“Keep Art Alive” St.Lucie Cultural Alliance Transcends Counties, Cities Or Countries. Real Resources, New Art Activities Are Available

The newest edition of “Keep Art Alive” from the St.Lucie Cultural Alliance transcends counties, cities or countries.  Anyone can use this information to continue to bring culture to their lives, as we make our way into a new world.  Learn new art techniques, find financial forums for help, discover new art resources, enjoy art activities for adults and children.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some photos here.  We are proud to be a Media Sponsor of this organization.















With school remaining closed, and summer coming with must of us still in quarantine, what is a better way to keep the family entertained than a creative art project?! Recycled art is an inexpensive and fun way to explore creativity. Plus, we all know, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Let’s recycle and pile up on inexpensive art supplies right from home.

In this edition of “Keep Art Alive”, we will learn recycled art tips and tricks, and how to get creative on a low budget or no budget.






Found any treasures around the house? Let your imagination run wild! Create the most eye-opening recycled artwork and let us see it on social media using hashtags #artstlucie #stayhome #withartstlucie #keepartalive #jointhemovement #recycledart, and tag us, @artstlucie . We will repost it on all our digital platforms, including our website. 1. 2. 3. Treasure hunt





We will continue to use our platform as a hub to bring free resources, opportunities and financial relief information to you during the adversities of COVID-19.

Resources are updated weekly          Get the latest updates







We would also like to extend a private invitation to you to join our exclusive Facebook group, Join the Movement, created for our members, partners and friends. There, feel free to lead discussions about the arts, including sharing, teaching, learning, asking questions, providing feedback, making suggestions, and getting and sharing resources. Have you visited our online marketplace? Start a discussion about one of your favorite pieces in the Facebook group.

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For more information:


St. Lucie Cultural Alliance

2300 Virginia Ave     Fort Pierce, FL 34982-5632






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Neil Capozzi Speaks About News, Tools And Resources For Artists Beyond Paint, Paper And Supplies. Staying Safe From An Artist Scam And What To Do If It Happens

Scammers take advantage of emotions when approaching their victims. Visual artists are just as vulnerable as other scam victims. Art scammers play on your emotions and your desire/need to make a living from your art. Now that galleries, art shows, and art exhibits are closed due to the Covid19 outbreak, we are more vulnerable than ever!  We all know internet art scams exist, but sometimes it’s easy to forget about the warning signs with the excitement of a potential sale.  The Rickie Report speaks with Neil Capozzi, owner of Stuart Art Supply & Artists’ Nook Studio about the latest scams exploiting visual artists, how to avoid being a victim, and what you can do if you’ve been victimized.






Stuart Art Supply  & Artists’ Nook Studio

43 SE Kindred Street  Stuart, FL 34990














TRR:   Tell us some of the aspects of an artist scam


People figuring out how to exploit striving artists is nothing new, but technology and changing market structures have opened up some new ways to do it.  While I don’t subscribe to the notion that all artists are “struggling” or “starving”, these are creative people who are at their most vulnerable when approached for a “big sale”.


As a small business owner, I’ve experienced many unusual events throughout the years and one instance seems to be recurring. This is a good time to remind those in the creative sector to be careful with their online presence. If you get an offer to purchase something you sell, be attentive. Sometimes if an offer is too good to be true then it most likely leads you into a trap.


I was recently contacted by a client/artist (we’ll refer to as “A”) who is a novice in the online art world. Like so many, she posts her images on the web on various social media sites and her own website. “A” mentioned that she was contacted from her website by someone who was interested in purchasing some art as a gift for her husband. Since this was a cold contact via a website that doesn’t offer online sales, I was immediately suspect!


I asked “A” where she was in the transaction and she said they’d agreed on a price and the method of payment, shipping and how to compensate the shipper. I instantly suggested she not do anything else.  Understandably, she became nervous and we agreed that she would no longer make any attempts to move the process forward. The buyer continued to email “A” and praised the work she saw on her website. “A” called me, and we talked some more, and we decided to play along. The buyer would not give her address or her telephone number. The excuse was that this was a gift and that she uses a local company to ship the order anyway so there was no need for her to provide the information to the artist. The only contact was via email.


“A” was contacted via email by the buyer with updated payment information. The buyer said she issued a bank draft and gave”A” the UPS tracking number. “Wow, the buyer still seemed serious”, “A” thought!  “What should I do?” I told her to wait until the check arrived. The check arrived a day later. “A” was tense – “what do I do now?”. The amount on the check was $2500 and this amount was well above the agreed upon purchase amount. The buyer’s instructions were to pack the purchase and she would send her shipper to pick up the items and send them to her, the shipper would collect the balance of the $2500 check in cash.


I told “A” to call the bank on the check and asked if there were sufficient funds. When she did, the bank told her that the check was drawn on a fake account. So, if my client proceeded with the transaction, she would have been out the art and the cash she gave the shipper. It’s an old scam and it continues to catch people off guard. Remember, if you get an offer that is to good to be true it usually is!




TRR:  Preying on the vulnerability of an artist, whose ego is what is on the canvas, in a sculpture, or part of any visual art is appalling.  This is not the first time I have heard about this, which is why we want to share some specific information to avoid being scammed.  What are the “red flags”?









1. Impersonal Stories

The “buyer” uses a story to hook you about their wife liking your work or wanting art for a new home, but it sounds stunted and impersonal. A big tip off is that they do not even address you by name, but simply start with “Hello”. This way they can send the same email to thousands of artists.

2. A Foreign Emailer

The “buyer”usually claims to live in another country — far from where you live — to make sure the art has to be shipped. This is all part of their dastardly plan.

3. A Sense of Urgency

The “buyer” claims they need your art quickly. That way the art will be shipped before you find out the check or credit card details are fraudulent.

