Date Correction: Kling Gallery, Wine & Decor Announces Katie Gianni, Guest Artist for October. Everyone Is Invited To Opening Reception Thursday, October 4th

Kling Gallery, Wine & Decor announces Katie Gianni, as their Guest Artist for October. The public is invited to an Opening Reception on Thursday, October 4th.  Her artwork will be on view through October 31st.  Katie’s eye-catching, ornate artwork is created using various types of ink and acrylics on textured paper. Each is adorned with metallic gold, silver or copper ink in intricate patterns.  Her work was featured at the A.E. Backus Museum’s Best of the best 2017, which is quite an accomplishment for an emerging artist!  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  In addition to wall art, browse the hand made furniture, home accessories, and the wine bar!




723 Colorado Plaza  Stuart, FL 34994

Colorado Plaza on the corner of Colorado and Kindred






Original Paintings

Napa- Style Tasting Room

Custom Furniture 

Home Decor


“Tropical Fish” by Katie Gianni



Opening Reception:


5 – 7 PM  

Exhibit runs through October 31st





Katie Gianni




Katie Gianni tells The Rickie Report, ” I developed a passion for ink and printing while studying lithography and wood block in college. I graduated from Stockton University of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts and Printmaking. After moving to the Treasure Coast in 2015, I found myself without a printing press and in an artistic rut. I began painting with India ink to mimic linocut prints, and incorporated metallics to embellish the subjects shape and details such as feathers, scales, feet and facial features.



“The Hand That Feeds” by Katie Gianni



Katie is an emerging artist residing in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Her eye-catching, ornate artworks are created using a multitude of inks and acrylics on textured paper. Inspired by aboriginal and art nouveau styles, each painting is adorned with metallic gold, copper and/or silver ink, with intricate patterns in white ink. Her work focuses on local and exotic wildlife – including birds, reptiles, insects, fish and other ocean-dwellers; however, other subjects include furniture/home decor items, abstract portraits and repeat patterns. 



“Spoonbill In Marsh” by Katie Gianni


Last year, Katie was thrilled to have her painting, “Sandhill Cranes in Moonlight”, featured in the A.E. Backus Museum’s Best of the Best 2017 show in Fort Pierce, Florida. Her artwork will be showing at Kling Gallery Wine & Décor from October 3 – 31.  For more information on Katie Gianni, visit her website at:


“Whale In A Seascape Egg” by Katie Gianni







Kling Gallery, Wine & Décor

723 Colorado Plaza   Stuart, FL34994


Colorado Plaza on the corner of Colorado and Kindred






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Plantation Art Guild Features Workshop With Lois Perdue, “Create BIG Art From Small Abstracts”

The Plantation Art Guild is offering a workshop with Lois Perdue, “Create BIG Art from Small Abstracts” on Friday, October 20th. This class will be an adventure to learn how to easily create abstract paintings beginning with a mini format! For those who have already taken Lois’ popular abstract workshops before and want to further explore abstract design, “go bigger”, experiment with a variety of mediums and/or recycle their unresolved abstract paintings, this workshop is for you!  Beyond abstract paintings, participants will learn new texturing techniques and how to use glazes and layers of paint to create dimension.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.











(RSVP by October 15th)

9:30 am –  4:00 pm

301 NW 46TH AVE.     PLANTATION, FL 33317



Lois Perdue tells The Rickie Report, “This class will be an adventure for those wishing to learn how to easily create abstract paintings beginning with a mini format! And, for those who have already taken my abstract workshops before and want to further explore abstract design, “go bigger”, experiment with a variety of mediums and/or recycle their unresolved abstract paintings, this workshop is for you”!

Participants will be provided with sources of inspiration to “kick start” their learning process and have an opportunity to create at least ½ dozen mini abstract paintings.

But this class isn’t just about abstract paintings:

*It is about learning new texturing techniques
*It is about building layers of glazes and paints to create dimension
*And it is about how to use your own failed paintings as collage to make your paintings sizzle!


