Contest with food, fun, music & prizes.





Stop by McMow Art Glass located at 701 North Dixie Hwy. to see their workshop, supply area for all things “glass” and their studios.  Classes and workshops are available year round!







Friday, May 16, Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery (15 South J Street) celebrates its 5th Anniversary in downtown Lake Worth. The party starts at 6PM.  Some of Palm Beach’s best performers come out to celebrate this anniversary. In keeping with Gallery Anniversary Tradition, Butterflies will be handed out to the first 100 visitors.  Champaign and cake will be served.



Metal Clay Classes for Charity: Ruth Ekiert of Trinkets and Treasures teaches regular classes in metal clay and resins to raise funds for a local non-profit.  Metal Clays can be worked with to make jewelry and art objects.  Once fired in a kiln, the clay burns out and you are left with silver, copper or brass.  (Most classes in the area cost $140 plus materials for a four hour class).  Ruth charges $75 including materials. Groups are welcome.  Classes are set up at your convenience. Six person minimum.


The Merchants of Downtown is a group that meets weekly to make Downtown Lake Worth a welcoming destination for neighbors and visitors alike.  The MOD Squad, as they fondly refer to themselves, organizes block by block bringing activity, unity and camaraderie to the Downtown corridor.  For additional information contact .





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An Open Letter to All Clay Artists

The Rickie Report is pleased to share this Open Letter to All Clay Artists.  Palm Beach County is a major gem in the crown of Florida’s crown of culture and arts.  The first building has been acquired to house the basic needs for 30-40 working artists.  Join in this pioneer effort to be part of  the largest community of working artists in the region.  More information is in this article.





Flamingo Clay Studio,Inc.

15 South J Street

Lake Worth Fl 33460




Dear Friends:

Several weeks ago many of you received a letter announcing the formation of a full facility cooperative ceramic studio that will be opening in Lake Worth this year.  We just signed the lease on the building and have begun putting together one of the most exciting projects for ceramic artists in the region. Our facility will house most of the studio space, electric kilns, glaze rooms and finishing facilities any clay artist could wish for, and for an affordable monthly price. We will have our first gas kiln outside our building.  We will be housed right next door to the Benzaitan Foundation who will be operating a large metals foundry and glass blowing facility.  We will be building our full kiln complex on their site that will include gas reduction, Raku, salt/soda and wood kilns.



Flamingo Clay Studio is the non-profit that runs the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery in downtown Lake Worth.  Our mission is “To provide affordable studio and gallery space for 3-D artists.”  This studio is the first of many that will become part of a large campus of studio spaces for our artists.



This first building that we are acquiring will house the basic needs for 30-40 working artists. When you join us at this juncture you will be the pioneers of what we expect to be the largest community of working artists in the region.  Because we initially have room for only 30-40 artists, if you are to be a part of this project, we should know immediately.



We have started with a $10,000 donation from the Benzaitan Foundation. This allowed us to pay our first month’s rent and security as well as the fees needed to gain the keys to the building.  We will have to raise fees for architectural services that will give us the drawings we need to pull permits to bring us up to code. I am working on grants as well as a list of possible donors who support the arts and want to make this project a reality.



The monthly dues for membership in this project are $150 a month with a four hour a week work commitment.  For those who are “Snow Birds” and for those who cannot fulfill a work commitment, the dues will be $250 a month.  The work commitments will include studio clean-ups, glaze mixing, kiln firings and all things that make a studio run smoothly.  These co-op work commitments keep our monthly fees low and are what an artist would do anyway to keep a studio going.




We are asking the first 30 of you to pay your first three months in advance.  When the studio is operable you will be given an extra month for free.  (4 months for three months dues.) For those paying $150 a months this will mean a $450 payment.  For those paying $250 a month this will mean a $750 payment. This will allow us to start the work. Make you checks payable to: Flamingo Clay Studio and mail them to 15 South J Street, Lake Worth FL 33460.



Our initial rent is paid, and we will be given six months free rent (we will be paying the owner’s insurance and building taxes during this period) to get the bathrooms compliant to ADA standards, put in the a/c and set up the studio for those of you who want to come in and work as soon as possible. Once the building is up to code, you will be able to work.  Construction will be done in stages to allow us to raise the money for each phase.



Up until the time the studio opens, those of you who want to come and build tables and set up work and finishing areas would be welcome to join us.  Remember, we are the pioneers building this wonderful new studio together. This studio that we are opening would allow you the space and the finishing abilities through the kilns and glaze rooms and equipment you might not be able to afford on your own.



Joanne Berkow, founder of the Benzaitan project, and I would love to meet with all of you who have any questions about what we are all doing and where we are all going.  This complex we are collaborating on is so unique that to be on the ground floor will be exciting as well as historic.



I cannot close without adding this: The building that we are renting is one that we would like to own.  We are looking for a donor to purchase this building for the non-profit for both a tax credit and for naming rights.  Owning the building would allow us to put all of our resources into making this the finest studio around.  Once we have accomplished that goal, we will grow our studio space into another building and then yet another. If you know of any such person or foundation, please let me know.


Please contact me as soon as possible. We will be setting up a large meeting in the near future.  I will be happy to meet with any or all of you privately who have any questions and who want to join this co-op.



Joyce Brown



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