4. A Fishy Request

The “buyer” requests your personal information, including back accounts

The request doesn’t add up. For instance, the “buyer” wants to buy three pieces and asks for prices and dimensions, but doesn’t include the pieces’ names. Or, they want to purchase a piece that is marked as sold on your website. It will reek of suspicious activity.

5. Poor Language/ Spelling and Phrasing Errors

The email is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors and doesn’t flow as a normal email should.

6. Strange Spacing

The email is oddly spaced. This means the weasel carelessly copied and pasted the same message to thousands of artists, hoping some will fall for the scam.

7. A Cashier’s Check Request

 The “buyer” suggests non-traditional payment transactions or sending money to a third party.

The “buyer” insists that they can only pay by cashier’s check. These checks will be fake and you could be blamed when your bank discovers the fraud. However, by the time this happens the scammer will have already received your art.

8. Outside Shipping Wanted

They want to use their own shipper–which is usually a fake shipping company that is in on the scam. They often say they are moving and will have their moving company pick up your artwork.

9.  Be Cautious of “Relay Calls”

People with hearing or speech difficulties legitimately use relay calls. Scammers may also use this communication service to contact you.  Do Not Accept relay calls unless you know the person using this service.  Scammers often use a “third party” who “works” for a communications company.  Often, an “overage amount” is involved.  Hang up!






Remember that a scam email might not have all of these signs, but go with your gut.


Scammers can be clever.


Stick with the old adage: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”







TRR:   If you are scammed, What can you do?



Being scammed or even experiencing an unsuccessful attempt can feel incredibly frustrating and insulting. It’s normal to want to somehow “get back” at the scammer. Some people satisfy this urge by engaging with the scammer in order to “waste their time”, but honestly this is just a waste of your own valuable time. Your best response is to ignore it and move on, or possibly submit a complaint to the FTC using the link below.


TRR:    As AARP.org reminds us, “It’s about emotion, not logic!”  Read the fine print of everything you sign!  If your eyes glaze over, it’s time to consider asking for legal help.  As I say in my art-marketing seminars…”do you know how to fix a car engine?  No?  So, you decide to bring it to someone who does. Then, why are you hesitating to get legal advice?”


A new scam trending upon the internet is the false premise of an online gallery.

Recently, one of InLiquid’s members received a scam. It was a “call for submissions” to a now-non-existent business called Faburry Gallery, supposedly located in Philadelphia. With a rather vague and platitudinous description of their mission, they have asked artists for submissions via email, also asking for a small fee of $5 per submission. Yes, it’s a small price, any independent contractor could eat up the loss, however it gives way to an entirely new scam-frontier: identity theft. Although we would typically suggest to deal art locally, this only further raises our eyebrows on what is considered safe. While eager to have one’s art visible on a national scale, this style of enticement couldn’t be more of a bait-and-switch. 

So to all our hard working artists out there, our only suggestion is to always be aware. Most scams come in patterns and, quite often, are too good to be true. As an organization dedicated to the promotion of artists, we will do our best to always keep you posted. 


This sickening strategy allows them to either steal your original works, money, or both. It’s crucial to know the signs and how to protect yourself, so you can continue to benefit from legitimate online opportunities. And, continue to sell your art to a whole new audience of interested, REAL buyers.





Here are some helpful websites with information on frauds and scams.  Stay a step ahead of scammers and keep yourself updated with the latest information on scams and tips to help prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

Art Advocate and colleague, Carolyn Edlund, from ArtsyShark tells us, “I have seen this exact scam, but it doesn’t even need to be a payment for an art sale. I got one from a weird address at Paypal billing me for a domain name (which I do own) but for three times the price! I didn’t bite, but contacted Paypal and they asked me to forward it to spoof@paypal.com. One of my clients got something similar, simply telling her there was an issue with her account and that she should log in through a link. Paypal must address these problems, because surely there are a ton of people, including artists, getting ripped off”.   Again, when in doubt, contact Paypal!  For more information, contact Carolyn@ArtsyShark.com or visit www.ArtsyShark.com


Read this article from Agora Gallery:   https://www.agora-gallery.com

          (Look under “For Artists”  and then  “Artist Advice Blog”)

Read Kathleen McMahon’s Art Scam blog:  www.kathleenmcmahon.com

Federal Trade Commission – Scam Alerts



The Federal Trade Commission’s Scam Alerts page keeps consumers up to date on recent scam alerts with what to know and do about scams in the news.


Federal Bureau of Investigation – Common Fraud Schemes

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has developed their Common Fraud Schemes website to inform you on the most common scams that the FBI investigates and tips to help prevent you from becoming a victim.


USA.gov – Consumer Frauds and Scams

The USA.gov Consumer Frauds and scams website hosts information and tips on how to avoid scams and fraud with a special section dedicated to current scams to be aware of.


Better Business Bureau – Scam Stopper

The Better Business Bureau’s Scam Stopper website has information on scams including top scams, the science of scams, who gets scammed and report a scam.


For more information about art supplies, art classes, or the opportunity to conduct art classes:



Check Out The Classes/Workshops  Here:


Stuart Art Supply  & Artists’ Nook Studio

43 SE Kindred Street  Stuart, FL 34990








For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

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Enhance Your Artistic Side With Workshops In Pompano Beach: February 22, March 28, April 18, May 16 Plus Ongoing Events

The Pompano Beach Cultural Affairs Department is offering an assortment of artistic workshops so you can explore and enhance your creative side. Classes in a variety of art forms for students ages 16 and up are available. The fees include all supplies. The Rickie Report shares the details about Paper Mache Bowls (February 22), Acrylic Painting Techniques (March 28), Pen and Ink Illustration (April 18), and Mixed Media Project (May 16).  There are monthly ongoing events in Pompano  some of which are free.  We share that info here.  Sign up now to reserve your spot!