“Colorado” by Lois Perdue




Lois discovered that the technique of painting “smaller formats” has given her greater control over her painting.  This has led to her receiving awards and recognition in national, state and local competitions with her larger format works.  Although Lois paints on watercolor paper, canvas and wood panel, she prefers the magic of a plastic paper called Yupo.  It has a slick surface unlike watercolor paper and when it meets water media, colors virtually explode. She begins all her under first layers with watercolor paints, powdered watercolor pigments, watercolor inks, glazes and markings to establish a foundation and then proceeds to acrylic paints and acrylic inks, charcoal and pen for mark making, oil pastels and, of course, collage! Each of her finished paintings may have 10, 15 or more layers, all each having been “set” with varnish to hold the colors. To see some of her paintings, please visit her website at:


“30 Day Challenge” by Lois Perdue


Lois has lived in South Florida her entire life and teaches abstract workshops upon request throughout the area.  She is very active in the art community and is a member of Plantation, Weston, Broward and Coral Springs Art Guilds, Florida Watercolor Society, International Society of Experimental Artists, XII Voices, an informal group of 12 professional water media artists who meet monthly to exchange current art information and offer critiques and evaluations from their peers. She is also first vice president and program chair of the Fort Lauderdale Branch of the National League of American Pen Women, an organization comprised of artists,
writers and composers!





For cost of workshop and further information please visit:

Lois can be reached at


The Plantation Art Guild is a small, but very active arts organization founded in 1973 and incorporated in 1986 as a non-profit. PAG, which currently has 102 members, offers workshops, four juried shows with cash awards and monthly meetings. A guest artist demonstrates different techniques at the monthly meetings which are held throughout the season that runs from September to May. PAG also holds regularly scheduled paint-ins.

Since its beginning, Plantation Art Guild has endeavored to award one or more scholarships annually to students who are residents of Plantation or attend a Plantation high school and plan to continue their education in Fine Arts.


PAG’s goal is to promote and support artistic and creative endeavors in an exceptionally congenial environment. Visitors are welcome to come to a meeting or a paint-in. For more information and schedules, visit PAG’s website at: The first meeting of the season will be held at Deicke Auditorium, 5701 Cypress Rd., Plantation, 33317 on Saturday, September 23rd from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. 




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Al Rojas’ Artistic Path Generates Abstract Imagery With Figurative Human Images

Alvaro (Al) Rojas, born in Colombia S.A., moved with his family at the age of ten to Astoria, Queens N.Y.  He attended Jacksonville University and Florida International University (FIU), including art classes. At FIU, where he graduated with a Bachelor in Engineering, a class on art critique set Al on a 40 year path to develop his art and techniques. Groups of geometric and figurative forms on abstract backgrounds or cityscapes are the main theme of Al’s works. His goal is for viewers to see an interesting color combination, a new line or form and to have their imaginations stimulated. The Rickie Report is pleased to share an interview with this innovative creator and some of his award-winning images.



Art for Al has been a way to take time out of the corporate world and has been a source of reflection and tranquility. His art provides a different perspective for his daily activities were he can explore his inner thoughts and organize his life’s direction.


AlrojasAbsinthe Drinker


“Absinthe Drinker” by Al Rojas


TRR: How did you begin creating your artwork?


I’ve been drawing from childhood, imitating an uncle who liked drawing, but it wasn’t until college where I attended a couple of art classes and began to seriously paint. One class in particular was about art critique and it set me off on an exploratory path for the following 40 years that eventually lead to the works that I create today.



AlRojasYellow Panel

“Yellow Panel” by Al Rojas



TRR: What inspired you at that time?



I believe it was the teacher who challenged me to question what it was I was doing and search for my own art identity.




AlrojasIntaglios copy

“Intaglios” by Al Rojas




TRR: What inspires you now?


I was influenced by a number of 20th century movements, primarily cubism and sub-realism; these periods in art have shaped my imagery. Abstract expressionism and other later movements have influenced the process of my works, giving me the freedom to experiment with a limited number of materials to create compositions seen by my mind’s eye.