   P  R  E  S  E  N  T  S:








Bailey Contemporary Arts


41 NE 1st Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33060



Paper Mache Bowls

February 22     Noon – 4 pm  

 $25 Includes all supplies







This workshop will show the basics of Paper Mache. Give old magazines, junk mail, and other unwanted papers a new lease on life & turn them into beautiful bowls of different shapes and sizes. Transform simple materials into functional works of art.





Acrylic Painting Techniques

March 28    Noon – 4 pm

 $25  Includes all Supplies


Enjoy a workshop of acrylic painting to freely convey emotions with use color, texture, and surface. Personal interpretations of different emotions will be explored. Learn new acrylic painting techniques, color combinations, and application techniques. Multiple surfaces will be explored.




Pen & Ink Illustration

April 18     Noon – 4 pm

 $25  Includes all Supplies

Learn techniques to combine drawing and painting in exciting ways. Explore the thrill of combining ink and water to produce intriguing translucent images. The workshop will demonstrate how to make and techniques on how to use ink wash along with sketch pen techniques to create texture. Participants will combine ink wash & pen to create a complete Pen & Ink Illustration. Work from your own or supplied photos.





Mixed Media Project

May 16        11 am- 3 pm

$25  Includes all supplies








Creating art with multiple/unlimited materials: dry media, wet media, collage, fabric, random objects, anything goes… Use a mixture of materials of your choice in this workshop; learn multi media tips and techniques with color, texture, and a variety of surfaces. Explore the endless possibilities of mixed media art.



Recurring Workshops




Lunch with Art – the Visual Arts Edition
Wednesdays  12:15 pm ~ FREE

Bailey Contemporary Arts Center

Nourish your creative side with a break from the break room! Bring your lunch and enjoy at tables set up in the galleries. Various art projects each week. Class is limited to 20 students.



Lunch with Art: Poetry Edition
1st Thursdays  12:15 pm  ~ FREE

Pompano Beach Cultural Center

On the first Thursday of each month, take a break from your day, bring your lunch and unleash your creativity. As you eat, enjoy a unique cultural experience that turns us all into poets. Each month, create, listen or watch different poems designed to spark the artist in you. Each workshop encourages you to step out of the mundane and explore your potential and escape from the daily stresses of life while remembering how beauty can be found in even the simplest of words. Guests are invited to bring their lunch, and a friend and come create a memorable piece of art. Free Wi-Fi available and light refreshments will be available.




Lunch with Art: The Lecture Series
Every 2nd Thursday   12:15 – 1:15 pm ~  FREE

Blanche Ely House Museum

Join our Curatorial Consultant Derek T. Davis as he guides you into the world of the Ely Family while you are enjoying your lunch! As you eat, experience a unique cultural experience that teaches Pompano Beach history and focuses on the people who made a difference in the community. Get inspired by this monthly event that will features unique informational lectures that unlock a piece of the past that may change the future. Guests are invited to bring their lunch, and a friend.







Lunch with Art: Music Edition
3rd Tuesdays   12:15 pm  ~ Free

Ali Cultural Arts Center

Take a break from your day, bring your lunch and let music soothe your soul! These informative and relaxing sessions will introduce you to various forms of music, followed by a group discussion. Each melody becomes an escape from the daily stresses of life and reminds us how music is a universal language that we can all understand. Guests are invited to bring their lunch and a friend. Light refreshments are available.




Creative Workshops
3rd Saturdays  11 am –1 pm  $5 includes supplies

Blanche Ely House Museum

Explore your artistic side and build new friendships! Every month, our instructors will introduce guests to an exciting art form providing both introductory and intermediate techniques that will enhance your skills. Learn how exciting becoming a creative can be!





Andrea Huffman:

Fiber artist Andrea Huffman received a Master’s degree in Art Education from Florida International University and taught art in Broward Public Schools for over 30 years. She has exhibited her art throughout Florida and nationally, receiving numerous awards and recognitions, including several grants and a Residency at the prestigious Hermitage Artist Retreat in Englewood, Florida. Although Ms. Huffman has retired from teaching in the public school system, she continues to share her passion for art teaching classes and workshops in fiber art and mixed media at various art venues and guilds throughout Florida.

Kimberly Maxwell:

Instructor Kimberley Maxwell was born in Canada and resides in South Florida. She earned her MFA at Florida Atlantic University and was awarded the 2004 South Florida Cultural Consortium Visual and Media Artist Fellowship.





Pompano Beach Cultural Center

50 W Atlantic Blvd Pompano Beach, FL 33060 954-545-7800 • ccpompano.org


Bailey Contemporary Arts Center

41 NE 1 Street Pompano Beach, FL 33060 954-786-7879 • baileyarts.org

Ali Cultural Arts Center

353 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard Pompano Beach, FL 33060 954-786-7877 • aliarts.org

Blanche Ely House Museum

1500 NW 6 Avenue Pompano Beach, FL 33060 954-786-7877 • pompanobeacharts.org

Pompano Beach Cultural Affairs Department

50 W Atlantic Blvd Pompano Beach, FL 33060 954-545-7800 • pompanobeacharts.org






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Enhance Your Artistic Side With Workshops In Pompano Beach, Offering Three Ways To Bring More Art Into Your Life From January 18 Through February 15

Enhance Your Artistic Side with Workshops!  The Pompano Beach Cultural Affairs Department is offering an assortment of artistic workshops so you can explore and enhance your creative side. Every month, the venues offer classes in a variety of art forms for students ages 16 and up. The fees include all supplies.  The Rickie Report shares the details and urges our readers to take advantage of these outstanding opportunities. Learn how exciting becoming a creative can be!






   P  R  E  S  E  N  T  S:




Enhance Your Artistic Side with Workshops


  JANUARY  18  Through FEBRUARY  15 :



Bailey Contemporary Arts


41 NE 1st Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33060





Watercolor Painting Techniques
January 18

Noon -4 pm   $25

Whether you are just starting out or have some experience with watercolor or other painting materials, this workshop will expand your painting skills no matter what your medium or level of experience. Explore your knowledge of watercolor materials and special techniques that are unique to watercolor painting.









Fortunes & Love Letters Workshop
January 25

 11 am – 2 pm    $25

Create an original artwork to celebrate the Lunar New Year or Valentine’s Day. Artist Andrea Huffman will begin with a brief discussion about color and composition, while enjoying a cup of tea and fortune cookies. The fortunes, along with Postage Stamps and other ephemera, will then be incorporated into collages on canvas. Paint, stencils, rubber stamps and other embellishments will be added to create a beautiful reminder of the Words of Wisdom in your fortune, or to share with a special Valentine. Participants may also bring their own collage materials as well, to include in their artwork.





The Blanche Ely House



(Photo courtesy of lafamialdebroward.com)

1600 NW 6th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33060



Creative Artmaking Workshop: The Art of Head Wrapping
February 15

 11 am – 1 pm   $10

The African headdress can be traced back to the Nubian empire and ancient Egypt where priests and the nobility adorned themselves with intricate head wraps. This art form has experienced a resurgence in popularity in contemporary culture, join us for two hours of creativity, great conversation, and culture during this interactive workshop! Enjoy step-by-step instruction and live demonstration of head wrap styling techniques and cultural significance. These skills will allow you to mix and match designs to create dozens of chic, fun head wrap styles. All of our styles are gentle, easy and take only minutes to create. Switch it up every day showcasing that natural hair is versatile and creative. This class is a live, in-person tutorial that will walk you through the steps needed to create each of the styles. We also seek to educate women of color on their history so that you wear them with confidence and poise! Not to mention, it’s the best go-to when you’re having a bad hair day!







For more information visit, www.pompanobeacharts.org or call 954-545-7800.

Pompano Beach Cultural Center is located at  50 W Atlantic Blvd.   Pompano Beach, FL  33060


Bailey Contemporary Arts is located at 41 NE 1st Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33060

The Blanche Ely House is located at 1600 NW 6th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33060





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Season 2 At St. Lucie Farmer’s Market Kicks Off December 29 With Live Music, BBQ, Pet Programs, Arts, And Culture. Check Out The Excitement Every Sunday!

The St. Lucie Farmers Market (SLFM) kicks off its second year with monthly events that will WOW you!  Their rotating monthly programs include: Beats & BBQ (1st Sunday of the month), Dog Day Afternoon (2nd Sunday of the month), Market Food Frenzy (3rd Sunday of the month), and Arts & Culture Day (4th Sunday of the month). Kick off “Here’s To Your Health 2020” on Sunday, December 29 and ENJOY  COMPLIMENTARY:  Food tastings, Yoga class, Orangetheory Fitness on the lawn, and a free massage at the massage booth!  Put your name in for these free raffles:  3 Orangetheory Fitness classes, Gift Bags, plus a massage by Mumgaya & Healing Arts! The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  Kudos to Rose Sgarlato, Creator/Producer and Lisa Mileti, Event Manager for bringing these exciting events to Port St. Lucie! 







Every Sunday     10 am – 2 pm




1855 SW Fountainview Blvd.    Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

St. Lucie West Blvd & Peacock

(Enter through Peacock)

Located in St. Lucie West about a mile from First Data Field. Enter through Peacock make a right onto Fountainview, located behind Bob Evans before Carraba’s.



Easily accessible from I-95 (Exit 121 St. Lucie West)


Here’s   The   FREE  Line-Up:


Here’s   To   Your   Health   2020               

December 29, 2019  

10 am – 2 pm




10 am      Yoga class (free)

11 am       Orangetheory Fitness class (free)



Throughout the Event:

  • Free food tastings

  • Free massage by Mumgaya & Healing Arts

  • Free raffle for 50 minute massage

  • Free raffle for 3 classes with Orangetheory Fitness

  • Free raffle of a gift by Orangetheory Fitness

  • Fresh Fusion smoothie station and fruit

  • Smack Shak Lobster Rolls

  • Devil’s Breath Healthy food options

  • Greek Food Healthy Fare


Coming   Up:



Beats & BBQ   January 5, 2020

  • Featuring award winning guitarist Jodi Gaines & Eleni Skiba   http://JodiGaines.com

  • BBQ Grill by The Flavored Fork




Mets Mania     January 26 and February 2, 2020

  • Meet the Mets Mascot, Klutch

  • Practice with Chuck Stewart, renown batting coach

  • Live Music 




Want to know what is going on every week?  

Click here!




Vision & Mission



St. Lucie Farmers Market (SLFM) aims to promote regional growers and producers by providing a productive market place where local vendors interact with area residents and visitors fostering a sense of a community- supported economy.