My main source of inspiration have been my life’s experiences, growing up Colombia and Queens N.Y., my schooling, and working and traveling throughout the Americas during my corporate career, come to be incorporated and manifested in my art. I still continue to search and understand what it is that I do and why I do it; this search is what inspires me the most.




“Silent Morning” by Al Rojas




TRR: Tell us about your life story.


After a couple of art classes in college, I dedicated myself to getting an Engineering degree and later a Masters degree. For the past 40 years my engineering and business career was my primary driver and focus… creating 2D works was a secondary activity that helped me escape the pressure of work, especially in the last ten years.  One aspect of my working life that did help my artistic work was the large amount of traveling all over Latin America, US and Canada that I did. These experiences provided a great deal of visual stimulus and long periods of time to develop ideas that I used during the time I had for painting.

AlRojasLosing my religion

“Losing My Religion” by Al Rojas 





TRR  Did you try other mediums?


I have concentrated on using acrylics, because they provide the results that work best with the process I have developed..they complement the process very well and with a few tools, some pencils, some use of ink and watercolors provide the best combination of mediums I can find. I originally tried oil painting, followed by ink and water colors. It was the watercolors and an exploration of the medium that led to acrylics.



“Windows” by Al Rojas







TRR: What led you to your current style?


I am interested in creating images and form without any pre-conception of the outcome. The works are process-oriented and I let the intermediate results guide me to a finished work. I start by floating various liquid mediums, such as ink, acrylic ink, watercolors and acrylics in water on a vertical pane of glass, manipulating the effects and adding (drawing or painting) or removing (scratching / ripping) areas of the work in process. I primarily use an eye dropper to place the liquid mediums on the glass trying to be as controlled as possible to create areas that can be used to build space, images, buildings or figures. If the medium gets out of control, I scratch/etch it to make lines and forms, eventually developing a complete composition.



 The composition develops from floating the acrylic ink and letting time and gravity start the creative process. As the “puddles” dry, I can visualize what the next step is and take it step by step bringing out line, figure(s), background / foreground and space.  Once I finish the wet process, I cover the results with a clear acrylic medium. Once the acrylic medium dries, I cut it up into additional shapes, paint over it and lift it from the glass for further painting on the back side prior to mounting it on a Plexiglas panel or paper.




My works attempt to balance the abstract with the representational, colorful at times with geometric forms to assist in putting order to the composition. Due to what seems as a chaotic process, I tend to produce primarily abstract imagery, but as I control the process, I have been able to produce representational/figurative images, primarily human figures.


AlRojasGalactic Cemetary

“Galactic Cemetery” by Al Rojas



TRR: Have you seen your style change over the years? What has influenced any changes?



Yes, from very abstract works that looked like early satellite imagery with little to no composition, I have moved to a more controlled results that have better composition and balance. I strongly feel the need to control the results of a very chaotic process, in order to show that the finished work was done with a good deal of conscientious effort and not just a total random result…that the work has an intellect behind it and not just something that looks pretty.



“Ace, King, Queen” by Al Rojas





TRR:  What advice do you give to an emerging artist?



Works of art are not a slam dunk, just because you have a good technique or ease of hand and skill. You have to work at it to try to understand what it is you are trying to achieve and why.



AlRojasShaman Pointing the Way

“Shaman Pointing The Way” by Al Rojas




TRR: What is most challenging as an artist?



After completing a work that takes me to a new point/level, starting a new one is the most challenging. The “what now” or “what next” question can really be difficult to overcome and get going again.



AlRojasPixelating Sky

“Pixelating Sky” by Al Rojas





TRR: Where can people find your work?


I hope people will visit Art On Park Gallery, visit the website, my Facebook Page and contact me.