SLFM will host events on a weekly basis connecting the community to local non-profits, businesses and other community entities

SLFM will provide a family friendly and safe environment, a community venue where locals connect and neighbors mingle.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, or providing entertainment Contact:



For vendor application and detailed info: http://stluciefarmersmarket.com/become-a-vendor/

Please call Lisa directly at  561.235.9293 or email: lisa.mileti@gmail.com






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Shop Unique Locally Made Items, Food, Music, And More At Resource Depot’s First Makers Market Friday, November 15 & Saturday, November 16 In West Palm Beach

Shop unique and locally made items while enjoying music, food, and other treats at Resource Depot‘s first Makers Market on Friday, November 15 and Saturday, November 16This FREE two-day event brings our community together and gives local artists an opportunity to showcase and sell their handmade creations. Shop over 24 creative vendors, dance to live music, savor delicious food, and sip on samples from our neighborhood distillery, Steel Tie Spirits Co. In honor of our 20th anniversary, the first 20 shoppers each day will receive Resource Depot Swag Bags! The Rickie Report shares the details with some sneak peeks! Make sure to check out the TreasuRE during our Makers Market on both Friday and Saturday night. Our Materials Marketplace will be open for shopping on Saturday only.








Friday, November 15     6 – 9 pm


Saturday, November 16     9 am – 4 pm



Resource Depot

2510 Florida Avenue        West Palm Beach, FL 33401



Kindness Batters Vegan Bakery will be selling plant-based baked goods at our Makers Market! Check out their website: https://www.kindnessbatters.com/



Resource Depot is a nonprofit creative reuse center that turns waste into artistic wonder by collecting and distributing excess materials to teachers, artists, and creative individuals. By doing this, we benefit classrooms, summer camps, art studios, and most importantly, the environment. Resource Depot encourages the community to express themselves through creating with diverse and reusable materials while promoting environmentally sustainable lifestyles.




Sacred Botanicals will be selling an array of herbal tinctures, tonics, and salves at our Makers Market!



The TreasuRE is our market for one-of-a-kind and newly packaged items, and it will be open for shopping during the Makers Market! In the TreasuRE you can expect to find vintage goods, jewelry, art and office supplies, holiday décor, and even more at just fraction of retail pricing! Make sure to check out the TreasuRE during our Makers Market on both Friday and Saturday night. Our Materials Marketplace will be open for shopping on Saturday only. For more information about the TreasuRE, please visit: https://www.resourcedepot.net/red-hot-find-zone




The Antsy Artist will be selling wearable art, clothing, and fashion accessories at our Makers Market!


Resource Depot’s GalleRE is a space for exhibiting local artists who incorporate the reuse of materials into their artwork. The GalleRE serves as an educational space to remind people what the imagination can accomplish through creative reuse. To find out more information about Artist opportunities in our GalleRE, check out the Call to Create page on our website: https://www.resourcedepot.net/gallere-1



For more information about this event, how to participate in future events, or get involved:

PHONE: 561-882-0090

EMAIL: membership@resourcedepot.net

WEBSITE: www.resourcedepot.net/makers-market

FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/495817267665485/






For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher

Rickie@therickiereport.com   561-537-0291

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A Top Artist Advocate, Rickie Leiter, Is Interviewed By Artsy Shark Founder, Carolyn Edlund. Meet Rickie On November 2-3 At Artists And Charities Hand In Hand Event At Palm Beach County Convention Center

Artsy Shark, a leading art blog, recently interviewed Rickie Leiter, publisher of The Rickie Report about what artists need to know to thrive in today’s changing art market. Founder, Carolyn Edlund, asked about the biggest challenges that artists face, how to stand out, and more.  We are honored to share this interview with you and we suggest you add your name to Carolyn’s blog of helpful resources for all artists who want to build better businesses! Come to the Artists and Charities Hand in Hand Fine Art Show on November 2-3 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center to meet Rickie.  Stop by and introduce yourself!







A Top Artist Advocate, Rickie Leiter,  Speaks

by Carolyn Edlund




Carolyn Edlund Graham




Arts advocate Rickie Leiter has worked tirelessly to provide support and resources for artists of all types. She offers her views on the current state of the industry, and what artists must know.





Rickie Leiter leads conversation at an arts industry networking event. Photo courtesy of Samantha Castro



AS:  In your experience, what are the biggest challenges visual artists face today? Have they changed significantly in recent years?

RL:  The biggest challenge visual artists face is deciding how and where to market their artwork. Because most artists have little or no business background, it is easy to fall into the “starving artist” syndrome, which is truly unnecessary. There are so many vetted resources that can guide them! Some major challenges they face are:

  • Maintaining a business model (updated website, constant social media about their artistry, marketing, and advertising, expenses to apply to exhibits, insurance of their artwork, how to pay themselves)
  • How to decide which gallery is the best fit for their artwork
  • Pricing their work
  • Maintaining an inventory
  • Standing out in the crowd
  • Understanding their niche market (if you try to be everything to everyone, you will burn out).

The proliferation of online art sales has become a reality. Brick and mortar galleries are folding under severe economic pressures to maintain the quality of art being offered, engaged art patrons, and continual sales.

Clients are eager to see the newest artwork available, which gives digital marketing an edge. Virtual galleries are being born constantly which eschew the normal expenses that physical galleries have. These expenses include electricity, water, property insurance, and insurance for the art, among others.

Even with virtual art marketing websites, artists must read the fine print of every contract! Does the artist maintain ownership of their images? How are sales tracked? How does an artist enter an art piece in another exhibit that just became available and fits their niche market?

In essence, artists have to ask themselves who their advocate will be. If they are relying on themselves, they must have reliable legal and financial advisors. It all boils down to a business plan. Creating is the “fun” part. You have to do the “hard” business part too, in order to be successful.

AS:  With galleries in decline and the art market in transition, individual artists must become self-determining. How do you view this trend?

RL:  Self-determination allows artists to network more freely, which I strongly believe is the ultimate marketing tool.

Artists need to do their homework, and move forward with a flexible but anchored plan. Go to a physical gallery and see if your work will fit in. See how the gallery staff responds to art lovers (not all of whom will be art patrons). Go to an opening reception and see who the clientele is. Do you see yourself there? Then, make an appointment to show your work; never just show up with a portfolio. If you are interested in a virtual gallery, contact some of the artists who use it, and ask for their feedback.

AS:  What is your best advice for artists entering the market today? How can they get ahead?

RL: I am not a car mechanic. When my car needs servicing, I take it to a dealership whose reputation I trust. I am not a web designer. When I gave birth to The Rickie Report, I surrounded myself with a knowledgeable webmaster who speaks in plain language, a business manager, an accountant who set up our billing and payment systems, and a graphic designer. I still rely on these experts at different times.

Take a business class. Make a business plan. Have a business consult.

AS: What are your best tips for standing out from the crowd?

RL:  I believe in dreaming big. And I dream “out of the box.” Here’s how to get started:

  • Make a list of the people you know in your life (living anywhere).
  • Share your passion (i.e. your artistry) with them.
  • Follow my two-foot rule: share your passion with anyone who comes within two feet of you.
  • Remember this is a moment for sharing, not selling.
  • When people feel your passion, they are eager to share it.
  • How can they help you? First you must tell other people about your work!

AS: Who else can an artist share their work with?

RL:  Think about different, unexpected ways your artwork intersects with other people’s lives.

Are you a member of Costco? Send a link to your art website with a short note about how much you enjoy the Costco experience. You might be chosen for a highlight in their member’s magazine. This kind of publicity…. wow!

Are you exhibiting at a unique event? Contact AAA (Automobile Association of America) and ask about a virtual listing of your event, with a link to your website. They have lots of readers and give you lots of exposure, even if they can’t make the event.

Partner with a charity who invites their patrons to an event. When you sell your artwork, offer a portion of the sales to the charity. This is a win/win and the art patrons will feel good about it! Give out business cards that offer a percentage of the next sale to the charity as well. That brings repeat clients and helps you build a collector relationship.

Do you understand your market niche? I know an artist who creates hearts in her paintings. Who can she network with, knowing clients will be in tune with her artistry? Connections I suggest include the American Heart Association, medical practices of cardiologists, Valentine’s Day events, Red Dress events for women’s heart health, hospital gift shops, etc. I could go on and on with ideas, which is why I enjoy doing consults with artists.

AS:  Your online newsletterThe Rickie Report   provides opportunities, publicity and updates for artists in the South Florida region. What other resources do you recommend to artists?

RL:  Artsy Shark is one of the best resources I know. Besides websites which are specific to art exhibits and entry opportunities, I find some of my best kernels of creative ideas from business magazines. They may or may not be art related, but I read them and take notes. Here’s my top list:

Additionally, I recommend that artists refer to publications, especially Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, and Handmade Business, which often have great articles for artists and other creative business people. They can often be read free of charge at libraries.

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Interview link: https://www.artsyshark.com/2019/10/02/a-top-artist-advocate-speaks/

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Carolyn Edlund:  410.977.2915








Saturday, November 2, 2019

Sunday, November 3, 2019

    11 am – 5 pm



Armory Art Center

Dreyfoos School of the Arts Foundation

Peggy Adams Rescue League






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TikiMarket At The Marina Offers Visitors Island Eats, Exotic Treats, Flea Finds, And Original Art. New Applications For Vendors And Artists Are Being Accepted

The TikiMarket at the Marina in Riviera Beach, FL is starting season in a BIG WAY on Sunday, October 20!  TikiMarket has partnered with local organizations and will benefit the hurricane victims through a collection of needed relief items and a raffle. Artists will exhibit and sell their creations. Art, Jazz & Rhythm Sundays will be an ongoing monthly event at TikiMarket, so mark your calendars for the first Sunday of every month ending with May (with some exceptions – see dates in this article).  The Rickie Report shares these details and a Call to Artists who want to participate moving forward!







A unique outdoor market with a Calypso beat!


TikiMarket is like a little escape to the islands.



Decked out with Tiki Bar touchstones and nonstop lively music!





The market will feature a mix of island-y fare and wares.






October – May

Sundays, from 4 pm to 7-ish

  • October 20

  • November 10

  • December 1

  • January 5

  • February 2

  • March 1

  • April 5

  • May 3 



Special events, entertainment and kid-friendly activities! 






TikiMarket is located on the slip side of the Marina, off US 1/Broadway and 13th Street. (Just follow the music!)

Free on-site parking

 The market is accessible by boat, water taxi & the Peanut Island Ferry 



Sponsored by the Riviera Beach CRA




For more information:




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Can Visual Artists Conquer The Changing Marketplace? Clark Hulings Fund For Visual Artists Brings The Tools, Inspiration, And Support At Art Business Conference February 1 & 2

The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists (CHF) announces its Art Business Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, inspiring visual artists to “Conquer the Changing Marketplace.” This weekend long business development workshop will give professional working artists the chance to take a deep dive into the business side of their art careers. Scheduled for February 1 and 2, 2019, the event is funded in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners through the Broward Cultural Council. The two-day conference is co-sponsored by ArtServe, an active incubator for Broward County’s growing art community.  This is open to all visual artists.  The Rickie Report shares a $50 discount code for our readers.  Rickie will be one of the presenters at this event.











The event manifests CHF’s assertion that “Art is a business and artists should run it.” With the art market undergoing rapid and significant change—not only with regard to technology but also HOW art is marketed, bought, and sold—artists need to reclaim their rightful position at the center of the industry. The Art-Business Conference will help them to take charge of their careers, captivate their audience, maximize the extraordinary professional advantages they already possess and sell their art effectively and profitably.








Topics will include building an action plan, creating a brand story, rocking their portfolio, multiplying revenue streams, pricing for profit, selling art online effectively, building a strong support team, squashing resistance, sales strategies, and much more. All sessions are interactive, allowing artists to work together and engage conference leaders with their specific business questions.