Email Al Rojas:


Website link –!al-rojas/c20za

Facebook link –


General Overview of Exhibitions:

City of Palm Beach Gardens – GardensArt Exhibit – Spring 2006 Juried Art Exhibition
Boca Raton Museum of Art, Artist’ Guild – 2006 Winter Open Juried Art Exhibition
Boca Raton Museum of Art, Artist’ Guild – 2007 Summer Open Juried Art Exhibition
ArtAvox Spring, 2007, 2008, 2009
Boynton Beach Art in Public Places – Carolyn Sims Center, Summer 2008
Boca Raton Sugar Sand, Art in Public Places – Winter 2008, Juried Art Exhibition
Armory Art Center, Inc. Hispanic Heritage Exhibition February, 2009
City of Palm Beach Gardens – GardensArt Exhibit Spring 2010 Juried Art Exhibition
Lighthouse for the Arts – Multiple Sins Summer 2010 Juried Art Exhibition
Continuum West Palm Beach – 2016 and 2014, Juried Art Exhibition
Art on Park Gallery – numerous exhibits 2012 – 2016



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Lori Axelrod’s “No Boundaries – Experimenting With Color And Shape” One Woman Show At Artisans On The Ave

Artisans On The Ave Gallery has one of the largest selection of community-based artists that work in a variety of disciplines and mediums in Palm Beach County. Artisans On The Ave is featuring Lori Axelrod, one of those talented artists,who has found her creative spirit and voice through polymer clay.  Lori’s experiments with polymer and other mixed media form special combinations you will never see again.  Her jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind.  Celebrate and learn more about this amazing art medium at this One Woman Show on Saturday, November 21st.  The Free Opening Reception starts at 6:00 pm with refreshments.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some peeks at Lori’s creations here.  This is a great opportunity to remove some of the misconceptions about polymer clay and highlight the wonders of working with this medium!







Artisans On The Ave
630 Lake Avenue  Lake Worth, FL 33460
561-762-8162    561-582-3300


You Are Invited:






“No Boundaries”-

Experimenting with color and


Opening Reception:

Saturday, November 21, 2015

6:00 – 9:00 PM

Free And Open To The Public

Gallery Hours:

Open 7 days a week

Monday thru Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm




Artisans On The Ave Gallery has one of the largest selection of local artists that work in a variety of disciplines and mediums located in Palm Beach County.  Lori Axelrod is one of our 40 talented artists who has found her creative spirit and voice through polymer clay.



LoriAxelrodflower red and yellow triple 3

“Creative Spirit” Hand made polymer clay flowers 

by Lori Axelrod

As Lori expresses, “I love exploring new color palettes, and I hope that others will experience the same delight that I get when they see my work!  It is my connection with color and pattern that drew me to polymer clay as the perfect medium for my creative outlet. It is the intensely saturated colors and the details that I can achieve with polymer clay, combined with the wonderful tactile experience of the clay that has me hooked”.




LoriAxelrodgraphic multi color pins - necklace

“Creative Spirit” Polymer Clay Pins with Necklace Converter

by Lori Axelrod




Lori’s polymer clay canes are created by combining custom made colors and shaping them into sheets or rods of clay to make patterns or images. When the cane is sliced, the image or pattern reveals a pleasant surprise!





Lightweight “Squiggle necklaces” by Lori Axelrod





Lori started to experiment with all of the mixed media products and incorporated the polymer clay with the mixed media.  There are no boundaries or limits to what additional items you choose to incorporate into the polymer clay to tell your story.




Multi-color polymer clay bracelets by Lori Axelrod




Lori tells us, ” I use the polymer clay flowers and fiber as my focal point which adds the dreamy iridescence near the center of the flowers. I then layer with gauze, gelato pens, acrylic paint, stamped images, pigment ink, embossing powder and additional mixed media. I’m always challenging myself and experimenting with new techniques and styles. Polymer Clay has allowed me to find the creative spirit within. My drive to create is fierce and strong as I passionately put my heart into all of the art I create”.



LoriAxelrodflower red grow where you are planted 3

“Grow Where You Are Planted” Mixed Media with

Polymer Clay and Fiber by Lori Axelrod





Lori is a member of the International Polymer Clay Association and the
Southeast Florida Polymer Clay Guild.

To see more of Lori Axelrod’s artistry please visit:

or email




Lori Axelrod will be giving workshops in the art and technique of polymer clay at The Craft Gallery. 

For workshop information please call Betty Wilson at 561-762-8162


For more information about being part of Artisans On The Ave, please contact
Betty Wilson or Linda Manganaro





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