Elizabeth Hulings



The program will be led by Elizabeth Hulings, CHF director and co-founder; Carolyn Edlund, CHF sales director, and events manager; and Daniel DiGriz, CHF education director. “South Florida has emerged as an important art hub,” says Hulings. “We are thrilled to be delivering tangible business skills and training in this exciting market.” Edlund, CHF sales director, and events manager; and Daniel DiGriz, CHF education director. “South Florida has emerged as an important art hub,” says Hulings. 


Carolyn Edlund



The event fee is $395.  Tickets are available here. In addition to conference admission, ticket holders will receive one year of “Colleague”-level access to CHF’s Business Accelerator Portal, a comprehensive online learning resource for working artists.

Rickie Report readers!

Use the $50. cost savings code

RICKIE50 when you register


Daniel DiGriz

About The Clark Hulings Fund:

The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists (CHF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that champions economic sustainability for working artists. We do this by delivering business education and entrepreneurial learning through a rigorous Business Accelerator, a Digital Learning Portal, in-person education events in local communities, and a federation of artist- formed and artist-led networks of opportunity. All of this work achieves one aim: equip visual artists to thrive as self-sustaining entrepreneurs.


For more information, please visit https://clarkhulingsfund.org

For press needs, please contact Susan von Seggern at susan.von.seggern@clarkulingsfund.org






For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

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McMow Art Glass Winter 2019 Specialty Class Schedule Includes All Levels Of Experience

The NEW winter class schedule for McMow Art Glass is here!    Customize your own master class or try out tie-dye glass fusing! Learn from the masters and have FUN! Gift cards for classes are a great stocking stuffer, so check out the details and sneak peeks The Rickie Report shares here.








McMow Art Glass, Inc.
701 North Dixie Hwy.     Lake Worth, FL 33460
Phone  (561) 585-9011   Fax Number: (561) 586-2292

www.mcmow.com            https://www.facebook.com/McMowArtGlass/




To register for class please contact the Retail Department: 561-585-9011 x100





Call to Register TODAY!
















$500 – Day & Time CUSTOMIZABLE

Customize your very own PRIVATE class with McMow Master, Phil Materio!

Spend a full day learning skills or creating a project of your choosing. Have you always wanted to EXPERIMENT with our tools, kilns and unique glass styles? Now you can! Unleash your inner artist and gain confidence in the art glass medium you love. This experience is customizable and includes a one hour consultation prior to your class. Technique, skills, and materials will be discussed and decided on prior to class day. Choose a technique of your choice – stained, fused and even mosaic glass. Size limitations may apply. Day and Time to be determined based on student/teacher availability.















Introduction to Fusing

Wednesday, January 9th

6 – 8pm  with Phil  $75   *Beginner Level*

In this two hour session, students will learn about the basics of glass fusing, and work with a variety of glass materials including glass frits, powders, and stringers.  You will complete your very own set of four fused glass coasters.  Each piece will be a one-of-a-kind functional piece of art.  The completed fired pieces will be available for pick up the following week.  All materials are included.











Open Fusing Workshop

Saturday, January 12th

10am-2pm with Faith & Phil  $45   *Fusing Experience Required*

Create a STUNNING fused glass project of your choice!  Come in with your idea, and Faith or Phil will help you make your dream project a reality.  Faith or Phil will help you determine design, materials, and kiln firings – which you can pay for separately.  Experience is required – both beginning fusing knowledge and cutting experience is required.  This is also a GREAT way to meet other fusing fanatics!  Note: Materials and kiln firings not included












Cutting Course

Wednesday, January 16th

6pm-9pm with Phil  $85   *Intermediate Level*

In this Three hour course, Phil will teach students about different cutting and breaking tools, how to cut glass, and the do’s and don’ts of cutting glass.  The class will end with a brief overview of a helpful cutting tool, The Morton System.  This class is perfect for students who have taken an entry level fusing, mosaic, or stained glass class and are looking to improve or brush up on cutting skills.  After taking this course, students should be comfortable enough with cutting to start working on pieces on their own.  A 15% discount will be offered on cutting tools!














Pattern Adaptation

Saturday, January 19th

10am-1pm with Jordan $65    NEW and Highly Requested!

Ever wanted to turn one of your photos into a stained, leaded or mosaic glass?  Learn from McMow Master Jordan on how to convert a photo or image into an art glass pattern design.  Bring in a photo of your choice and get ready to create. Jordan will also teach you how to adapt existing patterns to be more sophisticated OR simplify cut lines. This is the perfect class for someone wanting to take their glass art to the next level. Pattern size is limited to six square feet.















Tie-Dye Fusing

Wednesday, January 23rd

6pm-8pm with Phil $75   Back by popular demand!

Learn how to create this SUPER FUN tie dye from fused glass, frits, and powders!  This class includes all materials and one kiln firing – options to create plates, etc. available with the purchase of slumping firings.











Go With The Flow

Saturday, January 26th

9am-3pm with Phil $300   *Experience Required*

In this Master Class Students will learn the process of using heat, gravity, and beautiful Bullseye Glass to create a dimensional piece of kiln-formed art.  Learn the following:  The basics of how glass moves; the fundamental tools and materials necessary to harness flow within a body of glass; how to fire sheet glass arranged within an assembled mold that includes a ramp or incline to achieve flow within a finished piece. Students will also come back at a later date to learn how to coldwork their finished piece. All materials and kiln-firing are included.













How to use your tools: Glass Drills & Saws

Wednesday, January 30th

6 – 8pm with Phil $45   NEW!   *All skill levels welcome!*

The key to every great artist is learning how to use your tools for optimum results. Knowing how to properly utilize a drill and glass saw for your art glass projects can take a project to the professional level. This class will give you the essential tricks of the trade and give you insights into how these can be used for glass.






Stained Glass Lampshades

Saturday, February 2nd, 9th,16th, and 23rd

9am-12pm with Linda $195    NEW!   * Cutting/Foiling/Soldering Experience Required *

Create and keep a STUNNING stained glass lampshade in your own glass choices! Learn some tricks for ensuring a successful fit every time. Intermediate students will enjoy taking their skills to a higher level. This project will provide you challenge, enjoyment and a finished product that makes a fabulous gift! Vase cap, pattern, and bevels are included. Students will supply all other glass, tools, and materials. Class size will be limited to first 8 students to register.















Introduction to Fusing

Wednesday, February 6th

6pm-8pm  with Phil  $75   *Beginner Level*

In this two hour session, students will learn about the basics of glass fusing, and work with a variety of glass materials including glass frits, powders, and stringers.  You will complete your very own set of four fused glass coasters.  Each piece will be a one-of-a-kind functional piece of art.  The completed fired pieces will be available for pick up the following week.  All materials are included.













Stained Glass Painting

Wednesday, February 13th , 20th , 27th , and  March 6th

5:30- 8:30pm with Jordan $375   Back by Popular demand! Space is limited! All levels welcome!

Learn from McMow master Jordan Day on advanced shading and coloring techniques.  This class will focus on detail and dimension.  Students will also learn how to apply this new knowledge to stained, fused, and mosaic art glass.  All materials and kiln firings included.














Strip Cut Rounders with Phil

Saturday, March 2nd and March 9th

12-3 pm $185   *Cutting experience required*

In this two day class, students have the opportunity to learn how to take simple strips of glass and turn them into functional rounders. What’s a rounder you say? Think glass light fixtures and stand alone pieces. Learn how these forms are created and take your glass fusing to the SALEABLE level. This is the most saleable type of functional glass art! Learn proper techniques for strip cutting, damming your fusing piece, coldworking, slumping and so much more! Materials, kiln firing, slumping and coldworking included. Project size is 8”x 8”.













Fused Glass Cacti

Saturday, March 9th

9-11am with Patti $75   Back by popular demand!   *Cutting Experience Required*

Design and create your very own cacti garden! In this fun & creative class students will create two potted fused glass cacti.  Students will use sheet glass, wire, murrine, and other fused glass accessories to create these charming southwest inspired “plants”.  All materials and kiln firings included.













Introduction to Fusing

Wednesday, March 13th

6 -8pm  with Phil  $75   *Beginner Level*

In this two hour session, students will learn about the basics of glass fusing, and work with a variety of glass materials including glass frits, powders, and stringers.  You will complete your very own set of four fused glass coasters.  Each piece will be a one-of-a-kind functional piece of art.  The completed fired pieces will be available for pick up the following week.  All materials are included.










Mosaic Garden Stones

Saturday, March 16th

9am-3pm with Phil  $175   *Cutting Skills required*

Make that special presentation in your garden or make an exciting walkway for your home.  This mosaic class will show you how to produce decorative glass garden stones using the indirect method of pouring concrete into a form.  This beginner method shows how easy it can be to add new uses for your stained glass.  Students will leave with a garden stone at the end of the class, along with the knowledge to repeat this technique over and over again.  All materials are included.  Do not pass this class up.  Also makes a great holiday gift!











Pattern Bar Casting

Wednesday, March 20th & 27th

6 -9pm with Phil $150    *Intermediate level*

In this exciting class students will produce a 3/8” thick fused glass pattern slab.  Students will learn tack fusing, saw cutting, designing, and fuse casting techniques.  Students will also learn how to calculate the amount of glass to fill any size mold and all the firing schedules to complete a beautiful work of art.  Your friends will be amazed at the finished piece and you will be happy to know how truly easy it is to do.  The finished piece can be slumped into a sushi plate mold for a $10 additional fee.















Painted & Fused Flowers

Saturday, March 23rd

10am-12pm with Phil $75

Learn to manipulate Glassline paints like a pro! Create painterly effects with this exciting glass medium.  You won’t believe how these flowers are achieved using a variety of unique techniques you have never seen before.  This class includes all materials and one kiln firing– options to create plates, etc. are available with the purchase of slumping firings.















I Dream of Murrine – Function & Form with Phil

Friday March 29th 6pm-9pm

Saturday March 30th 9am-2pm

Sunday March 31st 9am-12pm

$450   NEW! Did you take our popular Mastering Murrine Class? Then you will LOVE this class!



Murrine (singular: murrina) are colored patterns made in a glass cane that are revealed when the cane is cut into cross-sections. Murrine can be made in infinite designs from simple circular to complex detailed designs. Murrine production first appeared in the Middle East more than 4,000 years ago and was revived by Venetian glassmakers on Murano in the early 16th century. In this three-day class students will not only learn the ancient artform of murine pulling but will also create a one-of-a-king kiln formed piece. This next level class will push not only your design abilities, but also expand upon your kiln forming skills. All materials, kiln firings and coldworking included. Did you take our Mastering Murrine Course? Learn the NEWEST way to utilize Murrine in your projects!






Intermediate Mosaics with Susan Casbarro

Saturday April 6th 9am-3pm & Saturday March 13th 9am-12pm


Want to get more depth into your 2-D Mosaics? Learn how to use “layering” and the “feathers, fur & fins” techniques to create more dimensionality on your own floral wall hanging to celebrate the coming of Spring. Join us for a day and a half session. As this is an Intermediate Level class, basic glass cutting experience is required. All materials are included.










For details about these classes,workshops and events and to schedule special tours please contact:

Taylor Materio
McMow Art Glass, Inc
561-585-9011 x108   Fax: 561-586-2292





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